What about the manga section?
What are the difference between the manga section and the others here on FP? Why is it so popular in comparison? Discuss something-anything- ...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people on this site.
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I come from the fanfiction world. I was a huge fan of a certain show and read a lot of its fanfictions. However some years later I came back to find its community dead. I tried writing some stories but I barely got 50 views per day.

I have a good anime-like story line for a web game I plan to make in the future and I want to test it out here and make modifications if necessary.

But in writing fanfictions you already have a setting and character base known by all while in making something original you have to make everything. Not to mention that there is no section for your story. It's in the manga section so the title and description have to be enough.

I am seeking advice on how to start a story (Make prologue describing each character or just introduce them as the story happens) Also how much feedback should I expect? I know reviews have to be earned and not asked for, but I am referring to views per day. 2 factors affect that. How good your title and/or description is, and how many actually browse the section and check for new stories.

Can someone give an estimate on the daily traffic in this section? (Like when you make a new story, how many hits do you get on day 1?)

Note: story has nothing sexual. Just saying because stories with sexual content tend to have more hits since they are read multiple times by same persons (lol)

5/5/2012 #1

I used to keep track of that sort of data for myself to get an idea of things. Then FP had some flash problems, I think, and it hasn't been working until recently. Anyway, I can really only give myself as an example, since I don't know how others fair. But I love to see 50 views a day. I usually see that when I release a new chapter, but most new chapter releases only get me 25-30 views. Usually once a month I'll see a 50 view spike in a single day.

Best guess on how things work, it is quite true things are going to be different here and probably more difficult than on FF. You already have an establish fan base that is looking to read stuff over there. Here you have to create your own fan base. Which is not easy and usually requires a lot of work to create and maintain. I imagine one way is networking by reviewing other people. Which will then direct traffic back to you. I'm activate in releasing new chapters, but not so active in networking, I don't have a lot of the time for it. So my visibility is pretty low probably.

So depending on the type of person you are, you may find it difficult to establish yourself here. Having more stories can certain help to interest that base, since it will draw in others. But being timely and reliable on releases probably is one of the best things to have, since the longer you go without a release, more people will forget about you.

For starting the story, I don't write prologues for mine. I know many people that do. I don't really necessarily see anything wrong with doing so, but some tend to be too short to really be considered worth it. It also depends on the write style. I think most people write here as though it is would be a novel, so a prologue is not necessary something unusual, but it does still need to have a purpose for being written. If it is not a benefit to the story, then it should not be written. There is nothing wrong with just jump into the middle of a scene and slowly letting the reader know what's going on and who's involved. But I will say that generally, your first chapter you are going to want something to happen that will draw in the reader and have them wanting more. You will want to get to your gimmick (as I call it) so people know what sort of story they are reading and if they want to continue. Plus it needs to have a strong beginning to get them excited for reading more. If it is missing then readers will likely become disinterested and move on to something else.

If you give no direction for reviews, then most likely all you will get are short reviews with fairly empty platitudes. Even if you do ask for constructive feedback, you're not likely to get a lot from the majority of people reviewing. You will probably get the occasional person that does give it, but overall it is not going to be the case. If you want constructive feedback you'll have to ask specific people to give it to you. They are forums here that specific are set up for those sorts of things. Also I would imagine if you asked someone here, since it is manga oriented, they would be willing to help. I've helped on some occasions, I usually try to review constructively by default.

A good title and description are definitely important. They are going to be the first thing people read to determine if they're interested in the story. So you will want to spend the time crafting something solid for your description. The title needs to be strong, but is less of an issue versus the description. I tend to go for titles with multiple meanings, but that is just my style.

Hope this helps. I'll answer anymore questions you have to the best of my ability.

5/5/2012 #2
Open your eyes Chopstick

everything eytha said is pretty spot on. Especially for the whole prologue thing - in most cases, it's not necessary. I've only used a prologue once, for my story Cecilia, but even then i had to think carefully if it was necessary or not (I now think it isnt and have realized that there's a better way to insert the info into my novel....but the way i wrote it still works so im not changing it here on fp). If you do have a prologue, it's more to entice the reader and make them question why they want to read the story - generally shorter than the rest of the chapters, doesn't establish more than one character, and of course it has to be relevant to the story but it was made into a prologue because there was no other way to establish the neccesity of it within the actually chapters.

Also, like Eytha said, traffic depends on how consistant you post/update. Once a week, at the same day/time is best. You're followers get a better feel too. For the manga section, I felt doing it on a friday around 3:30pm gets the most traffic, but since it's summer now, it really doesnt matter as long as you dont update at night.

review people's stories. you dont have to ask for a review back, but generally if you give good reviews to others, they want to know if your review/advice SHOULD be taken....and they'll read your story to see if your advice is relevent/if you follow your own advice. good luck!

6/6/2012 #3

For comparison purposes, as of 2011 the average published book sold 250 copies per year and only 3,.000 in it's "lifetime" taken from the book "How to blog a book" by Nina Amir, citing the BookScan website. And in blogging it takes a while to build up visibility. And even then it takes promotion by the author to maintain interest in the story. As to traffic for new stories vs lifetime tracking, I have no clue. You'd probably have to watch the new stories and see what genre they fall into, and other stuff.

As to the amount of feedback, don't be unlrealistic in your expectations. If you get 20 reviews for a single posted story that'd be something in this day and age. Far batter if it's a serialized tale that you update regularly. As for how to write your story, well that's as individual as the tale you want to share. You can find numerous guides to crafting a story, but you basically have two choices: the short story or the novel/novela approach. Mostly this is in terms of length (word count) and the number of scenes you plan t have. Prologues tend to be highly overused in terms of setting the backstory or the hook, and I think most writing aids will tell you to skip them.

For what it's worth coming from a member with only 2 stories published on fictionpress. But, keep the faith and run the course!

12/27/2012 #4
Nelo Warrior

What the others have said is pretty true. I posted up a new chapter of a fairly new story I'm testing the waters on and got in the 20s for hits and one review, well I don't if I'd call it a reivew. More like a comment. Anyways the numbers Yuuenchi posted up are very interesting.

From what I've seen so far, this site does NOT get a lot of traffic in terms of viewers, unlike fanficiton which has a huge fanbase(s). People don't know what they're going to find when they come here, so I don't think many come at all. What's funny is you will probably get a lot of follows/favorites but it's rare that these people will provide you feedback. Kinda strange.

As for the whole how to approach it. Approach it like you are writing a new story, which you are. You're in the manga section so you obviously are interested in anime and manga and stuff. Look at how authors of those types of stories introduce their characters and setting, just in a written format. Prologues are.....iffy. I'd say it's pretty rare to ever need one.

1/4/2013 #5

It would be interesting to see the age-demographic breakdown of users of this site (though I respect that FP a) doesn't release that information thanks to the online childern protection act (whatever it's called) and b) doesn't find it a useful metric for most members here) I'm going to hazard a guess though and say that the overwhelming vast majority are under thirty, usually below age 25, and more probably the 14-17 crowd with sprinklings of hard-core college age crowds who want to practice their writings, and most are only active for a few year or months at the most, judging from the number of completed or in-progress stories that were last updated before 2010 or earlier, and the numbers of members with inactive periods of months.

1/4/2013 #6
Nelo Warrior

I'd say that's a pretty fair and accurate assessment. The highschool crowd definitely has the writing level and amount of free time needed to match what you see on here. I'd be surprised if there was any significant percentage of regulars to this site in the over 25 category. At that point most people have careers, families, etc. to worry about. That's why when most non-professional writers begin writing, it's in their retirement years or at least after their kids are grown. And again, the writing style seems to match what you'd see from highschool level.

1/5/2013 #7

which of course would put wayyy over the edge of the infamous "bell curve" in terms of age, which doesn't really work that well in real life situations, and certainly doesn't prepare you for the 'black swans" of wildly improbably, one-of-a-kind events that tend to have disproportionate effect on the world

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