What about the manga section?
What are the difference between the manga section and the others here on FP? Why is it so popular in comparison? Discuss something-anything- ...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people on this site.
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Victoria Stokes

she litterally reviewed everything in the manga section, haha. i think it's pretty smart, especially cause a lot of the reviewers seem to like it and want to finish it. but at the same time, she doesn't seem to go back and keep reviewing the people's story's. maybe a few of them, but that may kind of irk them :P i still think it's pretty smart though.

yesterday, i told my brother something about a snowball effect and he looked at me like i was stupid. . . so i tried to explain it to him and he told me it's the domino effect. i am now confused on the name of this forum.

7/22/2010 #91
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah, no, i'm not saying to talk about TK. Talking behind someone's back isnt very nice. I was just using her as an example cuz she's the only one i know who's doing what she's doing on the site. That's why i talked about the snow ball effect in general afterwards....

victoria, your brother is right. That's the official name. But, there are other names. Snow ball works. Since, you start off with some snow (a few reviews here and there), and if you keep on rolling it (more advertising, thus more reviews, ect) , the snow ball would get bigger and bigger (the more reviews you would get without having to do a thing since the "snow ball" would gradually start rolling by itself).

7/22/2010 #92
Charming Dice

I wasn't thinking clearly last night. Forget that last post.

TK Anez has way too good of an understanding of this site and the psyche of the FP writer. I'll bet you my boxers that she started as a writer here before getting published. Either that, or somebody in her marketing team (if she has one) has their eye on this place.

Really, odds are 50/50 that she's not doing all of that reviewing by herself. That other people promoting her book might be reading and reviewing under her account, mimicking her review style. It's almost impossible to review that many stories, unless you have no life or major responsibilities at all. Because it would eat up your life.

Then again, if I had a book published, I might get obsessed with advertising it too. So maybe it is her doing it all. Either way, I think it's smart. To a point.

7/22/2010 #93

Well yes, talking behind a person's back isn't nice. But on the other hand, I can't help but notice that most of her reviews are... one liners. My story included too.

But it was a smart way to go advertising her book. Since the main purpose of this site is to be a starting ground for aspiring writers, seeing someone get successful like that would make anybody curious. I'd literally buy her book myself probably to use it as reference or something like that... maybe if she was more sincere in reading & reviewing the stories of others.

7/23/2010 #94
Victoria Stokes

oh that is true. since her reviews are so short, she might not even read the whole story. just pick out a part and mention it in the review, or just read the end. only a thought. i still think it's smart to advertise that way. i'd probably try it if i ever had a book published. can't hurt or anything.

7/23/2010 #95
Open your eyes Chopstick

dice, you may keep your boxers. I'd rather not see it, nor keep it. haha.

yeah, i guess it is smart. but have you guys heard of this blog called "Let your words flow?" It's a blog made up of used-to-be writers of FP that are now published- or closed to it. They put up some useful tips and since they used to be FPers, they know how we think and act as a FP community.

But all of them (I think pretty much all of them) said that if you are going to publish your book, it's best to take it down off of FP. The publishers wouldn't be thrilled to see a copy of your story on the internet.

So i'm thinking TK is self published, no?

wait...uh...yeah. no, yeah. so, okay. haha sorry, I'm trying to think and I'm too lazy to delete the randomness.... forget it. I cant remember what i was about to say.

7/23/2010 #96
Victoria Stokes

i checked out that blog yesterday! i was like . . . . my story has a longgg way to go haha. it really does help a lot though. i think TK only put up part of her book though, like a teaser so that if you want to know what happens you HAVE to buy her book. pretty brilliant thinking.

7/23/2010 #97
Charming Dice

I've finally got it. Cellmate. That's your nickname, Supercell. I've been struggling over that one for the past 5 minutes. But I finally got it.

I checked out Let the Words Flow. I like it. Good to see people from here doing well. I always figured somebody here would be successful.

Thanks for the reviews, Vicki. You too Chopspork (nice pool sticks in your avatar, too). I appreciate the kind words and the nitpicking.

But I've always wondered, what do we do with the nits once they've been picked?

Any ideas?

7/23/2010 #98
Open your eyes Chopstick

oh, i always make the changes peoplehave pointed out on my hard copy of the story. I don't make the chages on FP though, cuz 1) I dont know how and 2) if i ever plan to publish a story, i dont want to put the final copy online. Thats just stupid. I mean, already, i made changes on chapter 3 of "A Princess Summoning" on my hard copy. It's longer, for one. And it shows more of Mary's attitude than the fist draft i have here on fp.

7/23/2010 #99
Charming Dice

I'd never put anything on here that I'm looking to get published. I have 3 stories that I'm working on that have far better plots and characters than anything I've posted here. They'll never touch this site.

In fact, I don't much outline anything I put here. To me, this place is for practice. That new story I have doesn't even have an outline. Doesn't need one.

Since I took such a long break from writing, I figure I'll dust off my skills here with sillyt stuff while writing 1st drafts of my good stuff. So when the 2nd drafts come around, I'll be the greatest great to ever be great.

I'm curious. When you try to get published, what genre and age group will it be?

For me, I'm more of a MG or YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi kinda guy. You might notice that in my writing style. Probably because most of my favorite books are in those genres.

How bout you?

7/23/2010 #100
Open your eyes Chopstick

Well, when i first started, both of my stories werent writen really seriously. It was my first time writing fantasy, and I wanted to use it as a change to learn how to write in third person and to stay consistant in past tense. But, after a while, I got really into "A Princess Summoning." After putting so much thoughts into the characters, I really want them to shine. So, yeah, I'm into it. "Finding Karma" is more the story I'm just winging. Sure, I have a basic idea who Karma is and how I would like to end the story, but it isn't really planned out as much (which is why it's in arcs). With my poems, I just do whatever I feel. I dont really have a consistant trend, and actually, I'm pretty surprised with the responds I've been getting for my poems. I never really considered myself as a poet. :)

YA is more targeted to teenagers, right? I've always wanted to write YA, but just recently, I realized it just isn't my thing. Probably because I think like a kid, not really into that whole anguish stuff. I tried writing YA stuff though.

Im really getting into fantasy because of orson scott card...I'm having fun with it. So, i'm probably going to target middle schoolers who likes to read fantasy. I say middle schoolers, because i don't know if high schoolers or adults would like it. It has this kids-like atmosphere with my story. I think. no real humor, but the main characters are kids, and I picture little kids reading my stories more.

7/23/2010 #101
Kaos Ninja9

All my stories written for the teenage age group so i guess that's YA, but really, if i was going to get published it would be in manga form. Drawing the description is much easier than writing it out in words to me.

I've tried writing for younger age groups, but i'm not good at it. Either i make the plot too complicated or they don't pick up on a lot of the details. That's not a problem with teenagers. Besides that, it gives you more freedom with what you can do with your story.

My genre seems to be mostly fantasy. I'll have other sub-plots in there like action/adventure, romance, or maybe even a little mystery, but fantasy is pretty much my thing too. I truly doubt i'd be able to come up with a good sci-fi story, i'm not that into it. i like a few sci-fi anime, but i think they're more on the milder side of it.

7/24/2010 #102
Charming Dice

Ender ends things. Bean sprouts. Dice likes it.

Orson Scott Card is win.

Yeah, YA (Young Adult) is for teens. MG (Middle Grade) is around 8 to 12, I think. Sometimes up to 14, depending on who you ask.

Choppy: I can relate a little. You wanting to make things shiny and all. Your winging it with Karma, it shows. But as long as you have fun with it, who cares? I haven't felt like making a story or character shiny for another I've posted here, since my first story here years ago. Probably because I had a rough start when I first came here. So once I post something, it is what it is. No shine added.

I do apply lotion, though.

Ninja-Chick: Writing for kids is a challenge for sure. You have to be able to keep the pace of the story & your writing fast enough to grab their attention and hold it. And make the plot interesting, without being too complicated to understand. Good thing is, most kids in that preteen age can handle some pretty complex storylines and detailed descriptions. So you don't have to dumb it down for them much, if at all. You just have to be focused. Not much room for having characters wander aimlessly. I remember when I was younger, I literally threw a few books at the wall for being pointless and slow.

Maybe that was just me, though.


That reminds me. About pacing. Chopstick said something about my having small paragraphs and that people don't do that often. People really don't do it here, I noticed. I don't get it. What's with the need to have massive blocks of text lumped together for no reason? It's like everybody has an old English teacher in their head telling them a paragraph has to be 4 sentences long. The shorter the sentences and paragraphs, the quicker the read, and the faster it feels. Why slow things down on purpose, especially when doing action?

Maybe I'm just unique that way, compared to others here. Nobody here I've seen has written anything like my style. I think I'm just in a different lane than most people here, writing-wise. Not necessarily better or worse, though.

Just that I'm on some other s***.

7/24/2010 . Edited 7/24/2010 #103
The 8 Keys of Life

I have tried to right for younger kids, but it hasn't gone very well. It was slow, and the plot sucked so i never tried again. But i didn't outline it at all so that's probably why. I take all my writing seriously, whether it's for fp or the others that i don't post on here. I don't care how serious the story is, I outline it, mostly because i tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to writing.

I tend to write a balance of paragraph sizes. Some of them are longer due to them having detailed explanations, and some are a sentence long because that is the only thing necessary to get a point across. I agree with Dice that if you're writing is meant to be read quickly in order to get a faster feel, it seems illogical to write long paragraphs and slow it down.

As for genres, fantasy is probably my favorite to both read and write. I enjoy reading Sci-fi, but i could never write any that could even be considered good.

7/24/2010 #104

I don't know what genre fits me best. What I know is that I would suck big time writing fantasy stories.

I love reading fantasy stories but I suck at writing one.


I can at least say that I have a good imagination, but I just can't seem to find the right words for them when I try writing.

In writing stories I have only tried one genre so far.

A slapstick/general manga story that uses first person perspective.

I know that most of the people here in this forum are quite "famous" reviewers in the manga section, maybe you guys can drop by and review it yourselves :D

7/24/2010 #105
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah, dice, i actually like your style of writing. It's because your story is so fast and alot of action and quick thinking. When it's like that, quick sentences and one or two or three sentences in a paragraph is fine. It gets the point across.

Me, on the other hand, i have fun writing in blocks. It gives me a chance to balance both discriptions and dialogue. Something I learned in middle school...and because of it, I almost won a contest (didn't win though cuz it "wasn't what they were looking for", but i knew i was close because one of the editors sent me a handwritten letter-which was so hard to read- saying they actually had fun reading it and would have picked it if it wasn't a folktale story). I like the balance and seeing the paragraph form. Sometimes I write a one sentence (or two) paragraph, but that's only if i'm making a point or something.

supercell, i could understand why you don't know what kind of genre fits you. I was like that until recently. Every time I wrote, it was all those romance stuff (which is bad cuz now that i think about it, i have no romantic experiences what-so-ever. I've been single my whole life, and thus, my stories probably sucked). It wasnt until I randomly wrote a short story after reading the whole Ender's Game series, (first chapter of "A Princess Summoning") that I felt I could write fantasy. Before that, i wouldn't have tried. I'm still iffy on it since I'm still trying to figure out world building, but I'm having fun.

I could also understand the whole imagination thing. When i can't find the right words to describe it, I ask my family or who ever is with me at the moment. "Hey, can you yell at me?" "Why?" "Just do it!" *yells* "Thank you." I figured out how to discribe someone yelling. From how their eyebrows twitched to their mouth curving to a frown. Or, I just take pictures and draw on them. Then I got how to describe the creature or whatever.

7/24/2010 #106
Victoria Stokes

i had so much fun reading your story dice, no joke. the quick thinking works great.

haha chopstick, i do that to! well, i look up videos on youtube instead of having my family do it but same concept.

and me? uh well, i guess i'm a fantasy writer. i always end up putting romance in there though. probably cause i'm a girl i guess :P but fantasy is so much fun to write. . . it's like your own little world living inside your head.

and i actually did write a childrens book for my 6 year old cousin for his birthday. i even drew (very horrible) pictures to it and stapled it all together. he loved it, but children's books are definitely not my thing. i think the teenage area is best, but it's kind of the easiest one to write for.

7/24/2010 #107
Open your eyes Chopstick

teenager stories are easier to write because we are teenagers. If we were still a kid, writing children books would be easier. It's just a matter of how one thinks and what they are interested in. I like stars, so all the children stories I have written has to do with stars on some sort of journey. mmm....maybe i'll post it on fp someday and you'll get what i mean.

victoria: it's fun talking to family about it. I even make them do gestures. Like, if i want them to pout, i make them do it. or, if they are being mean, i do it and look in the mirror. haha. its fun.

7/24/2010 #108
Victoria Stokes

yeah i see what you're saying. you should post it definitely (: and alright i'll try that with my family next time. should make an interesting time.

and uh.. ahh i've forgotten what i was about to say. that's what happens when you stay up until 4 and get up at 8 every day. haha. the rambling starts. i'll stop now before it gets ou of hand ._.

7/24/2010 #109
Charming Dice

Choppy: You almost get it. But my writing style doesn't work because of the speed of the story. The story is only fast because of my pace of my writing. I could have summarized most of the action and such, focused more on the characters emotions and flowery description of how the setting and characters looked. It would have been slow and boring that way. I know you've seen that before. But I'd rather just get to the point and move on. Just how my brain works.

Now my style would be an epic fail if I had an MC who was lazy and slept all day. Could you imagine it?

'Choppy Stokes inhaled sharply and fired off a ferocious snore . . .'


Super Cellmate: dude, don't worry about it. The best thing I ever did is find books I like, then type a few chapters of them onto my computer. That gives you an easier way to compare your writing with theirs, and see if you're missing anything. Or if there's anything they do that you want to avoid. I'd suggest you try reading some Anne Rice books. The lady has some of the most sleep-inducing novels known to man (and woman), but she can describe an ant (or uncle) in a way that makes it sound spectacular. Reading other people's description helps you do it better yourself.

Vicki: don't compliment me too much. My ego is already straining my back. Don't make it bigger.

I don't know if your age dictates your writing preference. Hard to say. When I was a teenager, I wrote more adult stories (trying to be grown). Now I'm 23, I writing more and more childish by the moment. My job is so boring, we have to be silly to keep from jumping out the window there. It's rubbing off on my writing.

When I'm 30, I'll be doodling for infants at this rate.

7/24/2010 #110
Kaos Ninja9

I know what you mean about the sleepy rambling. I went to sleep at five and woke at nine.

I was curious about something. Most of us in this forum write for the manga section right? Does anyone besides me actually draw their stories and/or characters in manga form?

7/24/2010 #111
Open your eyes Chopstick

i tried drawing my stories out. I thought it'll be fun and cool to see. But, my problem is, I can't keep the drawing consistant. Ill draw my MC one way, and the next drawing of him would be completly different looking. Its fustrating, so i just keep with the writing. It would be cool to see though, my story in manga form.

7/24/2010 #112
Victoria Stokes

alright dice, you're writing is awful and it made me go to sleep. that better? :P

and kaos, if you ever saw my artwork you're eyes would probably burn in their sockets. not even kidding, it's awful. my friend is actually a wonderful artist, she draws for me. i tried to do one myself and that did not work out well. she saw it and broke into a fit of hysterics for 5 minutes straight, then told me to burn it so she wouldn't have nightmares. did you draw your avatar though? it looks pretty good.

7/24/2010 #113
Kaos Ninja9

Yeah, i always draw my avatars. they're usually pictures of characters or scenes in one of my stories.

7/24/2010 #114
Victoria Stokes

oh well they're nicely done :D

and chopstick, not that i'm exactly the best person to give advice on this haha, but my friend told me that you just give the character a trait or two that you can recognize them by. . . like a specific eye shape or nose, face shape etc. it works well for her so i guess she must be right!

7/24/2010 #115
Open your eyes Chopstick

victoria: true. But, see, it's more the structure. Let's say my first drawing of my MC has a normal size head, big, round eyes, and a a thin scowl for his mouth. My next drawing of him tend to look wayy different, even if I tried. the head size either gets wider or skinnier, its round eyes gets too round (or one eyes ends up being rounder than the other) and...okay. The mouth would look the same. Mouths are easy to draw.

7/24/2010 #116
Victoria Stokes

well, that's just when practice comes in i guess. drawing takes too much time. . . so frustrating. today, i am learning how to draw a dog. it shall be the worlds ugliest dog :D

has anyone heard about the new Avatar spinoff series, The Legend of Korra? it's about the next avatar, and not going to lie, i'm giddy with excitement.

7/24/2010 #117
Charming Dice

I did my own artwork once when I was little. It was for a short story called the Adventures of Stickman.

And it was beautiful.

7/24/2010 #118
Kaos Ninja9

there's gonna be more avatar? cool. i hadnt heard about that.

7/24/2010 #119
Open your eyes Chopstick

haha dice. Yeah, i think all little kids had those type of comic. XD

have you guys ever did those flip books stuff, where if you flip through the pages fast enough, it looks like the picture is moving? Those stuff are tight. :)

Victoria: no way....there's going to be a spin off of avatar?! Hopefully it'll be good, unlike the last airbender movie. Oh man.....i'm excited now! Do you know when it's airing?

7/24/2010 #120
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