What about the manga section?
What are the difference between the manga section and the others here on FP? Why is it so popular in comparison? Discuss something-anything- ...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people on this site.
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Victoria Stokes

oh dice, there's that ego.

and yes, it was on the news! i was so happy i started screaming and sprinting around the house. and it'll definitely be great, since the same creators of Avatar are making it. not that god awful director. i wanted to kill the guy who made the movie -.-

and it comes out in 2011, i don't think they've released exactly when though. i hope it's early in the year! and the avatar, Korra, is fromt he southern water tribe and has already master water, eart, and fire. and now she has to learn air, and get's trained by Aang's son, Tenzin. that's all they've released about it so far, but i'm so giddy i'm giggling!

7/24/2010 #121
Open your eyes Chopstick

aang has a SON?! well, that's a shocker. That little dude? It would be so cool if Aang makes an appearance. ^^

2011....that's so long....well, okay, not really. 2010 is almost over in a few more month. But....still...i need something to watch. Avatar was just amazing.

7/24/2010 #122
Victoria Stokes

yes!! he should have had more. there's gotta be more airbenders xP and i'm thinking he will when Korra goes into the avatar state :D and seriously i'm soo impatient. i really hope it comes out like january of 2011 haha. if we have to wait until like september or something . . . i'll die.

7/24/2010 #123
Open your eyes Chopstick

haha yeah, really now. :)

oh, yeah. remember i was talking about that kid's story i wrote? I got it posted. It's called "Rana's Voice."

7/24/2010 #124
Kaos Ninja9

i was wondering how they were gonna work that out if they ever continued the series, with Aang being the last airbender and everything. i guess when the avatar cycle gets back to air, it'll be one of Aang's descendants.

7/24/2010 #125
Open your eyes Chopstick

i wonder what the conflict would be though. With aang, its about defeating the fire nation. now, the world is at peace. What would the story be then? After Aang's story, they can't just follow one of the desendants and see him train the whole time. That'll just suck.

7/24/2010 #126
Kaos Ninja9

i was wondering about that too. it would really suck if they tried to do the war thing again.

was anybody else kind of unsatisfied with how the series ended?

7/24/2010 #127
Victoria Stokes

they'll come up with some kind of conflict, these people are obviously smart and creative. they'll think of something.

and i was actually really pleased with the ending. i didn't like the idea of Aang killing the firelord cause he's, well, Aang. that'd just be strange. the only thing that i didn't really like was the Katara/Aang couple. it just didn't seem to fit. the creators had actually planned to make Katara and Zuko the couple, but the network wouldn't allow them or something. they had created a kissing scene between them and everything, but the network shot them down. kind of disappointing.

7/24/2010 #128
Kaos Ninja9

that's the part i didn't like. the Aang /Katara couple never felt right to me. i wish they had stuck with Zuko/Katara. i never liked Zuko/Mei either. She was a very unlikable character to me.

7/24/2010 #129
Victoria Stokes

yes! she was so boring, i didn't like her at all. Katara/Zuko would have been so much better. plus, those relationships where they can't stand each other but end up together are always cute. Aang and her should have just been best friends, lame network . i guess they thought the younger kids wouldn't like it.

7/24/2010 #130
Kaos Ninja9

Yeah, i love those sort of love from hate relationships. I can see your point tho, the Katara/Aang thing probably was decided on for the younger viewers. either that or the fact that Zuko was originally a bad guy. who knows why networks do what they do... that's what sucks about the animation industry.

7/24/2010 #131
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah...i was mad that it wasn't katara and Zuko. I think they fit well together. Seeing the katara/aang thing...seeing them kiss....it was just awkward. Other than this whole pair thing being a complete miss (i think) all the other relationships were good though.

7/24/2010 #132
Victoria Stokes

yeah, them kissing makes me cringe every time. it just doesn't fit, they're too much niceness combined. i agree that the other pairings were good though, Sokka and Suki were my favorite. but the Katara/Aang paring wasn't the creators fault, so i still trust them with The Legend of Korra.

7/24/2010 #133
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah, i told my family about it. now, they are excited too. haha.

okay, lets go back to writing/mangas. this is the manga section, lets try to keep it a lil bit relevant.

any of you influenced by mangas? If so, how? Is it the style of writing? The plot? Characters? What? A lot of the "mangas" on fp, i noticed, are influenced plot wise. I know, cuz i could recognize some of the stories as real mangas...i could even trace back to the manga they were influnced by. I even talked to some of the authors. They even ammitted they got the idea from a certain manga. Are any of you guys like this?

I've read some of your stories, and frankly, i can't trace them to any mangas...and i read tons of mangas. So your probably not influnced plot wise.

For me, i'm more influenced by the writing style. I'll think "I want to write like that" more than "I want to write a story with the same plot/characters/ect."

7/24/2010 #134
Kaos Ninja9

I'm influenced more by novels for my writing style. I really like how the 'Tales of the Otori' series by Lian Hearn is done. It's a very character driven plot, which is my favorite type of story. It also has vivid description without going over board with it. The series also has a fictional setting based on a real one, which is also something i like to do.

Manga tends to influence my drawing style more than anything. It's kind of weird though, because i never try to mimic the whole style, just certain elements. For instance, i liked how the noses were drawn in the manga 'Princess Hanaka' so I do mine something like that. My favorite manga artist though is Rinko Ueda. I like that she doesn't make the boys all skinny. They actually look normal.

But plot wise, I like to try to come up with something kind of original rather than use the plot of something else as a model. I wouldn't want someone to read something I did and say 'Oh its just like...' or 'Isnt this the same as...' You know?

7/24/2010 #135
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah, i do know what you mean ninja. If someone read my story and starts thinking "oh! it's just like_____!" I'll be so embaressed; I'll try to change the story a bit and see what i can do about it. I want to be original. It's fine if there's some resemblance, like "oh, so they are traveling to get a certain item that will save someone" or "it's a school story." That's fine. The story line could still be completly different though depending on characters or whatever.

what i don't want is like what i read on this site somewhere. The author wrote a story about a shop that grants wishes. That's...not original. I know two mangas with that idea. xxxholic and some shojo manga that made an appearance in shojo beat. If someone pointed out my story sounded like that....i would have to look into it.

7/24/2010 #136
Kaos Ninja9

yeah, thats what i want to avoid. there are a lot of stories here like that. i just read one that was exactly the same as 'Absolute Boyfriend'. like you said, some resemblance is fine, but you shouldn't want your story to be a total copy. otherwise it's like you wrote a fanfiction and just changed the characters names. that would bother me. i wouldn't want to copy someone else's hard work.

7/24/2010 #137
Charming Dice

My ego is busy. Now I can post without bragging about how great my greatness is. :p

First, Avatar. I don't know anything about that show. Can anybody fill me in on the storyline and if it's worth watching? Its hard enough being a Narutard. Not sure if I have enough tardness in me to be an Avatard too, unless its really good.

As for Lian Hearn, I like any published chick that uses a pseudonym. That deception is kinda hot. I've been meaning to check out her ninja series, whatever it was called. Maybe its that Otogi thing Kay mentioned?

Now, about manga influence. Am I influenced by manga? A little. But I'm influenced by all storytelling mediums. Movies, Novels, Video Games, Graphic Novels, Old People, etc. Funny thing: not sure if this is true, but I heard the creator of Naruto was influenced by Harry Potter & Marvel Comics.

About similar plots: have any of you heard of plot archetypes? The 7 basic plots and all that? I once read this huge book that broke down each type of Jungian archetype, from the plots to the basic characters and all that, and why stories not using the archetypes usually have an unsatifying ending (no real conclusion, or a forced Deus ex Machina-style finish). It showed how lots of stories reuse the same structures & character types. I started paying attention to that and I noticed something hilarious.

Everything from the James Bond movies, Lord of the Rings, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Naruto, The Hangover, Iron Man, to The Lightning Thief (books & movie) uses one or more of these structures and character types. They're everywhere, in almost everything good (and in some crap too). Probably in that Avatar show too. I heard some people use these archetypes on purpose, and it works. I'm using them too, on the stuff I'm trying to get published.

Its no sub for creative storylines, but I think it can enhance and focus the great ideas you have, and give the readers/audience something familiar to hold onto.

What do you ladies think?

7/25/2010 #138
Victoria Stokes

you should definitely watch Avatar. i've survived being an avatard and a narutard, so can you :P

and i've heard of those archetype. i read about it in a book my dad made me read to make me better at school ( -.- ) and even though the plots follow the same thing, they work. my story plots always follow something along those lines, cause it's good to follow and people like it.

as for influence, i'm noticeably manga influenced. by other stuff as well, but that's a big one. i was influenced by any mangas or animes in particular though. my story's based off of a really crazy dream i had, and then i just looked up stuff about government structure and such on google to help me figure out their society and stuff.

7/25/2010 #139
Open your eyes Chopstick

Avatar: the last airbender. It's dope...meaning good (if you dont know that slang). It's about this boy who is the Avatar. He's the only one in the universe that can control all the elements: air, water, earth, and fire. But, see, the problem is, he ran away from home and was frozen in ice for a thousand years. During that time, the fire nation declared war and is taking other countries/nations captive, surpressing people who is a bender (can control an element). One day, Aang, the avatar, was finally unfrozen. He now had to defend the world, and defeat the fire nation from having world domination. Only problem is....he only learned how to bend air which wouldn't be enough to defeat the fire nation.

It's a pretty epic story. The series was much better than the movie. It pretty much had everything. From action to romance, to humor to its serious moments.

Yeah, plot archetypes. I actually heard of it. They really do work, and a lot of people use it. that's fine. That's where we get our structure for our stories, whether we notice it or not. and lie you said Dice, it gives us a change to hold onto something familiar. Having a completly original story with no type of archetypes what-so-ever tend to make people confused. Unless the author could pull it off, the readers would wonder what exactly they were reading. It's also hard to summarize your story with no archetypes too.

I was just against complete cut outs, like ninja said, with only slight changes like names.

7/25/2010 #140
aka Providence

Mm, methinks I've watched almost 500 different anime series by now, and I have to say that Avatar would count as one of the best animated series that I've watched. It's a great adventure/fantasy story, with good humor and some romance, not to mention great characters.

Also, random suggestion... but the manga of Fullmetal Alchemist, as well as the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime just finished about a month ago. A great series as well. It's been almost ten years since the first chapter of the manga, and the entire series has been an outstanding one from beginning to end.

7/25/2010 #141
Open your eyes Chopstick

wha- hey! hey! you guys! we got a new person! welcome to the forum masked hero x! :D

7/25/2010 #142
aka Providence

Ha ha ha, I'm an old weirdo like Dice. We were in the same group a few years ago.

7/25/2010 #143
Open your eyes Chopstick

same group? oh, cool. Well, welcome. As you could probably guess...this topic tends to go wherever it wants. Just like a snowball rolling down a hill. :)

if you ever want to start a new topic on here, or ask questions, whatever, feel free to do so.

7/25/2010 #144
Charming Dice

Yep. Me and the hero were in the same writing group. 2 two writing groups, really. One he started (aka Meteor-Infinity) & one I started (Underground Constellation). My group's title meant we were a collection of star authors in the underground writing scene. His group's name was just meant to be sparkly/shiny. When it came to the names, I am win.

Yeah, if you want to start a new topic, go for it. As you can see, I do it at random. Oh, and I'm not weird, bro. Just well beyond normal. You're on your own there.

Told you womenfolk a guy would wander in here eventually. Ha. :p

And if you all say Avatar is good, it must be bad. Because I really don't trust your opinions. Are there episodes online to avoid?

7/25/2010 #145
aka Providence

Yeah. I'll be doing that.

Starting a new thread in 3... 2... 1, and done.

7/25/2010 #146
Open your eyes Chopstick

haha yeah...meteor- infinity is shiny. lol. but dice, your group sounds like a mafia or something.

i didn't say anythin about there being no other guys on this forum. i was sure it would happen. i mean, the first person to visit this fourm was you dice, and you're a guy (i think...haha jk jk).

Avatar IS good. Trust us. There are some episodes to avoid though cuz there's some filler episodes...but all great anime series has at least one or two filler episode. it just depends on whether you want to take your time and watch it.

7/25/2010 #147
aka Providence

Hah, yeah, MI is a shiny name. I picked the name since I thought it was cool back then. Still... we were a group of awesome writers, too. The stories we made in the group was a complete mess, though...

7/25/2010 #148
The 8 Keys of Life

You were right, Dice. A guy other than you did eventually show up. And i'm with victoria and choppy. you should definitely watch Avatar. it's worth it.

Meteor-Infinity and Underground Constellations, huh? I agree with choppy that underground constellations sounds like a mafia gang...kinda strange. but then again, you are strange, so i guess it makes sense. Meteor-Infinity...yup sounds shiny to me. haha.

7/26/2010 #149

Thanks for dropping by and reviewing my story, Dice.

Like I said I have big problems with describing & emphasizing actions, I'm working on it though :D

I'll be working on the flaws you pointed out too, it really help out a lot. I'll be sure to put it in mind when I edit it and for the next time I write.

7/26/2010 #150
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