What about the manga section?
What are the difference between the manga section and the others here on FP? Why is it so popular in comparison? Discuss something-anything- ...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people on this site.
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Open your eyes Chopstick

like cp said- self promotion. it's sorta like a "please look at my story/forum/c2!" place. I just added it in case anyone finds there way into this forum, but was too intimidated by our amazing conversations, so they can just leave us their username and potentially interesting stories. lol

btw, off topic a bit, did anyone get a pm from a user talking about Bookmato? Has anyone looked into that site?

1/24/2011 #1,411
TK Anez

I haven't heard of that one but I keep getting emails about something called Mudboard. Not really interested tho.

1/24/2011 #1,412
Charming Dice

Mudboard sounds dirty.

I'll check it out.

1/25/2011 #1,413
Victoria Stokes

mudboard? i just pictured a chalkboard with a bunch of students throwing mud at it. haha.

and i would just like to brag that i got an A in chemistry! yeah, i know most of you get A's and such anyway, but i absolutely fail at science and this is the first time i've gotten an A in a science class since the 7th grade (cause i'm really just that freaking bad at it xD) so YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYYAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

that felt good.

1/25/2011 #1,414

As for me I got an A for my Theology class. Surprisingly so, I was the only one who did. My professor even joked that I should pack my things and go straight to the convent and become a nun right away, before my classmates influence me. Then my classmates jokingly said that I was the biggest liar in the class so I got an A :)

As for my other subjects, I got another A(A- though) in my other major and I failed my other major subject by 10(I needed to get 10 more points to pass lol _). That was not a surprise to me though, since there were only five people in the class who passed that class... barely.

But at least this was only the prelim grading. We still have the finals so I still have a lot of chance to pass that major... and fail my others :)

1/25/2011 #1,415
TK Anez

Congrats you smartypants :) When I took chemistry in high school, I did so bad that my teacher gave me extra credit for drawing chemistry-related comics on the back of my tests. I haven't gotten an A in anything but creative writing since...... seventh grade I think.

My department at school was threatening to kick me out if I didn't get at least B on this huge test, and I wound up getting an 89! Pretty good for a slacker, and now I get to finish school!

1/25/2011 #1,416
Victoria Stokes

good job supercell ^_^ theology? that's like, religion right? haha i'd so fail that class . . . ._. lately i feel like i should read the bible, cause there's so much reference to it in literature and stuff, but it's SOOO freaking huge! i was thinking maybe like, those children's bibles? haha they're dumbed down but hey, the big picuture would still get across i guess..? i don't know.

and awesome TK. you showed them xD wow drawing comics? haha you sound like my best friend, except our chem teacher doesn't give her extra credit for her drawings. she just looks at her like she's kind of insane, and then walks over to where me and two other people are having an intense game of galaxia(sp?) on a calculator, and then looks at us like we're insane. she doesn't get mad though, so that's pretty cool :D

1/26/2011 #1,417
Nate Twitty

I did bad this semester. I got a bunch of B's and C's. but i did better than all my friends so i get to be the "smart one" in our group this year. Yay for stupid companions!

1/26/2011 #1,418
I literally finished my English midterm 5 minute ago. Unfortunately, it was all on books and no part for me to earn a bunch of extra points by writing somethngneasily. Memorizing facts sucks. I really care how many women odysseus had sex with on his journey home to Ithaca.
1/26/2011 #1,419
Open your eyes Chopstick

i dont know if i said this yet to all of you but...

i got all A's this semester....

except in Honors Pre-Calculus.

Where I got a B.

Not just any B, but a freakin 89%.

Just 1% away from an A.

And my freakin teacher wouldnt change my grade.

one freaking little percent.

UGHHHHH. And here I thought i'll get my first ever 4.2 gpa. but no. just because of that 1%. LAME.

But other than that, all A's. So that's good. :)

1/26/2011 #1,420
Victoria Stokes

hahahaha ryan. that cracked me up xD i sparknoted that whole thing i think :P and chopstick. that's still FREAKING AMAZING. wow. you're super smart.

umm quick question! has anyone ever heard of a Cinderella story told from the prince's POV? cause i thought that would be kind of interesting to write about, but i don't really want to if it's been done a few times before :P

1/26/2011 #1,421
Open your eyes Chopstick

mmm...i think so. Like, cinderella 3 was 1/4 about cinderella, 1/4 about the stepsisters, the other half about the prince. actually, cinderella 1 and 3 were the best. number 2 was...eh...

but, there's different kind of princes. you could write from the prince pov, and just add a strange personality or something. lol

And thanks vicky. :) Im just complaining cuz my friends just give me a sad look when i tell them. I know they're trying to be sypethetic, but when they start telling me they got 5.0 gpa and that UC Davis is on their BACK UP SCHOOLS, and harvard is their first choice...it just sounds like pity to me. I mean, i want to think positive and i do cheer them on, but its like "ahhhh im not good enough...."

1/26/2011 #1,422
Victoria Stokes

well if it makes you feel better choppy, i'm probably going to a junior college for my first two years. then follow up the last 2 years at a university. so don't feel pitied haha, compared to most average people like me, you're way smart! :D and will go to like a really good college!

there's a cinderella 3? w** when was their even a cinderella 2? is this like. the disney version? haha cause i was going to base it more off of the grim brothers and the older tellings. . . looked up stuff on wikipedia, i couldn't find ONE FREAKING THING about the prince except that he looks for her after finding the stupid slipper and that they get married. and in the grim brothers tale, he didn't get his eyes pecked out by birds like the step sisters.

the grim brothers . . . yeah they seem like they were pretty messed up.

but, that's kind of cool that there's almost nothing on him. it means i could basically make up anything i want :)

1/26/2011 #1,423

Wow choppy, I think I should say you're a genius. Honestly when I was in High School, I've never even studied seriously. For me and my classmates, High School was for fun. It was our"free time" before we go to college, because you'll find yourself studying really really hard.

And Vicky, I think I Cinderella really has half(or a quarter) of the prince's POV. I mean when he was searching for the girl(Cinderella) whose foot will fit perfectly on the glass shoe, it was taken from his POV right? And something tells me that if Vicky says anything which is related to Disney, believe her. Sorry Vicky, Mr. Dice's comment about you, "the disney loving teen" is really stuck on my mind :D

1/27/2011 . Edited 1/27/2011 #1,424
Open your eyes Chopstick

er...haha, i dont really study either. i think it's all about knowing the system and knowing what your good at. I suck at math, but i dont really study it (i dont think its possible to actually study for math...) so i make sure i study really well during class. I only actually study for physio since the vocab messes me up a lot.

oh MAN. tonight is opening night for the one act play i wrote/directed! i'm so nervous. im sure this is what it would feel like when my book ever gets published and its the day before it comes out on shelves. I had a bad dream last night because of it too....like, the rehearsal last night was AMAZING. but for tonight, it was an utter failure where my actors forgot their lines, the transitions between scenes were a crashing horror, and i have people coming up to me saying "at least you tried" and "i'm sorry." ugh, i woke up screaming. haha. i hope that wont be the case tonight. and if it does....like it was in my dream, "there's always tomorrow's performance."

1/28/2011 #1,425
Nate Twitty

my report card came today and it was basically what i expected; A's, B's and C's. now that the nerve racking end of semester is over and my grades are in, i can goof off for a while.

and chopsticks i hope your play goes well. so good luck or break a leg or something. now that i think about it, why in gods name would you say break a leg? that does not sound very encouraging.

1/28/2011 #1,426
Victoria Stokes

mm yeah, i kinda have an idea buzzing around in my head for the prince's POV thing. warp it a lot, like i am with Romeo&Juliet, haha.

and wow chopstick, that's kind of really awesome! haha i'm sure it will do fantastic :D that's a pretty classic nightmare though . . . haha. good luck ^_^

1/28/2011 #1,427
Open your eyes Chopstick

definitly classic. haha. but it ended up pretty good. :) I heard a few people complaining and saying it sucks (screw them) but overall, i got a lot of good responds.

I messed up on the lights though. i was doing the spot lights for my play and it. WOULDN'T. turn. ON! pretty nervewrecking. luckily my actress was good with improve.

oh well, tomorrow...will be better. ^^

1/28/2011 #1,428
The 8 Keys of Life

Nice move with the spot lights there chopper. I probably would've done the same thing XD

We're so accomplished on this here forum. We've got ourselves a published author and now we've got someone who can write some good plays!

Question: We've all put our pens/pencils behind our ear and spent like 20 minutes frantically looking for them because we forget that it's behind our ear, right?

1/29/2011 #1,429

I did. Which was really stupid :)

Anyways uhhmm.. who are you? You've changed your Pen name, I guess? Sorry ;p

1/29/2011 #1,430
The 8 Keys of Life

Oh crap...ha i forgot to mention that didn't I? It's the avenger.

But i'm glad you did too...I felt like such an idiot after I remembered.

1/29/2011 #1,431
Victoria Stokes

oh hey avenger. should we call you keys now? :O

and HAHA i literally JUST did that before i signed onto my yahoo mail (which is annoying as hell by the way. should have used gmail). i was walking around like WHERE THE HELL DID I PUT MY PEN? MOM DID YOU TAKE IT? I HAVE TO WRITE A WHOLE CHAPTER TODAY AND I NEED TO BRAINSTORM!!!!

yeah, it was behind my ear -_____- and, i hate using other pens, cause this is that kind that has 4 different colors in one pen :) it's so clunky and the only reason it will stay behind my ear is because my hairs so curly, it snuggles on into it.

1/29/2011 #1,432

mmmm...yeah what to call you now. ill stick with avenger for now before i decide

i dont really stick my pen/pencil behind my ear. ill forget i have it in my hand though. that always makes me feel smart

Congrats on the play chopstick! Thats really neat.

1/29/2011 #1,433

Oh my, there's not so much activities here lately.

I feel so lonely. Someone, cheer me up.

1/30/2011 #1,434
The 8 Keys of Life

Well louis I'm sorry to say that I absolutely suck at cheering people up. I normally just worsen their mood.....

But I'm still avenger. If you want to call me keys then be my guest...I was just really inspried by these keys that my family gave me for my birthday. Each one has a different aspect of life; love, faith, journey, memory, dreams, life, secret, and heart. Strangely enough, the "key" part of it doesn't have much to do with my avatar. There are 12 keys in music, yet i have "8 keys of life." Huh...my brain hurts.

1/30/2011 #1,435
Victoria Stokes

ummmm the sun will come out tomorrow!? i don't know how to cheer people up over the internet :O haha i wish the sun would come out, though. gloomy weather -.- it just started raining. does anyone else despise the rain? i wish i could take a heater and put it out side so that all the rain would disappear. it's evil and makes my hair an afro.

and i'm gonna stick with calling you avenger, otherwise it'd feel too weird! haha. and that actually sounds really cool. kind of like a story plot, but it made me think of that one manga my brother reads, fairy tale i think? the girl uses keys or charms or something that summon different magical creatures.

1/30/2011 #1,436

Actually, it's title is Fairy Tail.

1/30/2011 #1,437
Victoria Stokes

ohh yeah, like a fairy's tail! althought, fairies don't have tails. . .


1/30/2011 #1,438

That's the point of that manga. They don't know whether a fairy has tail or not, that's why their group is called fairy tail.

Financial problem, money deprivation, gonna die....

1/30/2011 #1,439
Open your eyes Chopstick

my weekend ended up pretty good. :) The last two performances for my play was A WHOLE LOT better than the first night. I never messed up on the lights again, and the last night was a kick :) Transitions, acting, lights, introduction speech....they ended up good. I didn't look as nervous as i felt when watching my mom's recording. haha.

I so want to do this again. Not directing though. That's tough. But i do want to see my story up on stage again. :)

And yeah, there's three cinderella movies, disney. The first one everyone knows about, the second movie is about something...about the mice i think...and the third movie is the time warp where the stepsisters stole the fairy godmother's wand and caused cinderella to never be found by the prince and so one.

Really, go watch the 3rd cinderella movie. it's pretty gooood. :) And, it has some of the prince's pov. He looks a bit different from how i remembered him from the first movie tho...

1/30/2011 #1,440
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