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person is gone

Watching: the windmills in the field and the mist clearing from the distant mountains. A windmill just stopped. And I'm sure they're turning to face the wind, which I never noticed before...

Listening to: the radio. Beach Boys, you make my day! Every time I hear I Get Around I think of The Navigator or whatever that movie was called... The Flight Navigator? :D In any case, a childhood favourite.

I guess fantasy does need less research in regard to the world... but a lot more imagination. Especially sci-fi. The possibilities for what's out there are endless and I've seen some things people come up with that sound completely (scientifically) realistic but entirely out of this world. That' why I love it 3 Alien yet possible.

I find fantasy difficult sometimes because it's more difficult to get yourself into your character's shoes =/ You've never ridden on the back of the dragon, or hidden in a ditch during a great battle preparing a magical spell (oho!). It's the authors that make that world really tangible that are awesome :D I had one in mind there, but forgot him (her?)... Robin Hobb is a good example. She made a really tangible, politically active world in The Assassin's Apprentice and the rest. Depressing ending, though...

New topic, I think.

8/4/2010 #151

Watching: my friend's beta fish (that I am taking care of). I wonder if he ever gets bored.

Listening: to the sound of my fan.

Doing: nothing. Just about ready to go down for breakfast.

I'm jealous. I wish I had windmills outside my window. It sounds like you have a fantastic view.

I started reading The Assassin's Apprentice, but I never finished it. Perhaps that's a good thing. I hate depressing endings. It was really well-written, though.

8/5/2010 #152
person is gone

The books were really. really good, and the main character really interesting. It wasn't really a depressing ending, so to speak, but it wasn't satisfying. It's a happy ending for the overall story, but not for the main character. On to/p of that, the ending was really rushed after a long, troubling emotional sludge through the other two books.

I do have a nice view :) It inspired me for a story now, too. I have a favourite character and she's mostly insane, which makes her incredibly fun to write. Her backstory that leads to her insanity is harrowing, though, and it now includes a windmill and lesbianism XD

8/5/2010 #153

Hahaha omg, I love your insane character already. :D

8/5/2010 #154
person is gone

Hearing: Nat King Cole - L-O-V-E ... turns out I adore this song. It popped up on the radio and I just started singing along like it was an old favourite, but I swear I don't know where I know it from. Is this weird?

And yeah, with this insane character, she's the only thing that I'm (rather) sure is officially mine. As in, entirely my creation - never been done before. It's a very sane kind of insanity. Do you have any things like that?

8/5/2010 #155

I think L-O-V-E is such a classic song that people just instinctively know the lyrics. Because, I looked up the song on YouTube, as I didn't recognize the title. I realized that I did know the song, and quite a bit of the lyrics, but I don't remember where I learned the song either.

I'm confused. Isn't Dart yours? And Vockstyt (spelling?) is yours, right?

Do I have any characters that are entirely mine? Yeah. Do I have any that are a 'sane kind of insanity'? No. Well....yeah, no.

8/5/2010 #156
Thetis of White Isle

After a week of chaos and brutality, I mowed the lawn today, and caught up with some friends I haven't seen in a long time. I think I will spend what little time I have left tonight writing.

Sane kind of insanity? Every person has a kind of method to their madness, and when you think about it, there's really no such thing as being insane. It's mostly a legal term anyway, and framing real life in terms of the courtroom is mad to start with. Or so I think. Take it with a grain of salt. :D

I'm waiting for some wonderful sod to post the Gothic Opera concert that Ali Project did, but alas. At least my first-print DVD's in the mail. It might take up to three months to get here, though.

8/6/2010 #157

I just watched Pirates of the Caribbean. Epic movie. :D

8/7/2010 #158
person is gone

Listening to: Christina Aguilera - Candyman. This is like L-O-V-E, a rediscovered first love :D:D It puts me in a good mood. But do you have it with songs that you listen to some during certain periods of your life and then stop, and then when you listen to them again years later it brings it all back? I get that with songs, and even more strongly with hand soaps... my nose is very emotionally sensitive.

What's Gothic Opera?

8/7/2010 #159
person is gone

On that note: Tina turner - Nutbush City Limits, the only song she ever wrote and also the best, I think. 3

Am totally in a funk/rock-and-roll mood... and it's bright and early in the morning, everyone else is asleep and I have a cat on my legs :D Life is good, m'ladies.

8/7/2010 #160

One Christmas, I got, among other things, a CD and a video game. The video game was really kind of dark and depressing, and I tried many times to get a certain ending, but I never figured out how to. At the same time as I was playing the game, I was listening to the CD I got. And now, whenever I listen to a song from that album, it brings back that dark and depressing feeling. (The video game was Trace Memory, if you were wondering, a game for the DS.)

I was never really a fan of Tina Turner.

I want a cat on my legs. *jealous* I love cats.

8/8/2010 #161
Thetis of White Isle

Is the cat asleep on your legs? Or just sitting there? I think I would have to pass on having a cat on my legs right now. Way too hot where I am.

Gothic Opera is the last CD/concert DVD that was put out by Ali Project. A rather...unique...Japanese rock/neo-classical band. I ordered the DVD by mail, but it hasn't arrived yet...

Right now, I should be resting up, but I have somebody's who going to be calling soon. Huh. So I can't. There's not much going on. I really wish school would start soon, and I mean that. XP

8/8/2010 #162

Not watching or listening to anything but the sound of peaceful silence, which is nice after a looooong day of moving.

Doing: Being excited about my new place and new job and new semester! :D

8/8/2010 #163
person is gone

Aye, the cat was on my legs. It's cooled off a bit here :) We had a proper heatwave a few weeks ago - I think it's coming back this week.

Now I've got the dog on my feet and, for the record, he's a big dog o_o But I love big dogs... and cats.

Ali Project sounds fascinating, actually. I just youtubed a song of theirs. Weird, but kinda cool...

Oooh new place, new job and new semester! In a month I'll be back at the new place, old job, and new semester. What's the job?

8/9/2010 #164
Thetis of White Isle

Ali Project changes styles as frequently as some people change their clothes. They're very weird. What kind of dog do you have?

Where do you work? I won't have a job when I go back to school, but I get a lovely three hour commute! It's not that bad, but it does take a lot out of you. I can't wait until school starts again.

8/10/2010 #165
person is gone

My dog's a wild mutt of some kind. His mother was a spaniel but he just looks like a really lanky chocolate brown lab, or labrador-whipper mixture. In any case, he's about the siye of a retriever... and he's adorable :] He's turned me into such a dog person. Do you have any pets?

I'm working with an oil company at the moment, and when I'm done I go back to uni and my part-time job serving "healthy" fast food XD A three hour commute is pure madness! I have an hour there and back to my job, and I find that exhausting o.o

Back to school, eh? Not fun. At least, it wasn't for me a few years back. When do you escape for good?

8/11/2010 #166
Thetis of White Isle

I had a guinea pig named Solveig, who resembled a Jersey cow. Not only was she black and white, but she was very fat too. She only oinked for my mom--could recoginize her voice. She died a few years ago. We also had a tank full of goldfish, but they all died too, and we gave the tank away.

I'm working at my dad's office, mainly because his manager got sick. And I wasn't talking about the commute to work; it was the commute to school. And it's three hours in one day, about an hour and a half there, and an hour and a half back. Sorry, I didn't make myself clear.

Well...I'm in school for the long haul. I'm a junior now, and should be a senior by the end of the year. But I can only afford to be part-time, so...who knows when I'll graduate? Plus, I've had a long-term illness...

8/11/2010 #167

I live on campus. So, no commute for me but this also means, among other things, that the extent of the animals I have is a fish named Chicken. (He's not even mine. I'm babysitting him for a friend.) Though, my roommate wants two fish - one named Moo and the other named Oink. Collectively, they will be known as (get ready for this) Moink. *blinks* I have no idea. Don't ask. I'm also working on getting plants, but that's pretty much it. And it kills me. I love animals. As soon as I get a good job and settle down somewhere, I'm getting at least one cat (probably two) and hamsters and fish...I dunno about a dog. I'm not a huge fan of dogs. They require too much attention. That's why I like cats. They're all, "Hey, yeah, if you wanna scratch me, that's good, but if you don't, then I'll just sit right here and it'll be like whatever." But with dogs (at least, the one my parents have right now) it's all "Scratch me scratch me scratch me scratch me oh please oh please oh please scratch me." And its like, "Ugh! Leave me alone!" And then, you have to walk them, and I'm lazy. I'd rather just have to clean out a litter box.

I'm sorry to hear about your long term illness, Thetis. That sucks. :(

8/11/2010 #168

I'm working on campus as a Peer Mentor, which is kind of like a Resident Assistant only more academically focused. It also means I get to live on campus for free, so that = YAY! I don't have any fish because I am afraid of them :P I also just finished cleaning/putting things away/decorating my room today and it makes me feel super cheerful! On that note, does anyone know a good place to look for cute magnets, like refridgerator magnets?

I was listening to Supertramp earlier but I'm about to go to bed so nothing at the moment; also watching nothing because I just hooked up my cable right before I decided to go to bed :P

8/11/2010 #169
person is gone

Haha, there's my other job - working for my dad XD How's it going for you? (Btw, on my last post, I meant a whippet dog, not a whipper ^^ I was really tired, and I'm constantly switching between two types of keyboard layout, where the z and y keys switch places. Qwertz!)

I'm confused now, but maybe we're just using different terms. School? Afford? Part-time? That sounds like uni. Or college. I was thinking high school! Long-term illness sucks =/

If I would get a pet, I'd still get a cat... 'cause dogs are a lot of work. If I had a family, I'd get a dog! Then the work is split up, and dogs just bring such joy. I always miss my dog the most when I leave home. We have one cat left (the other three died in the past year :( I had an adorable cat called Lady, and I'd had her since I was 5, lovely thing). This one cat is a breed called chartreuse, and she had a sister once. They were expensive, but we got them for free from our neighbours when they moved country XD Anyway, she's a beautiful little thing, all silver-grey hair and golden eyes. And this breed has a really nice disposition - they're incredibly, incredibly curious about everything, have a really quiet meow, and are beyond cuddly. Myam.

Oooh free accomodation, that is awesome :D I was in uni halls one year, and my flat had fish... it was a bit mad, actually. We had (in our kitchen) a tank of two goldfish, two small traffic cones and one very large one, an exit sign and at one point a traffic diversion sign... all of which were forbidden, of course. We hid them before every cleaning inspection, but then one day they just vanished without a trace (not the fish!). We figured it was best not to ask. Now that I'll be in my own place, I might have fish again :D

Not really related to magnets, but there's a site called kawaii not dot com, and it's a site for a really cute/disturbing comic. They do funky badges, and maybe magnets... if not, I'm sure you could make magnets out of them quite easily with a bit of glue and some iron :)

8/11/2010 #170
person is gone

What are you all studying anyway? I'm studying astrophysics.

8/11/2010 #171
person is gone

What do I want to tell everybody about? The Perseids meteor shower peaks tonight and tomorrow night :) You should be able to see a few meteors a minute. So, when it goes dark, go out where there's not much light pollution, look around and enjoy!

8/12/2010 #172
Thetis of White Isle

Working for my dad is mostly customer service...um, jigoku, which is a Japanese equivalent to where bad people go when they die. There have been some really rude people, and I hate collecting money from them. Yes, I'm in college. I'm the eternal college student. Did I seem like I was in high school? ^^;

I want a ferret or maybe a chinchilla or a rabbit. Something small and cuddly, but still entertaining. That's the reason I don't like gold or tropical fish; they just...swim around. And die. Plus, Ma looks at a fish tank, and thinks, "Mmm, yummy." My old guinea pig Solveig had a cowlick in her fur, and it was right at the base of her neck, and she loved being scratched there. I miss having a pet...

Speaking of guinea pigs and comics, there's a comic out there called "That Guinea Pig Comic," which is about a guinea pig going to space. I think. I haven't read very much of it, but I heard it was good.

What am I doing now? Taking phone calls. Not much else.

8/12/2010 #173

Jigoku. I like that. :D

A ferret would be awesome.

I am working on chapter two of Royal Flush. And cleaning my room.

8/13/2010 #174
person is gone

Jigoku? Your job sounds like Hades' guarding the underworld :] Where bad people go. That sounds rather cool...

I think I wanted a ferret once, but I've gone off them. There are a lot of martens in our area, and we hear them running around on our roof and occasionally they'll be out fighting in the garden, and their cries are LOUD. They're nasty-sounding things, and they look quite like ferrets =/ Also, ferrets... a couple of times I saw a guy walking around a shopping centre with one on a leash XD

Gonna look up the Guinea Pig Comic now :] More distractions from work!

8/16/2010 #175
Thetis of White Isle

More like Cerberus guarding the underworld--he was the three-headed dog. I thought Hades was the god who ruled in that part of the world. I remember that much from Greek mythology.

I have a very bad headache, nausea, and I'm sleepy and cold. Bah. But I feel reasonably good, because I did a Very Good Thing recently. Very good indeed. I'm going to finish work, and then try to get some shut-eye.

8/17/2010 #176
person is gone

I'm confusing Hades with Charon, the one in the boat that you'd pay to cross the waters, and that's why they'd bury people with a coin under their tongue. As for the people without the coin... ? Hm.

A Very Good Thing sounds very fascinating. It is capitalised. I must ask; good deed, medicine by that name, self-help moment? ^^

Is nobody studying anything in particular? oO All doing English? And where did Leslie get to?

8/17/2010 #177

I believe that people without the coin were left to wander the Earth, not being able to get on the boat, and were forever left at unrest. Pretty sure.

YAY for Very Good Things! :D And, truth be told, Stardancere, I have no idea what this means. "I must ask; good deed, medicine by that name, self-help moment?" What? *confused*

I'm not studying anything...yet. I will be in like 3 weeks (school starts! w00t...), but not right now. I do, however, have to sell back a couple of books on amazon.com. So, I think I'll go do that now. :D

I have no idea where Leslie went to. :(

8/18/2010 #178
Thetis of White Isle

Leslie, where are you?

As for the belief of what happened to souls who were not given proper burial; like many Greek myths, there are some variations. The version I heard told it that they were left wandering on the banks of the river Styx for a hundred years, before Charon would reluctantly let them on board to cross. That's not as bad as being forever at unrest, but a hundred years is still a long time...

I think I've been reading too much Dante's Inferno. O_o

Yes, I'm an English major. I'm thinking of going for departmental honors at my school. Need to check with the head of the English department first, though. Wish me luck. ^^; As for Very Good Things, I'm just pleased as punch that the day I waited for has come. (Three year waits suck.)

8/18/2010 #179
person is gone

Three years wait is a long time :) Whatever it is, I hope it was worth it.

How is Dante's Inferno? All I've heard about that book is that it's rather unintelligible. Is it for your course?

8/18/2010 #180
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