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This came up earlier in another topic, and it turns out quite a few of us were going to do it this year. Now that November is upon us, it is time to WRITE!

If you're staring at me in confusion right now, then you don't know about Nation Novel Writing Month. It's simple, really; start with a blank piece of paper or empty text document, and just write! The goal is to have 50,000 words by the end of November 30th. It's not too late to jump in if you haven't yet, and there are a few people on this very forum that are giving it their best (including me!)

So, this thread will be about how our NaNoWriMo stories are coming, what we're having trouble with, supporting each other, bragging about our wordcount, complaining about how the NaNo forums once again can't stay up for two minutes on November 1st, and other such sundry things. It'll be a lot of fun!

Good luck everyone!

11/1/2010 #1
Open your eyes Chopstick

ahh...so for those who didnt bother looking through the snowball thread, vicky asked me some questions:

how was the nano meet and greet?

good, thanks for asking vicky. i didnt really bring money...so everyone i meet that day pretty much feed me. lol. and somehow, i did not feel awkward taking food from strangers like that. i mean....these are wrimos here! i trust them. :) plus, it was nice meet real life people who want to be authors. most of my friends...well, arent. so when i talk to them, they call me crazy. with my wrimos, everyone just clicked. i got their usernames, so im gonna add them to my buddy list. if im gonna do this thing, i might as well make some friends!

and how about word count?

I'm doing okay. Archie, you're insane with writing 4000 words in a day! I barely scrapped by with 1000 words....but considering that was my word count goal for today, i say i'm doing well. I took in account that i probably wont be home until 7 (which happened) and that it takes me an hour to write 1000 words...and that i need to go to bed by 10. so yeah, 1000 words may not seem a lot now, especially compared to the 50000 word count goal, but im satisfied.

how's everyone else doing?

11/1/2010 #2
Javin Pilotte

I'm doing it. I'm at about 7k right now. It's really hard - this month. I hope I'm going to make it though. :D Good luck to you others! I hope to see yours posted on FictionPress later on - like in December. That would be awesome. I would like to read it. :D

11/2/2010 #3
Open your eyes Chopstick

woah, you're at 7k lacta? thats good! I'm at...5003? yeah. im planning to be in my 7k by the end of today though....hopefully.

i might post it up after the edits (cuz right now, my characters are tweaking out. they are seriously bi-polor....and that isn't supposed to happen). so perhaps in january, not december.

Lacta, you'll post yours up too, right?

11/3/2010 #4
Javin Pilotte

Yeah, I'm at 7k, but that's okay, because I'm going to get nowhere today. The 7k will make up for a day of unactiveness. Haha. You're still doing pretty good at 5k! We're somewhat ahead of schedule. Good luck!

Haha me too. Yup. I'll post it in later December or January after the edit too. My characters are bipolar too. I think the only consistent one is my main character who is overly confident and crap. xD Haha, he's too easy to write.

11/3/2010 #5

Are we going to try to do this this year? it might be fun to have a collaborative group manga story.....

7/28/2011 #6
Open your eyes Chopstick

ummmm well, last NaNo thing we all did...and only like 3 of us made the goal? Yeah, i think that's how it worked out to be, since we all added each other as friends on the NaNo website thingy. The majority of everyone said they wouldn't do it again. haha. I WAS thinking about doing it again though. Just cuz i boosts my self esteem and it feels good just WRITING without having to really think about anything. Exciting and fun. I plan to go to the actual NaNo writing event too, since by then, i should have my license to drive to the places. :)

7/30/2011 #7

(arrrg...I hate it when i type out a reply only to find out that I wasn't logged in...)

Well, how does it work? Does the program allow for author-collaborations? or is it only for single authors? And, does it require a brand spanking new idea, or can you use one that you've thought about, and researched, but not yet sat down to write?

7/31/2011 #8
Open your eyes Chopstick

i'm not sure about author collaborations. I don't think you can, though, you COULD do it for the playwrites in April. According to the website, it has to be a new idea (one you've thought and research but havent started writing about counts as a new idea), not one you've already started. Though, i did that last yr and it was pretty bad. I won, was able to write 50k by the end of the month, but i dont think i'll EVER read that story again. I learned alot from doing NaNo (like when's the best time for me to write and how the excuse "i dont have enough time" really is just an excuse), but i think this yr i'll "cheat" a bit and use a story i already started. I mean, i wont count the words i've written before the month started/NaNo started, but i'll use it as a building point. That way I feel more ready to edit and reread once NaNo is done. :)

8/1/2011 #9

Thanks for the info. though upon second though, I'm not sure if I *could* hack NaNo NaNo....not necessarily from the length I have to write, but well, from the length. See what I mean? Probably not. Well, when I write a story, I don't think in terms of "short story", "novella" or "novel" or even "multiple volume story", but of the story in front of me. If it happens to have enough scenes to be more than a "one-shot" short story, well and good, and if it happens to be novel length, all well and good.

Now, when you say 50k, I'm assuming you mean 50k words, not just a 50kb file. Right there I'm going....uhh.....I'm not feeling it. For comparison purposes...the one short story I have up here (and in the interests of not doing a shameless self-plug, even it if 'tis a manga/shoujo-romance tale, I'm not going to ask, beg, or bribe anyone to read it) "Under the Red Umbrella" is 9,934 words and I know it took more than a month more like 5-6, cause after I wrote it out in my little red-marbled notebook, I had to transcribe it to computer, and that involved endless revisioning fun...(on the other hand, doing it that way gave me a second level of editing to do on a first draft.) Yes, I tend to go back and re-write passages in the middle of writing, and no i don't write sequentially or even chronologically...I'm the kind of guy who'll work a little bit on the beginning, then jump to the end, or even the middle-middle, skip back to the beginning, back to the middle, over to the far-middle, and so on until I work out the proper transitions. Probably also explains why I tend to create outlines after the fact.

The closest thing to a full-fledged novel idea would come from my non-manga "Chronicles of the Church of Petergate" series (short version of a series synopsis: I place -or drop- a portion of the Christian Church into a D&D type setting and see what happens when the spreading Gospel collides with magic and ye olde pagan gods and goddesses of earth (and some new ones) and the requisite non-human (non-alien) fantasy races (both magical and non-magical): Elves, Dragons, and Dwarves, oh my! (Imagine a dragon or a fairy converting to Christianity ;) (hmm..I actually have that conundrum as a story idea -a good old fashioned pagan philosopher pagan who meets a Christian scholar on neutral ground who is intrigued enough to learn more about this strange one-God religion and the rest is history) I have roughly three (3) thousand years worth of history planned out for this world, so there is plenty of story fodder to go around.

And I think you're right about the lessons of NaNo. In fact, I think the real purpose of NaNo is not so much to produce a finished novel as to show would-be authors why they are not actual-authors: all the excuses we make for why we can't "find the time" to write.

8/1/2011 #10

Errh....that should read :pagan philosopher DRAGON. And, I actually use a 'real world' analogue of the Legend of the Island of Antiles to get the series going....7 bishops and their flocks set out from the tip of Spain in the Year 800AD to sail through the Pillars of Hercules, and find themselves eventually on an island, which is connected to the Mainland by a gigantic Roman style Triumphant Arch jutting out of the waters...It'd take too long to fully explain the set up (now that I've scared everyone off that is) so I'll just leave it at that.

8/1/2011 #11
Open your eyes Chopstick

wow. you write a lot.


sounds interesting and i could understand what you mean about not knowing how much words/pages you'd need to write your story. You just write to tell it. Not to meet a certain word count. Just enough to tell the story in its completeness. Though, you'd be surprised. Having a "goal" for word ounts help writers figure out that maybe they are missing things. Important scenes. Details. Descriptions. Charater development.

I'm not saying they should just waste words. But when i thought i was done with my story, i realized it was REALLY short and i began to wonder if maybe i was missing something. And i was. I was missing tons of descriptions. And i wouldnt have totally figured it out by myself without realizing word count (then, it was backed up by reviews people gave me. haha)

8/2/2011 #12

Whereas I can see how that can help some people, and professionally I know many book deal contracts specify a certain word limit or word limit range, to me that places an artificial and mechanistic constraint or demand on the growth, shape, and size of the story. Which is probably why I'll never make it big in the publishing world, or win (m)any writing contests, but simply tool around and end my days cheerfully sharing my stories here on FP and other friendly story sites....cause that's all that's really important you know...being able to share my stories and get them out there...if I incredibly would up being 'discovered' well and good, if not, then I can still rest easy knowing others have read my stuff. At least if I ever qualify for 'real' reviews.

8/2/2011 #13
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