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Charming Dice

If you're like me, you get silly and ridiculous as you get sleepy. If you're up way too late and can't sleep, and just know you don't have anything sane to say, post something stupid here. That way we don't clutter up the other threads with fatigue-related idiocy.

I wish I would've made this thread before making my last few posts. My common sense went to sleep a few hours ago.

Oh well. Too late.

7/21/2010 #1
Charming Dice

I like blue cheese, but I don't like cheese that's blue.

I prefer my cheese to be upbeat and cheerful.

7/21/2010 #2
Charming Dice

Depending on the one doing the handling, I abhor or adore purple nurples.

7/25/2010 #3
Charming Dice

Many fat chickens in kitchens are cowardly and lazy -- yet yummy.

7/25/2010 #4
Charming Dice

Wiggles and giggles. Tickles and pickles. Girdles and hurdles. Gobbles and wobbles.

Which one breaks the pattern?

Tee hee. Its number three!

7/28/2010 #5
Fox Trot 9

Ooooh, gimme a try, gimme a try! Fox, cox and box perfectly describe me.

Fox, because I'm Fox Trot 9 (Nice to meet you, thanks).

Cox, because that's my internet provider.

And box, because I live in one.

12/23/2010 #6
Fox Trot 9

It's mistletoe, not missile toe!

Missiles do not grow on toes!

12/23/2010 #7
Open your eyes Chopstick

haha nice to meet you fox trot. come visit us on the snowball topic. most of us are in there...

and phsh....missile toes, reminds me of when me and my cousin drew some mistle toes and actually drew out a missle and toes and made people kiss. haha

it makes sense!

12/26/2010 #8
Fox Trot 9

Oooh, what a lovely necklace! All the better to strangle you with! *Laughs insanely*

1/5/2011 #9
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