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Alexander Starkiller

[Note: You start with two "slots" for Plasmids {you can have up to two Plasmids total}, but can increase that by paying 100 ADAM per new slot, to a grand total of six, at a Gatherer's Garden--which, by the way, are how you purchase anything requiring ADAM. Random: All Plasmids and Tonics are imbibed.]


Cyclone Trap- Spawns a mini-tornado that flings enemies into the air, only visible to the player. Comes in two levels. Location: First available in Arcadia. Price: 60 ADAM for level 1, 80 ADAM for the second.

Electro Bolt- Sends a jolt of electricity to electrocute enemies and open some doors. Deadly when enemies in water. Has three levels, massively increasing the damage done, though also adding a "charge" time for full effect. Location: First found in the Welcome Center. Price: 80 ADAM, 120 ADAM, 150 ADAM.

Enrage- Causes the target to attack anyone in the vicinity. If either are damaged, will likely continue to attack after effects wear off. Location: First available in the Medical Pavilion. Price: 60 ADAM.

Hypnotize Big Daddy- Targeted Big Daddy will treat you like a Little Sister and protect you for 90 seconds, and 180 seconds with the upgrade. Don't hit him, though, or he'll turn hostile, and hostile Big Daddies are not affected. Also, it uses all of your EVE, so be warned, and maybe just use it after you're almost out anyway. Location: Just save some Little Sisters and Dr. Tenenbaum will give you this as a gift. Price: No ADAM price. As mentioned, it's a gift. So, saving three Sisters is the price for the first, nine for the second.

Incinerate!- Sets target on fire, dealing damage over time. Also ignites any flammable object nearby, like oil drums and slicks. Useful for getting past icy areas. Three levels. Location: First available in the Medical Pavilion, specifically the Eternal Flame Crematorium. Price: 80 ADAM, 100 ADAM, 150 ADAM.

Insect Swarm- Spawns a swarm of bees that will home in on an enemy, damaging them and distracting them. Three levels, increasing both damage and size of swarm. Location: First available in the Farmer's Market. Price: 60 ADAM, 80 ADAM, 120 ADAM.

Security Bullseye- Calls all Security Bots in an area to attack a target. Location: First available at the Wharf Master area of Neptune's Bounty. Price: 45 ADAM.

Sonic Boom- Creates a powerful burst of air, using sound, in front of the user, knocking back any enemy or object caught in the blast as well as dealing damage. Has no effect on Big Daddies, Turrets, or Cameras. Damage done depends on how hard enemies hit something, especially walls. Two levels. Location: First available in Neptune's Bounty. Price: 40 ADAM and 60 ADAM.

Target Dummy- Spawns a ghost that distracts any enemy, allowing you to escape. Location: Also first available in Neptune's Bounty. Price: 60 ADAM.

Telekinesis- Pulls targeted object to the user and allows them to throw it forward, dealing damage to whatever it hits. Also useful to grab hard to reach items, and since only corpses can be moved with it, those feigning death will be revealed. Location: First available in Dandy Dental in the Medical Pavilion. Price: 60 ADAM.

Winter Blast- Temporarily freezes a target, allowing it to be shattered with a weapon with enough damage. Warning: shattered enemies will not be able to be looted. Three levels, only increasing duration of freezing. Location: First available also in Neptune's Bounty. Price: 60 ADAM, 100 ADAM, 150 ADAM.

Rescue Little Sister- Allows you to rescue Little Sisters, obviously. This returns humanity to the Little Sister, but yields you the much lesser reward, at 80 ADAM versus 160 if you Harvest [not a Plasmid]. Location: Received from Tenenbaum, wherever you first meet her. Price: Free. It's a gift.

[Note: You will receive whatever Plasmid is native to your starting area for free, so choose the starting location you think would best suit the way you'll play your PC. For generic Neptune's Bounty, you have the ability to choose between any of the three there. For the Medical Pavilion, and named specific areas of Neptune's Bounty, just put down the specific are of each that you wish to start in for the Plasmid native there. Also, you must buy previous levels before buying the next levels of anything.]


[Note for tonics: Different levels of the same tonic stack in ability, which is great if you like a certain tonic. Also, if a tonic is labeled "FFF" in the price area, only one container of that tonic can be found for free while roaming Rapture--the "FFF" will be next to the level found for free. Also, eighteen "slots" for tonics will be available, starting with two per all three categories, costing 80 ADAM to unlock each new slot.]


Armoured Shell- Prevents some damage. Two Levels. Price: 20 ADAM, and free as the fifth gift from Tenenbaum.

Damage Research- Adds bonus damage to research bonuses from the Research Camera. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], FFF only.

Electric Flesh- Take far less damage from electricty, and eventually none, and deal more damage with it. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], 60 ADAM [FFF].

Frozen Field- Take less cold damage, and deal cold damage from your Wrench/Drill with a chance to freeze. Two levels. Price: FFF and 50 ADAM [FFF].

Human Inferno- Decreases heat damage taken, increases heat damage given, and causes burning enemies to take damage at a higher rate. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM, 50 ADAM.

Machine Buster- Increases damage done to machine enemies. Two Levels. Price: 25 ADAM, 55 ADAM.

Photographer's Eye- Increases scores for research photos. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], free after level two of researching a Rosie Big Daddy.

Static Discharge- Causes electricity to shoot out of you when struck by melee weapons, with a chance of stunning. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], free after four levels of researching Leadheads.

Wrench Jockey- Increases the damage of wrench attacks by massive levels. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], second level of research for Bouncer Big Daddies.

Wrench Lurker- Increases damage with wrench 1.5-2 times against unaware or shocked targets and quiets footsteps. The word "unaware" is a pretty loose term, so be on the lookout for enemies that can't attack back for a number of reasons. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], 50 ADAM.


Alarm Expert- Less chance of starting an alarm while hacking. Two Levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], only FFF.

Clever Inventor [Inventing tonics come into play at U-Invent machines]- Inventions require one less of each component, to a minimum of one. Price: 50 ADAM [FFF].

Focused Hacker- Less chance of overloading the machine when hacking. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], 50 ADAM [FFF].

Hacking Expert- Less chance of both overloading and setting off alarms, though halved of what the specific tonics are capable of. Two levels. Price: Only FFF, 50 ADAM.

Prolific Inventor- Doubles the amount of items produces when you invent. Price: A gift after 18 Little Sisters are rescued.

Safecracker- Hacking a safe is amazingly easier [than it's supremely difficult base level], with less chance of overloading and setting off alarms as well. Two levels. Price: Only available as the second gift from Tenenbaum, 60 ADAM [FFF].

Security Expert- Does the same amazing things "Safecracker" does, but to security devices. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], free after researching to level two on Security Bots.

Shorten Alarms- Reduces the length of hostile security alarms by twenty, then forty seconds out of sixty. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], 50 ADAM [FFF].

Speedy Hacker- Increases time available while hacking. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], 50 ADAM.

Vending Expert- Reduces price of vending machines. Two levels. Price: 25 ADAM, 55 ADAM.


Bloodlust- Gain small amounts of health and even with each hit against enemies with the wrench. Price: Invented at a U-Invent, so it's free.

Booze Hound- Restores a little EVE from drinking, instead of taking it away. So since booze already increases health, this makes it so the only detriments to drinking are addiction, getting drunk, and liver failure! :D Drink responibly. Price: Also invented.

EVE Link- First Aid Kits also restore some EVE. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM, 50 ADAM [FFF].

EVE Saver- Reduces the amount of EVE Plasmids cost to use. Price: 30 ADAM.

Extra Nutrition- Increases health gained from eating snacks, food, and how much bandages heal, and non-alcoholic drinks. Three levels. Price: 20 ADAM, 40 ADAM [FFF], only available from the fourth level of research for Spider Splicers.

Hacker's Delight- A small amount of health and EVE are gained after a successful hack. Three levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], invented so it's free, FFF only.

Medical Expert- First Aid Kits give more health. Three levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], 40 ADAM [Sander Cohen reward/FFF], 60 ADAM [FFF].

Natural Camoflauge- Grants invisibility when standing still for a short time. Price: Reach level two of research for Houdini Splicers. [Note: Houdini splicers don't actually teleport, they just use this as an active ability, at the cost of EVE. So if you get this ability and have Incinerate!, you can choose to become a Houdini splicer, and you can turn invisible for a short time at the cost of EVE, regardless of movement.]

Scrounger- Have the choice to re-check a corpse's loot, only once, and find stuff completely different, though maybe not better. Price: Second level of research for Leadheads.

Security Evasion- Takes two, then four, seconds longer for Cameras to notice you. Two levels. Price: 20 ADAM [FFF], 50 ADAM [FFF].

SportBoost- Movement speed increased by some, wrench/drill swinging speed increased. Two levels. Price: Second and fourth levels of research for Thuggish splicers.


Demanding Father- Little Sisters Harvest faster for you. Price: A gift, eventually.

Drill Lurker- Like "Wrench Lurker", but applies to all melee attacks especially the Drill. Price: 25 ADAM

Drill Power- Increases damage from the Drill. Two Levels. Price: 25 ADAM, 55 ADAM.

Drill Specialist- Significantly decreases EVE costs of Plasmids, but limits weaponry to the Drill, Hack Tool, and Research Camera. Price: 50 ADAM [FFF].

Proud Parent- Little Sisters retrieve 20 extra ADAM from Harvesting. Price: Another gift from Tenenbaum.

[Note: Weapons, except for the Wrench, Research Camera, and Hacking Tool can be upgraded at Power to the People machines [one-time {per person} use upgrade machinces that upgrade weapons three times, with the third upgrade available after the first two are done], and, except for the Wrench and Research camera, have three ammo types.]


The Wrench- The weapon Thuggish Splicers start with, and any class can find and use, and while it is the only weapon unable to be upgraded at Power To The People machines, it has many tonics useful for making it better, and especially useful with the Winter Blast and Electro Bolt Plasmids [the latter, if you shock, then hit your target, 4 times normal damage is dealt], and if done right, does the most damage per second of any weapon.

The Pistol- The starting weapon for Leadhead Splicers, it does okay damage, has good range and rate of fire, but is a revolver so it has low ammo capacity. This can be improved, with damage and ability to light enemies aflame, at a Power to the People machine. Ammo is abundant.

The Machine Gun- This is the next weapon that Leadheads can find [of course, any class can use any weapon, besides Spiders, which don't use any but hooks], and has a high rate of fire and good damage and holds quite a bit of ammo, but has low accuracy and a lot of recoil. Upgrades include a damage boost, recoil reduction, and bullets that bounce off walls now. Highly abundant ammo.

The Shotgun- Another weapon found in the game is this. It shoots a burst of pellets of considerable damage, highly effective at short range, but is not good at long range, has a low magazine capability, and has a slow rate of fire. Upgrades amp up the damage, increase the clip size, and add random shockiness though. High ammo capacity, and ammo is common.

The Grenade Launcher- Starting weapon for Nitro splicers. It basically throws the homemade grenades for you, often strategically, and in an arc. The grenades are high damage and have good splash damage. But it has low ammo cartridge capacity, slow rate of fire, and a chance of collateral damage. However, damage can be increased, invulnerability to collateral damage, and a cluster bomb feature is also available. Low ammo capacity and ammo is rare.

The Chemical Thrower- A makeshift short-ranged weapon that shoots a stream of different chemicals [Napalm, Liquid Nitrogen, and Electric gel]. But it has a very slow reload time, is pretty short-range, and has a very high rate of ammo consumption. However, both the range and consumption can be improved, along with wider spray. Very high ammo reserves, but ammo is slightly rare, especially Electric Gel, which is great against Big Daddies [but that can be invented at U-Invents].

The Cross Bow- The last non-Big Daddy weapon, it fires single bolts of high damage, great at any range, so it's a great sniping weapon, plus ammo doesn't always break so it's very efficient. But it has a slow rate of fire and reload time. Damage can be increased, along with a reduction in bolts breaking, and fire rate, so it becomes VERY efficient. Has a high ammo reserve, but ammo is rare.

The Research Camera- Does no damage by itself, but is highly useful. It uses film to take pictures, and the better the picture, with more going on [like attacks] in it, the higher the "points", so the quicker you get to the next level for the enemy/ies in the picture. At the first, third, and final [fifth] levels, a permanent damage bonus is given against the enemy. At the second and fourth, Tonics or other bonuses are awarded. Little Sister research, however, yields permanent health and EVE bonuses at each level.

The Hack Tool- If you can find it, it's very useful. It allows ranged hacks of anything hackable. Standard ammo is just manual hacking from a distance, but there's also auto-hack darts, and even mini-Turrets that stick to the ground and shoot anything they can shoot but you and friendlies.


The Drill- Does quite a bit of damage, by hitting enemies with it, boring through them, or charging them and knocking them over. But, it uses fuel for everything but hitting. Upgrades include fuel efficiency, greater damage, and projectile reflection.

The Machine Gun- Same name, but is a gatling gun! Huge rate of fire, magazine, and good damage. Upgrades include increasing damage, recoil dampening, and wall-bouncing bullets.

The Shotgun- Exactly the same.

The Spear Gun- Basically the same as the Cross Bow, but this also can stick enemies into walls! Upgrades include increased damage, powerful zoom capabilities, and both rifle-like projectile speeds and faster fire rate.

The Launcher- Mostly the same as the Grenade Launcher, but it loses the damage increase in favour for a larger clip size.

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