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Open your eyes Chopstick

so, here you go guys. a place to ask questions you can't seem to answer yourself, help if you get stuck on a topic and need a way out, and/or to gather some plot bunnies.

if you don't use this topic, it'll just be a waste of space.

so use it people.


11/16/2010 #1
Open your eyes Chopstick

oh, right, reason i made this topic is cuz i need help.

when does the new moon happen? Could it happen in the winter time? And if so, what day/month?

and...if it helps, the story takes place in an area simuliar to the gobi desert.


11/16/2010 #2
Charming Dice

New moon happens every month. When, I don't know. I don't even remember what the gobi desert is. Sounds like food. Try looking up a calendar for that region. That might help.

11/21/2010 #3
Open your eyes Chopstick

i meant eclipse. my bad. i coldnt remember the name, so i thought "new moon" was it, but when i was talking to my mom, i found out i was confusing myself.

but....if the full moon is every month, does that mean there is an eclipse every month too?

11/23/2010 #4
Victoria Stokes

i don't think anyone really looks at the threads outside of the snowball effect. this is what i've come to realize after every single one ends after about two days, haha. all i know about an eclipse has to do with the twilight series, unfortunately.

12/23/2010 #5
Nate Twitty

chopsticks, a eclipse only takes place twice a year. also, there are 2 different types of eclipse, a solar and a lunar eclipse. Anyway, the next lunar eclipse is June 15, 2011. and i don't think there will be a complete solar eclipse until 2012.

12/23/2010 #6
Fox Trot 9

Okay, Ms. Chopsticks, I'll use it. I have two questions.

1) This first one sounds stupid, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Does anybody here know Chinese or know someone who knows Chinese? It's just, I'm researching Chinese vampires for my story, and the only information I can get is from Wikipedia. I checked the sources, but they're in Chinese. Hence, the question.

2) Have any of you read Dracula, or at least part of it? And if you did, what's your opinion of the epistolary format in that book? I read it (all of it), and I thought it was quite effective in telling the story, but I need some other opinions about it besides the snooty ones from academics. I need honest opinions from you guys before I post the second chapter.

*Keeps fingers crossed*

12/24/2010 #7
Open your eyes Chopstick

darn, sorry fox trot. i have no idea. i do have a friend that might know chinese though. if you give me the links, i'll send it to him and see if he would be willing to translate it. No granatee he'll do it, but i'll ask :)

and....never read Dracula. sorry :/ i thought about it, but then i think media ruined it for me and i havent really been tempted since. sorry.

1/6/2011 #8

Fox Trot...what kind of information are you trying to locate on Chinese vampires? And is it restricted just to *Chinese* vampires or does/can it include information on the whole gamut of Asian/Oriental revenants (which is a better category than 'vampires' since a lot of non-European folkore about 'vampires' don't fit our modern, Western stereotype about vampires....hmm say rather, a vampire is a subclass of revenant (as in all vampires are revenants, but not all revenants are vampires)

7/29/2011 #9

Oh...and choppy-chan....an eclipse is further divided into partial and full. And let's see, the link below (the NASA eclipse page) will give you eclipse information for the years from 2010=2015 inclusive and links to other sites that will take you from to 1999BC - 3000AD. Hope this helps you somewhat...And, you know you can always use Google maps to see what the Gobi (and other deserts) look like, right? or utilize the US Geological Survey or other GIS (Geographical Information Systems) software apps on the web.

7/29/2011 #10

Not really a Manga Forum related question, except insofar as reviews impact the writing of more stories...but, how do you look up someone's review history? I know you can see how many stories they have contributed, but is there a way to search for reviews (I know one doesn't pop up, but still i can hope, right?) Is it just hit and miss whether you'll find Tk's or Chopstick's reviews? Cause I'd like to see some of theirs

8/1/2011 #11
Open your eyes Chopstick

It's just a hit or miss. If you were around here during 2010, you'd have an easier time finding TK and my reviews. We reviewed a lot. Me mostly for fantasy and TK...for everything. haha. It'll be interesting to see someone's review history though. Like, have it visible as part of the profile. I could let you know some of the stories I've reviewed and its authors though, if you want to see it. Just let me know :)

8/2/2011 #12

I'd love to. That way I could tell that I'm not the only review in the world who gives more than one-liner reviews *gagggh* Sad thing though is, the way my mind is bent, I like to start at the beginning and read through the oldest stories in the FP archive back in '03 or so, and try to give reviews and then work my way up systematically , but I wonder if I'm just wasting my words, considering a lot of the early stories authors' don't appear to have written anything else and/or have been absent for longer than I've been signed up, much less active so will probably never read them.

8/2/2011 #13
Open your eyes Chopstick

ahhh yeah. Try reading, the latest, from a few months ago or so. Starting from wayy back in '03 is kinda pointless, unless you've notice that the author is still updating an looking for reviews...

The majority of the reviews for these stories...the author alreay changed. But here's a few of them:








You just gotta look through the reviews to find mine.

8/2/2011 #14

Sheepish grin...I cant' help it, its the Librarian training in me to be as systematic and as thorough as I can be. Then again, if I started at the back and worked my way forward (which is the same task I've set myself to in reading through my local county public library [DDC], and library (since alumi have borrowing privileges :) [LC]

Now, don't take this the wrong way, but I've kind of taken it upon myself to review your reviews, and had a few thoughts to offer on the nature of reviewing itself. I haven't read through all the stories you listed, but I did go through all *your* reviews. Gosh its amazing how few solid reviews and reviewers we have on this site. Hmmm.....Then again I regularly read Books and Culture: a Christian Review, Times Literary Supplement, New York Times Book Review, New York Review of Books", and the review section of other major periodicals and papers, (what? I didn't tell you I was an uber-literary dork with pretensions of grandeur? I'm sorry, it must have slipped my mind) so I'm a bit biased in my understanding of what makes a "good" review, And that understanding includes my desire to craft a review as a complete work in itself, not just a listing of comments.

Reviewers should never apologize for the tone or the substance of their review. I noticed that in more than one review you start off defending the style you take seems a little too defensive. A better place to put such an apologia would be on your profile page itself. I do appreciate your pointing out the good and the bad, which is always helpful to hopeful writers. I could wish each review was a little more consistent in presentation -that is always placing the good, at the beginning, or the end of a review, always placing the bad below it, and the "ugly" grammar? below that- or some similar scheme (as if I'm any better in that regards --see below). It would help your review stand out even more, as well as helping authors find what they need to from your review that much quicker.

The one thing that really caught my eye though, and this is as true of nearly every other review I've read (including myself I admit, at times) is the lack of a context for your review. Bringing together a discussion of plot, themes, and characterization, as well perspective and setting into into your review as an integrated whole, often helps the author of the original story see his/her story as a system composed of parts, and with this understanding, can help him/her analyze his/her own situation, assuming they are serious in the pursuit of their craft. Or they could just ignore it and go on their merry way, but at least you have been able to tighten your own thinking about stories and storywriting. And its only fair that I offer to show you the few reviews I have done (albeit I'm sure I violated not a few of my own standards in reviewing, since they are evolving as I read stories and reviews as well as writing the reviews) and allow you to critique my poor attempts at commenting on another's work.






8/2/2011 #15

*I'd at least be able to perfect my reviewing process without too much headache* is what should have gone up there at the beginning of my post. ooops

8/2/2011 #16
Open your eyes Chopstick

the only reason i tell the writers to take what they want from my reviews and "my bad if i sound harsh" is only because im tire of having to see all the hate PMs. I mean, i usually ont care either way, its just so people coul take what they want from it. As for my somewhat inconsistant way of reviewing....thats because i tend to review AS i read. It's faster that way and that way, i dont forget what i wanted to say. I dont read those "professional" reviews, mostly because i dont care. Plain point. I review the way i want to review. I gotten a bit more lazy on it, but hey, who cares? I was able to help people the way i want to. Better than what other reviews out there say.

i just checke out the reviews you gave (ughhhh my keys are broken....having a har time with it. arn, need a new computer....) an i could go on about it too like you did mine....but i wont. The only review i kina liked was the one for The Playground. I thought it was the best review you gave because it wasnt just base on your own prefrences but overall.

but i digress. Anyways, im not here to defend my reviewing style. There's no point. I just showed you the few i've done just because you asked. Take what you want from it. :)

8/2/2011 #17

Ahhh...and I should apologize for both the way I worded my previous post, and the attitude (?) it may have displayed.....I'm not sure what I was really thinking when I wrote it...probably my premature misguided, noob-generated, overblown self-sense of self-importance on fictionpress (bloeggggh did I just write that?). I also tend to review as I go along, but then immediately take it to notepad (still my favorite word processor app) to try to arrange as neatly as possibly (which as evidenced does not always reach that point). *sigh* I guess I was caught up in trying to create a "singature" review to be known for...but the purpose is not to be known for one's reviews, but for one's stories. All the same, I think it'd be neat to try to keep up who's who in reviewers, and who's reviewing what, and whatnot.....oh what a journey that could be but I digress and even digress from my digression.

Oh, and I didn't intend, or want, to initiate a review-of-reviews flame war so please accept an additional apology on that score.

8/5/2011 #18

Okay today is publishing day! I still don't know though if I need to break the story up into its mini-chapter that I have internal to the story, or if I should keep it whole and entire (I sort of mean the story to be read together in one sitting...the 'chapter' breaks are more for if I had to use more than 1 post to get it up somewhere) Any last minute help would be appreciated....How would you want to read a 13k word story? all in one, or broken up?

Here are the internal divisions...after the initial setup we have:

1. ~Kumahime-chan and the Golden Balloon~ 2. ~Nanako and the Straberry Patch~ 3. ~Lunch with a Strawberry Kiss~ 4. ~ Swans of Lover's Lagoon~ 5. ~Love's Ferriswheel~

Thanks for your replies

8/21/2011 . Edited 8/21/2011 #19

I think if you're able to neatly break up the story into 5 sections, then you already have your chapters. There is not necessarily anything wrong with posting a long story. But if you already have it set out as 5 chapters then you probably should do it that way. Since I haven't read it and don't know how the story goes I can't give a better answer than that. In the end it is still your call to make.

8/21/2011 #20

The only problem with that is...I'd have to reupload them...and unless there is a trick to it...then I'd have to re-edit all 6 chapters really (counting the intro) because the doc manager doesn't recognize any line or paragraph breaks from uploaded documents (at least not when I upload from open writer file)....And, ideally the story would be read in one sitting, separate uploaded chapters might break the narrative flow...sigh oh well. I have it edited, I'll probably just leave it as is..unless someone knows the trick to maintaining format of files. But thanks for replying

8/21/2011 #21


I'm new and completely confused. Can anyone help me with the forum/communities and how to go about it?

I would appreciate it a lot :D

8/30/2017 #22

What is that you wish to know about them? The general use of the forums is holding discussions, but you can do whatever you wish with them within the bounds of the rules. Communities are mostly used like a playlist for people that collect like stories together in one place to share with others.

9/3/2017 #23

I would love to join some community soon :D

And also read and review if possible too

9/3/2017 #24

Joining a community doesn't really do much. They're just curators of a list that's it.

Reading and reviewing is easy, just find a story that is interesting for you. You can leave a review after you've finished. If you're posting in the manga forums, then I'm going to guess that you're interested in the manga/anime section of FictionPress. You can search through that to find a story that would interest you.

9/3/2017 #25
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