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Fleur-de-lis Evans

Chloe felt the embarrassment, that her parents old Victorian home still brought up in her (probably because she thought it was a bit austentatious), well up in her mind. She pushed past the feeling and said, "I inherited it," she said.

She unlocked the side door indicating that Valentine should climb the staircase to the left side. "There's a study on the second floor across from that staircase."

Hanging her keys on a hook and dropping off her coat she called to Valentine, "Do you want anything?" She asked. "I've got juice, cherry soda, and milk. There's also some snack trays I could bring up."

[Valentine: :-) I described her study in the first post that Chloe appeared in. You can adapt that to be more messy and packed or less so. But that is the study they will be doing sessions in. If you have any questions about what may be in the study you can ask me in a PM. That way her plot can be developed through Valentine's observations instead of just through Chloe and Thor.]


Thor had retired to his room once he returned home. To be honest, he was wondering when Chloe would ask about her ability. Or remember her past. He glanced at the file cabinet in the corner of his room. He just hoped she would still trust him when she did. 3/1/2012 #151
Alexander Starkiller
Nikolai breathed a sigh of relief as soon as he slipped on his underwear. He quickly got dressed in his nice clothes again, and left through the opposite door to how most entered. The feeling was solidified. He was being stalked. Someone wanted information. Unfortunately, since Nik kept moving, the full "ability" wouldn't work. Too far into the future by a few seconds.
3/3/2012 #152
Roger nodded. Not much else to do with that conversation. He had comrads now. Allies? Friends, even? Maybe. He thought he kind of liked it. Especially Aimee. He couldn't lie to himself. It was nice having a female around; no matter her sort. The fact that she was a female that needed his aid . . . Well that brought its own rewards. And Grace wasn't troublesome, like so many civilians. But then, he wasn't a civilian, was he? Not really. No civilian responded like Grace did to a crisis situation. Got his hands dirty and bloody like it was an every month or week kind of thing to do. So Roger didn't just say it was cool for them to stay -- he meant it.

That didn't mean everything was settled. There were the common tasks of daily living that had to be taken care of. Roger's assumption about cleaning, for instance, was that he would give himself sponge baths. There wasn't a shower down here, and he'd risk exposure if he used the church's bathroom. Or eating. There was a stash of MRE's and that would hold them for a while, but what if the others wanted more variety or flavor? Not that either of them were the sort to be picky, but still it was something they'd have to work out.

The greatest concern, however, was how they would keep their sanity. They couldn't go outside, obviously. Roger was trained in dealing with imprisonment and he suspected the others were also, but it would still wear on them. He began by eating another power bar. His blood would replenish itself quickly. As soon as he had the energy he began tidying up the place, what little was needed. He figured Grace might get bored as well, so he pointed out the little closet with janitorial supplies he scavenged last time he hid here.

3/7/2012 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 3/14/2012 #153

Valentine quietly climbed up the stairs, his feet making soft creaks in the wooden stairs. He stopped at the top when Chloe had called to him asking about refreshments.

"I'll just have water...thank you."

After answering her, he walked across the hallway into the room she had indicated was the study. Valentine looked over the room, and walked over to the desk, skimming the slightly cluttered desktop. Looking up into the mirror, he stared at himself, studying his own features; the tattoos underneath his right eye. The only markings that clearly stated he was government property; it was a strange thought to think of yourself as property, but at the end of the day, it's what he was to them. Turning, he spotted the bookshelf and was immediately drawn to it. He loved books as much as he did drawing, and his multilingualism allowed him to read various books others could not. Valentine's eye gazed on a book cover, and he pulled it off the shelf. A history book....opening it, he skimmed through the pages until it rested on a page with a picture of a type of torture, something with the slow crushing of a skull. He leaned against the desk to skim over the page, and toppled a few files over by mistake. Quickly setting the book down open paged, he hurriedly picked up what he toppled over. Doing all this in silence, he only came to pause when his fingers brushed against a pure white feather. What was this?


Grace debated whether on calling Valentine now or later. He could possibly already be starting his first session and he didn't want to interrupt that. Well, there was always texting; that'd be less disturbing than the call, but he preferred to hear Valentine's voice over just typed words. It was decided; he'd call him in an hour or so, to allow the session to at least a headway start before he interrupted. Seeing Roger.cleaning and the gesture to a small closet, it was probably best to help him out. It was quite silent, so he decided to start a conversation.

"So....you've been here before? To hide? You seem familiar with this. Or are you also a church-goer?"


Sera entered into the change rooms, glancing around for the man that had pulled him out of trouble. He wasn't to be seen. A slight panic arose in him, and he ducked his head out the way he entered and scanned the area he had walked through. No one he saw out here looked like the man he was after.....The other exit. Sera ducked back in, making his way to the opposite side of the change room, hoping that this guy hadn't disappeared, which would suck.

3/7/2012 . Edited by Fleur-de-lis Evans, 3/14/2012 #154
Alexander Starkiller
He could feel it. He could finally feel that man chasing him down again. And there was little he could do to ditch him. So he turned around and waited, hand on the knife in his pocket. He really should carry his gun everywhere.
3/8/2012 #155
It was a small gesture, Roger's half shrug.

Then he paused for a moment in his movement, thinking.

"I have hidden here before, but the people looking for me then are not looking for me now. I don't think. At any rate, there are security measures, and it is a church. I find it serves a purpose. I'm not religious, if that's what you mean. Just maintain a relationship with the priest here. Seems a decent person.

He paused again. Perhaps Grace had something to say to all that? (If not)

He then spoke up again.

"And you? You looked uncomfortable before. Wanna talk about it?"

3/11/2012 #156

Ah, so something similiar to having connections. He supposed that was a good reason to maintain a relationship with a priest. Grace paused, thinking back to the last time he had talked to such a person as a priest. A long, long time ago. Perhaps when he had been married? Maybe after that? He recalled going to church a few times, but those memories were vague and fading. His wife....It hurt to think about her. He'd have to skim through volumes of journals he had written in instead,to avoid so much hurt, perhaps he'd written in there if he had gone.

Grace looked at Roger warily when he asked if he wanted to talk about it; he'd never talked to anyone about his past, Valentine knew some of it, and so did the Doctor, but he had been there from the start. Maybe...it would do him good to talk about; he did through his journals, although no one has read them but him.

"I....have not been inside a church in a long time....I've not spoken a word about myself to anyone besides one, but perhaps you can be the second..."


Sera made his way back towards the other exit quickly, eyes open for the one particular man he was looking for. Another guy in the change room gave him a bit of a weird look, but turned back to his business.

"Alright....where are you-"

Oh, there he was. Looked like he was expecting him, which seemed a bit....creepy. He slowed down, gaze intent on the man.

3/11/2012 #157
Aimee stirred lightly, and drew in a quiet breath. Her eyelids fluttered slightly, though she was still half asleep...
3/11/2012 #158
Alexander Starkiller
Nikolai flipped out his pocket knife, pointing vaguely towards this green-haired freak of nature--which was truth, not insult. "What do you want, comrade?" he asked sarcastically. "Why are you following me all this way?"
3/11/2012 #159

Sera looked at the man's knife, and grinned. What did he think he was going to acconplish with that small thing? Then again, he wasn't carrying around any weapons on his person, so that did leave him vulnerable.

"Hey hey, you don't need to be pointing sharp objects at me. It's dangerous, you know. I'm not your enemy....I hope."

3/14/2012 #160
Alexander Starkiller
Nikolai allowed himself a laugh. "You? Dangerous? Ha! You're an open book, a slave to "Fate". You couldn't touch me. Despite that ridiculous statement, you're right, though. We don't have to be enemies. The most effective solution to that effect is you leaving now, but I'm going to doubt that," he said, bluffing only a little, with a predatory grin on his face.
3/15/2012 #161

A slight twitch ran across Sera's shoulders; of course he wasn't dangerous right now. This guy had no idea what he was capable of; he only chose to fight when he needed to, not when he wanted. Ah, whatever, let him talk. And what was this fate crap he was talking about?

"You're right, I'm not gonna leave now. Not after having to follow into this place...."

He eyed the other man's grin, wondering how mentally stable this guy was. He'd need to get that knife away from him before anything else.

3/17/2012 #162
Alexander Starkiller
Nikolai held his hands up in a shrug, still grinning--better to keep the charade going. Gesturing lazily with the knife, almost jovial in his speaking, he said, "Ha! Am I right, or am I right? I can see exactly what you don't want me to. Attacking me is a bad idea. I like that you're trying to keep in control, though that twitch was unnerving. And no, you may not have my knife, and any attempt will be met with blood loss on your part. And the blood would clash with your... hideous green hair." He shifted weight to his other foot. Obviously the man had come for questions, but when would he ask them? Soon.
3/18/2012 #163
Aimee had shifted somewhat on the cot, leaving one corner of it open. Grace seemed to be comfortable standing, and if he was on the edge of whether or not to talk Roger certainly didn't want to do anything that would disuade him. So he sat on the corner of the cot, folded his hands in his lap, and looked at Grace, just waiting for him to continue.

This wasn't so much about any particular interest Roger had in Grace's past, though it probably would be quite interesting. It was more about giving Grace the opportunity to talk, or maybe even vent. The desire to help people had been hard-coded into Roger's DNA and he accepted it. It enabled him to tend their physical wounds on the battle field, but sometimes he could tend mental ones as well. When people let him. Most often he just had to give them the opportunity.

3/18/2012 #164

Sera stared at the man, not sure how to react. He saw what he didn't want him to see? So what, he was like one of those psychics or fortune tellers. Which undoubtedly would be problematic for him, and he was threatening him! Maybe if he did something unexpected....or did something without thought. Maybe he should test this theory....

You're the one that's hideous, you freak!

Calling his hair hideous, it wasn't that bad. Oh well, his opinion he guessed. So stopping this guy would be difficult.....It was all just strange. How he wished he had his swords right about now, see how dangerous he was then, teach this punk a lesson. Though, did he owe him? He did help him out....


Grace hesitated, looking at Roger with some uncertainty. He couldn't guaruntee that he wouldn't break down, wouldn't be an emotional mess. This was something he had held onto and fought hard to control his emotions over. Running a hand through his white hair, he sighed.

"I'm not sure...where to begin...what to tell you first. There's so much..."

His hand unconsiously rested over the locket and wedding ring on the gold chain; it provided little comfort.

3/18/2012 #165
Alexander Starkiller
Nik noticed that the questions the man had come for were being pushed further and further back. He mentally sighed. The, undue, anger building up in the man was making everything shifted. The same "readings" came off the man, but the order of importance continuously changed. Anger rushed forward, vanity, confusion, doubt, and a vague sense of justice filtered between the order of actions playing about the man's movements and expressions. Still, when he attacked--there was no doubt of this, in Nikolai's eyes, though he knew the form of attack could be anything, not just physical--, Nik would see things clearly again and he would be able to counter perfectly.
3/19/2012 #166

Sera tapped his hand on his thigh, annoyance and irritation clearly showing. Maybe it would have been better to have just let this all go, let the guy go....and leave his curiousity in the dust. Then all this could've been avoided; Sera still eyed the knife the man was holding, if he knew that he wanted to take it then maybe he'd just make him believe he wouldn't. Either way, this was going off in the wrong direction, the completely wrong direction.

"How about you put down that knife, and stop being a j*** and stop threatening me? You think you're so dangerous? Yea right. I want you to tell me how the heck you know this crap about what I'm going to do and how you know there's people in an apartment. You're going to tell me."

(Mongoose, you should definitely throw in some crazy mad scientists XD that'd be fun)

3/20/2012 #167
Aimee stirred again, then coughed - hard. Opening her eyes quickly she was alarmed at her surroundings, but so needed a drink again that her fears were momentarily pushed aside. Her eyes flashed to Roger and, recognizing his face, she relaxed ever so slightly. The nightmares were back, and worse than ever. It was a releif to have woken from them. But with everything currently happening in her life, she began to wonder if she'd only opened her eyes to enter another one. Using her hand she made a hand motion implying a drink and raised her eyesbrows slightly in question.
3/20/2012 #168
Alexander Starkiller
So he'd start with a verbal attack--the man has *some* self control. Nikolai shook his head, chuckling and twirling the knife between his fingers. "No, I will not put down the knife, it is *my* knife. I won it during a game of Blackjack. And a j***? I thought I was pretty amiable, since you did stalk me, bluster about how dangerous you are, and barely let me get dressed before you caught up. As for threatening you, I'm just warning you. Leave me be, and there won't be any problems, da? And I'd like to think I'm pretty dangerous, yeah. And what you want and what I want are two completely different things... oops, lost it. I almost had your name. Does it start with an "S"? Either way, not going to happen," Nikolai bluffed. Then again, if it worked, he'd find out the man's name soon, and thus would begin the invasion of that man's psyche. Fun stuff.

Nikolai glanced at the man. His anger and irritation weren't even hidden anymore--good thing, too. Nik could tell that the man had obviously thought this would go a whole 'nother direction. Then Nik grimaced mentally. He hated these American colloquials.

3/21/2012 #169
Roger nodded and waited for Grace to continue, and then was distracted by Aimee's cough (lame writing, I know. sorry). He got a water bottle, and after a fair bit of rumaging, found a straw which he stuck in the top for her. He held it for her while she drank (presumably) and turned back to listen to Grace some more.
3/21/2012 #170
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Chloe made sure that the lights were off on the first floor before climbing to the second. In one hand she held a Nalgene water bottle and a carton of orange juice. On the other she balanced a snack try. Even if Valentine wasn't hungry now it didn't hurt to provide a snack in case the session went overboard. She moved forward propping her foot against the study door. She pushed it open.

That's when she noticed a few of her files were on the ground. Suppressing her sudden fear, Chloe moved into the room setting the water bottle, orange juice carton and snack tray on the cleared coffee table. She was about to ask what happened when her eyes snapped to the long white feather in Valentine's hand. Instead of asking what he was doing, she decided to comment on the book he set own on the desk.

"You're interested in Medieval torture devices?" She moved forward then, squatting down to gather the files that had fallen. In the process a heavy, white sheet of parchment fell from one. The piece was much more than a sketch. In fact, the detail of the scenery was so acute that each rough texture of the bricks that made up the church was visible, yet blended into the overall work almost flawlessly. Standing in the picture was a man with short blonde hair, a man Chloe had never seen in real life. He was wearing formal clothing and looking forward, as if awaiting someone.

[Valentine: Chloe's picture is of Grace on his wedding day. Since we established that she will help Valentine and him (but maybe betray him... Idk bout that... But anyways it is from one of her acute vision dreams - unless you don't like that idea. But if you do then I suppose Valentine could react to the picture in any way you see fit.]


She was unsure if she lost them. However, her feet carried her swiftly down the street weaving her around and through the sparse crowds. Wherever those men were, Tarin wasn't going to stop and look behind her.

She flew around a corner catching sight of a small cross planted at the corner of a property. She veered toward it managing to find herself at the side entrance. She tried the door, slipping inside the building. She only stopped moving when she had followed the slope downwards and stood at another door. Her breathing was ragged in the silence, but she steeled herself passing through the door and sinking onto the stairs on the other side. She didn't move from her spot for a few minutes, waiting for her eye to adjust and her adrenaline to subside.

[Not sure if anyone would hear her breathing down there. But I'm thinking she's in the same church as Malachi. Unless he is way far down, in which case he wouldn't hear her at all. But if it's possible....]

3/25/2012 . Edited 3/29/2012 #171

Sera gritted his teeth then sighed. The guy did have some good points, but he still wanted his questions answered. And whether it was going to happen was remained to be seen, but he was ready to do what he needed to obtain it.

"Sera, my name's Sera."


Grace sighed, and leaned against the wall.

I suppose I could start at the beginning.....I was born August fourth, 1911 in Berlin, Germany..."

And with that, Grace briefly went over his childhood in Germany and outlined his life up to his marriage to the most beautiful woman in the world.

"I married her when I was only 18, the summer of 1929 the most joyous moment of my life....hah, right in the beginning of the Great Depression."

His eyes were teary the whole time he had talked about his wife, in fact, he was trembling to hold back sobs and his heart felt like it was being torn apart.

"Then only ten years later....the Second World War started."


Valentine mumbled quick apologies when she had entered the room, still holding the white feather in his hands.

"I like all kinds of books....."

His eyes drifted down to a page that had fallen from Chloe's arms; the man looked oddly familiar....He squatted down, and gently picked it up, examining the man closer. His eyes widened in recognition and surprise, and his eyes went from the picture to Chloe.

(Grace's hair wouldve been blonde and short at that time. His hair wouldn't have been white until 1940, when he,was turned into a super soldier)

3/26/2012 #172
(Sorry. It's a church. People come and go all the time. Roger has warning devices in place, but not until someone descends beyond the classrooms downstairs. She'll have to go deeper, or he'll have to go upstairs, or she'll have to make some noise, or something.)

Roger lifted an eyebrow at the beginning of Grace's story. Not only was this guy enhanced, he was really old. That begged the question of how long Roger might live if he didn't get himself killed. He did look young for his age.

Grace was clearly having difficulty emotionally as he remembered his wife. Probably ex wife, probably killed. Or something. Grace hadn't gotten that far in the story yet. Roger put a hand on his shoulder and just left it there, still, for a moment.

3/28/2012 #173
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Chloe felt a tickling of memory when she saw the feather in Valentine's hand. The voice from earlier entered her mind. That's when she realized her gauntlet bracelets, the ones she received from Thor had been keeping her from transforming. That boy would have explaining to do once she saw him tonight. For now, she focused on Valentine.

"That's good," she said. "Are you more interested in one subject over another? For instance, do you enjoy history more than science?" She tapered off when she saw what Valentine had picked up. Then, his eyes widened and she wondered why he looked...Scared wouldn't be the right word. Surprised could be it. "What's wrong?" she asked.


Once her breathing was steady Leona stood up again. She pressed her hand against the wall and began to descend the stairs. Her ears picked up the slightest of noises, but that was just because she'd challenged herself by spending one whole day with only her hearing. That had been an fascinating lesson. She minimized her breathing slowly making her way deeper into the church's basement.

She stepped down, feeling a stair slightly wobble under her foot. She dropped her hand to the railing hoisting herself down to the next step. That's when she realized she was over halfway down. It was only a few more steps until she reached the bottom.

3/29/2012 #174
Aimee listened intently, not having noticed she'd instinctually moved her hand over Roger's to hold the drink. Having only noticed this when he'd stopped speaking she started then, and released his hand, shrinking back slightly with a tremble...
3/29/2012 #175

Grace felt Roger's hand on his shoulder, probably for a bit of comfort. It didn't do any such thing. His hand, on his locket, delicatly opened it revealing a small black and white photo of a woman with a kind smile and darker, wavy shoulder length hair. This was his wife, the love that was taken from him.

This...this is her, her name was Adalina. The most beautiful earth-bound angel that ever existed."

His voice was strangled and a few tears escaped, overflowed by the flood he was holding back. He truly wanted to sob, to release all this sadness, but he wouldn't. Not now, not ever. Till the day he died, he would carry this to his grave. He didn't deserve happiness, although, try as he might to punish himself, he was seeing happiness with raising Valentine.

"When the war had started, I did not support Adolf Hitler. I had found a small group of resistance to the Nazi party, and we decided that a few of us would join the Nazi party for inside intereference. I remember their faces, but most their names escape me. Halfway through the first year of the war, I joined the Nazi party for interefence. It was the hardest decision of my life...possibly the worst as well. My wife was pregnant when I left her..."


Valentine's fingers softly stroked the feather in his hand, while the other hand still held the drawing. He hardly heard both of her questions through his shock and surprise. If this was his father, then....why was it here and why did she have it?

"I like history better.....Where did you get this?"

He lifted the picture up slightly as he asked his question. Attention from tutoring was now completely lost to this.

4/1/2012 #176
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Chloe lay the folders she picked up on top of a nearby file cabinet. Most of her organization began in an effort to sort through all the names and events that happened in her dreams. Despite the fact they were only night visions, she felt, after waking, that she had experienced them. The events themselves ranges centuries, wars, and lifetimes. Sometimes, the drawings happened during sleep, as before-bed inspirations, or just after waking. Chloe made a mental note to ask Thor about the dreams.

Right now, she focused on Valentine's external signs of strain. The man in the drawing was, clearly, someone Valentine knew. Judging by his defensiveness, Chloe assumes he knew the man well. She herself had never met him. "I-," she said slowly, "drew it, in a way."

4/3/2012 #177
Because of the very interesting story Grace was telling Roger didn't consciously hear the person descending the stairs. Something, though, did reach his consciousness, and he looked up and around, trying to place the source of the feeling of un-ease he'd just gained. He let his hand slowly slide off of Grace's shoulder and drop toward the handle of the knife in the back of his belt. (I didn't post anything that would rule out his having a knife with him, did I?) Other than that movement, and the darting about of his eyes he gave no sign that anything was amiss. Generally, if only one person came into the room he could neutralize their threat. Unless, of course, they were another transgenic or some such. There was always the possibility that one or more of them might have remained loyal to their corporation or government, but Grace was here, if it came to that. More than one couldn't help but trip one of Roger's b*** traps if they came to close. All things considered Roger was confident enough to say nothing of his concern, and just wait for whatever it was that alerted him to the presence of someone, to repeat itself. or whatever it would do.
4/3/2012 #178
Fleur-de-lis Evans

She let her breath out from between her teeth. As a gamer, she could recognize b***-traps when she was caught, as it were. Because she had previously been on the track, she wasn't prepared with her mace or the katana she was licensed to carry. Luckily, she was pretty fit and muscular from the conditioning she took part in due to her invovlment in martial arts, as well as her school's Quidditch team.

Taking a readily defensive, but hopefully non-threatening posture she stepped down onto the landing of the basement. She kept an ear out for other people, as clearly there was someone down here. Why else would the basement of a house of worship be trapped? She moved forward coasting her fingers along the wall until she came to the first door frame. She moved, minutely, pressing her ear to the door frame. Her muscles tensed when she heard a soft, German voice.

Jumping the "gun," so to speak, she began by turning the knob releasing the door from its closed position. She stood back a little, watching as the door swung in.

4/4/2012 #179
When Roger drew his knife Aimee was already on edge, but when she felt that foreign presece... The inbred and trained instincts drove her up and backwards in a reversed flip. Landing on her feet she scrambled backwards, hissing, her teeth gritted and bared in an almost animalistic way. Though her hands trembled she crouched defensively, ready to defend herself; the flecks in her eyes slowly began to band together...
4/4/2012 #180
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