Welcome to the PASE. Paranormal Activities and Supernatural Events Organization. PASE works outside of the Japanese government to provide protection from the unexplainable. Precious few are selected annually. Do you have what it takes? Open!
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All forums have rules to help them run as smoothly as possible. These are my rules.

1. You may have only one character of each class. That would be 6 in total.

2. Cursing is allowed, but please keep it to a minimal.

3. Romance is encouraged but please, please don't make it graphic or anything like cybering. Move to PMs if you have to.

4. When you choose an ability for your Reaper, IT CANNOT BE INVINCIBLE!!! It should be specific and interesting, not vague and cliche. Some examples are given in the sign up (My creativity is spent right at the moment; will give more examples soon) Also, if you MUST have one of those completely ninja powers of awesomness then make some restrictions for it. Like if you can control time (Please don't) then the restrictions should be something like it can only be for a short period of time before it reverts itself.

5. I have the right to ban you from this RP if you break any of the rules. I also reserve the right to add/change the rules.

6. ONLY Reapers have powers. By no miracle will any other characters (Except for Reaper students) have powers as well.

7. You may not RP as your characters until they have been approved by me or another mod (Still have to get some.... If you would like to be one send me a PM)

Thanks for joining! I hope you enjoy ^^

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