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Thetis of White Isle

Figured we needed a type of thread where we could rant about things that tick you off about writing and FP, and other things related to communities online. Or pretty much anything. I'm not particular.

Here's my list. One, some of the guidelines for being able to have a story put on a community. "If your story doesn't have x amount of reviews, it stinks, and we don't want it." Um. Right. There was one particularly crazy one that said that if your story only had a couple reviews (or less) per chapter, it wasn't good enough. Or that it has to have over five hundred reviews or some ludicrous number. What? What if it didn't get a lot of attention or something? What if it's not well-known? What if you're not well-known?

Also, when someone solicits reviews, and you give them one, and they get really upset. Really upset. Because you didn't love and adore their story, and worship everything it touches. That it was less than perfect? And they flame you. Worse still when they get their friends to flame you as well?

Writer's block. Enough said.

I think I'm done for now. I'll add more to this when I can think of them.

8/11/2010 #1
person is gone

You are awesome. (Beware, I will conquer this thread.)

And that is really bad! I had no idea that who review-number thing was going on =/ I was thinking about something similar today, actually. What annoys me is that people will read a story and not review if they don't think it's worth a review. Even if it's horrific, the help would be brilliant, or even just a "Read it, nothing to say!"... !

Heh, I reviewed a story from a young teenager a while ago (maybe she was even 12). Anyway, the story had potential but was overrun with grammar/spelling errors and painfully immature ideas, but it had no other reviews so I tried to leave some positive remarks and honest pointers. The author freaked out at me and went on about how her friends all loved it and I was just wrong. So I know the friend-flaming thing. Thankfully they didn't go at me personally.


ALSO... dear god the emoness. I've read enough of those poems... I've been guilty of them, too, but I'm out of that general demographic now, and it's painful to stumble across them and read all the reviews: "So beautiful! So real! I can relate! AMAZING poem!" when I just want to shake these people and tell them to grow up and get over themselves XD Some are good, don't get me wrong, but... aye.

Then of course there are the Twilight-fanatics... do other people notice the fads? I remember when Harry Potter reached it's climax where practically everybody was reading it, and it seemed like every second story published was about magic or a magic school.


8/11/2010 #2

I agree with everyone about the flaming for honest reviews thing. It's just ridiculousness.

People who are excessively obsessive (try saying that three times fast) are a pet peeve of mine as well. Like who only like/write about one thing (Twilight could be included in this sort of thing I suppose). But someone obsessing over anything excessively drives me crazy.

8/11/2010 #3
Thetis of White Isle

The reason many people don't review today is because the exact reason that if you aren't praising the story to the sky, the author'll get nasty, or at least, chances are they will.

The one time I got a nasty response, and after getting vented on repeatedly, she was like, "Well, I think that we just have different styles, and you're expecting too much from me." And yeah, I got the, "Everybody else liked it!" excuse.

I could rant extensively on Twilight, but I might scare a few people away. So I will not.

8/12/2010 #4

Hey, I just noticed this. Obvi, I'm very observant. :D

You know, I've given plenty of reviews where I laid it down for the author and just said, "This is what needs to be changed." I've never gotten a flaming response, so to speak. Part of me really wants one but that's the weird part of me that longs to stir up fight and be confrontational. At any rate...yeah, never gotten one.

Though, once I did have a girl review where she said exactly three things: 1. I liked your story. 2. The first half reminds me of the time that my boyfriend and I did the exact same thing. ME: No frickin' way! OMG That's so weird! [/sarcasm] (I'm paraphrasing here.) 3. Hey, won't you R&R my story? It pissed me off. I think I might have mentioned it here, I was so mad, but as long as we're talking about pet peeves.

I could also rant about Twilight. But, I'm lazy and that's a long rant, so I won't. (At one point, I did start writing a parody - sort of - about how people reacted to Twilight. It was intense. Never finished it.)

As for being obsessed...well, I realized recently that 3 of the poems I've posted on here have to do with night, and two of them involve terror and beasts/monsters. To add on to that, I'm playing with the idea of a story that's about just that - sort of a horror/mystery type thing that has to do with night and monsters under the bed. Now, admittedly, I write about other things as well. But...*shrugs*

A personal pet peeve? And, I quote. "dis is gona b mi nu acont. afta dat prep hackd mi ava acont i ddnt wnt 2 rite mor stuf. bt i dcded 2 rite sum orignl stuf 2 prov dat im a gud riter. if u flam me den u sux. ur a rrep." I copied that directly from a profile on FP. I swear, it's hardly English. (Now, I'm not perfect. When IMing friends, I have a tendency to type/write with no capitals. When texting, I take the shortest route possible to spelling a word as I don't have a full keyboard. But when you expect random people to read AND LIKE what they've read, when you want them to read more, you write out the words in perfect English.)

8/16/2010 #5
person is gone

A lot of people could rant about Twilight, it seems... I liked the books. They were fun, but I don't think they're worth anything more than the occasional entertainment... especially to stand Bella. Depressed when Edward's there, suicidal when he's not =/ Manically suicidal when he's there, too, if you count her wanting to be a vampire XD

On Twilight: if anyone's interested, there's a story saved under my favourites from a guy ranting about what's so wrong with twilight. He got a lot of publicity on here for it, and some of the comments are quite funny.

Edward wasn't that bad for a story character, but I hate people's obsession with him. I bet if they really met anyone like him, they'd be running away screaming.

I think you did mention that, scharlie18. That's stupid. The reviews that annoy me are the ones that're just, "I really liked this. Keep it up!" because they're so useless. It's nice to hear, but I come here to improve my writing, not hear how good it is XD Hearing how bad it is might help, though...

And I haaaate writing like that. I don't get it. It would seem like so much more effort to concentrate on leaving out as many vowels as possible than just writing the word normally... maybe it's a troll? I haven't met trolls on here yet. It's worse when it's adults doing it, and not a misguided 12-year-old.

What profile was that? I can hardly believe it o.o

8/16/2010 #6
Thetis of White Isle

That phrase is quoted by none other than Tara Gillesbie, or whatever her name was. Infamous for her Harry Potter fanfic, My Immortal, which was an entire 40+ chapter story written in the exact style in that example. No, I couldn't make it past chapter five myself, other than skimming. My brain was hurting after that...

I Googled that phrase, and it looks like she's starting a new Twilight story, horror of horrors. I'm going to avoid the headache of reading it, and there are doubts that it's Tara again anyway, so...many theorize she was just an troll looking for attention. Because it's inconceivable to me that anyone could write that bad, unless on purpose.

Most of the reviews for Love Letters are by one person, and they're exactly like that. Hmm, what's worse, useless reviews or no reviews at all? Decisions, decisions.

Right not, even though it's not exactly writing-related...I despise bullies. Long, personal story behind that one. But for a quick blurb, from my old college, somebody posted over twenty videos of a kid who lived in the dorms who had some kind of disability, being harassed many times over the course of the year. Part of the reason why I don't go to that school anymore. And watching those videos recently brought back a lot of bad memories. Yech.

But back to writing...being mobbed by plot bunnies. Anyone have this happen to them before? It's the exact opposite of writer's block, and almost just as bad. Especially when you don't have as much time to write as you'd like. Gah!

8/17/2010 #7
person is gone

Yeah I know the plot bunnies... what a good term for them! They only ever attack when you have no time! Evil brilliant bunnies.

I just looked up the phrase, too. That's amazing, and we're in agreement. I can't believe somebody would write like that unless on purpose.

Bullying is horrible. I'm sorry to hear about that kid. That kind of stuff is just... sick. I think that's the perfect word for it. People with sick minds. It does remind me of a movie called Tormented, though. It's a British horror movie about a boy who was bullied and eventually committed suicide - then he comes back from the dead and enacts brutal and very gory revenge on all the people who bullied him and those who refused to help him too. One of the scarier parts of the movie (for me, at least) was how well the whole aspect of bullying was portrayed. It was so believable it was painful.

New pet peeve: people blatantly using wrong science in blockbuster movies. Grr.

8/17/2010 #8
Thetis of White Isle

The proliferation of plot bunnies most often happens when you are alone at night, with no one to call for help... ^_~

You should check out TV Tropes for some common tropes in...well, everything. There's the crowning moment of awesome, which is when a character achieves their greatest moment, the jumping the shark, when a show grows so popular that the writers stop really caring, and of course, using incorrect science in a show has a name too: "You fail biology forever."

Speaking of which, Twilight got mentioned as an example on that page--in particular, regarding Bella's pregnancy and delivery of Resnesmee. Or however you spell that. Hundred year old s***, Bella's body not getting ripped to pieces during the rapid growth of the baby, etc., etc.

8/17/2010 #9

I've never seen this before: ^_~ I can figure out that it's a wink, but I've just never seen it. :)

Ah, plot bunnies. That's kind of what's happening to me. I have to edit a chapter, finish another chapter, finish a one-shot I started, and I hardly have enough time to work on one of the above, never mind three. Probably try to get that stuff done this weekend. :D

Yup, Tara Gillesbie. There's a fantastic article in the Encyclopedia Dramatica about her story. It's great. I think the entire situation with her is just funny. I agree - her story was entirely unreadable. But the situation itself makes me laugh.

There's a show I like called Fringe. It's really weird, but they do a lot of psychology-related stuff. Quite frequently, they would do/say something was so far from the truth that it's amazing I still watched the show. I'm fine with that kind of thing, as long as I am ignorant to it. When I notice it, then we have problems. I remember, back in the days when I was big on House, a girl in my class brought up something that she had seen in House as fact and I wanted to clonk her. *sigh*

If we're going to talk about Twilight and incorrect science, might we mention that vampires and werewolves do not exist? I think that's the bigger science-related mistake in the series. Science doesn't explain how vampires are created or how normal-looking humans turn into werewolves when angered, and yet these are both presented as legitimate facts in the story. Likewise, maybe there's other things in the story that science just can't explain...? My point here is that you can't question the validity of a few smaller details without questioning the bigger issues. You have to choose one or the other.

8/18/2010 #10

(By one or the other, I mean that you have to choose to either question everything or question nothing.)

8/18/2010 #11
person is gone

On the new Tara's story, there's somebody claiming to be her sister and saying that the other one is a fake. I really wonder if she is her sister or if she's just there to get reviews... if I was Tara's sister, I wouldn't relly want to be broadcasting that to the world :]

I've heard of Fringe. It pops up every so often on TV but I never really watch it...

Oh yeah, fantasy stories and scientific explanations don't mix. But with fantasy you know from the outset that they have nothing to do with each other, and that's fine. They're two entirely different worlds of the imagination, and only occasionally can they be mixed well. I love fantasy in it's own right. The movies I'm referring to are the ones that are masquerading as actual realistic movies. 2012 for the most part was pretty good scientifically - you could see that they worked at it. Apart from them discovering neutrinos that were suddenly acting like microwaves =/ It's just lazy plot development. It's not usually very difficult to come up with a scientific explanation to explain something you want to do, but people get lazy and don't bother because the general population won't notice, and that detracts from movies for me. Just like psychologists who see ridiculous mental cases in movies (I really wonder how they handled Inception) and doctors watching hospital/outbreak movies. Writers pay more attention to what will be more obvious plot holes to the public and ignore the rest...

It's as you said, detracting to the people who notice it.

A lot of people go on about Twilight and how it's incorrect fantasy... vampires aren't like that, werewolves aren't like that, etc. I think that's silly XD Vampires and werewolves can be exactly as you want them to be. Maybe I should write about a vampire who has bright pink bunny ears... I don't think many people would appreciate that right now.

On a side note; I'm watching Just Cause 2 being played right now. It's such a HILARIOUS game because they got the physics brilliantly... to the point where most interactions between objects are realistic. So a plane just took off with another plane tethered to it and they ended up flying around in circles for a while until one crashed... it's just such a well-made play area. The sad thing is that the writing and voice acting is so bad it's best to just ignore that whole part of the game, i.e. the story, and run around doing stupid fun stuff... balanced games and movies are so rare.

8/18/2010 #12
Thetis of White Isle

Oh, don't worry, I'm really not (too much, anyway) making fun of Twilight; I'm just citing TV Tropes because I could spend hours on that site, looking up series and matching tropes from all different kinds of series. Don't really care if Twilight's scientifically sound, it's just kind of funny to tease sometimes. Sort of like how no one cares that Superman and Lois Lane technically can't even have kids. (It's a great article that someone wrote a while back. Google it. It's called "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex.")

Right now, after I get around to fixing the beta read that scharlie did for me, I'm thinking of writing a short story story about an old couple. They live in an apartment building, with a really embittered neighbor and wife that argue all the time in the floor above them. Pretty much they can hear everything. And on a lark, the older couple learn some things that...well, that would be giving it away. It's a meditation on marriage, I guess. Or so I would attempt. (Has never tried it herself)

Right now, I'm eating lunch. Spaghetti, eggplant, and bamboo shoots. It's pretty elcectic.

8/18/2010 #13
Thetis of White Isle

Aw, crap. I was supposed to put something that annoyed me. Uh...I hate squirrels. Yeah. No, really. They're just rats with bushy tails. Our house is half-chewed up because of them.

8/18/2010 #14
L. W. Perry

This isn't related to writing, but I hate the phrase, "That's what's up."



8/21/2010 #15
Thetis of White Isle

I'm really starting to dread it when people actually read my stuff sometimes. Especially when they're professionals, and they make you feel like a fool.

Basically, this. I recently was asked to show a sample of my reading to a graduate student in English at my school, and I happened to have a copy of Sonata for a Lucid Dream on me, and it was pretty much the only thing I had on me was that finished, done with. She went over it, took about a week, and I got it back.

She utterly destroyed it.

Yeah, I know you have to get used to being critiqued and torn apart; it's the only way you get better, right? But it seriously worries me that the only nice things said about my writing were from people online. Does that make them less valid somehow? Critiquing really hurts, especially when you read the comments, and there's really nothing that was liked about your story.

Real quick, some of the things that were said was that the protagonist had nothing to live for, and that she was poorly developed. The first is true, the second is intentional: I wanted to not overdevelop the girl because I wanted people to live through her. Also, I overvictimized her, and made her seem stalkerish. Valid and valid. I have no defense. I never did feel comfortable with that story, but I was at one point tired of looking at it. So that was that.

9/30/2010 #16
person is gone

I think that, on Fictionpress, the readers generally aren't experienced, balanced readers =/ From what I can tell, they mostly seem to be female teenagers... with no real writing experience, just armed with their own imaginations. Apart from you lot of course, all you English majors ^^

I'd actually be terrified of having a graduate student read my writing, and really, really analyse it. I just don't think my writing's up to it XD The closest I've ever come to doing that was in a poetry workshop. We were given a topic and told to write a poem about it, and I wrote something terrible to begin with. I gave up on that and wrote a flowy thing about beautiful Italy and my summer experiences, and then I read it out in front of them, and I usually don't share my poetry, especially out loud. When I was done, I was treated with silence, and a rather shocked look from the guy leading the group. He nodded and then moved onto the next person. I still have no idea if it was shock from something that just awed their brains or shock from the thought of, "wth is this girl doing here?". =/

In any case, if you think the critique is valid then that's a good thing. At least you can understand it.

10/2/2010 #17
Thetis of White Isle

People who aren't upfront with you about the truth. Yes, I know this seems oxymoronic about the brutally honest critique I just was reluctant to think on, but humans and reality don't have to make sense. Fiction does. Heh.

Anyway, this pet peeve is about when people don't tell you exactly what they want from you. They dance around the subject because of...God knows, society-accepted precepts, their own self-preservation, I really couldn't tell you. You would save a great deal of human pain and suffering if you would just tell people the truth. So the truth is uncomfortable and it hurts. It only prolongs the pain if you don't own up to it then and there. Bah.

Anyway, I'm here to modify my complaint about critiquing. I'm fine with it now, I know that story was drippy and incompetent. I will aspire to better pastures. And while we're at it, it's okay to be hurt by it at first, but you must be able to move on. How else are you to grow in this field if you're so stuck on yourself?

That may be why there are so few good writers--they may never grow from experience because they refuse to learn from criticism. Here's to hoping we can learn from each other in this respect. Cheers.

10/13/2010 #18

I don't know if any of you have experienced the imponderable joy that is the phrase "Going off of what he/she said..." used by the students in my classes to begin a discussion point with a level of frequency that makes me want to repeatedly pound my head on my desk every time I hear it. If you HAVE experienced at this level, I feel your pain. If you haven't, please, for the love of all that is holy, REFRAIN FROM USING IT! It drives me freakin' CrAzY!

That is all :)

11/26/2010 #19
Thetis of White Isle

Crazy catchphrases...huh. I don't really have anything like that, but I do have several things I despise about some baking ingredients.

Sweetened condensed milk. They always ask for this in cheesecake! Especially chocolate chip cheesecake. It should not be used in baking. It is absolutely disgusting!

Self-rising cake flour. Redundant. You can't control the baking powder or the salt content. I'd rather just add the darned ingredients myself instead of having it in there already like I'm some stupid kid.

(On that account, why do them Brits insist on using the self-rising flour? It's just...odd. What the difference between that and all-purpose with the necessary ingredients? I mean, couldn't you just add the sufficient amount of baking powder/soda/whatsits by yourself? Or do they have a shortage over there?)

I don't normally like light corn syrup, except it's my secret ingredient for awesome buttercreams. It's typically flavorless, though, unlike golden syrup, which is pretty cool for its versatility.

I am planning a tea party again this year, and I think I'll make a linzertorte this time, along with chocolate pots de creme, and maybe shortbread. I'll probably go for cucumber sandwiches, maybe a chicken waldorf salad...and undecided. Scones too, but I'm buying some Devonshire cream this time because last Christmas all I could find was the some creme fraiche. Now there's an idea--I could make some creme fraiche lemon cake--but anyway, I have to get some good tea this time. Maybe I should buy a teapot with a filter this time. Hee.

Um. Why'd I include that paragraph in there? I love teatime. Anyway, back to pet peeves. I hate female character bashing. Especially when it's one of those romances with two men, and they bash the token female just to make the two leads look better by comparison. Can't you build up your characters without making the others look bad? Urgh. Sometimes it's necessary to have a villain, but most of the time, you can make a more credible one in another fashion.

12/1/2010 #20
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