What about the manga section?
What are the difference between the manga section and the others here on FP? Why is it so popular in comparison? Discuss something-anything- ...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people on this site.
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Ok, I get that this section is supposed to be things that have a Japanese "feel" to them. That's perfectly ok. What it's not, however, is manga. Manga is Japanese comic books. If it's not a comic book, it's just a Japanese story. It is NOT manga. Manga has to be a comic book in a specific style of drawing, the style that differentiates it from western comic books. If there are no pictures, it is not a comic book. If you say "oh, but I'm writing an action/romance/mystery/thriller/horror story in the Japanese theme", right, that's fine. Put it in the action/romance/mystery/thriller/horror section where it belongs. If it is written, it's a story, and belong in that section, regardless of what country it's based around. You don't have different sections for stories written about every other country, so having one specifically for Japanese themed ones is wrong. Oh, and, IT'S NOT MANGA!! Furthering this point, the other sections are genres, manga is not a genre, it is a format in which a story is delivered. Calling something a manga is like calling a written story a book or novel. So, can someone PLEASE explain to me what this "manga" section is all about, considering there are thousands of stories and not one them I've seen is actually manga (considering not one of them I've seen is a comic book)?

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I think you might be taking the matter a little too literally. I'm pretty sure people already understand that they aren't writing a manga. The reason that manga exists was up to those running the site. They decided to have a section labeled manga. Now considering that it is written and not drawn, it would be better to actually call this a light novel section, which is the Japanese equivalent of what many manga and anime are adapted from, which are actually slightly different from a traditional novel, in that there are actually a few drawings insert in the book, typically as chapter dividers or something important.

If I had to guess on the reasons that felt it was necessary was because there was enough of an audience for specifically Japanese oriented stories. Anime/manga/light novels are becoming popular enough that even though they may just be animation or graphic novels, enough material comes from them and is distributed here that a sub-section of animation and graphic novels became necessary. The same can be said here. Do other countries produce literature, animations, etc? Yes, of course, but they are not nearly as mainstream as material from Japan. Because there is large enough desire for a specific type of material, dividing it up makes sense so that those interested in that can easily find it. The naming might be a misnomer, but people know what they are getting without being confused by it.

I could understand if Manga was dead last in the list, but it is actually in the middle with nearly 12,000 stories. That is fairly large chunk of writing specifically geared towards a single country, America not withstanding, I'd imagine you have trouble finding another single country with such literary focus by people not even from the country.

Additionally, Japanese culture has invented a number of tropes and literary archetypes that are completely unique to them, which generally distinguishes the style and feel of the story that can be very easily grouped together. The same is certainly going to be true for other countries. I can generally identify French animation pretty quickly because it is fairly distinctive as well, but very much unknown by anyone that is not in the film business or a general fan.

It is just a case of popularity. It would be like having a section of Vampire stories. They aren't really a genre, they are just a popular sub-section of horror or supernatural. But if the demand for something very specific is high enough it does actually merit a division.

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I guess that would make sense. I guess I am taking things, perhaps, a bit too literally. I just feel it would be more accurate if they did name it in some other way. I can understand them wanting to create it's own section, I'm a big manga fan myself, I just feel it could be named better. Oriental style fiction, in some wording or another, would be better. They could even do a super hero section for more western style comic books (I do realise that comic books have more than just super heroes, but I know more about manga than comics, which is why I didn't mention it originally). I realise these names wouldn't be single word sections, but that shouldn't matter, right?

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I think the name selection was a case of what was the most well known. Manga is a very visible and understood term, even to those that are not necessary interested in Manga. So it makes it easily identifiable to anyone passing through. There is the sad rule of the internet of people have like a 10 second attention span and if you don't get them in those 10 seconds you've already lost them. So the simplest and more direct term is the best to pick, even if it is not necessary accurate. I think most people here have acknowledged the inaccuracy of the term, but also at least sub-consciously understand why it was picked. It is all about the advertising, sadly.

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I always thought that the reason why there was a manga section, was because that there is a section called that on fanfiction.net

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Is it even possible that even some actual manga's have been turned into novels? And if so what are they called?

9/7/2012 #6

Actually, it's the other way around, novels have been turned into manga, which have been turned into anime. Many many anime started out as novels.

Slayers, Kampfer, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and so on and on.

There's even a site that translates japanese novels, which is

9/7/2012 #7

Those would be light novels. I think there might be some novels that get made into manga/anime, but in general light novels are converted into manga. If the Haruhi light novels here are any indication, they tend to insert a few full color illustrations between chapters. So there's already the start on to manga.

9/7/2012 #8

Then it should be called "Orginal Light Novels" instead of manga right?

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That probably is the case, but how many people that read manga would actually know what a light novel is. Not to mention the confusion people would have about it. It is probably for the best that people have something recognizable.

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Nelo Warrior

Copy and pasted from basically the same topic in another forum here that I replied to tonight:

I think it's a special place to put stories that would be manga. Basically all manga/anime tend to be somewhat distinct in their approach and style to story telling. Especially in what would any other realm be considered 'absurd'. Take the simple example of hair color. In manga/anime natural hair color can be pretty much any hue under the rainbow, especially for women. Things like giant robots, catgirls, crazy humor, etc. are all things present in mangas and animes but if those same stories were forced to be put in just the 'romance' or 'humor' category then they'd feel very out of place.

Also the mental image of anime based characters are much different than those in other literature. When I write my stories and characters, I want people to be imagining something like actors in a movie. I want them to imagine that they're watching an anime. At least that's the way I see it.

That's really all I have to say about it. Those are my thoughts. Personally I'm really glad that the Manga section exists because it's a very specific interest and all of these stories would just be lost in the perpetual abyss if they had to be in the other divisions.

*edit* Good point above. You call the section Manga and pretty much everyone with a potential interest knows what that means. 'Light Novel' on the other hand is a very unknown term outside of the most dedicated and experienced anime and manga fans. Hell I had never heard of them until a year ago and I've been a huge anime/manga fan for years and years.

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