What about the manga section?
What are the difference between the manga section and the others here on FP? Why is it so popular in comparison? Discuss something-anything- ...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people on this site.
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Open your eyes Chopstick

So, I made this forum cuz i didn't know how. yup, this is pretty much a test run, but also because I've been curious about how the review system works. HOW DOES IT WORK? We all understand about the snow ball effect. Once we get a certain amount of reviews, the reviews just keeps on coming wihtout you having to try. But how do we know which category to put our works in so we can GET the snow ball effect? You write a story. Ex: Fantasy. Do you put it in the fantasy section or manga section? Which section do you think will get more reviews? Which section do you think you will get the most honest reviews, especially since the fantasy section is mostly fantasy lovers, thus they can help you more?

Let's talk about how to get the REAL snow ball effect.

7/6/2010 #1
Charming Dice

It's not so much about the section you put it in. That's part of it, but not all. You can put an adventure/fantasy story in the Manga section and, if you reach out to them, get readers from the Action, Thriller, Supernatural, Young Adult, General, and Fantasy sections all reading your work. It's all about marketing. Think bigger.

7/6/2010 #2
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah, but i just realized that if you put a fantasy story in the manga section, it'll probably get more reviews than if you put it in the fantasy section. I "market" both my stories equally to whoever, but for some reason, my story in the manga sec is "popular" in comparison to my story in the fantasy section. Not that that's BAD but i think both are about the same when comming to writing style. Now, i have a feeling if i switch my fantasy story to the manga section, the reviews will go up.

Do you think maybe that has to do with the amount of people reading the manga section MORE than the other sections? Or that the people reading the manga stories are just looking for something fun and reviews for fun, in compared to the other sections of fp, where they're more serious about what they review? (or is this just me? I'm serious when reviewing anything i read, but i find that when it comes to the flow of the writing, i'm a little more leniate on the manga stories than the others.)

7/6/2010 #3
Charming Dice

You have a goofy name. It makes me laugh when I read it.

I don't know why your story in the Manga section is more popular. Could be that Manga is such a magnet for below average writers than anytime someone comes along who's ascended to the majestic heights of medocrity, they're treated like greek heroes who've slayed the gods of bad grammar and plot.

Or maybe you're right. People read more in the manga section. Or they just expect less out of it. I think it's that so many fanfiction writers come to this site with their low standards and high enthusiasm, and end all up in setting up camp in the manga section. That's probably it.

And you know what? I've seen your name all over this site, with your advertisements. You really are going hard after this, aren't you? I respect that. It reminds me of when I first came to this site years ago. Believe it or not, before there were even forums in this place, I was the king of the return review. Then I left. Now that title is yours.

7/7/2010 #4
Open your eyes Chopstick

haha yeah, everyone I talk to on this site said my name is funny. That's cool though; its easy for everyone to remember...and I like making people laugh. :)

mmm...i figured that's probably the reason why "manga" is more popular. After exploring the site, i found out most of the writers here came from fanfiction.com. Not that the people in the manga section are bad at writing, or doesn't have as much ethusuiasm or anything like that, but i could tell the difference when reading the other sections. So i was just curious.

Ahhh thank you for passing on your title to me. I feel honored. But, I should be considered as the Queen of the Return Review, not the king, since I'm a girl. so you can keep the kingliness. :)

7/7/2010 #5
Charming Dice

You're a chick? How did I not catch that before? It's so weird. I can't believe my chick-dar failed me. Maybe I fell into the whole "dude until proven otherwise" line of thinking.

Oh, and I didn't mean that I thought Manga writers had no enthusiasm for this. I meant that I think they have more enthusiasm and energy for both writing and reading. More than the writers of any other genre here (aside from that creepy romance section, with their hilarious p.o.r.n-in-prose-form stories). The vibe I get from this section is almost like the fresh, nervous/excited energy of a little kid. Like almost everybody here, regardless of age, is fully in touch with their inner brat.

I'll keep the title of King. And guess what? I now name thee Queen Chopstick, ruler of the fictionpress forums.

7/7/2010 . Edited 7/8/2010 #6
Open your eyes Chopstick

haha yeah....i try to be genderless when reviewing and foruming. If anything, you'll probably only know i'm a girl if you read this, or my profile. So, i don't think it's the chick-dar going wrong. haha.

okay, yeah, you're probably right about the "fresh, nervous/excited energy of a little kid." That's probably the best way to describe it. Ummm...so snow ball effect: go where the nervous/excited kids are. haha

And thank you. I promise to be the best Queen chopstick here on the forum and reviews. I'll try my best. :)

7/7/2010 #7
Charming Dice

Faith in the chick-dar has been restored.

All I can ask is that you try to be the best Queen Chopstick ever. Not hard, since you're the only Queen Chopstick ever.

I think we've answered the snow ball question as completely as we can. The horse is now dead. Shall we continue beating it anyway, or make a new thread? It's for you to decide, m'lady.

On a less serious note, it's almost 5am where I am and still no sleep. I am a sleepless, sleepless King.

7/8/2010 #8
Open your eyes Chopstick

you're right, we have tackled the snow ball...i don't think we could answer it any better. As Queen Chopstick, I declare we should make a new thread. (don't know on what though....any suggestions?)

I can't believe you are able to stay up until 5 am. I'm usually dead by 9. And even then, i have a hard time getting up in the morning. Today is different though. I'm going movie hopping with some friends, so i was able to wake up...i'm so excited. :)

7/8/2010 #9
Charming Dice

I can't believe you can fall asleep before midnight. I work 2nd shift at my job, so I don't get off until 10pm at the earliest. It eats up most of my day. If I want to get anything done or have fun on my work days, it's either in the morning (I hate the morning; wish it didn't exist) or in the middle of the night. I choose night. I've always been a nightwolf that way, since I was little, so it's habit now.

I was so looking forward to getting a few extra shots in on the dead horse. Oh well. Maybe next time.

What movies are you seeing? I've been thinking about seeing some movies with my friends too. The last one we saw was Prince of Persia. Pretty cool.

7/8/2010 #10
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah. well, you're a working man. It makes sense. I'm just a student. All i have to do is pay attention in class and do my homework. and classes aren't that long, so all that leaves is to sleep. :)

I tend to oversleep until noon, so I'm not a morning person either. And I like sleep, so i go to sleep early....so I'm not a night person. so...I'm afternoon kind of person.

Uhhh....we went to watch karate kid and grown ups. If you like humorous stories, grown ups was really good. We laughed the whole time.

I saw prince of persia already. It was okay. I got kind of mad when everyone came back to life, but i suppose that was the only way to make it a happy ending. Other than that, i liked it.

7/9/2010 #11
Charming Dice

Yup. I'm a hard working King.

You're an afternoon person? That's different. But at least you're not one of those freaky morning people. They make me uncomfortable. It's not normal to be happy before noon. It's really not okay. They don't seem to get that, for whatever reason, even though I tell them.

Grown ups sounds good. How's the Karate Kid? You can't go too wrong with a fighting movie.

I thought the ending of Prince of Persia was okay. Probably because I played the games. But did you ever notice that "happy ending" and "crappy ending" are spelled almost exactly the same? Doubt that's a coincidence.

Another movie I saw not too long ago was Kick A**. Greatest movie ever. You see that one?

7/10/2010 #12
Open your eyes Chopstick

Yeah...I'm weird like that. My mom is a morning person. I used to hate it when she tries to wake me up at 6 in the morning by playing her darn guitar (which, by the way, she has no idea how to play. So i'm pretty much being woken up by bad music.) I'll yell at her, but that would onnly make her more chirpy.

Karate Kid was good. Watched it twice. It actually made me have new found respect for Will Smith's kid. I mean, the only reason he got the part was because his dad produced the movie, so I was going to be iffy with his acting. I was wrong. he's a pretty good actor. Now, I can't really call him "Smith's son" since that's rude. I will now call him Jaiden Smith. He deserves to be called by his name, and not be in the shadow of his dad.

Kick a** was good. I saw that too. Damn....I watch alot of movies. Anyways, it was funny.

7/10/2010 #13
Charming Dice

I might go see Karate Kid, then. The Last Airbender is one I'm looking forward to. I never saw the cartoon, but the movie looks cool. And Inception might be good.

Your mom plays guitar? That sounds either really great, or painfully awful (or awfully painful?).

Now, as much as I would love to put myself on your reviewer list, I can't access it. Is it just my computer or is it something wrong with the site?

7/11/2010 #14
Open your eyes Chopstick

don't see the last airbender. it's all plot driven. And usually, plot driven things aren't that good. Especially if you didn't watch the series...you won't understand what's going on. Watch the series. It's better.

You can't get into it? Mmmmm.....I'll look at it and figure it out. It might just be the site. Again, I'll check it out.

7/12/2010 #15
Open your eyes Chopstick

okay. I checked it out. i think it's just the site. a server error thing popped up for you, right? When you tried clicking on it? I've seen this happen to other forums when I tried to look at them. It should go away after a while....if you still can't go on it after a week, let me know. I'll make another one :)

7/12/2010 #16
Victoria Stokes

i agree. . . the last airbender was the absolute worst movie i've ever seen. i would seriously give it a 0.1 out of 5 stars. the show is so much better, so if you like the way the bending looks then just watch that. don't waste your 15 bucks on a bad movie haha.

7/13/2010 #17
Open your eyes Chopstick

oohhh you saw it huh? tisk tisk. didn't i tell you not to? Toy story was much better!

mmm....discussion is going off topic. oh well. I don't care. :) ...unless its against the rules....but i didn't put up any rules? oh, whatever.

7/13/2010 #18
Charming Dice

The worst movie you've ever seen? Now I've gotta go check it out. I need something to laugh at. I've got the next couple of days off, so I have time to screw around. I'm debating whether I should be mean enough to drag my friends to this crappy movie, or if I should see it alone. A few of them do deserve to be tortured, so . . .

Yeah, this thread is way off topic. But who cares? This forum had the least amount of posts in the section when you started. Now it's on page 1. You even somehow mind-tricked Vickie (BTW, what's up, Miss? Welcome) into posting here.

Looks like a snowball to me.

And now, for no reason at all, I have a crazy question: why are they called chopsticks if you don't chop anything with them? I mean, I've stabbed a few things with chopsticks, but no chopping. What's up with that?

7/13/2010 #19
Open your eyes Chopstick

would you really torture you friends like that?! How mean. haha. Last Airbender wasn't completely horrible, but it was still bad. if you want to waste your money, go and see it. But then again, you could always movie hop.

Victoria apparently reads my profile if she posted. I tried getting my readers to look at this forum, so i made a comment on it on my profile. Thanks Victoria!!! :)

And you're probably not asian, are you Darwin? Asians chop things. So, really, if you tried REALLY hard, you could probably chop things with chopsticks. Since, you know, chopsticks are asian people's eatting tools.

... okay. That was a lame answer to your question. i seriously do not know. haha

7/13/2010 #20
Victoria Stokes

well, the movie sure gave me a good laugh haha. i was almost crying, i was laughing so hard. but i saw it with my friend, and we're total avatards so it was just ridiculous. and hello to you mr. dice!

and yeah chopstick chika, i noticed the link when i was sending you a PM. i thought, why not! i guess it is the snowball effect? :P

7/14/2010 #21
Open your eyes Chopstick

awww....now only if my other readers are like you victoria. :) And yeah, snow ball.

speaking of which, i still didn't go to the beach this summer. I really want to go, cuz i thought "wouldn't it be cool to make a sand man?!" instead of a snow man, you know?

...or not. haha

7/14/2010 #22
Charming Dice

I think we'll never know about chopsticks and the lack of chopping. And yeah, Choppy, your answer was really lame. Haha. But your words have such a rythem to them . . . I can't help but to laugh. :p

I couldn't bother with the lost airbender today. Maybe tomorrow. Any thoughts about Inception? I'm definitely going to see that.

Avatard V & the Chopstick Chika. Sounds like a hit to me.

7/14/2010 #23
Victoria Stokes

you're welcome! haha.

and Inception looks amazing i can't wait to see it! even though i SHOULD go see Toy Story 3. . . haha xP Avatards and chopsticks FTW.

7/15/2010 #24
Open your eyes Chopstick

Inception? I never heard of it.

mmm...you know, you could always wiki chopsticks. It might have the answer to your question. haha

7/15/2010 #25
Charming Dice

I have a confession to make: I'm a recovering Narutard. I've been Naruto-free for 23 hours.

Aren't you proud of me?

7/15/2010 #26
Open your eyes Chopstick

congrads!!!!! Let me give you a virtual hug for your achievment. *hug*

I can't believe naruto is still going strong. After I got rid of cable two years ago, I haven't really watched it since (since I'm broke and won't be getting cable back or buy any of the mangas).

7/15/2010 #27
Charming Dice

I don't have cable either. Though I could if I wanted to, I don't watch much TV. But I've started watching episodes online. It has the potential to devour my life, if I let it. But that's why I have a laptop. So I can go hang with people outside while getting my fix.

7/15/2010 #28
Victoria Stokes

hahaha, i'm a Naru-tard as well. all around addict here ^_^ i watch the subbed japanese versions online. . . they're good haha. i can believe it's still super popular :D and happy about it.

7/16/2010 #29
Open your eyes Chopstick

haha maybe i should watch it online??? What's going on right now? I totally forgot. Did they save Sasuke yet? Or found out about his brother?

7/16/2010 #30
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