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Thetis of White Isle

I think I'll try to post the new chapter two tonight. I didn't expect to add nearly two pages of material, that's what. Heh. Yeah, Kitten PM'ed me, and I sent her the link.

7/4/2010 #31

Oh, wow, that's a lot. I'll have to take a look at it, see what you added. :) Probably tomorrow morning. Just about ready to go to bed.

7/4/2010 #32
Thetis of White Isle

I finally got around to posting a rough chapter three in the Fiction Press DocX thingie for you. Sorry it took so long! Take your time!

7/9/2010 #33

W00T! I've read it, and it looks good, I just have to do the actual beta-reading bit. Like I said in the PM, I'll probably do it sometime over the next couple days. If you don't hear back from me on that issue in a couple days, remind me. :)

7/10/2010 #34
Thetis of White Isle

Thank you for doing this! I'll try to read anything new that you and KittenOTK did this week; I have a summer job, and it's taking up all my time. O_o;

7/12/2010 #35

Not a problem. I'm on page 4! I'll probably finish it tomorrow, or the day after.

I know how you feel about the summer job, though. I only do 20hrs/week, and I still feel like it consumes my life. *eye roll*

7/12/2010 #36
Thetis of White Isle

Thank you so very much. I don't really mind minor changes like punctuation/grammar stuff. (By the way, the Musil and the potions thing will be explained! I'll talk about it in the...fifth chapter? Or so.) Just make a notation when you're making big changes. Because I need to know these things. *looks at manuscript greedily*

7/13/2010 #37

I will definitely let you make the big changes. I'm not here to reword the story for you. Just punctuation/grammar stuff is easier just to do, than to let you know that it has to be done (especially when I have the document in front of me). I wasn't sure where you stood on that, and I can work myself up into freaking out really easily.

It wasn't that I was wondering why Musil cares about the potions, so much as I think you just have the wrong word for the sentence. 'Scream' just...is kind of strange for the context. You scream for a lot of different reasons, and the image I get from that...just seems off, somehow. I think that you can choose a more precise/descriptive word/phrase for that sentence. Grammatically speaking, it's fine, so you can keep it if you want.

7/13/2010 #38
Thetis of White Isle

Thank you. Added a couple new scenes. It doesn't flow too well in the beginning though, 'cause...yeah, you'll see. .

I really should get around to reading Kitten's stuff. Just been so busy.

7/13/2010 #39

Yes, you should. You should also send me chapter 4, so I can get started. :)

7/15/2010 #40

Oh, and prepare yourself. We're about to get a lot busier. I just PM'ed Stardancere and Leslie Wilson Perry (from the Writer's Group topic where you and Kitten and I met). They are both interested in joining the forum, and so I sent them the link to the forum. Two more people!

7/15/2010 #41
Thetis of White Isle

Two more people! Hooray for new blood!

...boy, that sounded awfully vampiric. :P

7/15/2010 #42

Yes, that did. That was kinda creeper. Jeez, Thetis, nice way to scare off so called 'new blood.' We'll probably get tagged by the FBI, now, or something.

7/15/2010 #43

Oh, Thetis, remember those word salads you made for me? I wrote the poem they were for, if you're interested. :D It's called The Beast of Fright, and it's on my profile. :D I'd love to hear what you think.

7/15/2010 #44
Thetis of White Isle

I'll try to get around to it tonight. Wonder what you cooked up...?

7/15/2010 #45

:D I'm very proud of myself. That thing's been sitting on my desktop (unfinished) for FOREVER! Okay, so, like, a month. But, still.

7/15/2010 #46
L. W. Perry

You could do the Character Developement Game where one person asks a question and the next person's character answers it and so on. :3 It's really popular and helpful on this other writing website/forum I'm on.

7/15/2010 #47

That sounds cool! Do you just pick any character you want from your work?

7/15/2010 #48
L. W. Perry


7/15/2010 #49
I'm all for playing this if everyone else wants to.
7/15/2010 #50

I'm not sure how this works. I just...

Fred: Don't you dare involve me in this trivial game! I need no development. All that needs to be developed is everyone else, as they still have yet to recognize me as their imminent leader of the world. Why are you wasting your time in this stupid little game when you could be developing a plot that will get me in a seat of complete power?

Sketch: *glances at Fred, then back at author* All I ask is that you never put me and him in a small, enclosed space together. If his B.O. doesn't smother me, I'm sure his ego will.

randomly choose a character from a story I'm working on? I'm not sure I understand.

7/15/2010 #51
L. W. Perry

Okay, it'd be like this:

Person 1: If your life was a song, what would it be called and why?

Person 2: "Funny story. My boyfriend is in love with Billy Talent and he decided to compare everyone to one of their songs. I got Saint Veronika. It's about a chick who swallows a bunch of pills to kill herself. Story of my life." Sweyn, Outsiders How do you relax after a tough day?

And so on.

7/15/2010 #52
So I'll be Person 1. If you could pick anything in your life to do over again, what would it be?
7/15/2010 #53

I would answer this but 1. I'm not really sure what I'm doing and 2. I'm not really sure how anyone would answer. Well, no, that's a lie. But, given the above statement from Fred, I think you guys can guess how Fred would respond to that question. So, I'm gonna wait for someone else to pick this up.

7/15/2010 #54
L. W. Perry

"I'd do a lot of things over. Do things I didn't have the balls to do then. Stick up to my dad, actually talk to my mom, keep it in my pants." - Scratch, Harlow Summerford

What's your character's strongest memory?

7/15/2010 #55

"Seeing my mother die. It's not a memory; it's a scar." - Adrien Hael, Untitled

Does your character have a hobby?

7/15/2010 #56

"A hobby? Well...I...um...I work. At a convenience store. Does that count?" -- Sam, Sketch and the Evil Mastermind

What kind of music does your character listen to?

7/15/2010 #57
L. W. Perry

"I don't care much for music myself. As a child, I took years of piano, of the violin. I hated it. Rhythm, tempo, ryhme. All these things can be found in everyday speech, in poetry. Noise. All the vast majority of it is. I don't see the appeal as others do." - Andrew, Starling

You are in the home of someone you don't know very well. When that person left the room you accidentally broke something incredibly valuable. This object meant a lot to that person, and surely they will be upset. What do you do?

7/15/2010 . Edited 7/15/2010 #58

"Wait. What else can I do? Wait. That's all I ever do. I wait. Wait for it to come, wait for it to be over. I wait." -- Unnamed, on both accounts. (She's an idea I've had for a character, and I haven't really figured out much about her. But this answer just came naturally.)

You are home alone. Everyone else is out, it's just you. You don't expect anyone to be back until sometime tomorrow, or the day after. What do you do?

7/15/2010 . Edited 7/15/2010 #59
L. W. Perry

"Well, let's speak hypothetically. I don't live at home. And I had a brother who never left. So let's say hypothetcally. I'd probably blast music, smoke, be bored. I hate being alone. It sucks. ....probably'd get off if I got bored enough." - Harlow, Harlow Summerford

Who did you look up to as a kid and now as a teenager/adult?

7/16/2010 . Edited 7/16/2010 #60
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