What about the manga section?
What are the difference between the manga section and the others here on FP? Why is it so popular in comparison? Discuss something-anything- ...and you'll get an answer. Pretty cool people on this site.
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So. I was wondering about the whole rpg concept a** it relates to Manga and other stories. I have questions about their usefulness, legitimacy, viability, and even longevity, not to mention how do deal with using events that come up in RPs in stories. How acceptable is it really to host/run/participate in such forums? How close does it skirt to FP strictures about posting stories in groups? More practically, how useful are they really for generating story ideas? as opposed to being mere conduits for nervous energy? *yes, this is partially because I have considered forming rp forums for two of my story projects: "The Alice Wars: Wonderland in Flames" a manga-ish story cycle set in a post-Alice Wonderland divided into the 4 Suits of Kards: Hearts, Spade, Diamonds, Clubs, and "Chronicles of the Church of Petergate -a decidedly non-Manga style story that takes a portion of the Christian Church and dumps it into a D&D setting in the 8th century or so and seeing what happens over the course of 3,000 years, and wasn't sure of the propriety in doing so*

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RP forums are great for generating post count, but I'm personally not sold on them. Too often, it's "parallel play" - I post something about my characters/plots, you post something about your characters/plots, and very occasionally they converge. At most, someone asks to 'borrow' your character for a scene they're doing.

The interleaved posts also makes for rough reading. We see some of characters A & B, then the next post has character S & T. For someone trying get caught up so they can join it, it's an exercise in frustration.

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Hmm...I suppose one possible to get around that is to have one poster -usually the RPGM- utilize meta-narration, and provide a summary of events every so often, like in the good ol days of D&D when that is exactly what the DM would do

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This is an anthology - the author solicited it on a Gunslinger Girl forum. Members sent him their stories, and he'd integrate it into the ongoing story, exactly as you described.

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Started to read it..Looks interesting, actually. Though, most of the anime series I enjoy watching have complex environments and I'm squeamish about writing there cause I don't want to screw up the characters

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That's why I started with original character (OC) fiction in the Gunslinger Girl setting. I gradually introduced the canon characters (CCs) as I gained confidence. This is going to sound utterly snotty of me, but a lot of fanfic screws up the characters, so it's not like you can do any worse (without trying).

Here's the thing - unless the canon universe has been so overdone like Star Trek (pre 2009 reboot) where you couldn't move a millimeter without upsetting some canon, you can easily find a place that was mentioned in the canon but not fully fleshed out and stake your flag there. Populate it with OCs, make sure you do reference the canon and do so accurately, and you're golden.

Sadly, OC fiction tends to be largely ignored. It seems many on FF are there to read more of their favourite character, or their favourite character-pairs.

Still, it's a great way to build up your self-confidence, which is really what's holding any of us back.

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I don't RP around on FP, but I do/did on other forums. They were mostly original stories and they became foundations for some of my stories. I even used one as a bouncing board for ideas. One of the fantasy novels I'm developing was a former RP. I haven't really explored to see how they are done around here, so the RPing I'm used to doing verses the RPing done around here could be completely different. The advantage I used it for was improving my writing skills overall rather than going in with the idea of using it for material or development.

If it helps you out then it can't be bad. Though I think it'd be a little strange running two unrelated stories in the same thread, unless I'm not understanding things.

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yeah they tend to come out sounding like mashups...and not very expertly mixed ones at that

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