What about the manga section?
What are the difference between the manga section and the others here on FP? Why is it so popular in comparison? Discuss something-anything- ...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people on this site.
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Not just sex stuff, I mean. Stuff like extreme violence, dark themes and whatnot... basically, how far are you willing to go?

I have no problem with violence. I began with writing some pretty lame action-y stuff, after all. Stuff like broken bones, cuts, bullet wounds, et cetera. Later on I got interested in splatterpunk-related stuff, with a bit of Hokuto no Ken on the side. Stuff got more violent. I'm not really fond of torture, so I try to make sure not to do that. Anyways, nowadays I try to keep things balanced, more or less. I used to do long fight scenes, but then it got boring for me since they don't add much to the plot.

Sex... well, I already mentioned it before, but to clarify: similar to fights and violence, I'll only do it when it's absolutely needed. Otherwise, not really. I'll do my best, but I'd say that there would be a beginning, and an end, but the middle part is cut out... unless something relevant to the story. It would be pretty weird if it began with two people and ended with two people and several dead ninjas without explaining why the ninjas appeared. Foreplay might be mentioned, but I won't go into the details.

8/23/2011 #1

It generally depends on the audience that I'm writing for. I haven't written an actual story/novel yet that goes beyond be just stating the injures. So someone gets a broken bone I'll say it and there'll be a reaction and maybe a little detail about the condition, but I move on past that. I've some work with others that was a little darker, but that did not get too descriptive. Just a case of a character being a little sadistic, so dwelled a little longer and when a little more vivid. Overall though, I don't write that explicit because it is not the audience I'm writing for.

And none of my characters have ever managed to make it past a kiss and a tight embrace romance side. Some characters may have had some dark or sorted past that had more grim issues, but never really covered other than in passing.

Its hard to say if that would ever change. Given my direction probably not.

8/23/2011 #2

Hmm....my tolerance for writing graphically, as opposed to reading graphically is actually quite low and limited. I prefer to use the Greek model, violence appears off-stage, unless it is violence on an epic scale such as space battles where a ship simply must blow up, then I'll write about it, but as simply as possible.

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Open your eyes Chopstick

....i just realized people are making different threads on my forum. haha.

anyways, like everyone said, it's just about your comfort zone and knowing your audience. i personally wont go too far into it - just sorta skim it and wont go too explicit. I just feel uncomfortable talking about explicit sex...if i need one, i'd just do one of those "Fade out" scenes and just have the readers figure it out. For violence, im okay with blood and punches and BOOM things, maybe torutre too, but i might not go into all the bloody details. again, just sort of skim the surface and have my readers imagine the worst based on what WAS written.

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I tend to go for explicit when I write for myself. FP has clearly stated rules about this, so I try to stay within them, even though I see many others go beyond. However, that doesn't prevent me from writing about explicit situations. Actually, looking at the stories I've posted, all of them have some element of sex in them, be it romantic or consensual or abusive.

I normally it have the characters talk about it, and have them been less than crude, so much of it is left to the imagination.

- One is an older cat telling a younger cat about to enter heat for the first time what to expect. This is told in a 'cat voice', which is verging on purple prose, if not over that line.

- Another is an older lady writing about it in her diary. This is set in the period between world wars, so everything is discrete.

- Another is a first person account of a Knight in Sour Armor (to use TvTropes dot org') describing what he reads in an abuse survivor's medical history. He is repulsed by it, so he alludes to what happened without going into explicit details.

- Most recent is a teen telling a doctor about someone attempting to m*** her. She's understandably discomforted by it, so she doesn't go into details, and doesn't even use offensive words.

1/9/2012 . Edited 1/9/2012 #5
At first, I had some really watered down content (a fight here and there with a bit of the usual comedy content that anime or manga would have). As I started adding more and more content to my work, I started going into areas that most people wouldn't think to put in a storyline. I made my manga to be different and original, but as I gone further into making it, it had gotten kinda dark, had a bit of gore added, and even went so far as to setup multiple harem based situations (some of which had included full, half, and step-siblings). Personally, I think it draws the reader further in since everything is important to the storyline. But in reality, I'm beginning to wander if it's going a little too far. But with the production of it's 91st chapter, I don't really have intentions of stopping any of it's content at this point. With some feedback, I will change things accordingly so I can reach a wider audience.
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