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Open your eyes Chopstick

im really into kpop (as all of you guys might know). Actually, I'm into anything korean lately. and that also means dramas.

Dramas. I either hear about it because the theme song is from my favorite singer, its a manga adaption, or from the handy little websites dramafever.com and dramabeans.com.

right now, i'm watching a k-drama called Moyashimon, where the mc can see microorganisms. a strange type of super power, no? lol. it's a drama adapted from Masayuki Ishikawa's comedic popular manga, Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture. It's a really cute, silly, drama.

There are also other drama i have watched (some of which were adapted from mangas) such as Mars, Boys over Flowers, Autumn Love, Attic Cats, Gong, ect ect. Yeah, a lot of romantic-comedy dramas, i know. they tend to be the good ones.

so, here is a forum for all you drama lovers. If you have a favorite anime/manga, who know? It just might be a live action drama of it! Feel free to share your thoughts on this. :)

8/12/2010 #1
Charming Dice


8/12/2010 #2
aka Providence

Ah, Moyashimon. Watched the anime, and I was planning on watching the live-action sometime later as well.

About to watch the live-action versions of GTO, Gokusen, and Liar Game as well. I've watched/read the anime/manga of those three and they're pretty good. I think my sister has a copy of Honey and Clover as well. One of my favorite anime series, so I'd probably watch that too.

Not really an Asian drama, but I'm a big fan of the Kamen Rider series. W is about to end and the new series would be OOO, my current avatar.

8/12/2010 #3
Open your eyes Chopstick

dice...you know you want to watch the amazing-ness of dramas. lol. don't give me the three dots. :p

Yeah, Moyashimon is really cute. i like the little micororganisms. it's funny.

GTO. i watched the anime and read the manga....i THINK i watched the live action too, but it could be another drama...there's so many dramas like GTO.

Dragon Zakara (I think that's what its called...watched it a yr ago) was good.

8/12/2010 #4
Charming Dice


8/13/2010 #5
Open your eyes Chopstick

mmmm....just finished watching "My Girl" kdrama last night....it took me 3 days to finish it....i'm so glad i did too. it would suck going back to school without watching the ending.

my favorite script writers are the hong sisters. all their dramas are the best.

8/23/2010 #6
Charming Dice


8/23/2010 #7

Mental Note: Find out if the drama for Liar Game is any good.

8/24/2010 #8
Javin Pilotte


9/23/2010 #9
Javin Pilotte

I'm pretty sure this isn't a manga, but Down With Love was one of the BEST DRAMAS EVA. You gotta watch it, if you like romantic comedies. :)

9/23/2010 #10
Open your eyes Chopstick

DOWN WITH LOVE. that's a movie isnt it? i have that at my house! I loved it back in middle school....i havent watched it in a while. mmm....i should. :)

10/2/2010 #11
Javin Pilotte

Nah, it's a drama. It came out April 2010. xD So I'm pretty sure the middle school one isn't it.

Taiwanese. :)

10/3/2010 #12
Open your eyes Chopstick

ohhh....then yeah, probably not what im thinking about. haha.

what is it about?

10/3/2010 #13
Javin Pilotte

I don't really know how to explain it. Well, this lawyer hires this girl to be a nanny for some really killer kids. xD They went through about 30 nannies and those nannies... oh gosh. Either ran out screaming or went to the hospital from shock. Those kids are little devils. Haha, it's a romantic comedy, as you can already tell.

11/2/2010 #14

The first J-dramas I watched were Summer Snow, followed by High School Teacher, about 4 years ago. They were good, but short, and aack, but I must have some knack for finding dramas with depressing endings. I've wanted to get back into the watching of j and k Dramas for a while now, if for no other reason than the cultural experience they offer. Hopefully I'll be able to find some historical dramas soon. I must admit though, that navigating the bewildering array of j and k Dramas is enough to give me the shakes. On the other hand, they do make great source material for writing my own manga-style shoujo and josei stories. I need more titles folks. And for that matter, the "China on TV" website that crops up every now and then as adds for anime streaming sites has some cool sites and c-Drama isn't too bad either (such as the Chinese live-action adaptation of Marmalade Boy) or even ye olde filipino-Drama...but wow, talk about going off on tangents

8/7/2011 #15
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