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Five reviewers! We review for free: bitterllysweetchoco and or tesa131313, Midnight in Eden, Erin Lynn, my poetic lie sense, and Guerrilla Poet. Come and get your free reviews today.
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Well I offer FREE (meaning you don't have to review me back, *whispers* but it's still nice if you do.) r&r If you have over 10 poems I won't review all of them. I will pick ten of them to review. Also it's a good idea to visit back to the thread because I will post some of my constructive critism on the thread. I will also praise you on the thread so others can check you out. Trust me a lot of people actually look at who I review and review you. aaaand If you are bored check out the people who ask me for reviews. They want reviews as much as you do. There are pages of really talented authors who I can't really understand why they don't get many reviews. so give them a shot whenever you are bored.
12/20/2006 #1
Uh... i have over than ten works. I'd ask to review the ones that didn't get 'reviewed' but you can review anything you want. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks ^_^
12/22/2006 #2
oooooooohyeah to all of you..........don't post in here =P
12/23/2006 #3
check out the Midnight in Eden's thread. She is also providing reviews and very thorough constructive critism.
12/31/2006 #4
I HAVE ANOTHER ACCOUNT!!! I might review you on this one because sometimes I forget to log out on it~!!!
1/10/2007 #5
DO NOT make your own thread for advertising your stories to be reviewed. You can offer reviewing services but nothing like "HEY REVIEW MY STORY plzzzzz..." DON'T
2/2/2007 #6
New thread "Updates" for in case me or Midnight have already reviewed you but you want a review for a new poem you've got out
2/26/2007 #7
Sexy Vampirechick
Sorry to go off topic...but whenever I write a poem,I try to upload it,the structure of the poem is different from the one I have on MicroSoft,and when I try to change it,nothing happens.Can anyone help me? I don't really like line breaks throughout my poems.
3/26/2007 #8
I have the same problem when I'm writing my story. I really don't know what to do either.
6/18/2007 #9
I have far over 10 poems, but, if you would, take time to review the most inviting poems? I have so many poems, but so many don't receive the critique and opinions that I want. I want more. Thanks in advance, in you find time. -Icicle Tears
8/15/2007 #10
Any number of reviews would be much appreciated. I have more than ten, but any critique you could offer would be great. Thanks for your time and willingness. It seems good reviewers are in short supply! -J.A.
9/6/2007 #11
Assuming that in the year you and the previous poster have been writing since you posted concerning how to separate lines...here's a brief you may or may not want. fictionpress formats stories and poems. To manually single-space the story you have to delete the extra line (bckspc or del to just get rid of it) then shift-enter to space only one line. It's not really worthwhile on long pieces. Hope this helps. K. Stramin
12/31/2007 #12

Since, for some reason, I can only really write when I'm actually on here, I don't really bother with the whole single/double thing. All of my poetry is just double-spaced, and it actually helps because the lines aren't so crowded.

6/12/2008 #13

Double-spacing is easier to read, true...I realized that after the first few tries--the internet has enough GB to withstand double-spacing everything as opposed to paper printers...but you can't upload files to publish? How does that work?

6/21/2008 #14

I only have two poems so some reviews would be nice!

4/19/2014 #15

I'd just like one teeny tiny review on my poem "Fire". Its brand new and I actually feel somewhat confident in it and a review would certainly help. I always return a review! ;)

5/18/2014 #16
French The Llama

Can you review me? But I won't review ten poems in return, but I will return several.

3/21/2015 #17
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