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What are the difference between the manga section and the others here on FP? Why is it so popular in comparison? Discuss something-anything- ...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people on this site.
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aka Providence

So, I am, as usual, delaying the inevitable by procrastinating, and while doing so I thought "this is the manga section of FP, no?"

Now, since it is the manga section after all, I'm going to make a manga thread here... well, I guess, since it is a manga thread, I should say a few things manga related...

Well, I'm too lazy at the moment, but is anyone reading any manga recently?

7/28/2010 #1
Open your eyes Chopstick

eh....rereading Tsubasa last night before going to sleep....trying to see the fight/sword scenes in it and see if i could use it in my story somehow. Unfortunatly, i dont have the whole series. hella broke. after reading volume 7 again, i want to read the rest. haha

7/28/2010 #2
Kaos Ninja9

Never read Tsubasa, seen the anime though. I have to read it, the anime seemed very incomplete. I hate when that happens...

'Red River' is a good series. I'm only on book 6 out of i think 28.

'Tail of the Moon' is another good one. it's about ninjas:) had a nice ending too.

I have a ridiculously huge manga/anime collection.

7/28/2010 #3
Open your eyes Chopstick

ohhh...i've read "red river". it was interesting. :) I read the beginning of "tail of the moon" but never went beyond 3rd volume.

let's see....i read inu-yasha, but i had to stop after volume 25 or so cuz it got boring and annoying.

Fruit baskets cool. same with death note. two completely different mangas, but they are both amazing.

7/28/2010 #4
aka Providence

Yotsuba is the best, and you probably have no soul if you hate the kid -- no soul!

Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is also good, but you need to have a good tolerance for blood, gore, and really freaky stuff since there's a lots of it.

Beelzebub is still ongoing. Fun, crazy action.

Death Note got a bit boring by the end, but it was still good.

It's been about a month since Fullmetal Alchemist ended. It's pretty... well, wow: it began almost ten years ago, and now it's finally finished.

Kamen Rider Spirits is awesome. Awesome-awesome, and if I take away me being a fan of KR in general it's still awesome.

lol, I'll stop for now. If I don't, I might eventually talk about every single manga I've read.

For the record, though, the first manga I read is Love Hina, but before that the first manhwa I read was Ragnarok Online.

7/28/2010 #5
Kaos Ninja9

Love Hina got too repetative for me. It was like the same thing happened in every book.

I think the first manga I read was Gundam Wing and my first manhwa was I.N.V.U

I saw the anime of bothe Death Note and Fruits Basket. I really want to read FB though, the anime stops halfway. My cousin has it, i need to see if i can borrow it:)

7/28/2010 #6
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah...i liked hwo they ended FB. most times, the way they end mangas, tend to be iffy. Like in Death note...the ending was a bit weak, but the series was pretty cool.

Love Hina. It wasn't that bad...never finished it though. i tend to skip around chapters.

i can't remember this one manga i read before...the title anyways and the character's names....but it was really good. it was about these ingerneered babies grew up with esp. There's some sort of war, and one of them fell in love with a normal human girl, who is a scientist.

okay...that doesn't sound that good, but it was. I read it years ago on the internet, but it was really good. maybe it was called esp? idk.

7/28/2010 #7
Charming Dice

I read nothing. And liked it.

7/28/2010 #8
Kaos Ninja9

i havent read her story yet.

7/28/2010 #9
Open your eyes Chopstick

you dont read any mangas dice?

uhh...here's more mangas i came across that i liked:

everything in shonen jump


skip beat

yeah...kinda girly stuff (besides the mangas in shonen jump)

7/28/2010 #10
Kaos Ninja9

nana's cool, but it couldnt hold my interest in manga form. love the anime though.

7/28/2010 #11
Charming Dice

I haven't read a manga in a long time. In fact, I wouldn't even be in the section if I wasn't so used to it.

7/28/2010 #12
Open your eyes Chopstick

ohhh...you should start reading them again. they're fun...and addicting. i have to read at least something like a manga, or else i get bored.

Okay, well, that "something like a manga" is light novels. I'm reading one right now, in fact, since i gave up on this john grisham book i was reading (I just felt sooo bad for the mc, how he's being jerked around, i don't want to see how it gets worst...). anyways, that lighrt novel. It's pretty good. I also watched the anime for it, and i'm pretty hooked. I'm just waiting for any more releases, bit idk if there will be.

It's called "Shakugan no shana: the girl with fire in her eyes" by Yashichiro Takahashi.

(hehe...have you realized that a lot of manga-kas have that last name?)

anyways, you guys should check it out. it's fantasy. About crimson realms, torches, and saving the world with a really big sword. :)

7/31/2010 #13
Victoria Stokes

have any of you ever tried reading on online manga scan sites? cause that's where i read them and they work perfect. even though i feel like i should buy to support the author, there's no way that money is happening. especially for ones with like 20 volumes, they're great.

8/1/2010 #14
aka Providence

I've read a ton of manga online, and it's probably the only way I could ever find certain titles translated. Of course, I'd buy manga as well, but there are a lot of titles that won't get translated in the end, and that's where scanlations come in. Still, less than a month ago, publishers have begun taking down the popular scanlation sites, like onemanga.

8/2/2010 #15
Kaos Ninja9

i used to go to onemanga.

mangafox.com is a really good one too.

8/2/2010 #16
Open your eyes Chopstick

yup. i used to buy all my mangas (which is why i had a big box full of them...until i sold some so i could buy concert tickets :)

onemanga was my place. but yeah....it's going down. i'm switching to 1000manga though. doesn't seem to have all my favorites on there like onemanga did, but i think it's better than nothing.

8/2/2010 #17
Javin Pilotte

I went to mangable. :)

9/23/2010 #18

Recently I've been pretty slack about the manga I'm reading and anime I'm watching - if I'm too picky, I'd probably have nothing to watch.

Tsubasa Chronicle (manga) is pretty good in terms of the characters (the twin Syaoran twist shocked me), but the plot is somewhat messy. As for the anime, I think that the OVAs are so much better than the main TV series. xxxHolic, which is also by CLAMP, is a good choice, if you like to read deep supernatural/philosophy stuff with a blend of comedy. I'm now reading their latest manga, Gate 7, which is about dreams.

Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ (anime) is not too bad - the plot twist are quite clever and well-placed. Eyeshield 21 has very memorable characters. A good one if you need inspirations for character profiling.

If you like Shakugan no Shana you might like Kaze no Stigma/Stigma of the Wind, which is often hailed (from what I've heard) as the male version of Shana.

I've just finished IS ~Infintite Stratos~ (a new anime this year) and I must say that I'm disappointed with the anime - it's too short (only 12 episodes) and a total waste of a good story idea ("further mobilizing" of meccha to something wearable, unlike those huge bulky ones in Gundam) with too much focus on the harem and ecchi elements. Yep, currently I'm just focusing on meccha-related anime. I'm probably moving on to fantasy type soon.

4/7/2011 #19
Open your eyes Chopstick

i really just like clamp in general. Probably the best type of mangs they have.

I really like Shakugan no Shana. I one some of the mangas AND the light novel. Even watched the anime.

Right now, manga wise, im rereading Skip beat. One of the few shoujos i could reread without being bored. Novel wise, i just finished rereading Memoirs of a geshia (for like, the 13th time) and The Hunger Games. Reading "Room" right now.

8/2/2011 #20

I like how Dark Horse Comics is making the Omnibus editions of Clamp including the full-colour illustrations (loved the set for Chobits), and I'm actually looking forward to Kodansha's omnibus editions with unpublished short stories of Sailor Moon: Sailor Senshi

I'm currently working on Animal Academy: Hakubone Hakusho though with Tokypop out of the picture, I don't know how I'm going to finish it ;( and Kimi Ni Todoke...., and following the scans of Sensei! by the same mangaka as High School Debut naturally I forgot the mangaka's name..and am too lazy to look it up

And Choppy, have you read The Teahouse Fire Ellis Avery? If you liked Memoirs, I think you'll like this one (similar setting: an orphaned French girl is 'adopted' by a Japanese Tea Family and raised in their Tea House) -I know I did. Also American Fuji by Sara Backer (contemporary setting about a female American professor in Japan who now has to work in a Japanese funeral home and an American book author looking for clues to his son's death). This one could have an interesting manga adaptation, but I like both of them for the inculturation they bring to the writing -which is always good for anime/manga story writers who don't' live in Japan.... Bac

8/5/2011 #21
Artemis Grouch

(Oh hi I'm new by the way)

I think I actually preferred the art and character development in Xxxholic over Tsubasa. And if you like Xxxholic you'll probably enjoy Natsume's Book of Friends.

Just finished up Gokusen, which is without question one of the best I've ever read. Seriously witty, funny dialogue.

8/7/2011 #22

started the manga for Mushi-shi, and also "The H*** Prince and the Stony Cat" which is NOT a h*** -though it comes close to ecchiness. Anyone else reading any manga for inspiration?

1/9/2013 #23

I read a lot of manga. The H*** Prince and the Stony Cat is being adapting into an anime airing this year.

Though manga for inspiration varies on what I'm writing. When I'm doing Shift I'm looking at Shounen Jump, when I'm doing AESIR I'm watching Gundam, when I'm doing Twin Moon I'm finding whatever harem I can. It tends to help get my mind in the right gear more than anything else. I tend not to draw too directly from my resources.

1/13/2013 #24

heh..i came up with a good idea at work today "Newer Adventures of Lace Skull" sort of magical girl lite: batman meets powerpuff girls meets project a=ko meets P*** and Stocking

1/14/2013 #25
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