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I don't know why number five. I bet you'd be really confused if I said 'setenta y cinco', wouldn't you?
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L. W. Perry

Oh, and when it comes to awesome choirs, gotta' love the Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack.

7/15/2010 #31

WHAT? I could have sworn it was Disney. I guess it's one of those Disney misnomers - you know, that everyone thinks Disney did, but they didn't. Hmm...

Bartok is my favorite. Hahaha, he's hilarious.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack has some beautiful music on it. Like, 'God Bless the Outcasts'. *cries* It's absolutely beautiful. I love when the outside choir people come in on that song as the selfish/rich people.

And then, of course, there is 'Out There,' which is great. Love that song. :D

7/15/2010 #32
L. W. Perry

Lol, yeah. Kinda' like The Swan Princess.

"Ow. I'll tell you what, ow."

My favorite's Hellfrie. Villian songs are epic!

7/15/2010 #33

I have the Anastasia soundtrack on my iPod, so I definitely won't judge :) That song is totally epic. I guess it's cliche since it's the signature song from the movie, but I do love "Once Upon a December." The whole soundtrack is really fantastic.

I love "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" soundtrack as well, though I'm a lot less familiar with it. But I know "God Help the Outcasts" well since I taught it to one or two of my former music students and I love it!

7/15/2010 #34
L. W. Perry

I have sheet music for Once Upon A December. It's really easy to play, but sounds really good.

7/15/2010 #35

I wonder if you have the same copy as I do. How easy is it?

7/15/2010 #36

Who's Hellfrie? Where's he from?

7/15/2010 #37

I have a LARGE collection of Disney songs, as well as some of their translations into French. (Did you know that 'Whole New World' is so freaking beautiful in French?)

7/15/2010 #38

YOUTUBE! *listens to "A Whole New World" in French*

7/15/2010 #39
L. W. Perry

Uh, extremely. It's like, half notes and whole notes.

I meant Hellfire. XD It's Frollo's song in Hunchback.

7/15/2010 #40

Ugh, I don't like Frollo as a villain. Then again, I haven't seen Hunchback in forever, but still. I don't really like his voice. I like the choir behind him though.

7/15/2010 #41

Oh, that's a different one than I have, then :)

I like the French "A Whole New World." I love singing in French, it's so pretty!

7/15/2010 #42
L. W. Perry

You didn't? He was my favorite...

7/15/2010 #43

As a villain? I dunno, I'd need to see the movie more recently. His voice? No, it was too...gravelly, I guess?

I loved Scar as a villain though. I think he might just be the universal favorite. I loved his song, 'Be Prepared'. Especially, the part where he converses with his hyenas. "Why, is he sick?" Best line. :D

7/15/2010 #44
Thetis of White Isle

Ah, Disney songs...sweet memories of childhood. Actually, I'm listening to that that song that plays at the end of WALL-E...er... *checks* "Down to Earth." Love that song. Great movie too.

7/15/2010 #45
WALL-E is one of my favorite Pixar movies of all time. ALL TIME! :D
7/15/2010 #46
L. W. Perry

My favorite Pixar movie is probably Finding Nemo. Or A Bug's Life. One of the two.

7/15/2010 #47
Thetis of White Isle

I'm going for Up for a lot of personal reasons. The character of Carl resonated deeply with me, and the first time I saw the montage scene with him and Ellie I bawled.

7/15/2010 #48
L. W. Perry

Up was amazing. I loved Dug.

7/15/2010 #49

I loved Up. And Wall-E. Great movies. I have the DVDs. :D

7/15/2010 #50
L. W. Perry

My mom's looking into getting me guitar lessons. :)

I'm excited.

7/17/2010 #51

That's awesome! :D Congrats.

7/18/2010 #52
Congratulations! I need to learn how to play the guitar someday.
7/19/2010 #53
L. W. Perry

Yep. I start Wednesday. I'll borrow my sister's acoustic at first, but if I stick with it, they'll buy me my own.

I'm stupidly excited to get to name it. XD I always name my instruments. I'm thinking Henrietta.

7/19/2010 #54
Thetis of White Isle

That makes me wish I had time and money to go back to my piano teacher. She was the only one patient enough to put up with me, but she's probably already retired. I never named my instrument (a Yamaha upright,) but maybe I should name it Aurelia or something similiarly outlandish just to put me in a good mood when I have to sit and practice.

I was actually considering buying a violin at some point. You can get a decent one on the cheap. I just need music, since I have an idea of how to play already (has had lessons.)

Our church band could use a guitarist. Our old one went away to college. XP

7/20/2010 #55
L. W. Perry

I've never wanted to play piano. Mom wanted me to take lessons since I was six, but I never did. Everybody plays piano.

I have a weird obsessions with naming instruments. XD My really old flute (from, like, the sixties) is named Linda, my rented one is Maria, my friend's clarinet is Rose, and the guitar that I don't own or can play is Henrietta. :) After the Fratellis song.

7/20/2010 #56
Thetis of White Isle

Funny, that's the exact reason that guitar never interested me. So many people play it! I started out playing piano because my parents coerced me into it. They kind of did it to all three of the kids in my family. My brother ended up getting so good at it, he had a concert pianist teaching him during high school. He auditioned for a prestigious music university. Didn't get in because he wasn't practicing enough.

As for me, I do enjoy the piano because it's so versatile and it's a good solo instrument. And it's like guitar in the respect that it's pretty easy to pick up, but difficult to master. It's far from the truth that anyone can play the piano; playing it is one thing, but playing it well? It's amazing the level of technical ability and flexibility required to play some...piano concertos. Same with classical guitar.

7/20/2010 #57
I definitely agree, White Isle. Anyone can play the piano, but not everyone can play it well. But I think that's true of pretty much every instrument (unless you have some weird physical impediment like you have asthma so bad you can't play a wind instrument or something :P).
7/20/2010 #58
L. W. Perry

I had my first lesson today. Guitar hurts, but I'll like it.

I have to pick a song that I'll want to learn so I'll have something to strive for. XD Not sure what to pick.

7/21/2010 #59

Do you like Boston? "More Than A Feeling" is always a nice uplifting-sounding song (which totally makes it weird that it seems to be about the singer's girlfriend that left him...maybe it's not as good a choice as I thought...but I love that song!)

7/21/2010 #60
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