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So, this was a good thread from the old days! The basic format will be:

Threat Title (Creator's Name)



As posters you can use this thread to ask any Out Of Thread questions once they are removed from the thread. Please state which thread the question is for and I will go through all the questions and organize them.

This will help any newcomers catch on about rules and formats of the different threads we are attempting to keep alive.

H-A-Cooke (1:51 Central)

10/3/2012 #1


General Summary: Lex Luthor travels back in time to alert Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman about Brainiac's future take over. Brainiac has learned how to harness superpowers and has captured many Metahumans in effort to use their powers in his world domination. Lex has released the exobytes, or collections of hero data, that he managed to collect from Brainiac's computer system, and these exobytes change humans into Metahumans or Superheros. The story begins on Brainiac's ship or on the ground in a world where people disappear off the streets at any given moment. Character can start on the ground or in Brainiac's ship rescuing others - whether they be heroic or villainous is entirely up to you.


1. So are our characters metahumans or superheros? And villians?

Your characters can be anything and everything. I would define a metahuman to be a superhero or a villain. Fae is a metahuman but she is also a superhero. She has the ability to control fire and uses it to fight crime. Metahuman only says they have a special ability they are "more than" a normal human but they are (or used to be) perfectly human.... We could add aliens if that's what you meant. I actually have a few alien characters that I'll probably bring in at one point.

2. Idk who to add to this thread, are they all in jail?

They're on Brainiac's ship(s). Sorry for not making that clear. They don't have to be but Brainiac is collecting everyone who's a superhero/villain and since the world is sooo large I thought we could start there in one place :P You can start any where. I have a few characters that could be on the ground.

3. "Seems this one had freed itself. " Did I read that right Ruelariat?

Yes, she [Lula] freed herself somehow...working the kinks out on that still.

4. So I can have my hero/villian wake up/trapped in the ship cell or have them on ground level?

You can have them where ever :P I just figured it might be easier to all meet on the ship.

5. Are they still on the ship?

Yes, they are. If you have a character of characters on the ship, I'll probably have Fae find them. I only have my own characters in that group I believe.

6. ....


1. Agent of Chaos

  • Selina: Meta-Human. Imprisoned on the ship - friends with Fae.
  • Fae: Meta-Human. Fire ability. Has come to save the Meta-Humans and Heroes (inadvertently some villains) from Brainiacs ship.

2. ruelariat

  • Lula: Hero. Stops time - the power to do so leeches life energy from the opponent/ally whose time is stopped. Roir's sister.
  • Rori: Human. On the ground. Concerned for her sister who she believes has been kidnapped.

Both girls from an isolated village where disappearances have been recent and many.

3. H-A-Cooke

  • Alexandrite: Meta Human: Advanced Intelligence Programmer/ Weapons Specialist - her brain is hard-wired for technology. She can sense the presence of any tech, including cameras and other instruments bases on their sound frequency and physical presence. She was an experiment - a creation that took human consciousness and inserted it into a humanoid android. She is super-human in that sense by not by physical appearance. She can aid the team by creating weapons or weapon advancements and through infiltration - which is her major out-of-office training.


10/3/2012 . Edited 3/26/2013 #2


General Summary: The Old Republic is experiencing mounting threats. The Jedi Council has learned that a super weapon is being manufactured by the Mandalorians. The events which include Malachor V have begun to effect the galaxy in a pattern of outward/spiral proportions. There are at leas a few thousands Mandalorian's working the super weapon. Dark Jedi and Sith have begun to appear across the universe.

The galaxy is about 120,000 lightyears in diametre, so over 300--unless over 300 means 30,000 or something big, with 300 as the minimum--is pretty close relatively speaking. Which is completely fine.


1. When does the timeline take place?

3,950 BBY [Before the Battle of Yavin--before end of Episode IV], which is a decade after the Mandalorian Wars.

2. What types of weapons are allowed?

Most light sabre forms are permitted, although it is preferable that your ideas are cleared with Alexander Starkiller first. Also, other forms of weaponry: sabres, blasters and pistols are also aloud, but keep in mind the use of the Force when choosing weapons. And any weapons that can bee found on Wookipedia.

3. Where are the characters located?

Thrax, Jynx, and Black Rose are on Dantooine.

4. If your character (Jynx) not a Jedi?

At the start of the thread Jynx has not been formally trained as a Jedi, instead using the Force for many years, the first few were under the training of another Master.

5. What race is your (Chaos') character?

We've decided they'll be the feline-humanoid, Slyvriian, and will be the people creating the super weapon.

Note: The Slyvriian had captured a team of mechanics and weapon- designers from various parts of the Glaxay.

6. What race is Master Zhar?

Zhar is a Twi'lek and speaks Twi'lek. Most characters would know that language well, being Jedi, but it is likely when he speaks for a while, and quickly, as is his wont, some of you, and probably Thrak, might get confused. Probably not Rose, though, model student that she is.

7. How much does Thrak see of Jynx's vision?

Thrak will know about the people she sees, and also will see some faces clearly. Otherwise everything else is only seen by Jynx, including names and location. But after a while he should be able to tell which memories were tampered with and that her memories are being tampered with through Dark forces later on in the story.

8. Who is "he"?

Niveus is 17 but still younger in experience than most.

9. Can Master's understand other languages without a translator?

At least Vanda, Vrook, Zhar would understand the prophecy, as would Vallihar. As for language translation the Force would give a person a feeling of the meaning behind the words for difficult languages. For Common Languages like Basic the Force would give near literal translations of what was being said. The strong the Force is with a person the easier it is for them to understand.

10. How does Jynx see?

Jynx sees people around her by sensing their Essence and how it flows around them. She is 14 by the time she reaches Dantooine, leaving Sapphiron around 8 years old. Being 14 makes her use of the Force different from many children.

11. What do lighsaber colors stand for?

The different colours stand for different professions: Red (Dark/ Dark Neutral), Blue (Guardian/Warrior), Green (Counselor/Negotiation) and Yellow (Sentinel)

12. How do saber designs like Chris' work in the universe as compared to the standard lightsaber?

There would likely be a switch to switch between the two. By switching the light emitters and lenses to change the length and mobility of the blade. [Lightabres being shorter and straight, lightwhips beings long and flexible.] Though I suppose she could flip the switch using the Force, to increase the speed of transition.

13. What does Kaylleon's saber look like?

14. What creatures inhabit the caves?

The Caves: .

The Shyrack, travel in groups of four or five easy to kill:

The Terentatek, last creature hard to kill:

The Tuk'ata, vicious Force immune travel in packs of four:

Hssiss, invisible until attacked, but are deeps on the damage they can take before being injured.

15. Are swears canon to SW?

In the more modern SW books, it'd be more common for them to use ''swear words'' like: ''Fierfek'', ''Stang'', ''Kriffing." 'Sometimes, theydosay ''heck'' and ''darn''. The only actual swear words I've seen are in some of the 90's books, and in the first two original movies. SW keeps a pretty family-friendly language, but, I don't know if you allow the ''bad language'' that is common. I do believe that some of the swearing that SW characters utilize is slang from some other cultural swear words. For instance, Karen Travis, when writing the Mandal'or language uses some British swear words as the original meaning behind some of the words.

16. What is Dun Moch?

The Dun Möch is a, usually, Dark Side technique used to belittle an opponent, break their spirit, or turn them to the Dark Side through harsh words and taunts. It will deeply affect many, as it is emotional and mental, not physical. The Reverse Dun Möch is a Light Side technique used by the few Jedi who can use it correctly; it is used to bring opponents back to the Light.

17. What is Echisi's skill level?

Echsi's training sessions: His main one lasts multiple weeks, a time when he literally does nothing except train for the entire duration. He doesn't even sleep, eat, or take breaks. He draws nutrients from the Force itself during this time to remain alive, then spends the next 48 hours after the training eating meats and other protien-rich foods, also without rest. His sessions generate alot of hype and spectators, and the big one is a yearly source of entertainment to many Jedi, even those staying elsewhere in the galaxy.

18. What are the vows said between the Elite Master and his/her former Master?

Former Shishou: Well met, [Insert Christened Name], Brother/Sister of [Insert Elite Branch Title]. I am pleased to make your acquaintance after long journeys apart.

Former Student Now Elite Master: Well Met, [Previous Master's Christened Name], Shishou of [insert Elite Branch Title]. I am pleased our journeys have crossed again.

19. Who will be accompnaying Thrak and Astra to the Gem Planets?

I'm not sure yet. Possibly Chirs' character or someone else. I have't decided yet, but not Black Rose. That's why I didn't give a name. But, Echisi definitely will be going with Astra.

20. If Deidra can't go to the Gem Planets, and she is a Padawan, can she have mini-missions?

Yes, since Apprentices and Padawans are essentially the same thing, Deidra can have some sort of side-mission while she is on Dantooine.

21. How quickly do you want Tiffany and Varas' relationship to progress? Will it be a gradual friendship leading into training and Master/Padawan , or will it progress quickly?

I'm not sure how fast or slow the relationship will go, but it will most likely be friendship before it's Master/Padawan.

22. How long will the trip to the Gem Planets Take?

The Master, Knight, Thrak and Jynx, plus an active member of the Endellion Elite will go to Ruberon, where Jynx and Thrak will be briefed and quickly trained to be active members of the Research Team. After being on Ruberon for about a month they will go on board the shuttle with the Research team to Sapphrion. The Master and Knight will remain on Ruberon where they will given time to research travel logs and other records in the Endellion archival base. These records will be compared to others to deepen plot and CD IC.

23. A Senator for the Senate, or the Jedi? Or is she a senator for something else?

Essex is Jedi for the Dragon Order, as an Earth Elite. However, she represents Emeraldian as a Senator in the Galactic Senate.

24. Even though love is prohibited by the Jedi code, isn't it true that Jedi can marry?

Only in secret. Romantic love, known aserosin Greek, is forbidden. However, if you define compassion as unconditional love, as Anakin did, that is encouraged. No marrying, though.

25. How should my character convince the Masters to let her teach Varas?

The Jedi Masters would be a lot more ready to hand of a Padawan to your character if she claimed to be Varas' Master. [Which your character would be aware of.]

Jynx could search for Thrak mentally.

26. Japanese doesn't exist in the Star Wars universe. Most speak Basic , the language of the core worlds. Also common one is Twi'lek, and whatever the Rodians, Irodonians, and other more populous species speak.

I know. But I needed a reference for the language spoken by the Order. And, as I mentioned at some point the philosophy of the Order is very Japanese. However, I use that as a reference for how they would sound, I can't remember what I said the language was mixed with, but when spoken it sounds a lot like Japanese, and when they speak other languages it mostly sounds like when Japanese speak English.

27. ....


1. Bleeding Perfection

  • Black Rose (Rose or The Black Rose): Light Alignment - a woman in her early 20s who can control fire with the force in battle or possibly to heal. Her arc includes a confrontation with her sister and contact with Jynx/Astra while she's in training at the temple. Is a good friend to Thrak Opalia.
  • White Rose: Dark Alignment - Black Rose's twin sister, who uses the force in tandem with an ability to create and use ice as a weapon. She is included in the list of "enemies" the light team will come up against, and possibly has a role in the creation of the weapon.
  • Deidra: Light Alignment - A jedi (or possibly higher ranking Padawan) who works for the good side in a role to be revealed.
  • Ren Dethorea: Dark Alignment - A powerful Sith whose goal is to destroy Black Rose and White Rose. Can wield force lightening with skill.
  • Echesi Aldet (Neifenrir): Neutral Alignment - Is a member of the Moon Order and Deidra's Master. He is also in connection with Tiffany and several other members of the Moon Order and is part of the Jynx Arc.
  • Zabrak: Jedi Night - Involved in the Black/White Rose Plot - as well as possibly taking part in the great Jynx/Astra arc.

2. Agent of Chaos

  • Kaylleon: Light - a young Padawan at the Temple struggling to connect with the Force. Figures into the Slyvriian Arc.
  • Tyrienna Lyriaan: Neutral/Dark - A "saber for hire" and possible ally to White Rose, involved with that Plot Arc.
  • Hehvn Siek'kenn: Light - Jirron's Master. Lead the mission that results in a crash landing.
  • D'Renn: Unknown - Padawan/Jedi at the Temple, around Jiiron and Kaylleon's generation. An acquaintance of them, not quite a friend.
  • Tyriae: Antagonist - Tyrienna's sister and wife to Siul - ruler of the household and potential ally/enemy to the 'cause' toward which her husband is working.

4. Alexandar Starkiller

  • Thrak Opalia: Light Alignment - Jynx/Astra's main friend and eventual partner. He is linked to Jynx/Astra's visions and can use force lightening as well as fight with sabers. He has visions, and is also good friends with Black Rose.
  • Mal Bane (Mal): Dark Alignment - involved in the Mandalorian Wars he is also linked to this overall arc, as well as figuring into the Astra/Jynx arc.
  • Kadon: Dark Alignment - Mal's "apprentice."
  • Master Zhar: Light Alignment - Jedi Master, teaches Jynx/Astra at the Temple.
  • Maser Vandar: Light: Master and superior to Zhar, important role in mentoring/leading the investigation into Thrak's vision and Jynx's home world.

5. H-A-Cooke (Fleur-de-lis Evans)

  • Astera Asuria Amidala (Jynx): Light - A blind Force-User who enters Jedi training at the temple at the age of 14 (or 15) after escaping her home planet, where she was trained in the force by a Jedi Master. The protagonist of her arc, her goal is to find her parents and help stop evil from seeping into the Gem Planets.
  • Niveus Xavier Rogue: Neutral - Jynx's brother, who is apart of the Moon Order, an order of Jedi who have learned the theory and ways of "the Dark Side" and incorporated them into healing techniques.
  • Master Dahanada Vallihar: Neutral - Councilwoman and head of the Order on her homeworld (the same order Niveus is from). She is Jynx's grandmother (if I remember correctly), and she had been searching for her daughter and son-in-law.
  • Katella Ba'hila Amidala: Neutral - Jynx's mother.
  • Xavier Amidala: Light/Chaotic - Jynx's father, who is currently tortured and kidnapped by an evil man who has taken over ruling one of the Gem planets.
  • Etaria Essex: Light
  • Tiffany: Neutral/Light - A Jedi of the Moon Order who is training a Padwan, "The Marluka" after her Master is killed.

6. Roush in Black

  • Duke Suil Kynett: Antagonist: Sylviiran dictator responsible for the construct of the weapon.
  • Kailyija: Unknown - A young Sylviiran looking to escape Aaten II.
  • Jiiron: Light - friend with Kaylleon and linked to the same Plot Arc - discovering the weapon.

[EDIT: 8:54 CENTRAL Jan 5, 2014]

10/16/2012 . Edited 1/10/2014 #3


General Summary: In a city of infinite time and technology there is only one goal: Survive, as Predator of Prey, to escape the city and reclaim freedom. Even if Allies are made - they are treated with a hint of distrust and skepticism. How to get what you want? Fight and perhaps pull a very good act, and you never know what will happen in The Most Dangerous Game.


1. What is the Most Dangerous Game?

This link explains some things and it's best all RPers read: The Article

2. Can we just make weapons realistic weapons? Nothing from anime, just katanas, daggers, pistols....realistic weapons?

Most weapons from mangas and animes are duplicated to functional-real world versions anyway. Some not, like Cross Punisher II and the Graviton Beam Emitter, but Cloud's Buster sword really works IRL, and so does Ichigo's Zangetsu.

Be realistic with any types of wounds." Which would also mean no weapons that would create unrealistic wounds/damage.

3. Are Hunters each others enemies, or only enemies of the Prey?

Just a note, all Hunters are on the same side. Though it might be hard to say that, depending on the personality of the Hunter. A Hunter might kill another Hunter in competition for prey, but usually Hunters are on the same side. S

ame with Prey, usually on same side, though some can be more violent than others, etc. You get the idea.

4. Where is Alea located?

She lives in an old grocery store in the northern section of the City. It's meat locker still works, and that's where she butchers and stores the human meat she collects. She'll return there every time she makes a kill, or if she doesn't make a kill and needs to eat. It may be a good idea for when the prey are a team, for them to ambush her at this location. I'll be vague as to where it is, so somebody would have to risk following her.

5. How does Alea carry her blade?

She drags it by the flat of the blade, not the sharp edge. It doesn't dull the cutting edge that way. Besides, she lives in a grocery store. There's bound to be some sort or blade-sharpening device. So it doesn't matter either way.

6. Where is Sarin located?

Sarin is located at the center of the city's old district in a long abandoned Playhouse turned Church and the Bell Tower.

7. I have an idea. Can there be a third class of people, besides Hunters and Prey? The specific class I'm thinking of would be called "Watcher", and they would kind be like the minions of whoever put everyone in the city?

Sorry, Bleeding. Only Hunter and Prey.

8. How to Aelea's eyes work?

I've decided that it isn't directly the light that makes Aela's eyes glow. It's actually that her eyes are literally luminescent. Kinda like a glow-in-the-dark bracelet or something, except her eyes glow even in the light. They absorb any kind of light, UV, firelight, moonlight, fluorescent, etc, and literally make her eyes glow. I'll edit the post where I mentioned it for the first time. And FYI; this has nothing to do with superpowers or anything. She is 100%, regular, super powerless human. But she's a slightly different ethnicity than every human in the world. Her ethnicity has luminescent eyes.

9. What's a kunai?

video. The assassin is in falcon form, in case you don't know what it is.

10. Would Shadho (your male Hunter) be interested in a female ally?

And it's "Shahdo", not "Shadow", and he'd LOVE an ally.

11. Can you write out a description of May's appearance?

May looks like LanFan from Fullmetal Alchemist. Black chinese martial arts armor, with a hardleather breastplate and shin-guards, and a hood. She has a red, white, and black mask with a "yin" on the forehead, and she usually keeps it on, and the hood up. She keeps her hair in a bun with a fringe, and there are two rope thingamajiggys on the left side of her head. I don't know what it's called. She has multiple kunai and shuriken, and her left arm is completely mechanical. A slightly curved blade extends from the elbow, pointing toward the shoulder, and can be extended and retracted at will. The arm is a combination of carbon and steel, and has a studded strap-thingy wrapping around the hand.

12. How did the attack on Kastyn work?

Youtube Fast-forward to 2:02 in the video. The assassin is in falcon form, in case you don't know what it is.

13. Also, could you explain Out of Character which part of the blade she's landing on? I can't quite picture the move.

Alixa landed on the flat of the blade. Alo, there is no clothing material that far down her leg. She's wearing short shorts.

14. Could explain her move a little more (page 2)?

Front flip back-kick. She doing a front flip, and her heel is headed for your character's chin. I don't know how else to explain it, short of posting a youtube video for it.

15. Fleur , would you prefer to let me get all the way to the church and find Sarin and Shahdo, or would you like to have your prey appear sometimes along the way?

Nope, Aion is headed for another section of the city, to meet up with another character or something.

16. Are the Hunters gonna be allies? Or just Shahdo and Sarin?

Hunters are allied with all the other hunters, unless your specific hunter wants to go solo.

17. Is there a Prety Aion could ally himself with?

And yes, I (Alyssa) will ally with you. In fact, I planned to.

18. Actulally, I've been wondering what Andrea's gun is. Mind explaining?

It's like an M-4, with two differences: One, it is slightly larger, and made of tougher material; Two, it does not fire bullets. It fires flechettes, steel projectiles with fins for stability. For my fictional idea, the sentinels' organization made them with a small explosive inside, and they can be configured with an electronic signal to explode on impact or after a given amount of time, like Andrea just did in the case of the latter. The end result is a deadly weapon that can either punch holes in tank armor on impact, or delay to make an explosion with spread-out effects

19. How big would the explosions be for thiese flettchetez?

The kill radius is about 5 feet. The casualty radius is about twice that.

20. Is the trapdoor meant to be hidden, or is it one of those obvious ones?

The trap door is really obvious. It's a wood door with hinges in the middle of an earthen floor. It's part of sets that link under-ground (far beneath the subway) tunnels.

21. Can you describe Aelea and Alixa's weapons?

Aelea's: B*** Sword / Claymore

Alixa's: Buster Sword / Berserker Sword

22. What city are they in?

I never decided on a specific city.

23. Are there any barriers around the city?

It's an open city there are no barriers around it.

24. She knew the Betas were common for low-level sentinels, right? Since she's killed two, who both use Betas. And she made a guess that Andrea would have had one, or at least know how to get one?

Not even Alyssa knows how to use a suit, not that she could in the first place without the conditioning; And the one that Andrea had starting off was swapped out, in a VTOL.

25. They have never met before; how would she know that?

Alixa has has expereince with the suits and Sentinels before.

26. What has happened; where is Dante in all this?

Andrea was captured by Alyssa and the rest of the group in the drug store; Alixa acquired Sentinel armor, and Andrea taught her how to put it on without dying; some tanks came and Andrea blew them up with a mod-sword bomb. Now they're headed for Alyssa's weapons cache. As for Danté, I'd assume he was just following them quietly. Also, Alyssa teased him since he hasn't had much to say.

27. Is the city a "ghost city" , or a city full or normal people?

It's a ghost town.

28. How did the characters get there: kidnapping, volunteer?

I don't think there's a specific way that everyone gets to it. Some woke up there; others, like my characters, traveled there; Fleur has a character that apparently lived there all his life.

29. How were those roles decided: as hunters and prey?

The backstory is developing. So far, it's vague, and it seems that someone specifically dropped the Prey there, after the previous batch of Prey was killed off by the current Hunters. Currently, the Hunters are aiming to eradicate the Prey again, but have been interrupted by soldiers, who are looking for Andrea, who is trying to collect the bounty on Aela, apparently.

30. Are superpowers or super advanced tech involved in any way?

You decide which one your character is. There's no real process; you just need a bio for the character and you're good. No superpowers, but high-tech gear is allowed.

31. No motivation? They just suddenly feel and urge to kill, or immediately run away?

Chris has a character that gets off on eating people; Andrea Kovic's there for a bounty; Other characters just woke up in the city and are trying to get out safely; and so on. It's pretty much up to you. So yeah, you could give them a motivation.

As for motivation, it's seemed to become more like a war than a hunt. Hunters are fighting for control of the city, Prey are fighting for an escape from the city, and the soldiers are fighting against the Hunters, which is seeming to help the Prey.

32. How do the Sentinel suits work?

Keep in mind that raising it above 100 will affect the body-- i.e. puts strain on the bones, cramps, muscle strains, etc. That applies to both Sentinel and non-Sentinel users, though the effect will be greater on the latter. I know I originally said users couldn't go above 100 without conditioning, but I'm not going to be strict on that. If you did something like 300, that would be different.



1. Bleeding Perfection

  • Alixa:
  • Shahdo: Hunter
  • May:

2. H-A-Cooke (previously Fleur-de-lis Evans)

  • Aion: Prey
  • Sarin: Hunter

3. FireOcelot

  • Andrea:
  • Alyssa:
  • Combat Characters:

4. Monsieur-Blue (Previously Vladamir-Valentine)

  • Dante:


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