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Alexander Starkiller
Here we go! I finally set my foot down and decided I'm starting this. What'll happen, I don't know, but it's here. Also, I apologise if this isn't very... formed.

The basic premise is this: Underwater city, full of '50s era designs along with steampunk styles and many zeerust influences [that is, "futuristic" styles for their time.] Happy '40s and '50s jingles and music play over loudspeakers, and cheery posters are everywhere in what used to be a metal city of forward thinking. Now it's a war-zone. Fires, floods, destruction. Food, fresh water, all hard to find. The armies of the rebel, Atlas, versus the armies of the dictator, Ryan, have ruined things, soon beyond repair. And don't make assumptions, for all is definitely not what it seems.

The actual gameplay is slightly complex. You can play as male or female, obviously, but that's the easy part. There's Splicers of several types [formerly normal people who have spliced their genes to give themselves powers, active and passive, and then started to lose their minds], Thuggish [melee], Leadhead [pistols or machine guns], Nitro [throws grenades, or uses another weapon also], Spider [climbs walls, gymnastic, throws hooks], and eventually Houdini [if you find the Natural Camoflauge Gene Tonic, and also have Incinerate!]--the latter two are only available to change into after the Rapture Civil War. You can be an Alpha [lethally bonded to one Little Sister, less powerful, not as tough, but arguably more human, starts with a drill on one hand, and has the ability to splice], or a traditional "Bubbles" Big Daddy [drill on one hand, rivet gun on the other {still able to change that} can just move on if Little Sister's... taken care of, though often gives life trying to save her, is less human, and is unable to splice {also technically has no free will}]; and both are required to drop everything to protect the Little Sister from danger. You can play as a Little Sister [eventually a Big Sis], but it's tricky: Little Sisters see and believe everything is perfect and pretty, with only slight flashes of how much like hell everything is, they even see dead bodies that they stab and eat the ADAM from as angels [they also have no powers, but have an innate affinity to Incinerate]; Big Sisters, while extremely powerful and tough, aren't available until the Bioshock 2 era, are insane and controlled by... the leader then, and will kill who they are told to with furious abandon [they have high level Incinerate! as an innate ability, and can teleport, and stab you a lot].

Each class that has splicing as an ability, besides "Bubbles" Big Daddies, and will have a set amount of slots for Plasmids [the active powers] and Tonics [passive abilities]. For the different Splicer types, you can wield any of the weapons, that aren't made for Big Daddies, but you must start out with what your class states. First Aid Kits keep you alive, EVE hypos [sorry Chris] are injected into the bloodstream to keep you using your Plasmids. ADAM is what you use to splice in new Plasmids and tonics [Plasmids cost a lot more but are the offensive powers]; also ADAM is a red viscous liquid, EVE is that but blue. You can store extra of either in Gene Banks, which lets you swap at leisure; Both are purchased at Gatherer's Gardens. Also available are hackable vending machines [with all sorts of goodies and only a few are edible], and ammo machines.

[NOTICE: Alpha Big Daddies will be restricted along with Big Sisters, and only available during the Bioshock 2 era, which is canonically about 1965 to 1968.]

Okay, the character sheet is below [remember, class determines your specialty weapon and starting area determines free Plasmid, and Affiliation determines if it's Ryan you side with, or Atlas]:





Starting Area:



Starting Weapon and Plasmid: [For the record, and if you start in Neptune's Bounty.]

Additional Traits:


Other: [Can leave blank, or fill with anything that doesn't fit elsewhere.]

3/3/2012 . Edited 3/8/2012 #1
(I'm joining this :P even though I don't know much about it, I just started playing Bioshock [first one] last night if that helps with my understanding of things....I'll your intro completely and if needed, I'll google what I don't know)
3/3/2012 #2
((I WILL be joining this - I'm a little indecisive on who or how, but I'm coming either way. However, I will not be on at all this week, because I have a speech and Competition day on the same day, and then who knows... I should be free after that. But up until then is complete recitation and memorization... so... I'll be back :)))
3/4/2012 #3
Alexander Starkiller
[I know how you feel, Val. I had to read all of the Civil war to even find out who technically won, and how. Now, I shall start making the other thread which will include all of the Plasmids and Tonics and their prices {though for Civl War and Bioshock 1's timelines, Bioshock 2's tonics and plasmids will not be available.} I will also include a list of all the weapons that exist the games, and the subsequent upgrades.]
3/4/2012 #4
(uh......civil war? I got to read that? Oh boy........And I guess I can't exactly make things up lol)
3/5/2012 #5
Alexander Starkiller
[Heck no! You don't have to read it! I did, because I', in charge, but while you might want to skim through it, you can really just ask me whatever you want, and just wing everything else.]
3/5/2012 #6
(Ok, phew. Thought I would hafta take another history lesson lol. Ok, well, if that's ok with you, I'd rather not read it and just wing it. I'll start thinking up my character. I might be PMing you a lot, you or Addy, because I'm new to this Bioshock thing.)
3/5/2012 #7
Alexander Starkiller
[By the way, I think you haven't read everything. By Civil War, that is of course the RAPTURE Civil War, or the civil war in Rapture, the underwater city that Bioshock takes place in. It's wikia page is meaty, but it's not American civil war, of course, so it's not that bad. The setting is 1959, not 1859.]
3/5/2012 . Edited 3/5/2012 #8
(Yea, I figured as.much....)
3/5/2012 #9
Alexander Starkiller
[Okay, it seemed like you thought otherwise.]
3/6/2012 #10
(I did at first, then was like....that wouldn't make sense haha. So I should read it? Or just go ahead and simply read what you explained, and just ask if needed?)
3/6/2012 #11
Alexander Starkiller
[It's pretty unnecessary, as whoever we play will be grunts. As long as y'all are fine with, if you're on one certain side, most of what you do being futile in-canon.]
3/7/2012 #12
(Okay, I still need to read your info and I'll go from there)
3/7/2012 #13
Alexander Starkiller
[Okay, I have the character sheet at the top of the page. I will start making my character now. Please tell me if there should be anything added to the sheet, by the way. Also, in case this isn't noticed. I think I'll restrict Alpha Big Daddies until the Bioshock 2 era [1965-1968, I think], where it's canon. Normal Big Daddies are still playable, just so y'all know, and y'all can make an Alpha Big Daddy when we get there if you wish.]
3/8/2012 . Edited 3/8/2012 #14
Alexander Starkiller

Name: Nicholas Sadler [Born: Nikolaus Adler]

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Class: Leadhead Splicer

Starting Area: Dandy Dental in the Medical Pavilion

Affiliation: Ryan Industries

Appearance: 5'11", Dark hair cut short, Brown eyes, Medium build if sinewy, has a vibrant scar on his cheek.

Starting Weapon and Plasmid: Pistol, Telekinesis

Additional Traits: Fast, mostly sane, cunning, devious.

Biography/Background: No family, no one he was close to--he had parents but he never called. Spent most of his time in a lab, gaining several scars, including the one on his cheek which he wears proudly. A brilliant geneticist, he was invited down to Rapture merely for that. He made himself useful by mitigating several of the minor, yet dangerous, problems in connecting ADAM with the human genome. Doubtful that his name will appear in history books, however--but he'll live the rest of his life well off. Or he would've.

Other: He usually has two or three backup plans for any occasion. He's also quite persuaive, if that's what it'll take [need a grant? get Nick to send the request]. Despite being quite smart, he's not good at hacking devices, and his attempts have left him with a hatred for the annoying sounds a Circus of Values machine gives out.

3/20/2012 #15
(I'm trying, Alex, I really am...it's a lot of info to remember haha)
3/20/2012 #16
Alexander Starkiller
[Okay. As I said, just wing it. Or ask questions if you need to.]
3/21/2012 #17

((Alex! You need to start this back up!

And I miss you. That is all.))

3/26/2013 #18
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