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Agent of Chaos

DC Universe Online is set in the present day, but the opening cinematic sequence takes place in a gritty, war-torn future depicting a final battle between the world's greatest heroes and villains.

This battle takes place in the ruins of Metropolis, and features the deaths of several well-known DC Comics characters. The battle culminates with the death of Superman at the hands of Lex Luthor, leaving him and the Joker as the apparent survivors. Luthor stands back to proclaim his victory, only to see Brainiac's war fleet fill the skies.

The scene then shifts to the present-day Watchtower, where the future Luthor is telling the story to the present-day Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Luthor explains that the deadly final war between the heroes and villains was triggered by the subtle manipulations of Brainiac, who had been slowly downloading their powers over time. With the planet's most powerful beings dead, Brainiac intended to use the pirated data to create an army of metahumans under his control, facilitating his conquest of Earth. As the only survivor of the war, Luthor could do nothing to resist Brainiac's subjugation of the planet.

Luthor explains that he was able to survive in secret and eventually steal the stolen data and energy from Brainiac's mothership in the form of "Exobytes", nanobot-sized devices that can bond to a living host and give them their own superpowers. After finally designing a time machine (or, possibly, stealing one from Brainiac's technology), Lex Luthor has travelled into his past to release the exobytes into the atmosphere of present-day Earth. The heroes are outraged, but Luthor explains that because he has done this, soon thousands of new metahumans will be created from ordinary humans (becoming the characters that players design and play with). He implores the Justice League to find and train these new metahumans, because Brainiac is coming and the Earth must be ready to succeed where it was once doomed to fail."

Create your characters! You can have as many as you can handle.. ( I enjoy having many so be forewarned...)

No god-modding without the other writer's permission.

Characters may be killed and brought back but it can't be a common occurrence (unless that is your character's superpower.) Let's keep this pg-13 to be safe...

You may post a character description, however it is not required.

And new rules may/or may not be added as we go along! :)

Enjoy! :D

All she remembered was walking along the street and a large shadow hovering over her. She peered upwards unable to recognized what it was, only that it was gigantic. "Oh...my..."

And then there was extreme heat. An alarm was blarring around around her. A hand grabbed her arm and yanked her forward.

"Wuhhhh...?" She groaned. She didn't remember feeling so exhausted. She blinked, "Wha... What's..." She saw she was in a strange metallic room.

"Selina!" The person who had pulled out of, Selina glanced back, some capsule thing, was Fae. She'd known Fae for years, but last she knew Fae had disappeared from Gotham and was trying to fight crime on some larger scale.

"What's going on?" She pushed herself up from the ground and immediately felt nauseous. One minute she was walking down one of the main streets of Gotham and now...

Fae pushed her long black hair out of her face and reached out her other arm to steady Selina. "Brainiac. Ironically enough he's an alien invading earth. He's taking metahumans to transfer their powers into his data base and then destroy them." She started pulling Selina away, even though Selina felt like she couldn't hardly move. "I'm here to break them out before Brainiac can kill them. Other than that its a long story."

Fae hauled Selina out into a large hallway. It was dimly lit, but the light reflected off the metal well enough that she could see quite a bit.

Selina's eyes traveled back to the large door that had once had closed off the room she had been imprisoned with. The metal was now warped and partly caving in on itself. Parts of the door still glowed from the heat that Fae must have attacked it with. A few of the doors before her cell looked the same way, while the rest of the hallway looked perfectly untouched.

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The dream was soft and beautiful. There were thousands of crystals covered in water droplets dangling above her head, and she rested upon a feathery cushion of white down. Lula must've smiled in her sleep. The lights dancing off the crystals were calming and so much better than before she slept. Not that it mattered anyway. Lula couldn't remember before the dream began. Then the crystals began to quiver and slowly fall onto her. She screamed in the dream, but her shout sounded like ringing bells. The feathery down began to flutter and fade away and she was falling into blackness away from the collapsing crystal sky. The bells grew louder and louder and more fervent. And then she hit the bottom.

"What the-?" Lula muttered and rubbed her eyes.

She found herself in a completely metallic room and alarms were screeching a warning. But to warn whom and what of, Lula thought.

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Agent of Chaos

The sound of her boots against the metal floor was muffled by her rubber soles. "Agaryulnaerea." Tyra muttered, her bow tightly clenched in her fist. Even in the dim lighting, she allowed her eyes to shift into the infrared spectrum. In some ways perhaps it'd be better if she didn't remain in the infrared. The ship did give off heat, but in the darker areas of the ship she didn't want to be surprised by Brainiac's droids. "Amin delotha sina." Not only were they out numbered by Brainiac's forces, they had to go wandering around on his ship. She wasn't looking forward to a battle in fairly tight corridors with a bunch of machines.

*Shk* Tyra, this is Fae. *Shhk* Tyra's communicator whispered, but it felt loud enough to her that everyone could hear it--even with the alarm blarring.


*Shhk* This hallway is al--*shhk* empty. We've managed to find *shhhhk* a few humans. Fair resistance. Do you need help? *Shhk*

"There is nothing here from what I can see. Every thing is empty. And I have not run into any fighting." She replied, her faint accent lightly coloring her words. Tyra walked up to another door, slinging her bow over her shoulder while she tried to get the door open. Unlike Fae she couldn't just melt her way through. After a few failed attempts, the door finally slid open.

Her eyes glowed faintly red from under the black hood that shadowed her face, scanning the room as she reached for her bow. There. She could distinctly see the heat emanating from a human body. Seems this one had freed itself. "Hello?" She didn't know whether she should approach or stay right where she was. Meta-humans could be quite dangerous when startled....even when they didn't mean to hurt. Her fingers curled tighter around her bow, as her other hand inched toward her quiver, ready to draw if she needed to.

(Translation: Bloodsuckers.... I hate this.)

9/6/2012 . Edited by H-A-Cooke, 10/3/2012 #3


Lula jumped. She hadn't even realized that the door to her prison had opened, let alone that she was no longer alone. For the past few minutes she had been banging uselessly against the walls, and had finally stopped to meditate. Now, there was someone else.

A faint red glow filled the intruder's eyes, and that was all Lula could make of the stranger's face for the rest was hidden in the shadows of a hood. She was faintly aware that the stranger had something strapped to their back. Instantly, she recoiled as she realized what it was.

"What gives you the right to take me captive then threaten me with your flimsy arrows, hunter?" Lula snarled, trying not to let the doubt seep into her voice. Arrows tended to be rather sharp.

(To avoid confusion, "hunter" is a slang term from the region where Lula lived)

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Agent of Chaos

Tyra cleared her throat, keeping ready if she needed to draw an arrow at a moment's notice. "Um....in case you have not heard the..." she paused for a moment to think of the word, "alarms... Those mean that people--me included--are here to take back the humans."

She commented with a fairly bored expression, her accent sounding very similar to a Irish-Scottish cross. She shrugged, straightening ever so slightly, not intimidated by the meta-human's threat. "So. Here is the..." She really hated using English, but it seemed to be the only language that everyone spoke. "Here is the...deal." She continued a second time with a slight pause. "You can come with me and clearly see that I am trying to free people like us..." She gave emphasis to the last word, "or you are more than welcome to...remain. One way or another, I am walking out that door."

She eyed the hostile meta-human, slowly lowering her bow. "If you pursue a fight, then you will realize..." Aiya, thanga yassen.She really needed to practice her English more. "I did not come alone." She finished, feeling angry with herself--which only made speaking English harder. Next time she was bringing someone else who could do all the talking they wanted.

(Translation, "oh, forget it.")

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Lula listened intently to the stranger speak. Maybe it was the foreign accent, or maybe it was the stranger seemed to be forcing the words out. Whatever the case, Lula relaxed and knew that the stranger was no threat. The stranger could've spoken in her native language and Lula would've understood. Before her talents emerged, Lula's only abnormal ability was that she could read a person's body language like a book.

"I shall come. But you say you're not alone. Who else is there? Captives, imprisoners, or saviors?"

Lula thought of what else the stranger had said. Here to take back the humans. Is that what she was? Human? Or had she lost that, too.

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Agent of Chaos

Tyra arched an eyebrow. "With you...along... There will be both captives and... as you call them... 'saviors'." She kept her bow at her side. "If we are...lucky there were be a few droids. If we are lucky, there will be only be a few." She turned around and exited the room, pressing her comm button. "Fae, I have found one. We will finish this hallway then meet up with you."

*Shhk* "Okay, sounds good. I have a feel*sshhhkk* that there will be resistance soon. This is waaay too easy." *shk*

Tyra nodded to herself. Indeed, this was too easy. It could only mean Brainiac was waiting for something.

9/8/2012 #7

Droids? Lula wondered. Great.

She followed the stranger out the door - out of her cell - and pretended like she didn't hear the stranger talking on a comm. The hallway was long and may have once been brightly lit, but only a few lights flickered to life while others had been knocked out. She didn't like the sound of "finishing this hallway" as the stranger put it. What if she had to use her abilities? With no weapon she might have to, but...the stranger had to know.

"Hey, hunter. Er, um, I shouldn't call you that anymore. Sorry. Uh, it's not a good thing. My name's Lula. Tell me, if we run into something...I, uh...I don't think I can help. At least without a weapon or your permission to - I, uh, mean that my abilities. Well, it's um...not a good thing." Lula silently cursed herself. Why could she be so bold at times, and a babbling fool at others?

"Aurora Taio," Rori spoke as clearly as she could into her house phone. Land lines tended to distort her voice, but land lines were all she had ever since she had dropped her cell in the river. Lula would be furious once she found out...

"Please state your emergency," the machine asked.

Rori hesitated. People went missing all the time ever since that day. No one knew for sure where they went, but everyone in her town said it was the government's doing. Yet, last week, Rori and her twin, Lula, had went for a walk and had met another raving lunatic. This one was saying some madman was taking all the special people, and keeping them captive on some ship in some sea. Lula had urged her to walk on, and put such thoughts out of her head. Then the next day, Lula was gone.

She shoved the phone onto the receiver and sank to the ground. People went missing all the time. What would one more missing person's report do? At least Lula wasn't using her abilities. Rori could feel it even though she herself possessed no such power like her sister's. Maybe it meant that she was safe...

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Agent of Chaos

Tyra arched her eyebrows after taking a moment to figure out what the other metahuman has said. "First you threaten me saying that my weapons would be--would be... useless against your...power, but now you say that you would not be much help?" She glanced back at the other as if studying her. "I am called 'Tyra'. What do you call yourself?" She felt like she was back in English 101. It was one of the first things she had learned to say.

"What type of weapon do you use?" She didn't want to trust someone she didn't know with weapons, but if they faced true enemies she would be hard pressed to defeat them on her own. There was only so much one could do with being able to produce areas of pure darkness and heat vision. Even if she had been drilled in the art of weaponry since childhood.

Keeping her bow in her right hand, she fingered the edges of her black cloak that concealed some of her armory. She carried a quiver of arrows on her left hip, a pair of katanas strapped to her back and various knives in their hidden sheaths. Being so well armed was probably one of the reasons that Fae had allowed her to wander Brainiac's ship by herself. She was used to living in tunnels due to the fact that she had grown up in a very ancient and isolated society deep within Ireland--which no one except the ones that the masters of the society allowed, realized they existed or ever had existed. She had left, (a very unheard of thing) becoming a fugitive and found her way to America...where she realized that absolutely no one had even heard of the only language she spoke.

Now of course, these hallways reminded her too much of her past. She almost expected that her mentors would be behind every corner; waiting to kill their failed student.

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"Well, your weapons would be useless against me, Tyra, but now that you are helping me I would rather not use my abilities." Lula thought Tyra was a nice name, but she didn't say so. "I am Lula, and I can stop time. I can choose who is not effected, but I can't just stop time like it's no big deal. Time has to come from somewhere, and it usually feeds off of the nearest lifesource."

Lula hope Tyra got what she was implying. She'd rather not have to spell it out, because that meant reliving the day she killed her mother...

"I'd much rather use a dagger or a knife."

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Agent of Chaos

"....Ah..." Tyra nodded, reaching for a pair of her long daggers. "I...understand." Reluctantly she handed them over to Lula. "No chance of....stealing time from....machines?" It depended on what Lula considered to be a 'life source'. If it'd work on machines then Tyra would make sure to stay far away. However, she wasn't about to go testing that theory without knowing the absolute.

She paused at the next door, trying to repeat the last things she did before the last door opened. But even then it took a while. When the door slid open, she scanned the room to find it empty. Most of the rooms in this hallway were... But she wasn't about to claim the rest of the hallway empty--Lula proved that there still could be humans down the hallway.

*Shhk* "Dark Archer," *shk* Fae's voice spoke from the comm. Switching from personal names to cover names spoke that there were getting to be a few people around--meaning to protect identities was becoming more of an issue.

"I am here, Ignis."

"*Shhhk* are going to activate *shk* teleporter in *ssshhhkt*".

Tyra paused, "Can you repeat?" She needed to know when they were going to teleport because once they closed it, anyone left would be stuck. But all she got was a garbled response.

10/2/2012 . Edited by H-A-Cooke, 10/3/2012 #11

Lula reached for the daggers and considered what Tyra had said. In theory, her suggestion could've worked; machines do have a source of energy. But she didn't know enough about her powers to know if it would work with machines. If it could, then it should have by now; Lula's used her abilties enough times in the presence of machinery, and every time the human was used as the life source.

"It would be best to not try that now. With my luck it would horribly back fire..." Lula waited calmy for Trya to open the next door knowing that she couldn't hotwire the lock like she could a car. Lula wasn't for sure if she was surprised or not that the room was empty.

Lula heard Tyra's communicater come on, but she couldn't make out what it was saying. She wondered who Tyra kept communicating with and how many other people there were on this ship.

"I am here, Ignis," Tyra spoke into the comm. "Can you repeat?"

Lula noted the tone change of Tyra's voice, and almost asked what was going on. Her forbearance held out however, and she didn't ask.

10/2/2012 . Edited by H-A-Cooke, 10/3/2012 #12
Scorpionicus Clariano

As Tyra and Lula await a reply, they hear a faint echo of an eerie roar from some deeper passage. Fae and Selina are somewhat closer to the source; from only a few doors down from the blasted cell comes a howling scream which makes the little hairs on Selina's nape hackle up. With a pneumatic hiss, the door opens of its own accord, and its captive--a young Chinese man in his early twenties--staggers into the hall. Around his neck is a mechanical collar whose dim red lights flicker with the man's movements.

He does not at first spot the two fugitives, and gazes past them at the wall of the corridor. Where am I?* he mumbles. In his eyes, the bleary shapes finally resolve into two women who are tense with anticipated hostility. With a sickening wrench of his stomach, he realizes that they are right in readying for an attack. "Stop!" he says in accented English, just barely audible above the piercing alarms. "You are in danger!"

His frightened tone makes him sound as a potential ally, but when he tries to back away from Selina and Fae, a brighter light flashes on his collar, initiating a change in his demeanor. His voice drops into a low, non-syllabic growl, and his dark, bewildered eyes shift and dilate into something wilder. At another red flash of the sinister collar, he drops into a crouch, as gracefully dangerous as a rabid ballet dancer, ready for the pounce.

*translated from the original Mandarin

1/10/2013 #13
Agent of Chaos

Fae took a step back, placing most of her weight on her toes as she bent her knees. Careful to keep Selina behind her, Fae's right hand came up, blue and green flames swirling around her hand and arm. "Calm yourself. We're here to return you back to earth. You've been taken by an alien technology named Brainiac." She allowed the glow of her flames to dim, without letting them go completely out. They were there merely as a warning, not a threat. She understood that waking up on board an alien spacecraft could be more than a little jarring.

From the corner of her eye, she saw Selina begin to tense up in preparation of a fight, but there wasn't going to be one if Fae could help it. "Look, you can call me Ignis." She offered a slight upwards curl of her mouth to indicate a smile, even as her hand remain raised between them. "The other people you see around you have also been captured." She kept her voice as light as possible, hoping that the man could at least understand most of what she was saying. She wasn't sure what his original language was, but it was certainly something Asian.


Tyra tapped her comm, frowning. The fact that Fae hadn't gotten back to her right away meant that something was going on. "We must keep moving, we will be leaving soon." She kept her hands on her bow, ready to aim whenever a target presented itself. There were only a few more room left on this corridor, and Tyra intended to find as many people as she could before heading back to the rendezvous. Time was growing short and she found herself anxious to have her feet firmly back on the ground.

She glanced back a Lula, her eyes glinting red from under her black hood as she continued down the hallway. She found the next doorway and opened the keypad filled with all sorts of alien symbols. Pressing the ones that seemed to have worked last time, she frowned when it didn't open like she had expected it to. "Where do you hail from?" She asked, glancing over her shoulder once more at Lula to cover up the silence and her failed attempt of opening the door.

She tried a few more buttons but paused again when nothing happened.

Then buttons on the keypad began to glow brighter, which she didn't think was a good thing, considering that they were growing brighter in her heat sense. "Move!" She said in a very clipped voice as she grabbed Lula by the shoulder and yanked around the corner just as the keypad exploded.

From around the next corner, Tyra's heat vision brightened considerable. Her eyes stung from the sudden difference in colors and she raised a hand to wipe the excess moisture from them. Blinking rapidly for a few seconds, the only thing that she could focus on was a flashing red light. Just then siren sounded and she winced. This was exactly what she had been hoping to avoid. "Ignis! We are in corridor 5 and it is sounding an alarm. We might need reinforcements soon. Do you copy?" She practically shouted into the comm over the alarm blaring.

She hauled herself up, and checked resistance of her bow. She removed another arrow from her quiver; she had dropped the first one in her scramble to escape the explosion. She pressed herself as closely to the wall as she could before glancing down the hallway. Sparks still flared from the various rips in the electrical cords and pipes around the keypad. The wall directly across from the keypad also showed signs of the explosion. She motioned for Lula to head back the way they had come as she followed behind, looking beyond the spot of the explosion for any opposition.

1/15/2013 . Edited by H-A-Cooke, 1/8/2014 #14

Lula faintly heard another noise off in the distance different from the sirens, but she made no mention of it. Currently, she was more focused on following Tyra and trying to not freak out. Her little sister (younger by seven seconds) was back in Louisiana probably scared to death wondering where her older sister went. Lula hoped Rori didn't think she had ran away, but that lie might be better than the truth; afterall, this ship was becoming more ominious by the second and Lula was never fond of a boat she couldn't steer.

Tyra glanced back at her, and Lula noticed her glowing red eyes again. Assuming that meant Tyra had "talents," too, Lula began to guess what Tyra's "gifts" were. Heat vision, x-ray vision, laser beams. They stopped at another doorway and Lula watched as Tyra pressed a few keys on the keyboard. All the keys were covered in alien symbols and Lula wished she could understand what they meant, but she had a feeling Tyra knew how to read the foreign language as much as she did.

"Where do you hail from?" Tyra asked.

"Louisiana. Small town. Rural. Not many pe--" Lula began.

"Move!" Tyra cut her off as she grabbed Lula and shoved her around a corner. A split second later a loud explosion blasted the hallway where they had been standing only a moment before. Lula gulped in fear. Why did this ship seem more and more dangerous the longer they stayed? They had to get out now. Fresh alarms began to blare in the hallway and Lula felt her anxiety rising. Tyra screamed into her comm in her heavy accent, and then motioned for them to head back down the corrider. Lula happily obliged, longing to get away from the site of the explosion and possibly future explosions.

"Do you think there are anymore humans down that hall?" Lula asked. She hoped not because that would mean they would have to go back, but something told her that Tyra didn't know and Lula prayed the rest of the hall was empty.

Rori was walking beside the small stream in the forest trying not to slip and fall. There was no reason for her to not be here; she'd already lost her phone, and had nothing else to lose. Well, maybe she could twist a leg or break a bone, but technically that wasn't losing anything.

After she had hung up on the police before filing the missing person's report, Rori decided to go take a walk to clear her head. It had been nearly two weeks since her sister disappeared and Rori was becoming more and more fearful with each day. No one in her town seemed to know what to do or what was going on. It frustrated Rori because she knew the only reason they didn't care was because Lula was the only person who had gone missing from this side of town. If it had been one of their children then there would be a manhunt, Rori was sure of it. Yet, such was not the case and Lula remained as missing as Rori's joy.

Suddenly, Rori doubled over as a gut-wrenching terror seized her. She cried out and tears welled up in her eyes. Lula, she thought, it's Lula. Wherever her sister was, she was scared, anxious, and in danger.

2/14/2013 . Edited by H-A-Cooke, 1/8/2014 #15
Agent of Chaos

Tyra shook her head. "I have no idea." There was just no way to know, nor was it possible for them to search the entire ship. They didn't have the people or the time to do so. I swear that I will make Brainiac pay for what he has done.

She heard metallic clanking from down the hallway and sighed. This was exactly what she hadn't wanted to run into. "Ignis, we have company." She stated as quietly as possible, motioning for Lula to move as close to the wall as possible. She paused at a niche in the wall that was a doorway. Pressing her back against the door, she used the door frame as cover. It was the best that they would have in an open hallway. She raised her bow, pulling back on the string, waiting for the first of Brainiac's to appear around the corner of the far end of the hallway.

There. The heat signature wasn't as bright as a human's was but still noticeable. She released, slid back into the niche, and what she got in return was bright, hot blasts from what ever energy source they used in their guns. She switched to the normal spectrum to avoid being blinded by the heat and retrieved another arrow. She waited for a lull in the blast stepped from out of the niche and fired another arrow.

Barely missing a blast, she tucked herself into a roll, coming up to another niche opposite the one she had been in before. Her cloak had a smoking hole in it and she frowned. That was a little too close for her comfort and the loss of two Brainiac machines hadn't stopped them from moving toward them. She'd been trained to fight humans, not machines. Humans tried to preserve their lives when possible, machines could just be fixed or recreated.

She closed her eyes for a second, trying to remember how many there were. At least ten... She wouldn't be able to shoot all of them (at least not without them hitting her) before they reached her position. She wasn't sure where Fae was, but assumed that she had problems of her own. She quick checked where the machine were; almost on them. She unstrung her bow waiting for the machines to come almost even with her.

She raised a clenched fist and the hallways exploded into inky darkness. She used her bow to vault her over the first row of machines into the middle of the group. At least these machines had one human weakness. They needed to see and she hadn't seen any machine yet pierce her area of darkness. Not even her heat vision worked very well, though she allowed her eyes to drop into the heat spectrum once more. It was better than nothing. She twirled her bow around her like a staff, seeking to disorient them and also make sure their attention was on her and not Lula. She back flipped over a machine just as it aimed a blast for where she stood just a second before.

She landed on top of its spider-like body, slinging her bow over her shoulder and unsheathing a dagger. She sliced at the wires she knew were near its head, glad that she had looked at some of the disabled brainiac machines before teleporting up here. She rolled off of the machine as it collapsed, and hit the floor with her shoulder. She managed to turn it into an awkward roll and come back on her feet--although a bit unsteadily. Her shoulder ached slightly at the hard landing, and she could only think that her mentors would have been displeased with her.

She backed up into one of the humanoid-droids and it attempted to grab her. She ducked, but it managed to the very edge of her cloak. She sliced that part of her cloak off while reaching for one of its legs. Her fingers touched the metal plates that created part of its armor and she searched for a joint. Finding the knee, she slipped her dagger between the plates, prying one of them loose before having to having to roll sideways o avoid being blasted by another machine.

She dropped the force field for a moment, to memorize where the remaining machines stood before plunging the hallway into darkness once more. As she did that she tried to leap out of the way, knowing that the machines would target the last place they saw her, but she felt a burning sensation on the outside of her upper thigh. Her face tightened momentarily as she sprawled on the floor, hearing the tapping noises the spider-like droids made when they moved.

She curled herself into a ball, as the machine moved over top of her, searching for the direction she had gone. She slammed her blade into the underside of the machine. Pulling it out, she released it immediately as sparks began spewing from the machine and she dove between two of its legs. The hand that had been holding her dagger had gone completely numb up to her shoulder for a few seconds due to the current of electricity. She slid her bow off her shoulder once more, figuring it would be safer to fight with it rather than another dagger, wondering where on earth Fae was and why she hadn't replied. But then she realized that her comm was gone.

2/26/2013 #16

Suddenly, a metallic clinking filled the hallway. Great, now what? Lula wondered as Tyra pressed her far against the wall, and then the hunter began to attack these dreadful looking machines with her bow and arrows. Lula knew she should stay hidden because if she tried to help she would just get in the way. Yet, she hated that she felt so useless. Looking on, she watched Tyra display an amazing set of combat skills with the bow. Then everything was dark and Lula couldn't see.

This must be Tyra's doing, Lula thought, no hoped. It has to be...or what does that mean for me?

Then the darkness went away for a brief second and Lula was able to see Tyra surrounded by spider-like droids. Move! Lula thought, and then the darkness closed up again before she could see if the droids had spotted the hunter yet. Lula decided that the darkness must be generating from Tyra some how. Fiddling with the dagger Tyra had given her, she wondered if she would ever have to use it before they got off this wretched ship. If they got off. Perhaps she could freeze time and aid Tyra...But no, that was a bad idea. She had no right to feed of off Tyra's life force. Besides, the hunter looked like she could handle herself so why waste it? At least, Lula believed Tyra could handle herself. She honestly couldn't see a thing.

By this point, Lula had slowly inched out into the hallway away from the niche she and Tyra hid in to escape the blast from the alien keyboard-thing. Is this whole ship alien? Are those machines alien? I've never seen a robot in real life before, but in the city they're always talking about the advancements of technology. I never thought something like this could be real, though. All of this seems like something out of a sci-fi movie. In that case, I should be ten thousand times more terrified than I am already. So why am I not?

Lula took a definite step into the dark hallway and felt something crunch beneath her feet. Feeling her hands across the ground, Lula stumbled upon the thing she had stepped on and held it up. Moving back to where she could see, Lula realized that it was the communicator Tyra was using to talk with whoever she had come with. The poor thing looked mangled, especially after Lula stepped on it. Perhaps it still works, though.

Rori had went to bed that evening feeling queasy. She could not tell what was going with her sister. Even if they had some sort of a connection it wasn't perfect. It was almost like receiving only two channels on a TV: one being white snow and the other something determinable unfortunately distorted by fog. Irritated, Rori cried herself to sleep after finally throwing up.

On the following day, Rori didn't touch her breakfast and without asking for permission decided to go out onto the waters. Taking the little motor boat her relatives liked to use for alligator hunting, Rori navigated away from the dock and into the deep Louisiana bayou. Here, Rori could hear only the sounds of nature (and of course the humming of the boat's motor, but eventually that sound either faded or joined the melodious chorus of wildlife around Rori). After about an hour of traveling past swamp trees, muddy banks, and questionable logs Rori found a place suited for her purpose. She docked the boat a few feet from the bank underneath a tree covered with moss. Laying back on the chair reserved usually for the captain of the boat, Rori began to think of the things she had tried to put out of her mind.

My sister is missing. My twin. Older than me by seven seconds. She's been missing for over two weeks. Something is wrong, terribly wrong. People everywhere are disappearing, not just my sister. If it were just my sister than maybe people would help me find her, but I can't think of the what if's. In the city, people know what's going on. They have answers and they have a system--they have order. They're not backwaters like we are.

2/27/2013 #17
Scorpionicus Clariano

As explosions rock the ship, the light on the young man's collar flickers and is extinguished, seemingly releasing him from its technological control. He blinks, stumbling from the blasts before regaining his natural balance.

"The ship . . . Out of control? . . . Good."

Seeing the others, he gives a short bow.

"Thank you. Glad you are not hurt. You free me from a . . . a . . . {Confound it all! How to say it? Ah, well.}* You free me! Thank you--Ignis. You may call me Hǔ."

Another shudder of the ship and distant boom makes Hǔ uneasily glance down the corridor.

"We should get off ship, now--too much damage! You need way out?"

High up in an air duct, the liliputian Maggie Boggie grits her teeth at each explosion.

"Man, who's doin' that? Idjets--ye'll bring th' whole con-trap-shun down on ev'rybody's noggins!"

Half the size--though the same proportions--of a normal human, "Mags Bogs" sticks her head down through a vent and sees two gals--one, surrounded by Itsy-Bitsies, the other, uselessly dangling a dagger and a walkie.

"Ya crazy peeps!" she yells down at them. "Ya tryin' ta destroy th' whole rig, or what? Now you canna' even deal with a coupla Itsy-Bitsies. Ya rooks!" She swings down and lands on the nearest crawly-bot, using her insulated fish-spear to nab it between its armored shoulder-blades. The spider-thing freezes, too rigid to collapse, and Maggie vaults onto the next.

*translated from the original Mandarin

3/7/2013 #18
Agent of Chaos

Fae nodded, "Pleasure to meet you, Hǔ." She offered another smile, "And, yes, we have a way out. We'll be leaving shortly--just waiting for other members of my team.' Slowly, trickles of other members who had separated from the main group appeared, bringing with them a few others they had found. But she didn't see Tyra. She frowned, running her fingers through her long black hair just as her comm beeped. She heard Tyra's message and turned to Selina. "I'm going to go help her out. Start getting everyone out. If we're not back by the time everyone is gone--you go." She grabbed Selina by her sleeve, raising her eyebrows. Her dark purple eyes staring straight into Selina's green ones. "Do not try to come after me. I'll be fine, or..." She trailed off, shrugging, "in that case, there'll be no reason to come after us."

She released Selina, hearing the hum of the teleporter beginning to start up and jogged down the hallway, tracing the route that Tyra was supposed to take. After a few moments she heard the sounds of a scuffle. With luck that would be Tyra, she thought as she slowed down before turning the last corner. The area turned pitch black instantly--that could only mean one thing--Tyra. She waded through the fairly dense darkness--more dense than air at least, her hands outstretched, protecting her from running into anything. She brushed against something cold, metallic. As it swung towards her she released a channel of heat, feeling the metal collapse under her fingertips.


Tyra heard another person enter the fight. She wasn't sure if it was Lula or not--but she didn't know who else might be there. But then she felt a sudden surge of heat and a the corners of her tightly pressed lips curled upwards ever so slightly. Either a machine overloaded and was giving off a surge of heat, or her help had just arrived. Good thing, her thigh was killing her. She dragged herself toward the wall, allowing light to reappear--although she kept it dim for a few seconds to allow human eyes to adjust.

The heat emanating from Fae's hands was certainly attention grabbing, especially for Brainiac's machines. She looked the most dangerous to their sensors to the remain numbers crowded against her. But Tyra noticed a newcomer. She must have dropped in just a few moments ago. Wonder where she came from.

It didn't take long for melt out the necessary wires in Brainiac's droids--good thing because time was running low. She looked down the hallway, finding out the situation. Tyra looked injured but not terribly so and it seemed like she managed to find two others.

She lowered her hands and straightened from her fighting stance. The sparks that had been spiraling around her lessened considerably before she extinguished them completely. She nodded at the two strangers. "Hello, I'm Ignis." She turned to Tyra, "You up to move quickly? The teleporter is up."

Tyra nodded, sheathing her weapon as she turned to the one person she did not know. "I do not know where you...appeared from, but I thank you for your assistance."

3/7/2013 . Edited 3/7/2013 #19

If this were a comic, then there would be a big flashing arrow pointing at me with the word "useless" next to it, Lula thought loathingly.

Two others had shown up and saved the day while Lula had fiddled with a potentially broken comm. Seems like it didn't matter now, though, as one of the others identified herself as Ignis, Tyra's...friend? associate? partner? Lula wasn't for sure who these people were. Right now, there was another person with a thick accent different from Tyra's who had successfully disabled one of the droids in a matter of seconds. Seems like Tyra and this Ignis lady didn't know her either, though.

Oh, Lord. What have I gotten myself into? Lula just wanted to go home now. Her and Rori always talked about getting out of their wretched town, always talking about how much they hated it; but now Lula realized that she loved her town, and right now she wanted to go back home and never leave again.

"If they were human I could've helped," Lula whispered as Tyra asked who the stranger was. Maybe I can just go home after we get off this ship. Tyra said something about others so they must have a way out...

"Thanks," Lula said to Ignis. "If you hadn't come...I'm sorry I couldn't help your friend." Lula bit her tongue wishing she had thought of something better to say. Well, it's a start...

As Rori ate her lunch she accidently bit her tongue rather hard 'til it bled, and had to go rinse the blood out of her mouth. When she sat back down she looked through the supply list she had written checking to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. Last night she had a terrible nightmare--one of her mother--and had decided that she was going to the city to find her sister. Although, Rori admitted to herself she doubted she would actually find Lula in the city because the city was where most of the people had disappeared. Yet, surely there would be people who could actually help Rori look for her sister.

That night, Rori went to bed early so she could leave before her grandmother could wake and see her leaving. Grams would be furious...Then, without warning, she started thinking back to when everything started, back when Lula stopped time and killed their mother...

Rori had been playing by the river while Lula and their grandmother were on the riverboat fishing. Lula was really good at fishing with a spear, but Rori preferred crabbing. Right now, Rori was fixing the metal cages that would be filled with bait to lure and trap the crabs in. In an hour, it would be Rori's turn to go fishing and she was dreading it. She considered breaking one of the cages and telling Grams she needed to stay on shore to fix it. Lula would be delighted to hear that because it meant she could fish longer. When she looked up from the cages she saw the riverboat was rushing back towards shore at full speed. It hasn't been an hour yet, Rori thought sullenly. And then she saw her grandmother's face.

As Rori quickly helped dock the boat, Grams lifted an unconscious Lula effortlessly and ran down the dock to the house. She's scared, she's scared, was all Rori could think. Grams was strong and unmovable, she was their rock. After Rori's mother learned she was pregnant, the father abandoned her and she was forced to move in with Grams, and it was Grams who helped her mother give birth to her and her sister. If Grams was capable of getting her broken daughter back on her feet and sheltering her two grandchildren without so much as blinking then why was she so scared now?

When she got back to the house, Gramps made her stay outside while Grams tended to Lula inside. Mother was bustling about inside, giving Grams hot water, towels, and anything she needed while worrying over her daughter. Then everything was still. And quiet. So quiet.

"RORI!" Lula screamed. "RORI! PLEASE!"

And she bolted into the house, but not before noticing their dog who seemed frozen in his stride. Inside the house, Lula was levitating and her eyes...Oh my god, they're glowing! And why is nobody moving?! There, Grams stood frozen beside the bed with a hand clutching a towel and the other stretched out as if she were reaching out to touch Lula. Her face was frozen in an expression of horror. Similarly, Gramps stood frozen beside the door next to her mother...

"Lula! What are doing?" Rori screeched as she watched her mother who stood frozen, but her face! Her face was, no her whole body was withering away and she was aging. In seconds, her mother looked the spitting image of Grams, and then her flesh started decaying and bones were revealed underneath.

"Make it stop! Make it stop!" Lula screeched, but Rori didn't know what to do. How could she if her sister, the one who was doing this, who always knew more than her, didn't know?Without thinking, she grabbed Lula and pulled her back down. Suddenly it wasn't quiet anymore. Their dog was scratching at the door, Grams had jumped back, and Gramps shouted in terror and...and...

"Mommy!" Rori and Lula shouted at the same time as they both started crying together. A pile of bones. She's...she's...

"What did you do to my daughter?!" Gramps shouted as he lunged for Lula, but Lula jumped out of the way. Catching each other's eyes, Rori looked at Lula and saw herself--a scared, frightened version of herself. Then Lula ran out of the house.

During the time her sister was gone, Rori stayed outside on the riverboat trying not to cry, and trying to not feel like part of herself was missing. Inside, she could hear her grandmother and grandfather shouting and arguing. One day, while she was docking the boat, her grandfather stormed out of the house and drove off in the old truck. When she went inside, Rori asked Grams where her grandfather was going, but Grams didn't answer and only took Rori into her arms and held her close. Rori supposed she knew the answer when Gramps didn't show up for dinner that night, nor the next night, nor the day Lula came back home.

Hugging her twin, Rori cried and cried but Lula didn't say anything and only looked at her grandmother. Grams clutched Lula in her arms and whispered into her frizzy, black hair, "It's okay, child. You need not ask for forgiveness here." Then things went back to normal as normal ever could be. That night, Lula told her about her abilities, and she said she knew how to use them now. Yet, she swore to Rori she would never use them again.

But that was before you disappeared again and left me and Grams by ourselves...

3/10/2013 #20

The corridor up ahead echoes with bangs and crashes. Even from sixty feet away she could feel the heat as a fourth person entered the fray. She paused briefly to close her eyes and collect herself. It would do no good to panic. She had gotten this far, and there wouldn't be another chance to get off the ship if she didn't move faster. Once she had broken through the distortion field around her cell bloc,k Alexandrite had moved slowly destroying any camera feeds she came across. Now, she wondered who could have infiltrated the ship, considering the amount of security she remembered sensing when she arrived.

She paused to finish buttoning her jacket, which fell to her heels and flared around the hips. The pockets were heart shaped, held together by velcrow. It kept her warm, and her hood, up at the moment, was fur lined, an asset she found convenient for warmth and secrecy. Leather straps fell down the back in the style of a corset, allowing her to change the form-fit of the coat. Gaps in the fabric, invisible by design, allowed her to access the tools she kept at her waist and thighs.

She stopped a few feet from the rag-tag group noting the destroyed bots all around them. Her eyes flickered up when she heard the static of a camera. She got her hand-held crossbow from her waist and inserted a flat-head arrow, which contained focus distortion tech and black lens fluid. She programmed the coordinates for the camera and the arrow released sinking into a weak joint of the camera casing.

Unfortunately, the technology would also distort the functions of other devices, like communicators. But, the slight disadvantage would provide a level of secrecy. She stopped short of revealing herself, throwing a sticky-patch at a nearby, fallen bot. The patch spread filling the bot with a virus. The bot attempted to get up and only succeeded in careening into its fellow, causing a bot pile-up. A heat-triggered agent began to eat through the metal creating snapping an crackling noises as it went.

3/26/2013 #21
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