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This one goes out to Choppy-chan, (and of course anyone else who moderates or has moderated a fictionpress [Manga] forum.

I am contemplating creating 2 (possibly 3, but the third would probably be redundant) forums of my own to showcase, collaborate on, and seek assistance on my own Teen Heart Manga Stories (stories in the of Manga) one for Dear My Shoujo" and one for "Shonen Write" (in a perfect world I will also create a blog for both categories to aid in (self-)publishing them, and am seeking advice from y'alls on what to expect. My idea is to have threads for research tools, writing tools, idea generation, calls for collaboration, resource sharing, beta-reader and review solicitations, genre discussion, rpg's based on potential manga stories (if possible) and a general introduction thread for contributors and the whole concept. Now, am I aiming too high in my desire? Am I just asking for trouble? Should I even contemplate creating them, or should I collapse them into one "Teen Heart Manga Stories" forum?

As to other events....My goals for my Fictionpress life include: presenting 5 story reviews a week (3 a week initially until I get the hang of it) ; 1 beta-reading assignment per week (when I feel confident enough to market myself -granted my one story 'published' here is 9,934 (thus 3,934words more than the threshhold I still think I should have at least one or two more 'published' stories here on FP- and 'publishing one story or update every two weeks (based on my backlog of story ideas) -though more likely once a month, considering my current rate of completion-

7/29/2011 #1
Open your eyes Chopstick

well personally, unless you already have a big following for your story or just as you as an author, i wouldn't make a forum for your story. Reason? No one really looks at it. It feels like selfless promotion and i just skim past those. if i was looking for a story, i dont go to its own forum...i got to the self-plugs sections in an already established forum of other stuff. If you're just looking for advice for your story, get yourself a beta-reader or talk to people on the forums/pm's and get help there. If you want someone to co-author with you, make a post on another well-known forum already, just because most people look at the top 5 forums and you'll most likely recieve a response faster than making a whole new forum.

Sooo making a forum just for your stories? No.

Instead, make posts about what your in need for in an already made and popular forum. You'll get faster help.

making blogs?

not a bad idea, but just make one blog site. it's easier to manage that way and frankly, even then, it's a lot of work. BUT not for your stories. Do that "in a perfect world" blog site you were mentioning about. Then, you could sneak in things about your stories. Actually, having more writing blogs like your idea is a great thing. If you could help people, then do it. :)

as for your fictionpress life goals?

AWESOME BEAST. Have fun doing that. I used to do that, got dubbed as Reviewing Queen (until TK took my place like crazy), but its hard to keep the story reviews up. now, i just do it when people ask or if im bored. But, giving out reviews is a great thing to do. Not just to help others with their stories, but also because in the long run, really, it helps YOU on your story. You're able to learn what works and what doesnt. You could apply your own tips in your own story. Plus, you really start making friends that way and might get a following.

Tried beta-reading, but my life was busy and people get impatient. Know your schedule and you're good to go for that.

good luck. everything sounds like a good plan. have fun with this!

7/30/2011 #2

@Choppy-chan...thanks for your input.

I see your point, but (and there's always a "but" -some just look better than others though), its not so much a shameless self-plug for the stories themselves (which I'm not yet comfortable doing here in FP especially as I don't yet have that many stories to give), as it is for the model of story. Most of my manga stories are afterall, one-shots. I'm seeing it as a way of bringing together various aspects of theme, plot, character, possible back-story, and other issues of the individual stories. Besides, I like the idea of having an imprint ...Dear My Shoujo presents a story by Yuuenchi....entitled"

And then again, having the forum, and presenting the information to whoever might happen to be there, can also help sharpen my focus, and tighten my writing. (Okay, so the *real* reason is to have a place other than my computer where I can store the story synopses, plotting points, characterization, and back-story world building scenarios, i still think it'd be fun....It might be a while before I actually create it, mind you, cause I want to wait until my other two completed stories "Yuuenchi no Koi" and "1000 Cranes for Love" (the only ones I've completed so far)

On the other hand, it could be a way to showcase my reviewing talents (for which I actually have a crazy idea of creating a forum for a weekly/monthly "FP Review of Manga" or similar title...once that is, I have more than 4 measly reviews under my belt, and have actually given a complete review for a multi-chapter story) and getting exposure by reviewing, could help me in the long run of having my stories exposed....when they're ready. ne?

7/31/2011 #3
Open your eyes Chopstick

okay, i could see your reason....

but that's not what forums are for.

They aren't used for storage of your stories. It's to help build a community. A place to chat. Sure, you COULD talk about your stories with other people on the forums, but using it as a "storage" isn't what you should do.

As for showcasing your reviewing talents...dont worry about that. if you are actually reviewing people, people will find you and see the reviews. I mean, a lot of people look at story reviews ALL the time. If you stick to a specific story type (fantasy, romance, manga, ect) for reviews and do it constantly, people will see your reviews and your names. No need to make a whole showcase. Frankly, that's how we found our beloved TKAnez. She reviewed like crazy everywhere. Everyone saw her reviews. We all saw what her reviews looked like. And she got a lot of people asking for her reviews after seeing them because frankly, shoot, we ALL wanted TK's reviews on our stories. She was (and still is) THE QUEEN OF REVIEWS. And tons of people reviewed her back just to get her reviews. Look at her profile. You'll see. You get exposure that way.

8/1/2011 #4

Ah well, there goes my dream of using the forum as a way of recruiting hordes of fangirls and fanboys to follow me in crafting well-written shoujo school life romantic comedies, or as a springboard for discussing the backstories of the integrated Teen Heart Manga Stories universe....such as nitpicking with me over why I placed a particular building in my fictitious town of Hiromachi (in Chiba Prefecture) on lot A in story x when I had most definitely placed it not only on lot B but in a whole other Ward in story y, or arguing about which one of the equally fictitious boys of the Boy Idol Band "Brilliant Berry" was the hottest, and can a school really be haunted by that many ghosts, and yet have a record of not having had a single sighting, ever, of the aforesaid ghosts? Or, how many all-girl Yakuza gangs can really co-exist in the same town, or how many alien princesses can safely reside in the same town at the same time, all going about their own plans to save their world from the horrors of whatever evil Minister of State, or Kamisama-gone-rogue happens to exist there . (I never planned on using it to post or store the "stories" but to argue out wit beta-readers (possibly) over how each story fits into the overall mythos and blah blah blah) At least I wasn't planning on having the forum be a glorified rp (most of the fantasy forums seem to end up being that way, btw), although that could be fun with my Alice Wars: Wonderland i Flames storyworld. So, thanks for your hard work in persuading me not to go that route. I think it worked. I did, afterall make this thread to elicit advice and counsel...Arigato

8/1/2011 #5

Well if you want you can make use of my forum. It hasn't taken off like I had hoped, but as Chopsticks said they are not really heavily frequented. The ones that are popular stay popular and the ones that aren't remain that way. So you have put in some amount of effort as well other members in an initial install base for it to stick around.

But anyway, my forum I created to some extent for the purpose of what you're asking about and wanting to do. But intended to be a place for anyone to use. It's not meant to be a place to develop ideas, but to leave supplemental material to your stories. Anything that adds to your story, but is left over and doesn't fit would be a good place there. If you're interested you can use post in it or if you have questions let me know. It all starts with one person. I imagine everyone's got a little scrap here or there that is something interesting for their story that never had a good place to be in the actual story, but fans could read. It is located here and called The Appendix.

8/1/2011 #6

Thank you Ms Eytha...I will dutifully check it out and see what use I can make of it. :)

8/2/2011 #7
Open your eyes Chopstick

yeah, that'll work. It might gardner more of an audience and actually be of some help when people see forums with more posts and whatnot.

8/2/2011 #8

heh...on the other hand, i could have probably come up with 50 posts on my own for various features of that forum by myself, which would automatically place it in the top 20 Manga Forums by post count.

8/2/2011 #9

Well which ever path you take, I just wanted to make the offer. I keep hoping that I can make something big out of it. At least it's #15 right now. ^^

8/2/2011 #10

Oh, I didn't mean I wouldn't check out your forum....in fact it might be eaiser to use an existing one...arigato...I was just being.......something, but all the nouns I could use don't fit right for some reason.

8/5/2011 #11

*facepalms* Ornery....that's the word I meant.....silly Yuu

8/5/2011 #12
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