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midterms were over on thursday at 10. basically been a non stop part from then till now.

this has got to be the best weekend of the year-so far

1/30/2011 #1,441
Victoria Stokes

may i just say, papercuts SUCK. i just opened a new thing of printer paper to print out a chapter of Morning Star, and it slashed all the way across the top of my thumb. that's a good quarter of an inch sized papercut. pure evil.

chopstick, that's so awesome! what was the play about, anyway? you may have said before, but i don't remember...

and maybe i'll watch it. haha. if i do write this prince's POV thing though, i'm totally going to warp it. maybe even set it in a fantasy sort of thing with like, dragons and stuff. maybe. and that whole messing with time thing gives me anxiety. . . even if it's just a cartoon xD has anyone seen the Back to the Future movies? ohhhh my goodness, they're absolutely amazing and i loved them all, but they freaked the HELL out of me. messing with time makes me shudder. sort of like, the whole idea of smashing a mosquito 1 billion years ago can mess up everything? yeah, no way. just no.

1/30/2011 #1,442

The whole "kill a prehistoric mosquito, destroy the future" concept first got to me when I saw a segment of a "The Simpsons" halloween special about that. Basically, Homer accidentally went back in time while trying to fix a toaster. He does it multiple times, touches things, and screws the universe up. Yet, it made me laugh rather than scared me. It still does.

1/31/2011 #1,443
Victoria Stokes

ryder, your avatar still freaks me out. that's all i could think about while reading your post haha.

okay guys. i have a legit writing question right now. how the hell do you write about a kiss? like. i know you're supposed to put the feelings and thoughts or whatever... but i really don't get it. and the examples i could find on google sucked. i tried to once before, total disaster, hated it, never want to do it again, but i have to now -.- haha so, any guidlines? what do i do what do i avoid? por favor?

1/31/2011 #1,444
Open your eyes Chopstick

I actually like ryder's avatar. It's from "Futurama" or soemthing right? Comedy central? :) Love that show.

Erm, vicky, I might not be a big help (never had to do a kissing scene before...and i dont really have the experience to tell you...) but you had a bf before right? How did it feel kissing him? You could use it as an example. Plus, if you didnt know how to feel during the kiss, you could use that too. I mean, this is lilyana and heiro right? It must be an awkward kiss scene. You could have Lilyana be all awkward during, but then, when she's alone, and starts thinking about it....have her freak out. haha.

Avoid: cliche. "It was like fireworks!" lol. People usually make kissing a big deal. like HUGE. And it probably is...but i'm sure there's always an awkwardness to it. Especially for a first kiss.

So instead of JUST writing the amazingness of it, maybe add the incertainty? The excitment, and yet, the draining? Am I making sense?

I think it'll make it a lil bit more realistic.

1/31/2011 #1,445
Open your eyes Chopstick

oh, and the play is about this girl who has been in love with this guy since freshman year of high school, and now, there is only a few weeks left of school until graduation. So basically, the play is about the different ways the girl tries to confess her feelings.

I have the first draft of the play up on fp (cuz i was asking for help). The final product has more scenes...which i should put up on fp. When i'm not too lazy.

My favorite is the dream scene. :)

1/31/2011 #1,446
Victoria Stokes

ohh yes put it up! haha that actually sounds really fun. and strangely similar to a story i planned out . . . haha but a little different. i did chapter summaries for all 32 chapters, but decided to wait to write it cause it'd be a series of a girls four years of high school. huh. but yeah. put it up, so we can read it :)

and ehh... i never cared much for any of the boyfriends i had haha... normally it was "can i hold your hand?" and i'd say "no it's uncomfortable and makes my palms sweaty!" or, "can i kiss you?" and "NOT IN PUBLIC."

haha. i'm a terrible girlfriend.

but, that's actually really good advice :) and works for both of my stories (cause i got another one for morning star -.- which i'm pretty sure no one on here reads so i don't feel bad about saying that haha :D ) thanks chopstick. i think i can do this now ^_^

and oh my goodness. saying cliches just reminded me. if i get another review for chapter 1 saying that my characters are too cliche and overdone, i'm gonna rip my eyes out xD like, it's just the first chapter . . . they break away from the clicheness as it goes . . . haha i want to rewrite it cause of the repetativeness of the reviews of that first chapter!

1/31/2011 #1,447
Open your eyes Chopstick

lol. okay, since im procrastinating on hw anyways...

And im glad my advice helped. Talking about kissing though, my sister has a boyfriend. It was really sweet. Before she agreed to go out with him, she went to my mom and was like "mommy, is it okay if i have a boyfriend?" --She was 15 at the time.

mom: "did he ask you out?"

my sis: "erm...yeah..."

mom: "do you want to go out with him?"

sis: "...yeah..."

lol. so she did. It's funny when she talks about kissing though. My mom asked my sister if she had her first kiss yet, and she was hilarious!

Mom: first kiss?"

sis: yes


sis: well, it depends. Is it like "mwah" (peck) kiss? Or are you talking about "mmmm mmmm mmmm" kind of kissing? (french kissing...she was kissing her hand when asking that)


anyways! About your first chapter, dont worry about it for now. You're not on your editing stages yet, right? Then dont worry. Just keep moving forward. Really, if people keep going back and changing their 1st chapter, they'll never finish!

1/31/2011 #1,448
Victoria Stokes

hahahha! oh gosh, that sounds kind of awkward . . . but so funny. reminds me of a story actually. so, since i am also procrastinating the last questions of a big project (SO CLOSE TO FINISHING \m/(.)\m/ ROCK ON. haha.) here it goes ^_^

my older sister (she was probably about, well, my age at the time) was telling me about how fun it was to kiss, and when i didn't understand why (i was maybe 13) she decided to show me. by pretending to make out with her fork.

except, she accidentally swallowed it. and started choking.

then, as i'm screaming not knowing what the hell to do, she gives herself the heimlick(sp?) maneover(sp???) or whatever and the fork seriously FLIES across the room as if someone chucked it and slams against the wall. it was such a loud bang, and my mom was like WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO GIRLS DOING?

after i realized she wasn't going to die, it was pretty hilarious :) really, who chokes on a fork?

and yeah. you're right. i get a little ahead of myself, especially since most of the reviews point out the same thing, i'm thinking i need to do some changing xD something weird i just realized? I'm already 1/4 of the way done with TofD. hooooww crazy is that? sure, it's only going to be about 20 chapters, but still! this is flying by.

1/31/2011 #1,449
TK Anez

Hahahaha i'm loving all these kissing stories :P

I just bought The Hunger Games! I'm pretty excited to read it.

Oh and congrats Vicky on your story and congrats Chopstick on your play xD

1/31/2011 #1,450

mmm...i feel compelled to share

best kissing story....probably an extremely awkward one on a very small sailboat. it was wavy. not the greatest idea.

1/31/2011 #1,451
Open your eyes Chopstick

dont tell me ryan....you THREW UP on her while kissing?!

That's horrible. And awkward.

No, yeah, def awkward.

Or....you missed? when trying to go in for a kiss? haha. that's funny. (sorry.)

oh, and i convinced my mom to buy me some new books! Lolita, the hunger games, and Room. And that hymn of tiger mom...something. can't really remember the title. Anyways, I'm excited! I've been wanting to read these books for a while, especially since i had tons of people recomending it to me....and now i dont have to buy it with my own money. haha

1/31/2011 #1,452

Hello, I hope it's okay for me to post here. Let me know otherwise.

I've been following this forum for a little while and I saw something that I wanted to provide a reply to. If your story is in the manga section and following Japanese characters, then the first kiss is hugely important. It is important for us in the US, but they make a much bigger deal about it in Japan than we do. So it is a often a dramatic or traumatic experience for Japanese girls if they lose their first kiss in a very embarrassing manner, at least portrayed in manga. I don't know how massive of a deal it is for real girls, but it is still considered a very important event for Japanese girls. Best advice would be just describe how the characters feel if you don't have something draw upon. They are your characters so you probably have a good idea their emotions and just let that guide you when writing.

Despite writing a romance story, I actually avoiding kissing by accident. Didn't realize it until I thought about it now. I focused more on of the issues of the relationship rather than the romance of the relationship. Makes me wonder if I shouldn't switch the genres around. I'll be getting to it eventually. I actually have a fair bit of romance in most of my stories. I don't have anything to draw on either, but I'm overly romantic in dreaming so I'm probably going to be making a bigger deal than my partner.

Hope that helps.

1/31/2011 #1,453

For me, kissing by accident in manga or anime is more for comedic purpose. It's not like it's the same for real life, but since manga and anime are just stories, I don't really mind that much.

Well, I have to admit that I never kissed a girl before, since my relationship with my girlfriend is quite chaste and... quite platonic. The only thing I managed to do with her is to hold her hand. Talk about pathetic.

Talk about kiss, it reminds me of my childhood when I was around 9-10 year old. Due to some reasons that I don't really want to state here, I kissed my brother, on his lips! But believe me, that kiss is innocent! Just showing brotherly affection! While I think it's kinda awkward, me at that time looked kinda androgynous (some people said, not me). And I'm not gay...

Maybe I'm rambling too much.

2/1/2011 #1,454

nope...no throw up....no missing. just extremely uncomfortable.

I've never heard of the importance of kissing in manga until now...so I'll keep my advice out of the conversation.

2/1/2011 #1,455
TK Anez

I don't think I've ever written a kiss in any one of my stories... at least not for the main character.

My best kissing story (I just remembered it): I was at a party at this fancy hotel in Times Square and I hooked up with this guy on a bunch of escalators (the party was on the twenty-something floor). It was really great but then a couple days later he asked me out and I couldn't remember his name and just called him escalator boy. To make it worse, he turned out to be my friend's brother D: I got in soooo much trouble..... :P

2/1/2011 #1,456

My understanding is that girls in anime/manga are portrayed as being much more chaste than actual teenagers are in Japan. Though they do not drink or do drugs frequently as is done in the US, the Japanese are more open-minded about... how to say this without offending anyone's sensibilities?... NC-17 related things. However, there is a stigma about public displays of affection or being seen entering or leaving a "love hotel". Basically, do whatever you want as long as no one sees you doing it.

That said, in most middle schools boys and girls are not allowed to date and they are under enough scrutiny from parents and teachers to ensure it does not happen.

2/1/2011 #1,457
Open your eyes Chopstick

eytha, i see you around on the other forums! I'm glad to have you on board. :)

But...Wow, I'm seriously surprised you read through all this....nonsense. haha.

You and Archie is right. In japan, pda is considered to be extreme. I'm just taking this off of mangas/animes i've read though, but since books should be somewhat realistic, i'm taking that it's somewhat true.

In comparison, pda is the norm. I mean, i heard in the news not long ago a lot of girls at this one high school got pregnant...all at the same time. After hearing that? A kiss? nah, not that big of a deal.

TK, that's an amazing kiss story btw. It gives that "ohhh crap...." kind of tone, but it sounds like a fun story to tell and laugh about. :) Did you ever get together with your friend's brother though? :)

2/1/2011 #1,458
Victoria Stokes

wow, this forum is filled with kissing failures . . . haha :)

none of my stories take place in japan. even though one's in the manga section . . . it's more fantasy. but whatever ^_^ i never realized a kiss could be such a big deal. sudden pressure!

a bunch of girls getting pregnant at the same time? was it from the same guy or something? that would be scandalous.

i've decided to write an essay on insanity. my suggested it and thought i could make it pretty cool. does anyone have any opinions on insanity? anyything at all :D i wanna get different angles!

2/1/2011 #1,459
Open your eyes Chopstick

nah, it's a group of girls that made a pact with each other, saying that once they turn 16, they'll all get pregnant. Not with the same guy though. haha but...i did ehar one of the girls got pragnant by a homeless man though.... -_- I mean, being a mom at 16 is...eh...but really, what makes me want to scream at her is the choice she picked for the father. At least get a guy who could support her and the baby!

sigh....high schoolers can be stupid at times.

insanity: people who are insane, dont believe they are. They think they are completely normal.

2/1/2011 #1,460

Hehe, I'm crazy, but not that crazy. I've only read the last 5 or 6 pages. But it is a very entertaining thread. ^^

And definitely, in Japan public affection is quite the taboo. I think even holding hands might get you looked at a little strange depending on the person, probably the elderly. Not trying to stereotype, but the elderly seem to be more strict about proper social etiquette. They are more judgmental. Most things that appear in manga tend to come from some basis of truth in the real world, though exaggerated.

But as I understand it, kissing holds different significance in Japan. It is not something commonly done in public and it is not something that very common in general even among married couples. I think it tends to be reserved most times. Manga doesn't promotes the significance of it from the teenage girl's points of view. So there is probably something that exists for the Japanese people. Anytime it appears in manga, its pretty important and a significant event, even if it is not their first kiss.

Making a pact to get pregnant sounds like a terrible idea, especially at 16. High schoolers indeed.

2/1/2011 #1,461
Jesus, I leave for a couple days and you guys are talking about weird pregnancy pacts. But seriously, that was a really bad idea... Wonder what made them think having a baby at age 16 was a good idea? And welcome to the forum, eytha. Enter at your own risk.
2/1/2011 #1,462
Open your eyes Chopstick

you know...i was wondering, why is it whenever we get somebody knew on this forum, we always warn them that we're crazy? What ever happened to surprising them? Seriously, with all the warnings, as soon as we get someone, they'll think "oh crap. run!"


ryder. talking about pregnacy is only natural after talking about kisses. i mean, you could get PREGNANT just by kissing a person. So dont do it. ever. Cuz you don't want to get pregnant ryder :)

(btw, before you all look at me crazy, i know rydar is a boy. And, since I'm taking physiology this year, i know how babies are made. I was joking about all that up there. just keeping it real.)

2/1/2011 #1,463

^^; It's alright. Like I said I've been reading the thread for a little while. So I know about Louis' interest in expressing pain upon others, Supercell's gender neutral stance and talk about types of radar (which had me going back a page or two try to figure out what was going on, unfortunately I didn't really find a clear source ^^; ). So I think I'll survive, hehe.

You learn where babies come from in physiology? Wow, my 6th grade science teacher must have been skipping ahead in to an advance textbook. ^^

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #1,464
Open your eyes Chopstick

lol. radars have been mentions throughout the posts. actually, i think it got started when dice was trying to guess my gender in the first page of this post.

anyways, you learn where babies come from in 5th grade when they seperated the boys and the girls and made all of us watch videos. Then in 8th grade with all that sex ed plays we had to watch in gym. And freshman years with stupid sex ed where someone asked if sharks would come after you if you were on your period. -_- I'm just saying Physio cuz its all about the human body. so it makes sense to bring it up again. But, um, now that i think about it....even though people promote absenince alot, schools keep showing children condoms alot...)

2/1/2011 #1,465
I remember seventh grade when all the guys in the class were flipping to the human body section of the textbook and laughing their a*** off... And yes, choppy, I know I shouldn't get pregnant. I'm a good boy. (don't think I've ever used those two sentences next to each other before...)
2/1/2011 #1,466
Victoria Stokes

i remember the radar thing. all the guys guessed your guys' genders wrong, except mine. but really, if they'd guessed me wrong . . . that would be sad. haha.

and w** they made a PACT to get pregnant at sixteen? what the hell? and to a homeless man . . . okay, WHAT THE HELL. i'm disturbed. wasn't there a movie about that, though... like, about a group of thirteen year olds who wanted to have babies? i don't remember haha.

haha chopstick, you're really right. they're like, "DONT HAVE SEX. but here's everything you need!"

2/1/2011 #1,467

oh you gotta love those sex ed classes. bunch of fun. There were some pretty weird questions in my class. One of the strangest questions was about a donut. it was sorta scary...

2/1/2011 #1,468
A donut? Well, it's not hard to guess what that had to do with... If my interperatation is correct, that'd one desperate kid...
2/1/2011 #1,469
Charming Dice

I'm surprised there hasn't been an American Donut movie. Maybe pie is more popular with the male virgin audience.

2/1/2011 #1,470
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