Welcome to the PASE. Paranormal Activities and Supernatural Events Organization. PASE works outside of the Japanese government to provide protection from the unexplainable. Precious few are selected annually. Do you have what it takes? Open!
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The PASE school lies inside the HQ, not unlike the keep of a castle. The HQ is built like a hollow square covering around 50% percent of the island. Inside the hollow space of the HQ, lies the school, as previously stated. The school is shaped like the HQ, with large, grassy courtrooms in the middle as well as the entrance to where all supernatural entities are kept and studied. (It's placed here to provide some interesting situations in the game.)

6/4/2010 #1
Ink and tea-leaves

Izy wandered into thye gym, dumping her bag on the side and streatching, waiting for her teacher.

9/13/2010 #2

(aww drat!!! I'm not the first one! Oh well...)

Sunny saw Izy and walking over to her, already in her gym clothes, although it wasn't proper gear. "Hallo! And what took you so long? And are the others coming? I hope so..."

9/13/2010 #3
Ink and tea-leaves

"I had to grab my Katanas, I'd left them in my room" explained Izy. "I hope they're coming, I wanna start..."


9/13/2010 #4

"Ooo! Katana! I'm so joining your class!" Sunny ran over to a large storage room at the end of the gym, and made her way inside. She grabbed a sword, and ran back to Izy. "If anyone asks Zed, I'm in your class."

9/14/2010 #5
Ink and tea-leaves

Izy grinned. "You'll have to act like it. Pentroll - that's my teacher - isn't exactly a bundle of laughs."

9/15/2010 #6

(Yaya! The others are coming soon, so I'll just go right on ahead...)

"Ooo, strict teachers. My favourite!" As more students came in the gym, so did some teachers. "Yo Zed, a tango takes two, so will you tango with me?" Sunny wore a mischievous grin, that would only mean trouble.

9/15/2010 #7
Ink and tea-leaves

Izy smithered her laugh, grinning.

9/20/2010 #8

"Well, I'm taking that as a yes. So here's all you have to do. Once the lesson starts, lightly stab my stomach, and I'll do the rest."

9/21/2010 #9

{Sorry for not posting in awhile DX Been busy... Forgot my character's name too. It's Jiru-kun, right?}

With a certain kind of bounce in his step, Jiru strolled into the gym, straight towards Izy and Sunny.

"What class is this again?" he asked before noting the malicious grin playing across Sunny's face. "Do I want to know what's going on?" he inquired half-heartily.

9/24/2010 #10

(thats ok... schools weighing everyone down... *sigh*)

"Oh, you don't need to know. You're sure to find out soon enough." Sunny patted her stomach proudly.

9/24/2010 #11
Ink and tea-leaves

"I don't know about you, but I've got fighting arts" she said.

(Um, who's supposed to poke Sunny's stomach? Izy?)

9/26/2010 #12

(Yeah, Izy is.)

"And if you also have FA, then don't give me away. I'm not supposed to be here!"

9/26/2010 #13
Ink and tea-leaves

Izy shushed her as the teacher entered the room.

10/3/2010 #14

Pentroll indeed entered, and stood up straight. "Line up!" he commanded, and all the students lined up, one next to each other. Sunny was between Izy and Jiru, holding her katana tightly. Sunny stood out most, all dressed in yellow. Pentroll scowl at her, while Sunny only smiled.

10/22/2010 #15
Ink and tea-leaves

(This place is remarkably dead... *waters forum* Anyone want to bring it back to life?)

10/28/2010 #16

(Maybe in Christmas time everyone will come back. Ever since school started I guess everyone is remarkably busy... including me... *waters self*)

11/26/2010 #17
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