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Guerrilla Poet
I'm a steady reviewer. Say what you want checked, it gets done. I'm dedicated, but returning the favour would be rad.
8/29/2007 #1
Could you review pretty much anything you want to, but especially The Love of the Pen? Thank you for your time, -J.A.
8/30/2007 #2
Guerrilla Poet
Reviewed two of your poems, Love of the Pen was one of them.
9/1/2007 #3
Yo. Thanks for sharing the load. You're going to love it. Take a look at whatever catches your attention. Thanks.
9/13/2007 #4
Review any of my works please I really want some feedback. Constructive criticism and honestly are greatly appreciated but flames are not taken. Thanks ~Jeannie-Redd
10/23/2007 #5
Lady of the Deep
could you review "there he is"?
2/28/2008 #6


Okay i'm not a poet but i have a cousin on this site that is looking for opinions on her list of poems that she wants to enter into a contest to get in a book called "Celebrate Young Poets". And she wants to know which one she should enter into the contest. Her list of poems is called "Poems for Austin" and its four poems about her friend that commited suicide and are deicated to him.

her penname is horrorfan1

Thank you and my cousin will thank you as well and she'll also review yours.

4/6/2008 #7

konnichi wa

Hi there. :-) If you're interested in horror stories (this one's not a poem), might you be able to review Tick Tock -- it's one of my pieces (obviously). I don't usually post stories here... it's more reserved for poetry... but I posted it for whatever reason. :P

4/15/2008 #8
Ventus Shadows

I have poems too. If you can please give me some feedback on them, I want to know what people think.

5/31/2008 #9
angels know the rest

If you could review any of my poems, that'd be great, especially my newest, which is The Game. I'll definately review back, too!

6/2/2008 #10

Hey there, could you please take a look at Winged Demon and Loose aka The Guilty Lies of Our Past I would really apreciate the reviews, and I am more than willing to return the favour. ^_^ ~Winter

8/28/2008 #11

Could you please review 'If Salvation Was Her End'? I'd really like to know what people think about it.

8/31/2008 #12

please review whatever takes your fancy

9/1/2008 #13
she's dreaming



11/3/2008 #14

Could someone review "Murder" or "Summer Memories"?

I would be forever in your debt.

11/4/2008 #15
Thoth Tarot

reviewed murder.

anyone review any of mine, 'Flawed' would be appreciated.

11/11/2008 #16
Justin Webb

Hi! I'm looking for reviews of two poems, "The Letter" and "The Lake House," and I'd appreciate if you could help me out. Thank you! (Oh, I will return the favor!)

11/24/2008 #17
Fox's Rose

Hi! I'm new to this forum, and I really need everyone's help. My boyfriend Logan Cording, passed away last month and I really wanted to do something nice for him/his parents for Christmas. Please help, it won't take much time. I wrote the following on facebook, and his gaming website, but I'm going to pull out the big guns now.

"So last night I was rereading the messages that Logan and I sent back and forth, and I came up with the greatest idea ever. It was common knowledge that Logan wanted to be an author someday, so I found a way to make his dream come true. In the messages that he sent me, he wrote me two absolutely gorgeous poems that I treasure. I have put these poems up on a writer's website, where they are now posted and anyone and everyone can read them. This is my Christmas present to Logan, that his dream of becoming an author came true. The other part of my idea, involves everyone who knew Logan, and those that did not have the chance to know him. You can give him a Christmas present as well! This writer's website has the option of leaving reviews, and everyone knows that ALL authors have reviews written in regards to their works. So by leaving a review, you'll also be giving him a Christmas gift! Make sure to tell as many people as you can, please! ~*VERY IMPORTANT*~ I will however have to ask that no one mentions this to his parents, as this is part of my Christmas present to them as well. When I come up to Michigan for Christmas, I would like to show them the pages that have a TON of reviews left on them. So please leave a review! Here is the link to my member page that his works are saved on. His poems are under the title "To Love a Fox." http://www.fictionpress.com/u/473061/ Thank you so much everyone for helping Logan's dream come true!"

If you can help by reading his works and writing a review, it would mean so much to me, Logan's parents, and I'm sure Logan himself. Please pass this around!Thank you everyone for your help!~Tricia

12/13/2008 #18
Noni Veritas

I'd love for someone to review the poem I just posted. I'm just a little doubtful about it... I'd love to hear your opinions.

12/17/2008 #19

A review for Angel would be greatly appreciated! I will gladly return the favour! Thanks again, .'.Winter.'.

12/24/2008 #20
The Tragedian

could u review mw?

12/26/2008 #21

review mine:


Nothing at all and So f-u-c-k you.

are the ones that I want people to check out the most.

Much appreciated and I will look at urs.

12/27/2008 . Edited 12/27/2008 #22

A reivew of either of my poems would be great, but I would prefer one for "Fear." And of course I'll pay back the favor. Thanks.

12/28/2008 #23
The Tragedian

Reviewed Fear

12/28/2008 #24

reviewed Fear.

12/29/2008 #25

Please review my poem, Hope Remains.

And oh, if you have time, please review my story as well, She Who Dwells In The Darkness.

Thank you!


2/5/2009 #26
Stiff Spines

Can you review Sickeningly Sweet and My Bittersweet Friend? Or any others that spark your interest. I will return the favor.

2/18/2009 #27


Just wondering if anyone would take the time to read over my poems (and review), I would be very appreciative!

I just posted One of the Five, please read it!


3/21/2009 #28

Id love a review of anything Ive posted, but especially Little Miss Mannequin.



11/26/2009 #29
Ordet Alene

I've only posted 2 of my poems so far and I'd like a little extra feedback before publishing more. Thanks!

1/13/2013 #30
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