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Open your eyes Chopstick

I know, I'm not ready to be publish for many reasons. My story isn't done (but i still think about it) and there's tons of revisions I need to do. But, even though publishing is in the future for me right now, I still think about it.

okay, okay. Why should i be worried about this now, when my story isn't done yet? Write first, then worry. Right? I believe that. But I have my little day dreams. so bare with me.

I have children stories. I shared them with the little kids I baby sat, with my friends, and with my family. I corrected them and reworked it a bit. even though my novel story isn't done, my PB idea story is finished.

I think it would sell.

BUT.... the fear of publishing sets in.

or, that is, the fear of the process. Finding an agent, or, since its PB, finding the right editor/ company. How do I go about it? no...that is, how do I make it shine enough when writing up a query? How does writing a PB query different from novel queries?

and when it gets attention, and i get 'the call,' what happens then? Is everything through emails, phone calls? Meet face to face? What?

I troll sites when I'm bored and have time. Everyone says the same thing.

Do what other authors say help you in understanding the publishing world? Or are you still as confused as I am. Maybe it's because I'm the whole "don't know how to do something unless I see it first hand" kind of person.

Talk about your ideas of publishing.


7/27/2010 #1
Charming Dice

here's a site to help you: www.absolutewrite.com/forums/

Everything you'll ever want to know about writing & publishing is there. Its full of pro/aspiring pro writers who, unlike people on these forums, really know what they're doing.

7/27/2010 #2
Open your eyes Chopstick

thanks dice. I'll look at it. :)

7/27/2010 #3
Javin Pilotte

People can find agents online nowadays, can't they?

9/23/2010 #4

I think its never too early to begin thinking of the publishing aspect of your work or of self-promoting your work, cause eventually you will need to consider that angle, and the more ground work you do now (just like the research, outlining, dialogue cribbing et. al you do for the story itself) the fewer worries you'll have when it comes time. Literary Agents are a writer's best friend, harshest taskmistress after the editor, and probably best resource (along with the anuulal Writer's Digest Writer's Market 20xx") for navigating the post-completed draft phase.

For that matter, there's a blog I follow called "Storytellers Unplugged" that has a rota of thirty writers, editors, publishers, literary agents, publicists who provide insights, encouragement, real-world wake-up calls. I like it cause in reading it day by day you get the perspectives of nearly everyone involved in writing and publishing a book. (Truth in Advertising: One of the contributors to the blog is a customer at my grocery store (he writes mainly horror, and some of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer books) but this is not the reason I plug it here.) Yes you can find it simply by typing in storytellersunplugged.com

7/23/2011 #5
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