What about the manga section?
What are the difference between the manga section and the others here on FP? Why is it so popular in comparison? Discuss something-anything- ...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people on this site.
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Victoria Stokes

YES you should they're great. even tho they kind of drag it's not too bad when you can watch like over 5 of them at a time. uhh well i don't wanna spoil anything for you. where did you leave the show off at?

7/16/2010 #31
Open your eyes Chopstick

gosh...i dont even remember where i left off at....i think it was when they saw sasuke again? The naruto crew has a new person, sai (I think his name was) to replace Sasuke.

7/16/2010 #32
The 8 Keys of Life

since you're probably wondering (if not just call me dumb) i came to this forum through 'Ryder631'. He said something about 'Open your eyes Chopstick' and I just had to check out their profile. An awesome name to be sure. A lot of the stuff that's been said is about stuff i've liked or disliked (mostly info on the snowball effect). And then it got into naruto, which i'm a huge fan of but can't watch all that much. I haven't seen anything past the part where sai shows up...and a few episodes after that, but i don't want to spoil anything either. Anyone mind me jumping in like this?

7/16/2010 . Edited 7/16/2010 #33
Open your eyes Chopstick

no way....someone talked about me?! That's pretty cool! haha

Glad that you can join us Avenger. We (or, I) don't mind you joining at all. :)

And yeah, I'm pretty much on the same spot you are with naruto.

7/16/2010 #34
Victoria Stokes

welcome to the chopstick forum Avenger!

and that's really early in the shippuden episodes. you should DEFINITELY watch them online, they're good. really funny and sometimes dramatic, good mix :D

7/16/2010 #35
Charming Dice

Avenger, bro, I hate to do this but I've got to get it out of the way. You're dumb.

Not really, but since you said call you dumb if we weren't wondering, figured I'd honor your wishes. Welcome to the land of Outsanity. If I haven't offened you yet, don't worry, I'll try harder.

See Choppy? I think your royalty status is secure when people you don't know are talking about you.

Oh no. It got you too, Vicki? And you, Avenger? We Narutards need a support group or something. Stay away from the product, Choppy. It'll get in your system and never get out.

On a different note. Am I the only one who's noticed that stories here get hundreds of views and only like 1 review? Is it like that for you all too? Or just me?

Oh, and Choppy, you have competition. There's some lady named TK Anez who's reviews damn near everything in the manga section, asking for a review in return. Think I'm joking? Pick a story, any story. Check the reviews. Watch she shows up. It's like she stole my old playbook or something. It's freaky. And hilarious at the same time. Anybody noticed this lady?

7/17/2010 #36
Victoria Stokes

i'm fine with my narutard AND avatardness, thanks very much.

and i know what you mean dice, i got like 300 views total on my story or so but definitely NOT that many reviews, haha. i'm just thinking. . . WHO IS READING THIS? and that TK girl reviewed me too. she doesn't go past the first chapter though, kind of discouraging to review her back.

7/17/2010 #37
The 8 Keys of Life

First off, Dice, bro, i'm a girl. I'm not easily insulted, so try your best.

Second of all, yeah. lots of views and only a few reviews. i don't really write manga like you guys do, but i can sort of relate because i read them a lot. I really have no idea were my lone story belongs. One of my friends posted the first chapter for me in Action, and I never bothered to change it.

I've seen TK's reviews everywhere. However, she's not as helpful as you, Choppy. Most of her reviews are quick little, "i like your story. read mine why don't ya?" and she mostly reads only the first chapter or two.

7/17/2010 #38
Victoria Stokes

dice thinks everyone's a boy. . . but i'm the one who's really a boy :) haha

and you can change where the story goes? i didn't know that. . . oh well ;P i think if people read the story they should give the time to give a little feedback, help you make it better. ms. chopstick here gives some of the best reviews, but a lot of people don't. and i think that TK's book's already published though, so she's probably just advertising it or something.

7/17/2010 #39
Open your eyes Chopstick

Tk...TK..... I don't really read other people's reviews, so i actually never heard of him/her. Maybe I should check the competition out. haha. I could understand why someone would only read and review one chapter of a story if she isn't interested....I don't even go beyond the first chapter if I don't like the story. But if she's only doing this to get reviews.....well, that kinda sucks. It's about helping your fellow writers out (and doing a little avertisement at the end).

Yeah, I get the same thing about review counts and hit counts on my stories. I would look at the status for them and think "These people are sooo lame! Just give me a freaking review!" haha. If everyone gave me a review, I'll be around the 400s on both my stories. :p I hate it even more when people just add the story, or me, on their favorites, but don't leave a review to tell me why they liked it. So, usually, I stalk them down and ask them to give me a reason (either over PM or on a review...whatever floats their boat).

7/17/2010 #40
Open your eyes Chopstick

oh my gosh...you guys are right about TK. I just checked out her reviews to people. She's everywhere! haha. Well, good for her. Who knows, even though her reviews aren't in depth or whatever, the authors might like it still. She's giving them a thumbs up. I'm pretty sure, in comparison to the reviews I give, I make people depressed. I mean, I give out a list of things i saw wrong (which can be long at times) and sometimes, it's hard to have an equal amount of things of what they did right. Everyone nedds those ego boosters TK gives every once in a while. If i got a review TK gives out, even though it won't help me improve my writing, it'll make me feel motivated to write. Cuz I'll be flattered. :)

7/17/2010 #41
The 8 Keys of Life

Sometimes I read other people's reviews just to compare them with my own. there is some value to it, as it allows you to get a different perspective on something in the story that you may have thought wasn't good.

I guess she is helping the people's confidence and everything though, so it's for both her and the author's benefit. That's a good idea. I may have to try that! I switched my story over to fantasy to get a few more readers, but I don't know what will happen.

Whenever someone favorites my story/poem, I go over to their profile and see that they've favorited over 1,000 stories. I don't know why, but it makes it seem less special.

7/17/2010 #42
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah, but boosting someone's ego like that doesn't nessassarily mean they'll review you back. I just said that the author wuld feel good with those types of reviews.

I only read other people's reviews when there are TONS of reviews. Usually, when people have tons of reviews, it doesn't nessassarily mean the story is good. But, because i'm a bit interested based on the summary, I then look at the reviews to see how it is. If the reviews were good, then i'll read. If it isn't, then i dont. If the story doesn't have that many reviews, i don't look at the reviews and just read the story.

Yeah...I go to their profile too. I agree....it makes it less special. But, in a way, its okay. I kinda like it cuz it helps spread your name/story around. Kinda sucks though. I like it when picky people favorite my stories. haha

7/17/2010 #43
Victoria Stokes

constructive criticism is GOOD though! that's the only way to improve. so you're doing a good deed chopstick :D

i usually read the first chapter and then read the reviews, give them the benefit of the doubt. the reviews usually end up being right. . . maybe i should stop that haha. ahh, it's hard to remember everything that was said in the previous posts, so i can't seem to think of anything else to comment on!

uhmm, any advice on how to network with people?

7/17/2010 #44
Open your eyes Chopstick

I gave you all the advice i knew before. The way to net work is to go on the forums and talk to people, and give out reviews. You could also talk to non FP writers and have your friends read your stories. in the beginning, I clicked on random users and PMed them and asked for help. I had no idea how to use the system here when i was new, and no matter how much i played around so i could learn, it was hard without talking to someone. So...

yeah. talk to random users. Review people. Go on the forums. That's pretty much the network here in FP. There are other blogs and stuff/websites with FP users. I've seen them. Like...there's a FP debate website. Not really a place to avertise, but a good way to network. (I don't really go on there though since i don't want to make an account. I like reading the comments they have though).

7/17/2010 #45
The 8 Keys of Life

Wow. That was quite informative. I was wondering about the network on FP so thanks! I now know everything there is to FP networking. You're so helpful Choppy. I guess I kind of understood a small part of it though since I was looking around at forums and stuff.

Sometimes talking to random users is bad though. I'm a fanfiction writer too, and i asked for some help from a random person and let's just say they were quite harsh.

Another thing that I noticed, i don't know if it's true for FP but i know it is for FFN, there are a lot of people who go around leaving flames and they have never even written a story. It just seems strange to me. They probably don't know how hard it is to write a story, so why are they being overly critical to people who are actually writing? Constructive criticism is one thing, but flaming is quite another.

7/17/2010 #46
Victoria Stokes

yeah chopstick, i asked you again for avenger's benefit (: cause no way could i relay it as good haha and the advice sure works.

i haven't seen any flamers on fictionpress so far or recieved one myself. maybe they're less common here cause it's not like it's based off of something that the reviewers were previously attached to. that could probably make them more sensitive about it. but mostly everyone i've talked to has been really nice and helpful, except maybe some people don't answer their PM's back. just kinda blow it off, maybe they're just not the talkative type though xP

7/17/2010 #47
The 8 Keys of Life

well thank you for the help, victoria. it was indeed helpful and beneficial for me. haha

your reasoning makes a lot of sense though victoria. the people are more likely to flame because they are attached to the characters, plots, story ideas, etc. I never thought about it that way. Nice and helpful is good. People generally tend to dislike mean and disobliging people. If they are reclusive though, then that's no problem. Maybe some of them think that if they talk to other people they'll get kidnapped or something. It's possible.

7/17/2010 #48
Open your eyes Chopstick

or, another reason people don't respond back, is because they don't want to sway their readers oppinion of their story. They just want their readers to read their story as it is, instead of it being influenced by the author's personal life.

Like, back in junior year's english class, my teacher was talking about how he never likes reading the author's bio. For the book "fight club" for example. It's an okay book; fight scenes are cool, and i like the relationship between all the characters. Then, my teacher told us 'What if the author was gay? Would that change anyone's perspective of the novel?" It changed some of my classmate's ideas of the relationships.

Personally, since this is more of a community site, I don't mind interacting with the other users. I find it more fun. Others though, might be taking this a bit more seriously.

7/17/2010 #49
Charming Dice

I know this may be hard to believe, but I used to be a flamer. And a troll. I was a flame-spitting troll. I was a heartless, heartless boy. Now I have a heart. I don't use it much, so it's getting dusty in my closet, but what's most important is that I have one.

Now, hold it right there V (unisex enough for you? :p ). Dice doesn't assume everyone here is a guy. It's just that I figured a guy would blindly stumble into this forum at some point. I did, so why not others? I mean, we just got a ninja-chick. Made the chances good that the next person to come, especially one named The 5th of Vodka Avenger, would be a guy. I'm being guided by the law of beverages, here. Can't you see my invisible logic?

There. Cleared that up. Now, about getting reviews and networking and such, the best thing you can do is give yourself a funny name. Like 'Close Your Mouth You Spork' for example. But if you can't bring yourself to do that, the machine gun review strategy still works. Fire off as many well-rounded reviews as you possibly can, ask them to review you back. Enough decent people will get around to it. Just watch out for a few different types of writers.

First one to look out for is Selfish Writer. This kind of writer here is only out for themselves. Selfish Writers wants you to give them bags and bags of reviews. But, they don't really care about you or your story. The only way they'll review you back is if it's in their best interest. If you stop reviewing their story, after a long while they'll start to notice and miss you. Then they'll try to get you back into their fold by reaching out to you and tossing you a useless review or two. Almost always less reviews than what you gave them. And at the end of this bone, they'll subtly try to convince you to continue reviewing their story. If you do, they'll take you for granted again and stop reviewing your stuff, untill you stop again. A pathetic cycle, right?

Next is Golden P*** Writers (not reviewers). This kind of writer thinks their u*** is worth more than your writing. They'll post their "masterpieces" here and just expect you and everyone else to review because there storie iz soo awwsume!!k1!!. As if you owe it to them as a payment for being allowed to experience their timeless works of (crap) art. If you think a writer is a GPW, stay far away. Because they'll never review you back. Their returning your review would mean admitting that exchanging reviews with you is fair trade, which implies that their legendary tales do not soar majestically above pedestrian works here. And that really, their stuff is on the same limbo-low level as the works of one of the common fictionpress peons (you). Trust me, they'll never do it. Huge Ego waffles taste good and go down easy. However, Huge Ego personalities taste like trash and are impossible to swallow. Avoid the GPWs.

Then there's Don't-Like-Reading Writer/Reviewers. Since you have to read to learn to write, they tend to suck. And not know it. When you review them and ask for a return review, they'll do things like giving you their standard review. You know, the one with no mention of anything specific about your story. Why do they give those? Simple. Because they didn't read your story past the seventh syllable. That's why. These rats have the attention span of a block of fuzzy green cheese. Only use these if you're looking to pad your stats, to catch the eye of the higher quality reviewers. Understand, though, that they're not evil. Just not the ideal reader. Manage your expectations, use them for what they're worth, and you'll be fine.

Then there's the Holeass Writer/Reviewers. They are just losers with nothing better to do than to hurt the feelings of other writers, but being overly critical to the point of being a Holeass. They'll do something like go on a long rant about how you misplaced a period and how the period -- and the entire English language -- have been disrespected by you and your "horrible" writing.


The quicker you can spot one of those kinds of writers and dodge them when firing off your reviews, the less headache you'll have. And if you come across them, you'll know what to expect. See their b*** coming. And it'll turn into your favorite comedy.

And once you can spot the people who can't/won't help you, that'll make it easier for you to target the people who are worth reaching out to and connecting with.

Hope that helped, Avy. And don't worry, I'll go back to being a j*** ASAP. Can't have you people thinking I'm a good guy. I do have a rep to protect, you know. And I will defend it with your life (not mine, just yours).


7/17/2010 #50

wow... this one really helps LOL :D

7/18/2010 #51
The 8 Keys of Life

You? A flamer Dice? I never would have guessed. And I suppose your logic actually makes sense. It would make sense for a guy to randomly stumble onto the forum.

That was incredibly helpful, thanks. I'm really glad I found this forum. I never would have known half this stuff had it not been for you guys. I think i've already run into a selfish writer and a GPW. Now I have a name for them.

Great to know that i'll willingly be sacrificed to protect a j***'s rep. just great. But now I will always have this as proof of Dice Darwin being nice and helpful. Remember that.

These guys are quite helpful Supercell. Ask them a question, and you will receive an answer.

7/18/2010 #52
Kaos Ninja9

I get PMed a lot by the selfish type of writers. They ask me to read and review their stories or ask for advice (which usually I don't mind because that's what we're all here for) and want me to continue to do so forever, but they've never even looked at my story. I would think that after someone's reviewed you about ten times you would at least get a little curious about what they've written or their writing style. I know I do, anyway.

As for ego-boosting reviews, I'd rather someone be honest with me. Don't say it's great if you really think it needs work. You can be honest without being mean. That's what I try to do when I review. Contructive criticism is much more helpful than flattery for the sake of a return review. That's why Chopsticks is the best reviewer ever! Constructive criticism!

7/18/2010 #53
Open your eyes Chopstick

Yeah, I got a pm recently asking for reviews. Since I really don't mind, I reviewed all the chapters he had up so far (since he kept asking), but when i aksed him to review back, he only did one chapter. whatever....i'm not begging for reviews. I'm just asking nicely for people to return the favor.

Whenever someone reviews my story, I try to match up and review them back. It's hard sometimes, since every once in a while, their story is really hard to review (since it's not exactly...good...). But I try when I have time. But, yeah, like ninja said, flatter wouldn't really make me want to review back. I just find them to be a nice ego booster.

Dice: i could sort of picture you as a used-to-be flamer....but idk. i find when people are too critical, it's funny. Like, your whole post about the different types of reviewers on this site, I laughed the whole time. You're funny, if anything.

and hey super cell, welcome. :)

7/18/2010 #54
Victoria Stokes

haha dice. . . i was joking about being a boy. just in case you believed me about that. and i could believe you used to be a flamer. i think that's actually pretty funny.

ahhh this is so much to read. my brain is overloading with the information! thanks for it all though. feeling dizzy @.@

hello, kaos and supercell. welcome to the forum of information overload. i'll be your confused responder, so ask me anything and i'll probably mess you up. want advice? go to chopstick. she'll know what to do, and dice will give you and interesting nickname. what a nice guy.

7/18/2010 #55
Charming Dice

Of course I'm funny, Choppy. That's why everybody loves me. Seriously. I can be hilariously insensitive and blunt. But the truth is, I'm only funny when I don't try. Whenever I try to be funny, it never works. Crickets finally get the attention they deserve after I intentionally tell a joke. Really. So all day long, I say exactly what's on my mind without holding back or thinking about it at all. Like my last post, for example. I had no clue I was writing any of that (or that it would be so freaking long!). It just came out that way.

And everybody thinks I'm a charming and caring comedian holeass. And humbly arrogant.

I think I confuse people into submission. They just give up and fall in love with me. I'm good with people that way. And I've heard a rumor that the world has actually shifted it's orbital pattern to better revolve around me. Does it show?

Avy, understand that my post wasn't nice. It might have been helpful to you, but I was really just trashing the majority of the people on this site. Therefore, Dice still not nice. Ha, woman.

And yes, it's true. I did the flamer thing. Till I burned out.

Hey, Supercell. How's life? Since apparently my chick-dar is malfunctioning, I'm not gonna assume you're a guy. Or a girl. You're an It until proven otherwise. Congrats, SC. If it helps, you're an It with a cool name.

And I'm glad I could help you.

7/18/2010 #56
Open your eyes Chopstick

Are you sure you're not trying Dice? You're freaking hilarious. I like bluntness than people trying to talk around things. When people avoid saying exactly what they think, it gets annoying and doesn't help. Okay....I do this once in a while, but really, if i'm in the mood, I'll be blunt. It helps avoid confusion.

I'm the same abut being funny without meaning to. People say I'm funny, but I can't do jokes. i think it's more my actions that are funny than what i say. hmm...

Yeah...your post wasn't nice, Dice (haha...it rhymed). That's why I thought it was funny. i have a weird sense of humor sometimes. I blame South Park.

7/18/2010 #57
Charming Dice

Vicki and I posted in the same minute. That's freaky.

I'm serious, Choppy. Wanna hear a joke? Here goes:

"Why did the Chopstick cross the road?"

"Because I threw it."

The end. Now don't be surprised if you hear chirping. That's just the crickets.

7/18/2010 #58
Open your eyes Chopstick

haha i thought that was funny!

...what? I told you, i have a weird sense of humor. Like, one of my favorite joke to tell people is this:

"How did the cucumber cross the road?"

"It was attached to the chicken!"

hahaha. funny, right?

7/18/2010 #59
Charming Dice

No. Just . . . no.

7/18/2010 #60
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