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Not much. I was justing talking to a bizarre gentleman by the name of SpaceCat. He almost makes you want to talk like a proper Victorian noble.

7/2/2010 . Edited 7/2/2010 #421
Creeping Collarbones

Haha!! You should bring him over here!

7/2/2010 #422

Haha, I might. He's quite the character.

Which reminds me: have you ever heard of Robert Fulghum?

7/2/2010 #423
Creeping Collarbones


7/2/2010 #424


Hey, what kind of music do you like?

7/2/2010 #425
Creeping Collarbones

I like a lot of music. Haha. Just not rap. But who's Robert Fulghum?

7/2/2010 #426

He's a writer. He mostly writes about his life experiences, but he's quite entertaining. His first book is All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. There's also Uh-Oh, It was on Fire When I Lay Down On It, and a couple others.

Anyway, this SpaceCat reminds me of him, because they both have a very strange personality.

7/2/2010 #427
Creeping Collarbones

Ohh. I've never read any of those.

7/2/2010 #428

They're what you'd call obscure.

Well, I have to go. Night, and have a great weekend!

7/2/2010 #429
this wild abyss

Hey guys. I know this probably isn't the place for this, but I thought you would like to know that the oneshot I wrote, based off one of CC's prompts, has now become a multi-chaptered story.

Ahem. So, reviews are always appreciated, and I return every review I get. (:

That is all.

7/3/2010 #430

Adonnen: I'll have to check it out!

Um...does anyone here know about fairy tales?

7/3/2010 #431

Small bit. Why? Which ones?

7/3/2010 #432
Creeping Collarbones

Actually, not much. OFF TO GOOGLE!

7/3/2010 #433

Bones: I agree. I just don't trust Wikipedia.

Tym: Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Snow White. Stuff like that.

7/3/2010 #434

Yup:D I read snow white and repunzal to my four year old sister once per week (more like once every two days:S) and i know Hansel and Gretel. Why? I actually read a preety good retelling of Hansel and Gretel. It was kind of fantasy and short sotry. It was by Garth Nix. You might not know him, but i love him:P

(Cough, Cough)

As an Author

7/3/2010 #435


I've heard of him, but I've never read his work. Anyway, the reason I asked was because I'm writing my own version of the classic fairy tales, but I can't remember some of the crucial details.

7/3/2010 #436

Which one? All three?

7/3/2010 #437

If you don't mind? I can't remember the beginnings, what sparked them off.

7/3/2010 #438

Hmmmmmmmm Rapunzel i'm, a bt rusty on.

Snow white: Nice, Kind queen had a dughter, queen died daughter lived. King remarried, new queen cold and cruel. Also vain. Had magic mirror. Dressed snow white in rags and sent her to kitchen. Asked "Who's the fairest of them all", for a couple of years mirror said the queen was. After a couple of years the mirror said snow white was fairest. Queen sent court hunter to kill snow white (He was meant to put heart in box). Hunter couldn't do it. Snow white fled to forest. Seven dwarves. Queen found out.

Now this next bit differs from the disney one. Thi sis from the original (or just the versio i read) version.

Th equeen cursed a comb. Disguises as comb seller. Once the comb touched snow whites hair she fell as if dead. Dwarfs came back. Took out comb. suddenly she was alive.

Queen found out. (Magic mirror). Poisoned apple. Snow white bit it. Fell as if dead. Dwarfs built glass coffin. Tale spread. Prince came. Fell in love whit snow whie. Wanted coffin in castle ( I found that freaky. He wanted a woman he loved who could never wake up:S). Dwarves moved coffin. Apple fell out. Snow white came alive. Fell in love whit prince.

Queen asked magic mirror. Magic mirror said (not word for word): Another is fairer than you. You wil lmeet her. She is the lady marring your prince.

Which would make them half siblings...okay. King is strangely absent in most versions. And the good person (snow white) is defferential to men. Evil (queen) rules over men. Wow, sumbliinal messengain.

Hansel and gretel: Father remarried. Stemother hated children. Father forced to leave them in forest during winter. Hansel had stones. Dropped them to leave trail. Found home. Father happy. Mother forced again. Hansel brings crumbs. Bird eats crumbs. Lost.

Come to house. Nice cooking smell. Go in. Freindly lookign woman. Casts magic. Stuns. Forces Gretel to clean. Hansel fattened up. About to be cooked. Both shove witch into Oven.

7/3/2010 #439

Wow, thank you! That really helps, and that other version of Snow White is intriguing...I might be able to use it.

So, how are you doing today?

7/3/2010 #440

meh the same. Had to put in a garage ful lof was rainingXD


7/3/2010 #441

Bleh, kind of. It's the holiday weekend, it's raining, and we have nothing to do. Rain makes it hard to shoot off fireworks.

7/3/2010 #442

lol do it in the house. Mwahahahah insurance:P I doubt they'd give it though. Wo wi go the most rnadom conversation ever in my head there.

Assesor: How di dthe fire start.

Person: Um, i was bored so i decided to light some fireworks...

Assesor: You lit fireowrks inside.

Person: Thought the insulation would stop the fire


Anyway. Wo wit's actually raining in alot of places:S

7/3/2010 #443

Haha, I can see having that conversation...

It's just everydamnwhere. I looked at a radar map on the internet, and it was a solid blob of green (I still don't understand why the color green represents rain, but whatever....)

7/3/2010 #444
Creeping Collarbones

Jumping in to say: It's not raining here!

7/3/2010 #445

(Evil eye at bones) It' sraining here:P

Oh this sounds liek a weird question, but does anybody else think cancer's on the rise?

7/3/2010 #446

Yay! At least there's a dry spot somewhere.

Well, I have to book (haven't heard that one in a while, eh?), so bye!

7/3/2010 #447
Creeping Collarbones

(: Like skin cancer? Ozone depletion, dude.

7/3/2010 #448

Tym: It might be. I've known three people who have had it, and two didn't survive. And there's a new kind that could hit anyone, from a ninety-year-old man to a one-year-old girl. The scary thing is that they haven't found a cure for it yet, and it's very strong.

Okay, I'm leaving for real. Bye, and have a great weekend!

7/3/2010 #449

No like preety much all kinds of cancer. Oh my god yeah. Iwhen i heard global warmning ireland was like :Yes warmth!!!!!!

But it seemed to have put us into hyperdrive of our extremes.

Rain and cold winters.

7/3/2010 #450
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