Welcome to the PASE. Paranormal Activities and Supernatural Events Organization. PASE works outside of the Japanese government to provide protection from the unexplainable. Precious few are selected annually. Do you have what it takes? Open!
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The open area between the HQ and school. Monitored closely by cameras and guarded by the occasional Reaper, PASE also incorprates many traps designed to capture escaping students and supernatural beings. More lethal traps reside outside the HQ where the chance of a raid is more likely.

7/24/2010 #1

Cool vapor covered the grounds in an eery and sound-magnifying mist as a young student padded softly towards a sharp corner. Blades of grass wet with the condensing atmosphere clung to her shoes and stocking as the teen stopped, folded a lock of charcoal hair behind her ear, and closed her eyes, focusing on something known only to her. As a frown creased her brows the environment seemed to silence itself. Insects' buzzing ceased as Sarah leaned against the wall, her concentration growing.

"No one," she murmured, lifting her lids so that pale eyes showed once more. Quietly, she turned the corner and resumed her jogging.

7/24/2010 . Edited 7/24/2010 #2
The Sin of Being

Taylor jogged after her, his breath already coming in ragged gasps. He really shouldn't have ditched gym so often...

7/24/2010 #3

Sparing a glance backwards, Sarah noticed Taylor's irregular breathing.

"There's a guard hidden behind the next bend. He's not a Reaper but he's armed and going to attack you first. Since it's only a taser you can dodge and counter pretty easily," she informed her peer quickly, slowing down so that she was running by his side. The next corner was about fifteen to twenty yards ahead and even though the mist had begin to thicken, the guard's foot was visible, sticking a few inches out of the wall.

7/25/2010 #4
The Sin of Being

Taylor snatched off his sunglasses, muttering, "thanks for the warning,". He was careful not to make eye contact with her. The guard popped up, yelling, "HALT". Taylor looked the guard right in the eye. It was sort of fun to watch the guard's face become gray, then all of his joints snap taunt.

7/25/2010 #5

"So tactless," murmured Sarah, standing next to Taylor, peering at the frozen guard. "Not even a Reaper, either."

After a few more seconds of inspecting the living statue, she pried away the tasor, switching it off. Looking back at her fellow teen she shrugged, "Might prove to be of some use. Anyways, we should get going, there's going to be a support group sent after us in a minute." With that said, she began to jog again, rounding the corner and leading the way towards the planned exit.

7/26/2010 . Edited 7/26/2010 #6
The Sin of Being

Taylor put his sunglasses back on and jogged over to her muttering "God, I hate gym."

7/26/2010 #7

"Tut tut," Sarah teased, shaking her head playfully and for an instant shed her serious exterior. "Maybe you wouldn't hate it so much if you worked harder?"

7/30/2010 #8
The Sin of Being

"And maybe the tooth fairy does exist." Taylor replyed.

7/30/2010 #9

Whipping her head in Taylor's direction, Sarah's face took an expression of horror and shock. "She doesn't?" eyes widening, she kept her expression for a few more moments before ending the joke. "The exit we're taking is up ahead, but right now it's blocked by a," she paused for a second, seemingly surprised, "possible squad."

7/31/2010 #10
The Sin of Being

Taylor looked down cast. "Nothing I can do about a squad.

7/31/2010 #11

"Of course," Sarah stopped running. "No one can take out a squad, that's why we're going to work out a strategy." Folding her arms, a frown creased her brows. "They don't have a plan either, which is smart because then I would know what to do," she trailed off, mumbling to herself more than Taylor.

8/1/2010 #12
The Sin of Being

"We could split up..." He suggested mildly.

8/1/2010 #13

"That's a great idea," Sarah looked up at Taylor before continuing, "You can attack from one end and I from another and work our ways to the middle!" Running past him towards a diverging path she called before disappearing around the bend, "Keep going straight. I'll meet you there!"

8/2/2010 #14
The Sin of Being

"That's not what I meant!" He said in vain. None the less he did what he was told.

8/2/2010 #15

Thinking she heard something, Sarah looked back and shrugged. Taylor woud follow the plan. It only took a minute for her to reach the squad. Hidden away behind a corner, she counted the members. Ten. Not bad, this was duable. But what she couldn't help from thinking is why they would send so many. Perhaps it was because they were both Reapers.

8/5/2010 #16

(Sorry if this post seems like I'm butting in, though I'll do my best to not interfere ^^)

"Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, but Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling afte-er." A young boy, who had been singing the nursery rhyme while twitching his hands in tune with it, was oblivious of everything around him. So as he walked on, he did not see the paralyzed guard or a burrow in the ground, which he promptly swung his foot in.

"Ouch!" Jack groaned as he fell flat on his face in the cold mud, his hands completely covered in it as an attempt to break his fall. Dull pain spreaded from his foot to his calf, which Jack ignored only because he was annoyed at being interrupted from his rhyme. Spitting out the remnants of grit from his mouth, he pushed himself up and wiped his face on the worn down sleeve of his coat. Then, taking a short breath, he racked his brains. "Now where was I? Oh, yes!" Jack took in a deep breath, and began his short nursery rhyme over again, twitching his hands once again, and falling into his half-witted stupor.

8/8/2010 . Edited 8/14/2010 #17
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