What about the manga section?
What are the difference between the manga section and the others here on FP? Why is it so popular in comparison? Discuss something-anything- ...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people on this site.
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aka Providence

Adding to that, if you plan to add some garlic and onions, fry the garlic first, then the onions, before you add the rice in. You can add some butter with the oil, too.

Related to food... had curry tonight, was wonderful. Curry is awesome.

8/1/2010 #361
Victoria Stokes

supercell, i still have no idea if you're a boy or a girl. just saying.

and fried rice with meat? i didn't know people put meat in that. kinda grosses me out ha. vegetarianism :P

8/1/2010 #362
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah, there's differnt types of fried rice. meat, vegitarian, tofu....like MH said, garlic and onions are really good to put in too. adds more flavor. i just put in whatever i have around the house. haha. when i made mine a couple days ago, i had cooked hot dogs and hamburger meat. so i just cut them up and put them in my fried rice. it was pretty tasty.

i hope it works for you ninja....

vic, your vegitarian? wow. i tried being one too, because i felt bad for the animals...but i'm so used to meat, it didn't last long. haha.

curry is awesome. best type of indian food ever. I sorta know how to to make that. Lucky MH...you got to eat some. i just had soup. nothing special.

8/1/2010 #363
Victoria Stokes

yup, veg head. my family isn't always too nice about it though. like my dad and sister just went to costco today, and i yelled at them to be sure to get stuff besides a bunch of hot dogs chicken soup. my dad said to suck it up and be a real carnivore. i'm only a vegetarian though because i have a real sensitive stomach and meat really bothers me, so i just quit eating it a while back :P but really, steak is delicious. and so is fish haha. i'm just a wimp and can't handle it.

what's curry?

8/1/2010 #364
Charming Dice

I've heard of curry, but I've never had any. I have no clue what it is. Try googling it.

I have a lot of respect for vegetarians. To live on nothing but tree branches and grass must be tough.

Funny thing: somebody actually reviewed and liked my drinking game. Seriously. I always had the feeling I could throw anything up on this site and somebody would like it. Turns out, I was right.

Am I the only one who's put juice in cereal, when out of milk?

8/1/2010 #365
Victoria Stokes

i'm not a vegan, dice. i can still eat like cheese and bread and stuff. and i put orange juice in my cheerios. . . sometimes. not too big on milk. i've never met anyone else who does that though. until now at least :P

8/1/2010 #366
Charming Dice

I prefer grape juice.

I have no clue what a vegan is. I thought it was just short for vegetarian, till somebody told me they were different. Are vegans the ones who only eat tree bark and mushrooms, and they stay away from animal products?

Anybody notice a couple of people have signed up for that review thread, then disappeared? I wonder if they're lurking.

8/1/2010 #367
Victoria Stokes

review thread?

and orange juice is better :P uhh the difference is a vegan won't eat any animal products, so everything has to be like soy and grass pretty much. vegetarians just don't eat meat. did you know there's animal fat in starbursts, jello, and pudding? i can't eat them because of that. pretty gross, though.

8/1/2010 #368
Charming Dice

here's a link to the thread I'm talking about: http://www.fictionpress.com/topic/4689/1737101/1/

Orange isn't manly enough for me. It's only for wimps who can't handle steak. :P

I knew there was animal something in jello, but I didn't know it was fat. I didn't think that starbursts or pudding were like that too. I get the feeling everything that tastes good has animal fat.

Anybody ever told you orange juice has animal fat in it, but not grape juice?

8/1/2010 #369

Hi, i was told about open your eyes chopsticks by ryder631....so i hope its all good that I am just coming in at the middle of a discussion....

8/2/2010 #370
The 8 Keys of Life

We've all kind of jumped into the conversation at one point or another. But, welcome to the forum Ryan. As you can see, everyone here is both helpful and quite insane. We tend to go off topic a lot...as shown by the previous conversation of Dice and Vicki who drink their cereal with juice and debate over which juice is better...

I'll have to try that though. Juice with cereal actually doesn't sound weird. But food with animal fat in it does. I will never eat a starburst again. Thanx Vicki!!! XP

8/2/2010 #371

Juice with cereal is just...strange for me. I'll just stick with old fashioned milk. And i have no problem with eating meat. I could never give it up, though I did not expect starbursts to have animal fat...but they still taste good :P

8/2/2010 #372
Kaos Ninja9

i wouldn't stop eating starbursts or jello just because there's animal fat in them. Makes no sense. If you've already been eating them and liked them, why stop because you know whats in it? You've already eaten them before, too late.

8/2/2010 #373
TK Anez

A lot of protein bars have fish fat in them... ew :x

8/2/2010 #374
aka Providence

It really doesn't matter if there's animal fat in my food or not, so far. I like animal fat. Deep fried pork is delicious.

Besides, animal fat is the least strangest thing I've eaten. Here in the Philippines, you can eat barbecue that's basically either pork or chicken intestines, and there's also balut.

By the way, balut is basically an aborted chicken/duck egg, and they taste good.

8/2/2010 #375
Open your eyes Chopstick

uh...this is the second time i heard that ryder631 talked about me. that's pretty dope. it seems someone already welcomed you in, but it's cooler when i do the welcoming (lol). so, welcome ryan!

juice in cereal. mmm...i thought about doing that, but never did. i don't think i'll try it. i'm trying to picture it and it doesn't look good.

vegan. my friend is a vegan. when she told me that i got really sad. i mean, i have respect for her. Her little brother (who is also my friend) complains to me about it soetimes since she always try to have him turn vegan too. haha

MH....damn. we like the same type of foods. Deep fried pork skin is really good. i tried bulut before. it's okay....as long as i don't think about what it is exactly. if i close my eyes and eat it, its tasty. Have you tried lamb? That's good too. I like it in my curry.

8/2/2010 #376
Kaos Ninja9

lamb has a weird greasy texture. i don't like it very much.

8/2/2010 #377
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah, you just have to have the taste for it. my sister tried it once and she started to cry. she wanted to spit it out, but cuz we were in a fancy resturant, she just held it in her mouth and tried to swallow.

personally, i love it. not plain, but in my curry.

8/2/2010 #378
Open your eyes Chopstick

oh right, dice. the cummunity of reviewers thing you were talking about...like how people signed up for it but we never hear from them...one of them probably stopped by cuz she's one of my readers. Then she left. she might be lurking....

8/2/2010 #379
Victoria Stokes

there's fish fat in protein bars?? that's so sick. ew. thank goodness i haven't eaten those since freshman year ._. eww. thanks for stating that TK, you may have saved my life.

community of reviews. . . i'll sign up to :D

and dice, orange juice doesn't have animal fat in it. i just checked :P

8/2/2010 #380

I like lamb...and im glad that there isn't animal fat in orange juice...that would just be weird....

8/2/2010 #381
Open your eyes Chopstick

it would be weird....i mean, it's juice. from a fruit. having some sort of fat in it would be awkward.

so anyways, concerts. anyone been to one? I only went once before, and thats mostly because i thought that singer was dead. When i heard about him from hornet hears a who, i thought it must have been a lie. i haven't heard of jesse mccartney in years. I thought he died or something. So I went to the concert with my sister and cousin (who also thought he was dead until then) to make sure that, yes, he was alive. It was a fun concert. We messed with all his fan girls by screaming "oh my gosh! I see him! Jesse!" and his fans would start screaming, believing us. when they noticed we lied, we had a lot of people glaring at us. haha. funn... :)

8/2/2010 #382

i was supposed to go to a U2 one this summer...then it got canceled :P

8/2/2010 #383
Kaos Ninja9

i've actually never been to a concert.

8/2/2010 #384
Open your eyes Chopstick

really? U2...they aren't that bad...that sucks it got cancelled. do you know how it works...when you already bought the tickets and it gets cancelled? Cuz, going to a concert in september, and i donno...last yr they cancelled (which is why they are having it again this yr) and i dont know how the whole process work...

ninja, you should go to a concert. your twenty something. don't miss out on messing with the fans and hearing good music!

8/2/2010 #385
Charming Dice

Office job blows. Bored. Nothing to do. Sit on a**, wait for work to come in, smell peoples body odor. Thank Gore for internet.

U2 cool. Magnificent, Beautiful Day, Vertigo. Good stuff.

8/2/2010 #386
Open your eyes Chopstick

ew. what kind of work do you do dice? office work bites. i would never want to work behind a desk if i can help it. i would rather have a job where i'm interacting with people and seeing new sights...

my mom sorta works behind a desk. She's a realitor. So sometimes she gets bored and would watch netflicks on the internet. haha.

8/2/2010 #387
Charming Dice


8/2/2010 #388
Open your eyes Chopstick

mmmm...and that's boring?

8/2/2010 #389
Charming Dice

On break now. I feel a lot better. Sorry for the short answer. The second I complained about having no work is when I finally got some.

I'm a office clerk. seen that show The Office? Like that. I do all kinds of crap. basic customer service, data-entry, to receptionist-type duties (making calls, answering phones & taking messages, etc.).

Wrote and posted a poem in downtime. Not surre if it sucks or not.

Be back later.

8/2/2010 #390
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