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Here are the dorms for the normal (Not Reaper) students. All dorms are co-ed but monitored closely. They are long and narrow, expanding for a little more than a quarter mile and only wide enough for five feet of space between the bunk beds that line the walls. The floors are covered in a dull gray carpet. The walls are just as bland, the only color coming from what is visible from the windows. There are small lockers built inside the walls by each bed for the students. There are also desks (Thin wood boards) that can be pulled out of the walls.

5/30/2010 #1
The Sin of Being

(Um, are we allowed to decorate?)

6/13/2010 #2

{Yes, students are allowed to decorate =) Thanks for asking}

6/13/2010 #3
The Sin of Being


Olivia dug threw her backpack, and pulled out a poster, and several sketches of dragons. She pinned them up onto the wall smiling.

6/13/2010 #4

"Mmm, what'ya doin'?" came a voice from above, followed by a shaggy mess of dark hair popping over the side of the upper half of the bunk. "Did you draw those?" the boy continued, oblivious to his own question as he slid further off the top bunk so that his whole torso hung upside-down. "They're good," keeping his balance with one arm, Isaac used the opposite to point a finger in the direction of the sketches.

7/31/2010 #5
The Sin of Being

"Gee, thanks." Olivia said, blushing a deep red.

7/31/2010 #6

In response, Isaac grinned, though it was soon wiped off his face when his grip faltered. By tucking his chin to his chest, he managed to fall with most of the impact being absorbed by his shoulders.

"Ha." He remained with both arms and shoulders on the floor. Legs caught somewhere between the area between the bottom of the upper bunk and the lower bunk, his expression switched from painful surprise to thoughtful questioning. "So you're my bunkmate?"

8/1/2010 #7
The Sin of Being

"It appears so." She said blushing even deeper.

8/1/2010 #8

"Hmm," Isaac mumbled, seemingly lost in thought as he wiggled his toes in such a manner that they looked like individual inchworms instead of digits. "Well," he began while picking himself up from the floor, but was again caught off guard by the sudden acknowledgment of Olivia's maroon face. "Are you blushing?" he leaned in towards her bed for a closer inspection of his new bunk-mate's face. "I'm not embarrassing you, am I?"

8/2/2010 #9
The Sin of Being

"Just a little. Okay, a lot..." she said, her face now the color of a tomato. "ahh.."

8/2/2010 #10

"Okay then, I'll stop doing whatever it was that was embarrasing you," he grinned massively while plopping down at the end of Olivia's bed. Crossing his legs, Isaac stared at her with wide eyes as he asked, "But what was I doing that embarrassed you?"

8/2/2010 #11
The Sin of Being

Olivia made a flustered movement with her hands. She didn't know.

8/2/2010 #12

Isaac replicated the gesture and laughed. "Well," he began, getting up from the bed and climbing onto his own, "until you remember I'll be up here. Drink?" A familiar mess of hair popped over the edge, along with one bony arm offering a can of iced green tea, wet with condencation. "I have a cooler in my locker but it's against school rules so it's our little secret, okay?" holding a finger up to his lips Isaac winked.

8/5/2010 #13

Joseph walked into the dorm and looked around, "Not much space is there..." He mumbled to himself as he placed his belongings down and lying on his bunk.

8/10/2010 #14

Jerking his head up, Isaac examined the newcomer carefully. A wry smile tugging the corners of his lips, he decided to have some fun.

"Sorry," he began, dropping the can of iced tea onto Olivia's bed, "but who are you? Only students of the PASE organization are allowed here. You're gonna have to leave." Straightening up, he gave his best look of stern disapproval.

8/10/2010 #15

Joseph glanced at him and then sighed and rolled over onto his side, "Hate to disappoint but I am a student, a Hunter to be exact."

8/10/2010 #16

{Heheh, sorry, having my character be rude like this isn't exactly the right way to welcome someone into the RP, huh? X,) Welcome! XD}

"Hmm, see, if you were a real student then you'd know that you're only classified as a Hunter or anything else, really, until you're 20 and finished training." Hopping down from his bed, Isaac tried to hide the bubbling giggles rising from his throat. "So, logically, you're not a student here. But then what are you, hm?" he sauntered over to Joseph's bed and peered over him, placing a hand on his hip and cocking his head.

8/11/2010 #17

((Oh no worries! Just cus the character is rude doesn't mean the actual person is))

Joseph looked at him and raised an eyebrow, "First of all no touching, second I meant to say I'm a student studying to be a Hunter." He said slapping his hand away.

8/11/2010 #18

{Ah, good XD ::relief:: Oh, is your zombie RP dead? I mean, it looks really fun but no one's post there in awhile...}

"Ooh, a bit touchy, aren't we?" Isaac folded his arms, raising an eyebrow back at Joseph. "You being a poor lier isn't my fault, so don't go slapping my hand, kay?" he cocked his head even further, so much, in fact, that he had to step sideways a little.

8/11/2010 #19

((no worries, after all this is an RP with made up characters, I know not to get offended by a char. rudeness, and yes unfortunately it's a bit dead, I'm thinking of starting a new one involving an academy for supernatural creatures.))

Joseph shrugged, "Do I need you to believe me? No, I know the truth and whether or not you believe me means little to me, and yes I suppose I am a bit touchy, I'm tired as hell and don't need some guy trying to mess with me." He said with a yawn at the end.

8/11/2010 #20

{ X) Yeah. It's funny when people do though, and I've actually known people who do so that's why I was apologizing. Mm, that's too bad. The Old Geezer looked like a really funny guy. In fact, I had signed up a character C,X Ooh, that sounds fun! Tell me when/if you make it, so I can join ::grin:: There should be another zombie rpg, though, 'cause all the other ones are dead too ///_x We could make it together! =D}

"My plan has failed," Isaac voiced ominously, before adding more light heartily, "so it seems. Well, I guess you're cool enough, cheers." Climbing up his bed, he swung open his locker, popped open the cooler inside, and pulled out two drinks. Tossing both at his failed-victim, he grinned. "I only have one iced tea left. You can have that one or that soda," he gestured to a glass bottle that had barely made it to the edge of Joseph's bed. "Oh, if you want the marble out of it, I have a saw-type-thing. You know, one of those hand-held ones, don't know what they're called." drifting off, he plopped down at the end of the bed opposite his new roommate's. The marble, which he had mentioned, still stay glued to the mouth of the soda, waiting to be pushed down by the blue piece of plastic covering.

{Oh, if you don't know what kind of soda I'm talking about, here's a link to a picture of one, just get rid of the spaces =) http:// images/products/3104_enlarged. gif

They have these really annoying marbles that you have to push down into the bottle using this plastic blue plunger-type-deal. I tried so many times to get the marble out of the bottle but it never works DX The soda inside is really good though so I guess it's worth it XD}

8/11/2010 #21

((You cereal? I have yet to meet someone like that, eh oh well, and yeah the old geezer was amusing, I noticed you had signed up and I wondered why, I mean you did noticed it was dead... And yeah I'd be up for making another zombie RP, and as for the academy one I already know what I wanna do with it but the thing I can't figure out is what to write in the summary, I want it to be something that would bring people in but I can't seem to come up with something.))

Joseph grinned slightly, "Thanks, here I was thinking you were a dick." He said grabbing the iced tea and popping it open and taking a drink, he then grabbed the soda and handed it back to Isaac, "Here I don't want it, thanks though, the names Joseph." He said sitting up.

((And I know what you're talking about from my childhood, except the marble wasn't in soda but in a tequila bottle, never understood why there was a marble in the damn bottle, I figured it made it taste better or something.))

8/11/2010 #22

{I swear on Manbearpig that I'm telling the truth XD They're not pleasant people, sincerely. Hahaha, I tried to figure out why I tried to join too, guess I was just really, really bored. Hooray! Oh, you know that zombie forum? The title was something like "Am I the Only One Who Likes Zombie Stories?" or something like that? I bet some people there would be interested in joining, so it wouldn't be just the two of us X3 Yeah, summaries are always a bitch, it took me half an hour to come up with the one I have for this forum XD Maybe just something funny or weird would work, or just saying, "Academy for the supernatural!" Who knows, someone might like the bluntness C,X }

"Oh, I am," Isaac assured Joseph, reaching over to take back the soda. "Nice name, I have a cousin named Joseph, I think. It's kinda hard to remember 'cause of the whole 'enrollment at the age of two' thing. Why do they do that anyway?" A loud 'pop' emanated from the glass bottle as a marble shot down, causing the water to fizz as it bounced off the two depressions at the nape of the bottle's neck. "My name's Isaac, by the way," he added while taking a swig from the bottle.

{Tequila bottle? I don't understand why either. Maybe if you drank the bottle and got drunk you'd know XD}

8/12/2010 #23

((Oh Jebus Christ I'm damn glad I haven't met people like that then, and yeah I know that forum but I think the people there just wanna discuss zombie stories -shrugs- we could give it a shot and use to to recruit people, and yeah summaries are a bitch, if you don't write them good people won't be as interested in it.))

Joseph shrugged, "I'm sure they do it so it'll make it less likely you'd want to return to society since you won't remember your family that well." He said as he took a swig from his iced tea, "What are you studying to be?"

((Yeah a tequila bottle, I remember my pops and uncles would break the top and give me the little marble if I was around, and I don't think they make those bottles anymore -shrug-))

8/12/2010 #24

{Haha, yeah, they're rediculous --spelt wrong on purpose. I thought that too but I mean what's not awesome about an active zombie RP? Any avid zombie freak should love it XD Or not, depending on what floats their boat. That's the problem, people don't fall for a cool title, it has to be a good summary too ::grumble:: Wish there were people you could pay for such things XD}

"Yeah," Isaac murmurs, staring at the marble as it he shakes the bottle, causing it to dance and clink desultorily. Abruptly, a large rumbling sound, like that of small eruption, reverberates from his stomach. "Food!" Isaac cried, jumping off the bed and running towards the open door leading towards the hallway, only to stop halfway. Looking back he asks Joseph, "Wanna come?"

{That sounds tight =) Really? Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen with the Japanese soda. Doubt it will, anyways. Oh, do you mind bringing this to the Cafeteria? Oatmeal looks kinda lonely over there X,)}

8/13/2010 #25

((Yeah they are rediculous, ad like I said we could give it a shot at recruiting them, or we could just go around and send PMs to people, and who's gonna start the RP, you or me? and there are people you can pay to write creative stuff for you, how do you think hannah montana and justin beaver got famous?))

Joseph looked at him and shrugged, "Sure why not?" He stood up and walked to the Cafeteria.

((Eh yeah I guess, I would always stare at them like 'dude wtf? I don't want this', and the soda is Japanese? cool, and yeah lets go to the cafeteria.))

8/14/2010 #26
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