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aka Providence

I'm being lazy again, since it's been a couple of days since I stopped writing. Had to drive somewhere during Sunday, got sick Monday, and had to spend the whole day cleaning Tuesday... and it's 3AM here now.

Well, I did do a bit of research for my story, though... did my re-research on monster girls and the mythological creatures they're based on, and read a few stuff by HP Lovecraft, and a few slice-of-life manga, so it hasn't been a complete loss, I guess.

7/27/2010 #1
Open your eyes Chopstick

haha yeah....me too. Yesturday was the first time i started writing a gain after a four day stop. But see, at least you had a reason. my reason for skipping writing time was to play around and m*** about how bored i was.

or...wait...phsh, it wasnt a waste. i, ugh, did research too! I people watched. :)

anyone know any good motivation tricks?

7/27/2010 #2
Charming Dice

Monster girls sound fun. Wait . . . cute monster girls, right?

Good motivation tricks? Talk yourself up to be the greatest thing ever. Dig yourself a huge hole that way, then have fun trying to climb out.

Works for me. :)

Research? Research? What is this abomination of which you speak?

7/27/2010 #3
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah, MH does real research. Apparently he looks through books. haha. mine is all about observing people's emotions.

what dice, you don't do any research?

7/27/2010 #4
Charming Dice

I don't do much research. Its rare that I ever need to. But sometimes I do bump into info at random, and look more into it cause I'm curious. Like for one story I'm working it, it helped to know that DNA emits protons. I went more into that & genetic code and all that, and got a great story idea out of it.

MH? Ha. You giving people nicknames now, Choppy? I think I'm rubbing off on you.

7/27/2010 #5
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah, sorta dice. MH cuz it's easier for me to memorize. Dont need that much typing either. haha

7/27/2010 #6
Charming Dice

One day, all in the world will realize the perfection and purity of the Dice way and become more Dice-like everyday. Only then will we have world peace.

We'll be too busy flirting to fight.

7/27/2010 #7
aka Providence

Ooh, I do all kinds of research... from reading books to listening to people to listening to music to reading all kinds of weird junk. Like the monster girl encyclopedia.

An example, can't post the translated version since the translated content is a bit not-safe-for-work:

7/27/2010 #8
Charming Dice

Ah, I get it. You do that kind of research. Heh. Should I start calling you the Pervy Sage?

Personally, if ever I need to research female monsters, I can just anger the women I know and watch them transform into screeching beasts. But hey, whatever works.

7/27/2010 #9
aka Providence

Hah, go ahead. I got the mad skills to be one (ha ha ha, not really).

Well, I could do that as well for research, but I'm focusing more on the design than personality. Personality I can do easily, but I need a few pics to get make my descriptions a bit more accurate.

7/27/2010 #10
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