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Your characters find themselves in a large room, seated together in a circle. There is one door, the entrance and the exit. Your characters can leave as they choose, but hopefully not. I would like to get to know them better, mine included.

Here's how it works:

1) You can only respond in-character unless you want yourself to be an interviewee, no out of character conversation unless there is a question about a question, or you'd like to ask the next question, which is fine by me, just let me know.

2) Characters can not hurt other characters unless they step out of the room which they would have to get up and leave through the door

3) Your characters can answer the question in anyway they would like according to their person, they don't even have to answer truthfully, but they do have to answer the question, or say "pass". They cannot stay silent.

4) Some questions may be simple, serious, or very random. Basically any type of question can be asked, besides obviously inappropriate questions. If you have questions, just ask. I will let you know if I don't approve of the question.

5) There is a time limit to answer the question before it is moved on to the next question. Depending on the question, it will range from either a few days after the question is asked to a week. Once the limit is reached, a new question will be asked and so on. Simple questions will probably be given 2-3 days after posting, and the more serious questions up to a week, a week is the max limit. Unless everyone is ready to move on, it will stay at this time limit. Edit: If you're character doesn't answer the question within the time frame, they are still in the interview, they just haven't answered the question.

6) Minimum of 1 character involved in this interview, and the max up to 5. And once the character(s) responds, you cannot switch your character(s) for another. Edit: Characters can join the interview at anytime.

7) Characters are aware of their writer/creator.

8)Characters can converse/comment with each other. Keep it to brief comments and convos, or if wanting a deeper conversation, indicate that they leave the room. Try to keep on topic, I will allow 2-3 posts of off-topic discussion, no more.

Think that is all, we'll start simple.

So first question:

Where and when were you born?

6/6/2012 . Edited 6/12/2012 #1

(Let me know if I get this wrong.)

Anthony walked in and took a seat. Hearing the question he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and held it for a moment, thinking back. then he answered quietly. "Isigney, northern France. 74 BC." He let out the rest of his breath, opening his eyes, and returning to the moment.

6/6/2012 #2

Marlena stepped into the room silently. Fingers of one hand ran through jet-black hair while she sat down one seat away from the man, crossing her legs. She'd heard the question as well and blinked, not wholly sure about entering this...interview, but it had been at the behest of her...creator. Arms crossed over her chest, the smoky gray hues of her eyes focused dead ahead without the slightest emotion showing, she answered.

"Ukraine. December 15, 1927..."

6/6/2012 . Edited 6/6/2012 #3

Grace suppressed an inner sigh as he crossed from the room and settled into a chair. He didn't understand the intentions of this; he'd already done something similar in a different location. Looking around, he nodded to the man and woman already there. Now, the question.

"Berlin, Germany. August 4th, 1911."

Following closely behind Grace, was Valentine, a literally red-headed teen with red eyes. He sat beside Grace in the circle of chairs, not pretending to be happy, but it wasn't the worst thing that could happen to someone.

"Um....not exactly 'born', I was created in a lab in the United States on February 14, 1997."

Elipsion had been sitting off to the side of the circle, trying to remain as unseen as possible as he observed the others coming in, too bad the rules were in place, he'd already be all over some of these people. Birth, it wasn't important to know.

"If you must know, somewhere in Romania about 225 years ago"

Silk literally was pretty much dragged here by his creator, and now sat fuming beside the man who'd answered the stupid question first. Why did this matter again?! Waste of his time. With an angry grumble he answered, "Outside of the Rukongai District in the Soul Society, 15 years ago."

The last person to arrive was Oliver O'Brian. His footsteps were quiet over the floor as his small, doll-like frame quickly made it's way over to a chair. Sitting down, he quickly checked his outside corset and pushed back literally red, long hair out of his face, and slightly frowned.

"Dollface isn't here? Ah, well, I was 'born' in Dublin, Ireland, 1984."

6/6/2012 #4
Next question: What is your full name? What do you prefer to be called? Do you have any nicknames?
6/9/2012 #5

Marlena cast a brief glance to the other people that entered the room. Wondered how many more might come...this interview--so it was called--was awkward enough as it was. She heard the next question and refocused, pushing the newcomers from her mind.

"My full name is Marlena Vasil'yivna Volkova. I prefer just being called Marlena, though some, like Creed--" --at the thought of the demon, her expression soured-- "--refer to me by my surname." And at the next thought, the anger faded out quickly...

"My little brother used to call me Mar-Mar...whatever the hell that means." It wasn't a nickname she hated, not when it brought up funny memories of him. That being said, someone else calling her this would only earn a confused look from her.

6/10/2012 . Edited 6/10/2012 #6

Grace shifted in his seat, here was an easy question, but he wondered when and if these questions would get more personal. Those he might have trouble answering. He gave a small chuckle to the nickname of Marlena; you had to hand it to younger individuals to come up with...interesting nicknames.

"My full name, in German, is Gratia Hans Von Luck. I would prefer to be called Gratia, but the English version, Grace, is a lot easier for most to say. As for nicknames....I do not have any."

Valentine nodded at Grace's answer; he switched between calling him Grace and Gratia. Usually Gratia when they were at home since that's where they spoke German the most. Likewise, he was more called Valentin instead of Valentine.

Valentine, or Valentin, 'Von Luck'. It's not my legal last name.....I technically don't have a last name.."

Elipsion rolled his eyes; what kind of question was this? Nicknames didn't matter, but, he smirked, names did, since those weaker than him should remember his name.

Elipsion Sinistri, and it should not be forgotten."

He paused, his expression turning into annoyance and irritation.

"I do have a nickname, unfortunately, by the most idiotic, stupid female to ever live. And the woman wants to be my mate, I'll kill her before that happens."

Silk glared at Elipsion, thing, that had just threatened to kill his possible mate. Not that he was trying to be a hero or anything, but people like this pissed him off. He already got the vibe that this guy thought he was better than everyone else here, and those were the kind of people he hated.

"Why don't you shut up? And what's this nickname? You didn't tell us. Or are you too good to lower yourself down to our level? Ha, whatever. I'm Silk Daiki Schiffer, or, Suzanami. I took my dad's last name instead of my mom's. No nicknames for me."

Elipsion glowered at the boy that just talked. How dare he talk to him that way.

"It's not important."

"Suuure, you probably love her back, and you're embaressed to tell us the nickname. That's cute."

Elipsion twitched, seeing what this Silk was doing. Baiting him in to answer this useless question. He'd kill this boy the moment he stepped out of this room.

"I do not love her, I'm terrified of her stupidity and over-enthusiasm and her obsession with me. She calls me 'Lippy'.

This came out as a hiss through teeth, and he sat back, eyes narrowed and piercing at the boy.

"See? Wasn't hard, oh mighty one. Geez, it's just a question....Lippy."

Silk grinned, he would have fun with this.

Oliver couldn't help himself but smile at the current situation, it was rediculous. Something that maybe Dollface would say and do. Maybe.

"I'm Oliver Leslie O'Brian, what I prefer to be called....I don't know, either Oli or Oliver. My nickname is only for Dollface, and that would be Clockwork. It makes sense, my right eye is clockwork and so is my heart."

6/11/2012 #7
Mikey8152 - GEM

Nik appeared in a chair, "Nikanuur, most just call me Nik though. I cannot recall my surname, it's long since faded from my use."

Mikey entered in plain clothes (no robes for this one) and looked around the room, he knew why he was here, he just wanted to see who he was going to be with. "First names are border-line sacred to my people, so I will be withholding it if you don't mind. My alias that I use in place is Mikey8152, or just Mikey and I am of the family King."

6/12/2012 #8
Next question: Do you have any siblings? If so, how many? Older or younger? What are their names?
6/13/2012 #9

Marlena's expression darkened; she wasn't liking how the questions had taken a turn toward her family. "I had one sibling...he's younger. His name is Sergey Volkovoy."

6/14/2012 . Edited 6/14/2012 #10

Anthony looked at Elipsion and Silk. His expression only changed in the most subtle way to one of disaproval. Most people would have just seen a little tightening of the cheeks, a little narrowing of the eyes, but might have difficulty discerning the meaning behind the expression.

"My name is Antonious De Isigney," he said when his turn came, "And all of my siblings were killed long before their time, either in battle or by infection or injury. Life was shorter then, evan than now."

6/16/2012 #11

Grace simply shook his head and sighed. He was a single child; his parents couldn't afford another child and his mother had a hard enough time giving birth to him. It had been lonely at some times, but looking back, it was best for him.

"No, I was an only child."

Valentine's face reflected some confusion and sadness to the question asked. It was unkown if he had any or not. Also, he had caught Anthony's disapproving look at the two others.

"I don't know if I have any....I would like some."

Elipsion's eyes were still narrowed at Silk as the question floated in the air. Another pointless question, this time about siblings. He didn't care for his siblings, he didn't even remember their names. Not that they mattered.

"Eleven. I have eleven siblings, six male and five female. They'd all be my age, and, no, I do not know their names."

Silk stared at Elipsion, mouth hanging open.

"Eleven?! Holy....your mother take fertilization pills or something?!"

"My species breeds that way, you lowly idiot. It ranges from twenty to thirty, but only about half survive, some less than that."

"So your an animal?"

Elipsion's claws began drumming on the arm of the chair, a look of agitation growing, but still had the smirk played on his face. Eyes piercing, he remained silent.

Silk shrugged, "Well, I got a twin brother. Never would know we're related though, completely different personality. Its kind of weird. And I've got a step sister, Inu, who's a few months old. And.....I guess a biological sister...my dad had a kid with a clone of my mother, so I don't know how that works. Her name's Vera, and she's fourteen."

Oliver simply sighed, "I suppose I'm similiar to Valentine, I don't know if I do."

6/18/2012 #12
Next question: Are/were you married? If so, to who? If not, would you like to get married?
6/18/2012 #13

Anthony smiled and gripped Morgan's hand, hard. Of course, for her it wasn't a problem at all. She was still a vampire. She smiled back.

"Been married for the last 1000 years or so to the love of my life, Morcant Ap LLewellyn, of Wales."

"Twice. Michele and Paige," said Kihn. He looked slightly uncertain as he mentioned the name of Paige, and glanced around the room. She was no-where to be seen.

Malachi's mouth tightened up. He wasn't allowed to marry. "My desires are not relevant to what I do," he finally said. "And no, I've never been married, nor will I marry."

"Nay. Oi'm a monk, after all," said Gilchrist.

6/18/2012 #14

Grace choked, and without warning, several tears ran down his face. He didn't like this question; it brought a lot of bad memories up. He missed her so much, and even though it's been years, it hadn't lessened his longing for her.

"I....I was married to the most beautiful woman I had ever known, Adalia Hemmerich. Our time together....was like none other. I don't think I will marry again."

Valentine frowned, reaching over to Grace and lightly patted his arm. This was really hard for him.

"I hope to marry someday, I kinda look forward to it."

Elipsion shook his head, these questions were boring him and had to do with little of what he was interested in. Marriages were unimportant, as were relationships.

"My kind hardly marry, we mate for life. But even in that, most don't do such, and there are rare occasions of....marriage among those who've lowered themselves to human ideas. I have not married nor ever intend to nor have a mate. It's a useless companionship; the partner interferes too much."

Silk shrugged, unsure of what to say.

"I don't know....I have awhile to wait, but I don't know if I'd want to marry someone.."

Oliver shook his head at the question, "I've never met anyone to consider even a relationship with. And my job probably would not be good for a marriage."

6/19/2012 #15
Mikey8152 - GEM

Nik leaned back in thought, "I recall at least a significant other, a wife, maybe only a girlfriend... I'm sorry, my memory of my time alive is weak."

Mikey gave a small grin to Nik, "That was, what, 500 years ago? Maybe it was an arranged marriage even," he let out a small laugh, "I myself am not married or in any relationship right now."

6/19/2012 #16

This was a touchy subject, just like the last one...The brunette silently wondered if it would be a good idea to keep sitting here. Her discomfort without her emotions bottled up like usual, her thoughts on this...interview, telegraphed themselves with a tightening of the jaw, slight narrowing of the eyes. Someone catching these minor tells could possibly interpret that she was a few moments, perhaps a few questions away from simply leaving the now-uncomfortable interview.

More like an interrogation, she thought.

"I am. But he's...occupied. Beyond that, I'm going to pass on this question. Not something I want to talk about."

6/21/2012 #17
Fleur-de-lis Evans

The door pushed inwards and a girl, wearing a worn, brown leather jacket over a green tank top, shorts with leggings, and tall boots walked in. Her features were a mix of her Blackfoot and French-Canadian heritage. Blonde hair was braided down her back.

She took a seat a few down from Khin. Her eyes scanned the room and she tensed, sensing some tension. "I-I'm too young to be married. But, there is one person I would like to be with at some point. Known him for a while."

6/21/2012 #18
Next question: Do you have any children? If so, how many? If not, would you want children?
6/21/2012 #19

"No, I don't. We're...considering it. Still working, settling things that need to be taken care of." Marlena's voice was curt.

6/21/2012 #20
Mikey8152 - GEM

Nik shook his head slowly, "No, no, that one thing I remember clearly, I have no direct descendants, and it's a little late have some."

Mikey watched Malena calmly, seeing her discomfort, "being a dad could be neat I guess," he shrugged, "and could we move away from the personal questions for a bit? I think they're causing some discomfort."

6/22/2012 #21
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Dante glanced over at the woman who had just spoken. She seemed....Uncomfortable with the personal questions. But, after all, there hadn't been a specification about what kind of interview this would be. So, she guessed she would answer the questions to the best of her ability.

"I suppose, if we get past the incident than we could have kids. I'd like two sons and two daughters."

She glanced around, wondering if any of the other people would answer. Clearly, some were more forthcoming than others.

6/23/2012 #22

Grace's breath thickened, and he swallowed hard as tears began to form in his eyes. All he managed to choke out was, "Almost." in a very thick German accent before burying his face into his hands.

Valentine frowned, he didn't know what was making Grace so upset, but he didn't push to ask, not here.

"Heh, yea I'd like to have them someday.."

Elipsion scoffed at the question; children, little weaklings that only were in the way.

"I would never have children, they're little useless things that need attention and get in the way."

Silk rolled his eyes at Elipsion's answer. What an idiot. Kids were kids, but he wasn't exactly sure if he wanted any either.

"I don't know, currently I'm no where near a father figure, so unless my attitude changes by then, I've no idea."

Oliver shook his head, "I don't have any children.....I'm not sure if I want any."

6/23/2012 #23
Next question: How many languages do you speak?
6/23/2012 #24
Fleur-de-lis Evans

Dante shrugged. "I suppose, if you count Ancient Greek and Latin as languages, as well as tribal language, then I speak six."

6/25/2012 #25

If any of Mongoose's characters had kids they didn't say much about them.

Kihn's mouth sealed in a tight line as he crossed his arms over his chest. Yes, he had a daughter, and no, he wasn't about to say word one about her. Anthony looked at him and raised an eyebrow in question, but gave no other sign.

They all spoke multiple languages. Kihn seemed to be gifted in that department. Malachi knew a few just because he was old and traveled so much. Anthony had lost count hundreds of years ago. Morgan knew several. Whatever was most useful in the most civilized places. Gilchrist knew three or four.

6/27/2012 . Edited 6/28/2012 #26

Grace thought for a moment before answering the question. Native and first language was German, he spoke English fluently, he knew some Russian and spoke enough Polish to get by.

"Two fluently, and two just enough to sound broken."

Valentine grinned; he knew the most out of everyone here.

"I speak every language known and unknown to man, made-up languages, coding, sign language....you name it, I'm fluent."

Elipsion perked slightly in interest at the boy's response, interesting knowledge.

"Two, Romanian and English. My species' language has been lost, only few know it."

Silk rolled his eyes, he only spoke one fluently but he understood and used certain Japanese phrases.

"One I guess....but we use Japanese in Kudo and weapons and techniques, so I know some Japanese."

Oliver smiled at Valentine, Dollface would be jealous not to be here. But it nagged at his conscious to think of that, he didn't really want the kid to be dragged back.

"Two, English and Gaeilge, or Irish."

6/29/2012 #27
Next question: What is your earliest memory?
6/29/2012 #28
Fleur-de-lis Evans

A shiver traveled down Dante's spine. She didn't even tremble as it did so, she just felt the chill on her skin. It should not have mattered that the questions was asked, but her skin crawled just pondering the answer to it.

Instead of keeping her head up, as she had been since she entered the room, she bent her neck staring down at her lap. Her hands worried the fabric of her clothes, and she remained silent, trying to ignore the smell of burning wood and the sound of hoarse screaming that the question brought up.

7/2/2012 #29

The door suddenly opened and two figures emerged. A rather tall, odd-looking woman strutted in and dragged along a younger woman. The tall woman had red hair, but half of it went to her shoulders and was kind of spiky while the other half went to her bossoms and was curly. She appeared rough as if she had been in a fight on the way here, and was prepared to get into another should the opportunity come.

"My name's not important mainly because my creator hasn't figured out how to spell it yet. Just call my Skillet. And what's up with the chick hanging her head down? Looks like somebody just punched her in the gut. Come along Helena!"

"Yes, Skillet," whisphered the younger woman.

This woman, whose name was apparently Helena, had long jet-black hair that appeared to be constantly moving as if a wind had suddenly appeared just for her. Her skin was very pale as if she were an albino, and there was a certain innocence about her that contrasted strongly with her partner. The only blemish about her person was that her left eye was covered with a red and black eye patch.

"And as to the memory question," Skillet began, "I remember waking up and seeing nothing but endless streets. I was hungry and cold, but the sun was shinging. Basically, life sucked and it didn't care if I was alone."

The group already gathered in the room stared at the rather forward looking woman, and then at the other wondering if she would answer the question, too.

"Oh, her?" Skillet asked. "Helena, I give you permission to speak."

"Yes, Skillet," Helena said in a small voice. "I do not know where my memory begins. I just always was."

And with that, Skillet led Helena into the room and instructed Helena to sit on the floor while she herself took a seat on a rather comfortable looking couch. Skillet looked on expectingly at the group while Helena stared straight ahead, but appeared to be seeing nothing with her one good eye.

7/5/2012 #30
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