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I posted the new prologue and first chapter of my "Untitled Novel" just now. It was a lot more work than I thought to get it typed up :P But it's there for anyone interested. Personally I like this draft much better than the first one. The second chapter should be nearing completion, unless it somehow turns out to be much longer than I anticipate.

7/21/2010 #61
Thetis of White Isle

Can't wait to read it! Hope to get to it tomorrow or this weekend. (It's very hectic 'round here.)

7/22/2010 #62
L. W. Perry

It seems everytime I listen to my music that isn't steampunk, I want to work on Harlow Summerford. Which is what I suppose I'm working on. I want to try and redo it to make everything more like my original idea. Bump it back to '78 instead of '86 and make Harlow's character more mellow. And I still need to work on Scratch's character design a whole lot. I have basically no image of his face or hair in my head. :/

7/22/2010 #63

What is steampunk?

7/23/2010 #64
L. W. Perry

"Steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. It could be described by the slogan 'What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.' It includes fiction with science fiction, fantasy or horror themes. "

Like Abney Park, the Dresden Dolls, Wild Wild West, Dr. Steel, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 20000 Leagues Under The Sea, stuff like that.

7/23/2010 . Edited 7/23/2010 #65

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is one of my favorite action-y type movies :) Actually, my story "You Can't Be Invisible to Me" was originally a LXG fanfic. Personally I liked the fanfic version better. It was longer and more detailed. I think I need to start revising the originalization of that story into its longer form because it was like ten thousand times better that way.

7/23/2010 #66

You know, I meant to ask what "Invisible to Me" was originally a fanfic of, but I kept forgetting. I was thinking 'The Invisible Man' by H.G. Wells, but...*shrugs* And I definitely think that you need to do what feels better to you. *nods*

Okay, so I understand 'steampunk' movies. But...what is 'steampunk' music?

7/23/2010 #67
L. W. Perry

Music that fits to the steampunk style. Like Abney Park or the Dresden Dolls. Could be rock (Abney Park), rap-metal (Dr. Steel), Indain inspired (Sunday driver), anything really.

7/23/2010 #68
person is gone

Steampunk! I heard the word steampunk! Ever since I found out about that genre I have been looking for good steampunk literature... and have found none :( Is anyone writing anything? Please don't tell me I got all excited for nothing.

Sooo I just spent a week away from all things PC... and I come back here and it looks like there's so much interesting stuff! Of course, I start full-time work tomorrow for the first time =/ So it might take a while to read anything... *sigh*. What're the highlights to go for?

7/25/2010 #69

Probably this thread and the "What are you doing?" thread. *nod*

Glad to have you back! Did you enjoy your computer-free week?

7/25/2010 #70
L. W. Perry

"Steampunk! I heard the word steampunk! Ever since I found out about that genre I have been looking for good steampunk literature... and have found none :( Is anyone writing anything? Please don't tell me I got all excited for nothing.'

Well Victorian sci-fi like Jules Verne or H. G. Wells is considered steampunk. I have a story in a Victorian setting, but nothing mechanical.

And, of course, the Steampunk Magazine has short stories in it.

7/25/2010 . Edited 7/25/2010 #71

For those of you who might be interested...


7/26/2010 #72

That is AWESOME! :D And, I'm not even a huge fan of steampunk. :D

7/26/2010 #73
Thetis of White Isle

The closest steampunk thing I've seen was the anime movie, Steamboy, which takes place in Victorian England, if I recall correctly, and he has this steam-powered motor thing that lets him fly. I think it was about a lot more than that, like the negative effects of imperialism, but I can't really remember. It had a nice soundtrack, mostly original orchestral pieces.

Working on Ordinary Girl. The next chapter won't be out until August, even though the it's technically ready. I'm working ahead. ^_^ As for De Anima, I'll try to get the next chapter out to scharlie in a few days. That thing is rough. No idea where I'm going to go with it. O_o;

7/28/2010 #74


I think the only steampunk movie I saw was...I don't even remember the name. I all I really remember was that she was a photographer for a newspaper, and then she's whisked away to Shangri-La, or something, and with her last picture of her...erm, non-digital camera, she decides to take a picture of the guy that she's fallen for instead of the animals in parachutes raining down from the sky.

Details are kind of fuzzy. But, I clearly remember that the movie had a 1920's feel to it (it wasn't actually from the 1920's, just set in it), though there was technology in the movie that was more advanced than ours.

7/28/2010 #75
Thetis of White Isle

So...what are you working on lately? You forgot to answer the forum question. ^^

7/28/2010 #76

I didn't for a reason - I'm working on absolutely nothing. I have two ideas for...somethings, but...I don't actually have any idea of how to carry them out, you know? I've written down the ideas, and they'll probably stay nothing more than an idea for a while. *shrugs* And then, there's a poem that's in the works, but I've hit a wall with it, and I have no idea where to from there. I'm not even sure I like the last stanza I wrote.

So, I'm not really working on much of anything.

7/28/2010 #77
L. W. Perry

Recently, I've been wanting to write a brilliant children's story.

And I've randomly had the title 'I Eat People" stuck in my head, Kinda' want to do something with that now.

Oh, and I want to write a marching band story because...I miss the flute section. :/

7/28/2010 #78

O_o I dunno what you can do with the title "I Eat People". That's...kinda weird.

7/31/2010 #79
Thetis of White Isle

Mostly hashing out some of George's rationale for some of the thoughts going through his head. Holly, as you know, is very bad at reading people, so her view of George...is quite a bit skewed. Plus George can hide things really well. But I haven't really written much this weekend, but I do plan on working out some more writing-related stuff. Hopefully I'll get another chapter up in the next few weeks. De Anima is going to go through the ringer too. I might use my original prologue, because the desert stuff isn't working out too well at the moment. Meh. I do have to thank scharlie for putting up with me on that story. Would you be willing to go through the new chapters once I get around to fixing them up?

8/1/2010 #80

But of course! :D You keep assuming that beta-ing De Anima is painful.

8/1/2010 #81
Thetis of White Isle

Hee. More like putting up with my death throes when my story's hacked up is painful. I learned recently that betas have to be willing to stomp all over you and not really care about your personal feelings. Which is quite good, what you're doing with your beta reads. Thanks! I have to clean up that prologue, though...see if it's still usable. There are ten million things I have to do. Like sleep. .

8/1/2010 #82
L. W. Perry

"O_o I dunno what you can do with the title "I Eat People". That's...kinda weird."

I know, but it's stuck in my head.

8/1/2010 #83

Did I stomp all over you and not care about your personal feelings? Or...was this someone else? *confused*

This forum confuses me sometimes. I was just reading something about how you took out the prologue completely, and you were trying to use it as a hook. I'm not sure where that was, so I'm just going to respond to it here: I think you could definitely take out the prologue and just use the desert scene where they find Ferris as a hook. That would work. And then, it just adds to the story that you don't know what Ferris is talking about when she mentions Megami.

8/2/2010 #84

I feel like "I Eat People" could be a scary children's horror story about the monsters under your bed or something. Only, you might have to change the title to "I Eat Children Raw (But Adults Are Good BBQ'ed)." Or...you know, whatever.

Tastes like chicken! :)

8/2/2010 #85

I eat children raw

I've done it all my life

It may be against the law

But, then again, so's my wife.


I'm not even sure that made sense.

8/2/2010 #86


8/2/2010 #87

I'm glad you liked it. :D

8/2/2010 #88
L. W. Perry

That's epic, just so you know.

8/2/2010 #89

Thanks! :D I try.

8/2/2010 #90
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