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Hello Writers!

As I think this is a wonderful thread idea I've restarted it.

One thing that will help conversations go smooth.... Please made sure to use the following format to talk to other Members of the Forum:

Person's Name: What you want to say.

Other than that please come here to talk of anything you wish!

Fleur/Hales (5:18 PM Central)

9/25/2012 #1

FireOcelot: I know you don't feel as if your input would be helpful, but it actually would be very much appreciated! If you just re-read some of the older threads your input will help me understand which threads have a good chance of revival if I were to completely start them over, and which threads are better left deleted.

9/25/2012 #2
Okay, I'm here.
9/25/2012 #3

*replies while on fire*

Cooke: Sure, I could go over the threads I've participated in in the past.

9/25/2012 #4
Agent of Chaos

Kadaj-Valentine: (replying from old thread) I realized that a few days ago ;) I'd go with with a twisted fairy-tale rpg.... and most certainly a pirates rpg! *coughs* privateers*coughs*. :)

9/25/2012 . Edited 9/25/2012 #5

TakeThePower: Welcome back! It would be a huge help if you could read through the threads and vote in Primary Thread Support for the ones you think should be revived or deleted! Welcome back! What have you been up to? (What's your name?)

Valentine: How have you been? Your Deviant Art account has been quiet lately? Still in school?

Agent of Chaos: Got any interest in continuing the Star Wars thread? It's one of the ones that probably won't be deleted or started over, since Alex and I got pretty far in it. I know that you and Rogue had some characters in there.

FireOcelot: :-) You were Jac right? It's Fleur, btw! I moved accounts! How've you been?

9/26/2012 . Edited 9/26/2012 #6
Agent of Chaos

H-A-Cooke: I have no idea what's going on in that rpg, so I don't think so. However, if it is restarted let me know! :) (also, I think my characters were mostly with Roush and he's gone). If anything, I'll think about throwing Tyreinna and Kaylleon back in, but I'm probably going to change Kaylleon to her older version if I do ;)

9/26/2012 . Edited 9/26/2012 #7
Jackie the Giant

H-A-Cooke: Finally found the forum. :) It didn't show up in the search menu. :(

9/28/2012 . Edited 9/28/2012 #8

Agent: Well, until I get Alex back Star Wars is on hold! Most of the major plot that got started was due to my character and his searching for her father. If you could give it a read through maybe you can figure out a new way to link your characters. And possibly to use Rogue's in a new way? I'm really hoping I don't have to start Star Wars RPG over since I worked so hard to develop the plot.

Jackie: Welcome back! Yeah, for some reason it doesn't show up. If you have an issue finding it in the future just type in Search/ Author/ Arem. It's her forum and she's got a link at the top of her author profile!

9/29/2012 #9
Jackie the Giant

H-A-Cooke: Yeah, I found it by looking it up on Google. Worked like a charm. :)

You said I had characters on here. Which thread was I in? I don't remember.

9/29/2012 #10
Agent of Chaos

H-A-Cooke: If I re-added my characters (and Roush's), could I have a fresh start? Tyrienna would probably be fine with how she was, I think she had some interactions with a Sith lord. But if I erased Kaylleon previously (though remembering how she was when I wrote her would be fine) and added the older version of Kayl would be okay? That means where ever she 'is' right now wouldn't be taking place anymore. However, I think she would fit in better in your storyline than how she is/was previously, meaning the young very clumsy padawan. (Ha. Spell check fails. "Padawan"="panda" ;) )

9/30/2012 #11

Jackie: To be honest I copy/pasted the message I sent to you and used it to contact all the old RPers from the forum. So, you may not have characters floating around. That bit was put in just in case you did and wanted to do something about it.

Agent: Would it be too difficult for you to go back and edit in your changes to current posts?

9/30/2012 #12
Agent of Chaos

H-A-Cooke: Yeah, its pages upon pages of total re-editing. I can write a post now and then, but beyond that I'm much too busy. Kayl never really interacted with your main characters, I don't believe, so if I change her nothing much on your side should be different.

9/30/2012 #13

Agent of Chaos: About Braniac's Bane; it's fine. I've been swamped lately and I haven't been on FP lately. I'll try to respond sometime this week when I'm not letting FP distract me from my homework (like now...)

10/2/2012 #14

ruelariat: Can you please vote a Primary Thread Support! Also, good luck with homework! Is it HS or College?

Chaos: If you want out of thread I can clue you into what I was thinking would happen. I think early on a few character got stranded when they crash landed on a planet, which was factored into where I was taking the plot. If you edit your current posts just PM me the content of them and I can figure out how to incorporate your characters.

10/2/2012 . Edited 10/2/2012 #15

Fleur: I did vote :) and it's for high school (my last year, thank god).

Chaos: Sorry, for the double post on this, but I just realized I have an extra day to finish my essay so I'm going to go ahead and post now; I totally understand why you wanted to wait, though. I hope more people join the thread.

10/2/2012 #16

Everyone: Hello! I am writing to let you know I wont' be able to respond to forum posts Until Saturday the 13th! I know that's a long time to wait but that's the truth of it.

reulariat: Yes you did! Sorry! It gets hard to keep track of everybody!

10/7/2012 #17

I cant remember how to do bold from mobile....

FLEUR: Yea Im still in school but Im working it out so I should be on here more often soon and yea, I dont have time for DA right now.

AGENT: That sounds great!! And I will join your thread soon, I finally have picked a few characters for it, so I will read through and post asap

10/16/2012 #18

Valentine: How are classes going? Do you have a favorite class? And, that's okay. Take your time with life and come back to the threads when you have a chance! Although, I'd really like to get your opinion in the Thread Support topic, as it helps me decide which thread stay and which threads go.

10/16/2012 #19

To the world: I am spamming you, world, because you have spammed me and you deserve some payback. So...SPAAAAAAM!

To fictionpress: My life would suck without you.

To the members of this forum: Is anyone thinking of doing the NaNoWriMo?

To my mother: Thanks for giving birth to me. That's it.

10/21/2012 #20

ruelariat: I'm glad to hear FictionPress is such a good influence on your life. Have you written anything original aside from posting in our topics?

11/3/2012 #21

Fleur: Nothing that's complete, I'll admit. My main project is a story called "Stitches". I have a sample of it on here I think, but it's been changed a million times XD. And what about yourself?

11/4/2012 #22

Everyone: I'm here to say hey guys! I'm hoping to be back on soon....I really miss this site.....

11/15/2012 . Edited by H-A-Cooke, 4/11/2013 #23

Everyone: Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrated that is) and if not then I hope the holidays were kind.

11/25/2012 #24

I really miss you guys. If you need me I'm on facebook quite often. Just thought I'd stop by and say hey.

12/1/2012 #25
Been awhile. Looks like this is a dead place like so many others....
12/15/2012 #26

I'm in and out of here. If anyone wants to do something I can make time. Hope everyone's having a good Christmas!

12/23/2012 #27


I still come here from time to time. Haven't forgotten my roots. I've settled in on a new forum, one that's a bit more...personal, I suppose I could call it. I'm even a moderator there.

Anyway, I want to let you all know, I haven't forgotten you guys.



12/31/2012 . Edited 12/31/2012 #28
Nice to know people are still around sometimes, I would like to rp with someone, I just miss this place. I dont have any ideas of what to rp but just something
1/7/2013 #29
Agent of Chaos

Yeah.. Me too. It'd be nice to write again but I have no idea really what to do. I also hope that this semester won't be as busy so I'll have more time to write :)

1/7/2013 #30
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