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Oatmeal and Raisins

"Ahh. I know what you mean." the kid said. "That woman's mean sometimes."

8/3/2010 #31
The Sin of Being


8/3/2010 #32
Oatmeal and Raisins

"Somtimes. Sometimes she's not there and we have a substitute."

8/3/2010 #33

{@ Oatmeal: Thought you could use some company since Mo's not posting anymore =)}

Bursting through the Cafeteria doors, Isaac slid a few feet before being tripped by someone in line for food.

Catching himself, but still falling, he muttered, "Way to ruin my perfect entrance, you twit."

"What did you say?" the student who had tripped Isaac, apparently an older male, asked. His words laced with warning, he grabbed his fellow student up by the collar of his shirt and pulled him up to his feet.

"I said," Isaac looked around, desperate to find an answer that wouldn't get him killed. After a second, he found it. "Have a sandwich!" Thrusting something that could be identified as a PB&J into the other's face, he got him in an armbar, forcing him to his knees and then the ground. "Hope you enjoy it," Isaac grinned, letting the upperclassman go and then grabbing his own tray. Proceeding down the line, he looked around for Joseph.

{@ Billy-bill: Yeah, that sounds good. I could also advertise it on my other forum. Doesn't matter to me, but maybe you should? Since you had that other one and the people who joined that might see that you have a new one. Hahaha, nice XD God I hate B.J. Beiber. What? Dude, a glass marble originally in a bottle of anything is awesome! Especially when you get it out and can keep it XD It's like, so many people want that and you have it!! Or maybe I'm just easily amazed XP Yeah, tastes great too X) Your an otaku too?}

8/15/2010 #34

(yay!!! I make an entrance!!!... and then i forget my character's name... i hate my memory....)

Sunny, who saw the scene take place, got up from her seat at her (some random) table. But she could never abandon her food, and took her pot of noodles with her. She ran next to Isaac, glaring down at him. "Hey!" she exclaimed. "How dare you waste food like that. Did you know that cows had to give the milk to make that butter, and how many peanuts had to be picked? A lot! And all that fruit to make the jelly... And all you can do as thanks is throw it in someone's face? You should be ashamed!"

(sorry if you had other things planned... I am such a party pooper sometimes...)

8/15/2010 #35

{Hahaha, that happens to me ALL the time XD}

"Really? I think it had a pretty damn hilarious purpose right there, better than being eaten, anyways," Isaac retorted. Sociality was a game. After what he just did, no one was supposed to drag him over the coals for it. What just happened was funny. Social rules dictated that everyone just sit there and be amazed or go on eating. Looking Sunny over one more time, he shrugged. "You're cute so I'm not going to make a big deal out of this." Continuing down the line, he grabbed a cup of yogurt and another can of iced tea.

{ Actually, I didn't have anything planned XD}

8/15/2010 . Edited 8/15/2010 #36

((Well my forum is kinda dead so it might take a while before they see that I've made another forum, although I could tell some of the other people I RP with, they might be interested. And yeah the marble was cool, the first 10 times they gave it to me but after a while I had like 20 of those damn marbles so I didn't want anymore, and yes I suppose I am an otaku, not a hardcore one but I do read manga, stopped watching anime a long time ago cus of the damn fillers, they're a pain in my ass, I mean if it didn't originally happen in the manga then why in the hell do I wanna see it?))

Joseph saw all of that and then snorted when he walked up to Isaac, "Nice but I would have punched him in the gut, kneed him in the face, then crammed the sandwich into his mouth while he was on the floor." He said grabbing a stake and then two slices of cheesecake, along with a soda.

8/16/2010 #37

Sunny saw Isaac and Joseph, and hated the feeling of being left out. Being the type who isn't easily embarrassed, she gained a little more respect for the boy who called her cute. "Hey, wait up!" she budged between Isaac and Joseph. "I see you two are friends, the kind of friends that need a food loving, sporty, girl in your group. So being older than you lot, I'll just join without permission! Now let me go get my food and I'll come see ya soon. Get a good table!" Sunny walked off, giving the two boys a wink as she left.

8/16/2010 #38

{Mm, Good point. But that sounds like a good idea. Do you want to have anything special about the Zombie RP or do you just want it like the one you had? Ah, I see your point, that would get annoying. You should have pelted them back at them D But then again, that would be kinda lame. XD I'm not either. Really? My sister's the same way. I guess you wouldn't have like FMA (the first one, not Brotherhood) then. You're a fan of Naruto, though, right? Kinda pointless question seeing your avatar but I like making sure XP}

"Well," Isaac began, swiping a piece of cake from Joseph's tray and munching down half of it, but was cut off by the girl who had chewed him out earlier. After she finished and the back of her became visible, he burst out laughing. "What was that?" he asked Joseph, stifling his giggles. Popping the rest of the cake into his mouth, he tried to understand how she wasn't even more pissed at him. He had called her cute, usually that got girls all upset.

{Sunny's so awesome XD}

8/16/2010 #39

((Yeah I'll tell them as soon as we start it up, and I don't really mind how it is, we could add some more stuff though, it couldn't hurt. And well I'm Mexican, -Mexican-American actually- and my uncles and dad were pretty old school, so if I pelted them with the marbles half of my uncles would be like 'wtf?' and then a fourth of them would be cracking up, and then the rest would be telling my dad to hit me, which he wouldn't, back then it was my moms job to discipline us, eh damn glad she wouldn't smack us too hard.And yeah I didn't really like it, tried watching it but got bored, I've also tried watching Bleach but at one point I stopped for like 6 months then when I watched it again I was f-ing lost. And no I'm not a fan of Naruto anymore, or Sasuke as it should be called considering all the damn special attention Kishimoto has been giving him, it's like he wants to screw Sasuke, I'm just too lazy to look for a new avatar plus Gaara is still badass.))

Joseph glared at Isaac when he took away a piece of his cheesecake, "Dude what the fudge, why'd you take my cheesecake? You better give me another slice." He said as he walked away to sit at the table where two people were already seated, there wasn't any tables with enough space so he figured why not?

8/16/2010 #40

{^-^ Oh, should the zombies be the rabies kind or just kinda undead and walking around? I think most uncles would be wondering why in the world their nephew was chucking marbles at them, though I think mine would laugh X3 haha, I'm glad too X) How could you get bored watching Full Metal Alchemist? It's so intense!! Especially when Gluttony just made those "pew pew" noises and started shooting that one frenchy dude. Bleach is retarded. Literally, it takes about five hundred chapters and in the end all that happens after Ichigo proves to be invincible is that Aizen Raisin comes along and tells him the only reason he's so good is because of some weird super power and shit. Geez, no originality in the script! Why not Naruto? Haha, Saucey-Gay is kinda like a main character, but it is annoying when someone gives another character too much attention. He is =D But didn't he die? Haha, wow, our conversation end up being longer than our posts XD}

"What, why else would you get a second piece other than to share with your best bud?" Isaac called after Joseph, ignoring the stares he was getting from several students. Shuffling down the line, he grabbed another slice of cake and a cookie. Popping open the can of tea, he sauntered down to the table Joseph had picked, balancing his tray on one nonexistent hip.

"Ooh," he chimed, sitting down in an empty space opposite of his new-found friend, "nice pick." Gesturing towards the two girls, he handed over the slice of cake and grinned.

8/16/2010 #41

((Well how about we go with what I was going for originally? I was going for a kind of zombie virus that was originally meant to make humans stronger and live longer but a side effect was they turned into zombies. And well like I said my uncles and dad were old school, they thought like this 'hit first then ask questions' eh but once you got past that they're all right, unless they're drunk, then they're just annoying. And Idk I got bored with Full Metal Alchemist, mostly cus I would watch it on Adult Swim and it would come out late at night and they were mostly re-runs. Ya cereal? that's all that happens at the end of Bleach? Wtf? Well did Ichigo hook up with someone? When I would watch it I would be rooting for Orihime. And Naruto pissed me off, I mean Sasuke trains with Orochimaru for 3 years and is strong enough to take him on AND kill Itachi and what did Naruto get? Nothin! He only perfected the rasengan, no new jutsu or anything, plus Jiraiya died, what was up with that? Really the only thing that's left that would make me just f-ing rage is if Naruto hooks up with anyone other than Hinata, as for Gaara, he died but was brought back to life eh, and yeah they are... Perhaps you should create a chat thread?))

"I got two of them because I have a sweet tooth and an addiction to cheesecake, next time you want one of my slices ask for it." Joseph said as he grabbed the slice from Isaac, "Where's that weird girl? Did she decide not to sit with us?"

8/16/2010 #42

Sunny suddenly appeared behind Joseph and cuddled him with one hand, holding her tray of food with the other. "Right here! Did you really miss me that much?" She sat down next to him. "I can't believe you called me weird! I never got called that before! Maybe soon, I'll be called 'The Queen of Weirdness and Food!" Sunny laughed, and began digging into her food, the world around her seemingly not there.

(@ Piptik: Aww, thx! But Sunny's not that awesome... I don't think...)

8/17/2010 . Edited 8/17/2010 #43

(I don't know whether to call my gal Frances or Francis... my mind's in a jumble! XD Er, I'll stick with Frances ((random))....)

Frances stopped suddenly to let a tall boy past her with the remains of a peanut-butter sandwich smeared across his face. Pursing her lips in a kind of question-like way, she sauntered down to the lunch line, grabbing multiple types of foods and then taking off, looking for some random people to sit with and annoy. Finally she chose to sat down by the end of a table, near two strange boys and one girl. Frances slowly edged away from them until she had about two yards a distance from them. Then, cramming half of a sandwich in her mouth and downing it with some milk, she started to drum her fingers loudly on the table. Their patience was now being put to a test.

8/26/2010 . Edited 8/26/2010 #44

(I don't think the others are here, so I'll just reply!!!!! :)!!)

Sunny heard this loud drumming and looked around her to see where it was coming from. When she saw the culprit, she shouted over, not bothered about the people looking at her, "Forget your drumsticks then?!" She laughed loudly. "Or did you eat them?! I know I did!"

(Sunny means chicken drumsticks, not actual drum drumsticks!!! I wonder how they would taste though....)

8/27/2010 #45

{Sorry for being gone so long, got banned from the comp and then internet taken away for a while .}

Shrugging, Isaac glanced with half-lidded eyes at the random girl who had just forced her way into his and Joseph's lives. Why was she glomping Joseph, anyway? Taking a sip of his tea, all the sudden commotion was not going over his head, instead, Isaac took in everything with a small smile. A smile that only happened to grow when he turned to look at the girl who had started drumming on the table a few feet away from them.

She was cute, or at least Isaac thought so, and if he wasn't mistaken, his age. Ppeerrffeecctt.

"What's up, Cute Stuff?" he asked, sliding the empty space between them and slipping and arm around her shoulder.

{Haha, they don't taste good... Break easily too... Ya'know, dog treats are pretty decent tasting, if it's the right brand X3}

8/28/2010 #46

(*Fidget, fidget* Frances is going to kill him XD)

Staring at Sunny in a sort of appalled way, she decided to make this amazing girl her friend. But before she could even get up, one of the strange boys sidled up to her side, put one arm around her shoulder, and asked, "What's up, cute stuff?" Caught off guard, all Frances could do was retaliate.

"Your face!" she shouted while punching him in the gut and quickly jumping away from him. Then as what she did slowly sank in, she stared at the boy. "Don't surprise me like that, you moron!" Frances yelled at him, sitting back down beside him and then saying quietly, "Sorry... are you... okay?"

8/28/2010 #47

"W-what the hell," Isaac, hunched over and gripping his stomach, managed to cough. "A girl shouldn't have a strong punch like that! Damn it, I surprised you? How could I have surprised you, dumb-" he almost added 'ass' but realized that she probably wouldn't have any qualms over hitting him again, so instead he said- "dumb!" Laughing, not only at how weird this broad was, but at how ridiculous this was, he stood up. But not without a little flinch of pain.

{Dude, there's so many weird people in this RP- characters, I mean}

8/28/2010 #48

Frances laughed loudly and grabbed Isaac in a bear hug, forgetting that she had already hurt him.

"You forgave me! Ye-e-e-e-e-e-es!" she cried out while jumping away from him and punching the air with her fists, totally oblivious to the fact people were watching her. "Anyways, what's your name? Mine is Frances, though you can ca-all me-e... um, I forgot my nickname, so you can make one up if you like." she added on more a serious tone, noting with a stare that rude nick names were worthy of a punch.

8/28/2010 #49

Joseph looked at them and Sunny and sighed, "What is it about me that attracts the weird people?" He muttered. He then shrugged, "Well at least this will make this place more interesting." He muttered and then continued to eat.

((Bleh couldn't think of much to post -.-))

8/29/2010 #50
Ink and tea-leaves

Izy wandered into the mess hall, running her hands through her still-wet hair, and grabbed a tray. She loaded it with food, helping herself to almost everything, and randomly chose a table, dumping her tray beside the girl on the end.

"Heya" she said by way of a greeting. "Starving, you?" she added, and tucked right in.

8/31/2010 #51

"Score," Isaac sang out as Frances hugged him. And as she finished her warning, he grinned crookedly, offering, "How 'bout Spazzter?"

{Haha, can't think of much to say either... I think I'll make a new character...}

9/1/2010 #52

There was a pause as Frances lifted her head to face the ceiling, tapping her foot against the white floor in a muffled tone.

"We-e-ell... that's perfect!! You nailed it!" she cried out, doing a twirl and then patting Isaac on the head. Then, sitting back down, she lifted up a napkin and looked under it, before saying to Sunny, "You were right, I don't have my drumsticks, and they looked so good! Too late though, they're all gone." Gazing despairingly towards the lunch line, she turned around and flitted a smile at Sunny and Joseph.

"I don't know why, but I want to call someone a cougar... how 'bout that peep?" she questioned at a mature looking eighteen year old teenager who was talking with a sixteen year old boy. "Very cougar-ish, right?" Frances concealed a broad grin as she wolf whistled at the two.

9/2/2010 #53

Isaac couldn't make heads or tails of Frances, but thought she was great all the same. Being almost instantly taken by her, "dazed" was the only real word that could explain how he felt while slipping back into his old spot across from Joseph. Somehow through the carried-off sensation he felt, he noticed that yet another person had joined their table. This group was growing faster than mold on a potato!

{Kukuku, I'm sorry Okami, I don't really know how you feel about romance stuffs but... Ah, sorry ^^"}

{Apologies for lame joke, too}

9/2/2010 #54

(Sorry I was away so long!!! I was on holiday with no internet connection!!! I was gonna die there!!)

"Woah!! This is crazy even for me!! I feel so much love in the air... and see so much food!! Action, romance and food are my favourite genres!!" Sunny smiled and laughed loudly again. "Hello newbie! And ever so sorry everyone, I haven't told you my name yet! My name is Sunny, nothing more or nothing less. Call me anything else, and I make sure that when you eat, you'll throw it back up again." Sunny added this in a dark tone, but quickly went back to smiling again. She picked up the rest of her muffin and popped it all in her mouth.

(School soon... aww... And food is a new genre!! Write about it now!!)

9/3/2010 . Edited 9/3/2010 #55

(Hey, don't fret, Piptik... stuff like that is fine with me! ^3^ Anyways, lame jokes are awesome! I make them all the time XD)

Frances held out her hand to Sunny while saying through a mouthful of hamburger, "Cheerios! Or, hello-o-o-o-o! Love is an amazing thing, ain't it? At least... I think it is... but food is my real priority in life." She swallowed her food and laughed loudly. A girl in between fifteen and seventeen turned around and laughed, pointing at her. Frowning, Frances grabbed one of her drinks and hurled it at the girls face.

"Food fight." she said in a mellow tone, glaring at the soaked teen before turning around to smile at Sunny. "Sunny really fits your personality! Your so nice and happy... happy-go-lucky! Or something like that..." mumbling to herself suddenly, Frances soberly twirled a stray leaf of lettuce.

9/4/2010 #56

Sunny saw the green veg that was being held captive by Frances's finger, and frowned. She snatched it away, and threw it in her mouth. "Of course Sunny fits me! Why do you think I named myself that?" There was a short pause as Sunny smiled. "I've always wanted a pet." she said suddenly, looking around the table at all her new friends. "But my mom always says that I might end up eating it for Christmas dinner..." Sunny looked down at her food tray, thoughtful.

9/4/2010 #57
Ink and tea-leaves

"Try a dog" suggested Izy, looking up from her food. "You can hardly eat them!!" She paused. "You should really try these muffins, they're gooood stuff!"

9/4/2010 #58

"You may not think so, but in Africa, we eat dogs too." Sunny couldn't help smiling as she said it. "And if you think these muffins are good, then you obviously haven't tried one of mine."

(They really do eat dogs in Africa... or so I'm told...)

9/4/2010 #59

Frances frowned at Izy, suspicious as she usually was at new people... if she was in the suspicious mood.

"Already have! So... beat that!" she said rather loudly before pausing and murmuring her sentence back to herself. "Of course, I mean the muffins... not dogs. Nice to meet you... what's your name?" Frances asked holding her hand out (I feel rather immature... sorry for butting in -_-).

(I hope they don't! Poor puppies, they're sooo sweet, and as in personality, not flavor XD)

9/5/2010 #60
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