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aka Providence

I was thinking, well, why not? I have several ideas for short stories that would not look out of place with some anime-style art added in. Also have a cousin that graduated from college with an arts degree, and his stuff has some anime-influence too.

Anyway, there's several anime conventions in the Philippines. My idea would be to self-publish and sell them there. Yeah, the chances of it being a success would be slim... maybe, but methinks the idea would be fun for me. In Japan, doujinshis are self-published, and they get sold in conventions... basically, that's what I'm thinking, only in light novel form.

8/4/2010 #1
Charming Dice

Roll with it. Can't hurt to try. And don't go into it thinking it probably won't be a success. I'm telling you, you'd be surprised how far a boatload of cockiness can take you.

8/4/2010 #2
aka Providence

Dice, you forgot who I am: ha ha ha! My ego and cockiness is several times larger than me, and that's really really big~! The chances might be slim, but I'm still aiming for a complete success, yo~

8/4/2010 #3
Charming Dice

Good to hear. You'll kill them with your greatness.

So what kind of light novel is it? Genre-wise?

8/4/2010 #4
aka Providence

Hm, fantasy, I guess. Not really -- I have three ideas that I'll probably use.

-More fantasy, more monster girls. Something exploring several elements in fantasy and horror, without making it too scary, and stuff. A few ideas I thought of when I watch harem anime, thus the monster girls.

-Something involving romance and vampires. Hah! Definitely not like Twilight, or every other vampire romance that makes vampires dark and sexy. I'm going for the cute and awkward type of romance, while adding a bit of satire regarding several romance stuff, probably!

-Fantasy again, though the story is more serious.

8/4/2010 #5
Charming Dice

You must love fantasy. It is a pretty good genre, I guess. Lets you throw things together at random without much explanation. And again with those monster girls. ha. I guess you've got to put that research to good use.

I'm more a sci-fi guy these days. I think my interest in fantasy is fading a bit. i like the idea of the story having a possibility of being real, even if the chances are slim. And I'm taking an interest in things like genetics, advanced technology/military weaponry, and aliens.

8/4/2010 #6
aka Providence

Ah, well, I can't just throw things at random without explanations, lol, fantasy or no fantasy. Steampunk, for example, requires a bit of explanation regarding to how some things work and stuff. Doesn't matter if the details are minor, as long as people could understand it easily.

Anyway, yeah, fantasy would be my favorite, thanks to the awesome Discworld series. The entire series gave me the inspiration that fantasy could be combined with other genres and stuff.

8/4/2010 #7
Charming Dice

I guess you're doing the grownups version of fantasy now. Not the sparkly shiny vampire kind.

8/4/2010 #8
aka Providence

Ha ha, most likely yeah.

Anyway, for the third story, it'll definitely be steampunk -- the idea I posted earlier, Asian influenced instead of European.

8/4/2010 #9
Charming Dice

Gonna post part of it here? That seems to be working for TK.

8/4/2010 #10
aka Providence

I probably will, once I finish it. Since my plan is to self-publish, I wouldn't have any trouble posting it for free, no?

8/4/2010 #11

Self-publishing is a good idea, depending on where you want to take. Presumably, as of 2010, the average printed book sold 250 copies a month as tracked by large chain bookstores and perhaps the larger independent stores* and 3,000 over it's shelf-lifetime, so writing is not necessarily the way to fame and riches. Another thing to consider, is how much effort are you willing to put into the venture? When you self-publish it's more than just completing a manuscript and tossing it off to a 'vanity press' to print it: it's up to you to have it edited, formatted, choose a cover design, and of course market and promote it. Having a blog helps, so does other social media networking resources. I hope you were able to finish your book and start the other half of the process, btw. I have seen some self-published books sold at my local anime convention (Anime Weekend Atlanta, in Atlanta, GA)

1/10/2013 #12
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