Lee and Fox's crazy story
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disused account

so where shall we begin? :)

7/13/2010 #1
Star the Foxhound

Well, the best place to begin is probably with characters. XD

7/13/2010 #2
disused account

Hmm maybe a history professor a geeky grad student a girl who knows nothing about the war and maybe a woman from the Civil War in her late 30s? Just an idea but I have a mind to give the guy who knows most about the war a reason to stay behind. What do think?

7/14/2010 #3
Star the Foxhound

Yeah, that sounds good. When they get to the war, we might want a soldier character or two as well. But I like those character ideas. :)

7/14/2010 #4
disused account

Cool! I'm gonna get some food and maybe can go from here.

7/14/2010 #5
Star the Foxhound

Alright. :)

We'll have to decide who's writing who and we'll have to name the characters.

7/14/2010 #6
disused account

well I don't do good with girls so :P

7/14/2010 #7
Star the Foxhound

Okay. XD I can write the girls.

7/14/2010 #8
disused account

Now what?

7/14/2010 #9
Star the Foxhound

We name the characters? XD

7/14/2010 #10
disused account

You 1st? I gotta think

7/14/2010 #11
disused account

Hmm Dr. Richard Heedly and Al Green?

7/14/2010 #12
Star the Foxhound

I have to look up names, but I will. It may take me a little while though, I'm doing a few things at once.

And those names work for me.

7/14/2010 . Edited 7/14/2010 #13
Star the Foxhound

I'm thinking Megan Wilson for the girl.

7/14/2010 #14
disused account

much like.

7/14/2010 #15
Star the Foxhound

Great. :)

I haven't decided on a name yet for the woman from the time period. And I think maybe we could each write a soldier too, what do you think??

7/14/2010 #16
disused account

Sounds lika a plan :)

7/14/2010 #17
Star the Foxhound

Do you care what side they're from?? I'm thinking for the soldier I might just take one of my RP characters so that I won't have to create a whole new one, less characters and personalities to keep track of. XD

7/15/2010 #18
disused account

As long as it isn't someone back from the dead..

7/15/2010 #19
Star the Foxhound

:P I was planning on using one of my fictional characters.

7/15/2010 #20
disused account

Go with your gut.

7/15/2010 #21
Star the Foxhound

What year of the war are you thinking they'll go back in??

7/16/2010 #22
disused account

Like 62 or 63

7/16/2010 #23
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