What about the manga section?
What are the difference between the manga section and the others here on FP? Why is it so popular in comparison? Discuss something-anything- ...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people on this site.
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If you like and read manga/watch anime, then you already know that there is a lot that can be put into manga and anime. This will be a place to discuss anything about just that. The story I've been posting for a while now happens to cover such a mass amount of genres and content in it's own right. That made me wonder just how much one anime/manga can have in it's storyline. This led me to think, "What other kinds of genres and content could possibly be put into one manga"? That is what led me to start this topic. Feel free to comment about any topics, manga, anime, or posted content from this and other sites. Any questions about these things are welcome too. Just for starters, post your favorite things about anime/manga and go from there. My favorites just so happen to be Comedies, Sci-Fi, Action, Romance, and anything with a good fight.
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I think there's a bit of cross-over amongst genres to begin with; Sci-Fi and Fantasy are treated more like settings other stories happen in rather than genres in and of themselves. Anyone who doubts this should be reminded that Game of Thrones and Slayers are both in the Fantasy genre even though they couldn't be more different or appeal to more different audiences. Likewise, anime is a medium in which other stories happen in, and because of that is just too broad to stick to one genre. You'd be hard pressed to find a good drama that doesn't include a bit of light-hearted humor or a sci-fi story that doesn't have some other genre blended into the narrative (usually suspense or action, but occasionally other things too).
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That's what I've noticed, there really isn't an anime or manga that has stayed within ONLY one genre. Then there's anime/manga like Haruhi Suzumiya and Baka and Test that mostly follow fan-service and/or change the main focus of storyline along the way. Even the work I've submitted (Criss Cross Chronicles: Magia) hasn't even stayed in one genre, jumping around between action, romance, comedy, fantasy, and a few other genres.
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My Shift story hits into everything it can touch due to the setting that I created for it. So it has sci-fi, fantasy, modern contemporary, supernatural, mythology and those are just the settings. But that is possible because of the fact that I fractured Japan along the prefectures with each one having a different theme. It is a bit of a mess that hasn't even been explored yet, but if you work the right story you can cram as much as you want into a story. It doesn't even have to be manga.

4/25/2012 #4

I try to keep my stories within a single genre, or at least a single operating theme. Shojo or Shonen, romantic comedy, -some with a slight supernatural bent it is true (like a forthcoming title "I'm In Love With the School Ghost"), school days setting versus other setting, but mostly I try to write contemporary pieces and work in conventional anime/manga tropes and cliches into the text.

Oh, and Eytha...I just discovered your wonderful profile, and shall be exploring your writings shortly!!! (yeah I know, it took me long enough. I have no excuses)

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