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Music = my life. So, I think we should have a topic dedicated solely to music. I'm not even sure what about music this forum is about. Just...music.

I shall start.

Lyrics I am listening to right now.

"Hey, yeah, welcome to the real world.

Nobody told you it was gonna be hard.

You said, hey, yeah, I can't believe it.

I've barely started, now I'm falling apart

And it's hard."

Rob Thomas, Real World '09. Great song.

On a different note, this is how tired I am. I keep mistaking the 'preview' button for the 'post' button, and I keep getting confused when it brings me back to the preview page. Ugh. (Earlier, I almost put face wash on my toothbrush. I'm really glad I caught myself.)

6/29/2010 #1
Thetis of White Isle

Ah, glorious, glorious music. Anyone here play musical instruments?

6/29/2010 #2

I used to play clarinet and the bassoon. I miss them. *sigh* I like playing piano, but I can't actually play piano. That is, I can't do the two-hands-at-the-same-time thing (which is kind of important).

6/30/2010 #3

That is, I miss the bassoon. Not so much the clarinet.

6/30/2010 #4
Thetis of White Isle

I used to play the violin in the viola, but when I went off to college, I had to quit. I was thinking of picking it up again this summer, as renting a violin isn't too expensive, but the renter was like, "You're going to try on your own? ...you learn bad habits that way." Urk.

Piano is awesome, and if someone as uncoordinated as I can pick it up, then anyone can do it! I started young, and was trained in the classics...Bach, Beethoven...not Brahms, though. I nabbed a high school diploma in piano before I left for college. Then I didn't have much time for it anymore. :( I still like to bang on the keys every so often, but I really need to sit down and get some practice time in...

You don't miss the clarinet? Can't say that I blame you. Those things go out of tune so easily... I don't know much about the bassoon, but...what pieces did you like to play?

6/30/2010 #5

Well, the reason I haven't really picked up piano is because I have no access to one. That, and the fact that I really don't have time during the school year. Plus, you have the advantage on me. You learned as a kid. I hear thats the time to learn, the time when you'll pick it up best.

I think what I really disliked about clarinets wasn't that they go out of tune so easily, but that so many other people in the HS band played it too. Compound this with the fact that I'm not a great instrumentalist, and you have me, sitting last chair (or close to it) every week. That does wonders for your self-esteem, or more accurately, to your self-esteem. I got tired of it, and picked up something that no one else played - bassoon. Loved it. I wasn't any better than I was on clarinet, but I felt like I was better, and that made all the difference in the world. (It sucked having to carry it up three flights of stairs every other day, however.)

I don't really remember what I played, it's been too long. I have a recording of some stuff that we played (not our recording, just a recording. Rather, recordings, as in, multiple, as in 5), but it's not here (do you see the theme here? *eye roll*). I really didn't play solo pieces - you would be assuming that I was decent enough for people to be able to listen to me outside of a band context.

6/30/2010 #6
Thetis of White Isle

No recordings of me exist. I'm actually playing for a church band, and...well...they don't give me actual music. They give me a sheet of guitar tabs and I fiddle with it from there! What can I say, I play it by ear...chord, whatever. I try, hopefully.

I like Debussy a lot--his style is suited to my type of playing (they say I have a gentle touch, or so they say.) But I haven't finished any pieces that are in that style. Only Golliwog's Cakewalk and Le Petit Negre which is really kind of ironic. I also like Ravel, but I've only done a bit o' Forlane, Menuet, and Pavane. (Same guy who did the famous Bolero.) I play some Beethoven...mostly of the two famous movements in his two piano sonatas--uh, Moonlight and Pathetique. Nowadays, the FF piano collections take up a lot of my time, I know quite a few pieces from there, including To Zanarkand.

Speaking of piano, I have to learn a piece by Sunday. Somebody wants me to play an offertory...

7/2/2010 #7

What's an offertory? What do they want to you to play?

7/3/2010 #8
Thetis of White Isle

Offertory is when the eucharist is performed usually...actually, that's a Catholic term, isn't it? The bread and the wine, I mean, but since our church only does that the first of every month, every week we take an offering. The offertory music was actually the more correct term I was going after. The offertory music...? I'm not sure what to play actually, as they left it to my discretion. I'm thinking of dashing a few bars of Debussy's Reverie, but I'm not sure if that's churchy enough...

Gee, maybe I'll just tear something out of the ole hymn book. We have it lying around this house somewhere. Someone once played the a whole movement of a Haydn sonata for the offertory music, and after they collected the plates, she was left playing for another twenty minutes. Goodness, I don't want to end up doing something like that.

7/3/2010 #9

Probably best to just use something from the hymn book. Churchgoers would probably appreciate that. I would totally be tempted to play something darker, more ominous. But, that's just me.

7/3/2010 #10
Thetis of White Isle

"It's a pavane for a dead princess, not a dead pavane for a princess!" Famous Ravel quote. So that piece is surprisingly not gloomy or dark. It's actually a Spanish dance to be exact. So it's actually kind of elegant and noble.

7/3/2010 #11

I've been somehow getting into a bunch of music that my fiance gave me lately, which is pretty much classic rock. Not sure why, but I didn't expect myself to like it as much as I do. I usually listen to Broadway and classically-influenced stuff.

I've played the piano for about 17 years, starting when I was about 4 years old. I had to quit lessons when I started college, but I still try to learn on my own by just picking pieces that I want to learn to play.

7/4/2010 #12

W00T for classic rock, the return of Kitten, and Broadway! :D What music did your fiance give you? Like, artists.

Thetis - is the Pavane for a Dead Princess song the one you're gonna play?

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #13
Thetis of White Isle

For us Chinese, the 'rents usually force you to pick up something. Either piano or violin. :D My unfortunate nephew got roped into both. ^^

And yes, I played the first quarter of Pavane, right before it goes into the arpeggio part.

7/4/2010 #14

Um, well lately he and I have both been listening to Dream Theater, which isn't really classic, but the keyboardist is AMAZING. He was training, apparently, from a really young age to be a classical pianist and from what I've read he was really brilliant, and he just decided he wanted to do rock instead of classical. There's a song called "Dance of Eternity" off their album "Scenes from a Memory" and he somehow manages to artfully place this astounding ragtime bit in the middle of a rock instrumental. It is awesome! We're going to see their concert in a couple weeks and I am super excited!

Other artists I never really listened to before I met him....um, Aerosmith, for one; their "Fly Away From Here" was the first love song he ever played for me. Also Bon Jovi (we're going to see him this summer too!), s o m e Metallica (I have to be in a REALLY specific mood to listen to their three songs that I like off "Death Magnetic", otherwise it just gives me a headache), Styx, Van Halen (which somehow always makes me want to dance), Queen (I actually knew quite a lot of their songs, just not in their original versions, and they are definitely my favorite of the music I've picked up from him). I know there's probably more...

He plays guitar (really well, might I add) and tends to like things with guitar parts that he finds somehow interesting and/or difficult. He listens to a lot more music than these but these are the ones that I have caught onto.

7/4/2010 #15
Thetis of White Isle

I like Ali Project, Yousei Teikoku, and a few other Japanese bands you probably have never heard of. For the sake of your ears, please don't YouTube them. Their music is very weird and has strange harmonics and some would say nails on a chalkboard would be easier to listen to...

But I was in the car, and my dad was playing Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, and he also had a recording of Englebert Humperdinck's Evening Prayer. Not Dream Pantomime, disappointingly, because I adore that piece. As you can see, I don't really know many modern bands, except I know of them. Am fond of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club by the Beatles though. (And some other random songs that everybody probably likes.)

7/9/2010 #16

MUST YOUTUUUUUUUUUUUUUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/war cry of new music fanatic]

I never liked the Beatles. I'm probably the only person on the face of the planet who has never understood why the Beatles are so popular, but...*shrugs* there it is.

You say that 'and some other random songs that everybody probably likes' bit like it's a bad thing.

7/10/2010 #17

It's really funny that you say that, scharlie, because I thought I was the only person on the face of the planet who has never understood why the Beatles are so popular. :P

7/11/2010 #18

YAY! *dances, and not to the sound of the Beatles, thank you!*

But, if your boyfriend/fiance/you know who I'm talking about listens to a lot of classic rock, doesn't he listen to the Beatles as well? OH, THE AGONY!

7/11/2010 #19

lol! Actually, no. He doesn't listen to them either.

7/11/2010 #20

:D Great. So, that's three of us. WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS WORLD!!

Seriously, though? All of my friends do. My brothers do. I just don't understand.

7/11/2010 #21

The only person in my family I know that likes them is one of my sisters, but I have quite a few friends that do. Also my fiance's roommate :P That would be AWESOME *massive sarcasm quotes*

7/11/2010 #22

Lucky. *jealous*

Have you ever realized that if you add an 's' onto the end of 'Beatles', it becomes 'Beatless' (as in they have no beat). I've always thought that was appropriate.

It's raining. :D I'm crossing my fingers that we'll get a nice thunderstorm.

What would be awesome?

7/11/2010 #23

Having a roommate who listened to the Beatles.

On a side note, I have the first chapter of a new story done! ^_^ I shall upload it right now!

7/11/2010 #24

Lol. My roommate likes the Beatles, but she doesn't really listen to them. It's weird. I don't really understand how that works.

Yay! I shall read. :)

7/11/2010 . Edited 7/11/2010 #25
L. W. Perry

Listening to In The Dark Of The Night from the Anastasia movie. XD Don't judge me. It's an epic song. Have you heard that choir in the chorus?

7/15/2010 #26

The animated/Disney Anastasia movie? (Not that I can think of another Anastasia movie - that's kind of why I'm asking.) I love a good choir. YOUTUBE!

Don't worry, no judging. I listen to Veggie Tales. And Tarzan: The Musical...in Dutch. I understand. :D

7/15/2010 #27
L. W. Perry

Not Disney, but yeah. XD I adore that movie.

7/15/2010 #28

It isn't Disney? I thought it was Disney. The one where she has amnesia, and falls in love with Demetri, and there's the weird bat-thing (who is oh-so-funny), and Rasputin is evil...? That one? I could have sworn that one was Disney.

7/15/2010 #29
L. W. Perry

Yep. And nope. It's Fox.

And I love the bat, Bartok. :3

7/15/2010 #30
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