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Victoria Stokes

Q:why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

A:cause i shot it.

Q:why did the second monkey fall out of the tree?

A:cause i stapled it to the first one!

haha ehh? anything?

and both of your jokes made me laugh :D

7/18/2010 #61
Open your eyes Chopstick

...no sense of humor...

7/18/2010 #62
Open your eyes Chopstick

Victoria gets it! thanks vic. :)

except...your jokes about the monkey was kinda sad....monkeys are my favorite animals. So now not only am I thrown by Dice in his joke, but my favorite animal got kick off his tree. thanks you guys.

7/18/2010 #63
Victoria Stokes

oh dear. . . i had no idea choppy! haha sorry. that's actually pretty funny, cause i hate monkeys. they scare me. at the zoo when i was a child, i run for the hills if my family tried to get me anywhere near them. so, i don't regret my joke (:

anyone find chuck norris jokes funny? cause they're so stupid but always manage to crack me up.

7/18/2010 #64
Kaos Ninja9

Wow... Haven't heard a Chuck Norris joke in forever. Used to get bombarded with em all the time.

7/18/2010 #65
Open your eyes Chopstick

you know what? It took me forever to figure out who chuck norris was and why was it that everyone knew him. I still don't really know...but i understand it's a subject for a joke. haha

7/18/2010 #66
Victoria Stokes

chuck norris can drown a fish.

haha nope. . . i can't think of anything. i guess that's enough of failed humor.

7/18/2010 #67
The 8 Keys of Life

Dice: my sense of humor is mean and sarcastic. i got what you were saying. no need to clarify.

I swear, i have heard almost every chuck norris joke there is. people tell me them, and i laugh, but when i think about it, they don't seem that funny. Vic, sorry to tell you but, anyone can drown a fish. Hold their gills closed and they drown.....they get their oxygen by sucking water in through their mouths and shoving it out their gills...close the gills, and the water stays.

7/18/2010 #68
Charming Dice

There's only one Chuck Norris . . . because he killed the rest.

Avy, don't worry, I wasn't clarifying for your sake. I did it for any lurkers around here who might believe that nonsense about me posting something nice. If we can have a Supercell (not even a normal cell, a Super one) lurking, there could be anything lurking around here, getting to know me. Wouldn't want them think I'm something I'm happily not.

Drowing fish? Ha. I like this place. Reminds me there's crazier people than me in the world.

And a question: Why do monkeys get treated so unfairly? Bunnies and Teddies get much love. Monkeys get nothing. W**?

7/18/2010 #69
Open your eyes Chopstick

i think the chuck norris jokes are stupid. i dont get them. Why the name chuck norris anyways?

victoria: yeah, it's all good about the monkeys. I just think they are adorable. They've been my favorite animal since 3rd grade. So much, that my elementry school friends call me "monkey" as a nickname (and still do, for the ones who I've stayed in touch with).

Drowning fish. i had to think about that one. haha

Dice: monkeys get treated unfairly? I guess you're right. I mean, people from unique places eat their brains as a dessert. But then again, bunnies get their foot cut off since they are "good luck," and bears get shot at for sport.

7/18/2010 #70
The 8 Keys of Life

Monkeys are actually considered a delicacy in some places, but it makes me shudder to think about where. How can you kill those sweet monkeys? And since the primate species is so close to humans, they are used for testing a lot. In our place, they suffer. It kind of sucks. I don't know about other people, but I've never known of any rabbits or bears who's fate is to become test subjects for scientists. Pretty much all animals are eaten somewhere in the world. Bats used to be eaten in Tanzania and I know for sure that they are in the Mediterranean. They drink the blood to, which seems ironic. Humans drinking bat's blood. Since bats have been associated with vampires, it's like a reverse situation. But I'm going to stop rambling about all my ideas on animals.

Dice: must i explain myself? i was being sarcastic. didn't you get the hint from "my sense of humor is mean and sarcastic"? Half of what I say is sarcastic, but that's one of the many things computers can't do: Show sarcasm through typing, unless it is specifically stated. But i gave the hint, so you could have figured it out.

7/19/2010 #71

Well I was surprised myself to learn that some people even eat grasshoppers and coconut worms. A man has to eat when he's hungry, right? But eating grasshoppers are way... better... than eating monkeys.

I'm quite surprised to see that this thread got so many replies in just over one night :D

7/19/2010 #72
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah supercell...alot of comments in one night, from the exact same people. lol. that's cool though. We're just an amazing group of people that way. :)

grasshoppers. yeah, i heard of that too. Do any of you guys watch that bazaar food travel channel? When i had cable, i watched it alot just for kicks. haha

7/19/2010 #73
Kaos Ninja9

There are some countries that have stuff like grasshoppers and chocolate covered ants in vending machines. yup, just right there next to the hershey bars...

7/19/2010 #74
Charming Dice

Chocolate covered anything sounds good at first. Doubt it'll feel that way going down.

Avy: yes, you have to explain yourself. Over and over. Until it makes you scream. Or until it makes me laugh. No, seriously, sarcasm is lost on me. I don't even pay attention to it. It's rarely worth the effort. So I don't even bother.

7/19/2010 #75

Well since we're off topic I might as well ask... does anybody here know how the Japanese School year works?

I mean when does their classes start?

What would be the important holidays/festivals for schools?

When does the school year end and when do summer holidays start.

7/19/2010 #76
Kaos Ninja9

The school year starts in April and they have class monday through friday or sometimes saturday depending on the school and summer break lasts for 1 month from July to August. They're on vacation from december 24th to january 7 too.

7/19/2010 #77
Kaos Ninja9

I think the school year ends in march, so it's from april to march. It's not really as long as it seems though because they have a lot of holidays throughout the year that give them three day weekends. I can't think of them all right now, but i can get back to you if you want.

7/19/2010 #78

Wow for the fast reply. Thanks a lot, I was going to use it as reference to my story. I tried to search it in the net but apparently GOOGLE failed me or I wasn't just looking hard enough.

It seems that their system is like most Asian countries as well, I assume they have 2 semesters as well?

7/19/2010 #79
Kaos Ninja9

No, they have three semesters.

7/19/2010 #80
Charming Dice

Kay, how the heck do you know so much about Japanese schools? It's cool that you do. Ever been there?

7/19/2010 #81
Kaos Ninja9

Nope. I'm just the type to do a lot of research on something if i need it for one of my stories. Once i know something fairly useless i never forget it. comes in handy sometimes.

7/19/2010 #82
Victoria Stokes

i saw "coconut grasshoppers" and i was at a loss with the strange foreign foods. . . o.o

haha wow, researching for stories would probably be a good idea. fantasy tends to help avoid that.

7/20/2010 #83

So when does the 1st and 2nd semester end?

But wow, I'm surprised that you actually just researched it. GOOGLE just kept on giving me irrelevant links when I was doing my research on the Japanese school year.

7/20/2010 #84
Kaos Ninja9

yeah, i like to make sure i get details like that right, even with fiction. i research things if a story takes place in a certain time period, or if i loosely base a fictional country/kingdom on a real one.

Google is a pretty bad search engine in my opinion. it's too hard to find anything that's actually relevant. almost any other one is better.

i think the 1st semester ends when summer vacation starts, the 2nd begins starts after summer vacation and i think ends dec 24 for winter break. the third is jan 7 to march, I'm pretty sure. oh! don't forget that the students dont switch classes, the teachers do. the students only leave for gym.

7/20/2010 #85

I've been doing research too, you'll probably notice that the locations/settings in my story are actually real places even though it's under the Fiction section. I just put footnotes at the end of every chapter so readers would understand :D

For me, Google is way better than Yahoo and MSN search engine. It's only my opinion though.

Wait, Spring usually starts by March until June, right?

Summer is from June to September.

Fall is from September to early/mid december.

Winter is from December to early/mid March.

So the 1st semester starts somewhere in August? (Based on your earlier posts)

2nd semester runs from August until Dec 24.

3rd semester starts by January until the March.

This may be my last question (hopefully google answers my next questions for me). When do they start wearing summer uniforms?

You really know a lot, thanks for everything. I noticed that the community in FictionPress is way way better than the ones at FanFiction.net

They are not... newbie-friendly or something...

7/20/2010 #86
Kaos Ninja9

The 1st semester starts when schoolstarts, in April and ends in July. you have the rest right though.

I think they wear the summer uniforms during the 1st semester and possibly part of the 2nd. The weather in Tokyo is a bit warmer than it is where i am (in new jersey) so its hotter in april there. i guess it depends on what part of Japan the school is in. it'll follow the weather of the region.

No problem, i don't mind answering questions. I always like to help out if I can.

7/20/2010 #87
Open your eyes Chopstick

wow. smart people. I totally avoided the question cuz i didn't know how to answer it. haha. good job ninja! :)

7/21/2010 #88
Open your eyes Chopstick

woah, so i checked out TK's profile...she has 100 reviews for her 4 chapter stroy so far! That's like...dangg....haha. and it seems she's published? so she's using her 4 chapters as a teaser for her published book. That's...pretty smart? Or dumb?

Here's a snowball question: After being published, either by a publishing house or self-published, is it smart to put your story up here on FP? I could see the goo thing about it; you can get a floowing and people would get so involved with the story, they will just HAVE to buy the book to finish it. The bad thing? Your publishing house might get pretty pissed. What do you guys have to say about this?

7/21/2010 #89
Charming Dice

I speak not on the affairs of the Anez.

7/21/2010 #90
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