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Oatmeal and Raisins

1. No killing other oc's without the owners permission. However, you can beat them to a pulp.

2. Be respectable to fellow RPers. Constructive criticism is always wanted for an oc but DO NOT FLAME!!

4. If you make a topic in here then you are responsible for it. Please make sure we will be in the topic you make.

5. I am not a spelling grammar freak so you can calm down. ((But I will be forced to murder you if you spell like 'OMG!111one!1 my oc 1s da pretist eva!!11!11 and narudo wnts 2 mary hr!!!!111!! bt she leks sasiku!!!!!11'))

6. The most important rule is to HAVE FUN!!!!

7. If someone becomes a mod don't abuse that power or I will take it away. After giving two warnings of course.

8. No controlling the other RPers character unless you get permission to do so.

9. Try to stay away from making Mary sue/ Gary stues if you really don't know if your oc is one or not take a quiz for it.

10. Please no first person.

11. Try to avoid roleplaying one liners if you can. We all have those says when we'll be staring at the screen thinking "now what the hell can I say?!"

12. Cursing is allowed as are mature posts like gore and breif nudity (like you stumble across a naked person bathing after breaking down a wall or your charry is thinking pervy). Just don't get too crazy with it. Try to keep things in like the teens-mature teens without going into something from like..a rated R movie. But the violence you can get as graphic as you want with it.

13. During RP cleanings, any posts before this will be deleted and all person's characters shall be moved to an inactive topic until they become either re-active or their owners verify that they no longer wish to be in the RP.

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Oatmeal and Raisins
14. No more blondes. I have nothing against them, but please, you see there's about five characters already like that it's just stupid to make another one. There are other hair colors in the world. Where's the variety? 15. Please keep in mind what kind of world this is like. If you don't know then read the Q and A topic and then ask. There are no ipods. there are no DVDs. There are no walkmen. There are no computers. there are no flatscreens and hdtv's. there are no game systems Elevators? you'll be lucky if a building has one. construction equipment? Cars are rare enough. what makes you think there's construction equipment? Plus people have POWERS duh! Music? You get a radio with five stations. Most of them don't work and the stations are quite staticy. No lights either. Tv's? they're really old. Like the kinds that used to get three channels old. microphones, and speakers? No, you just have to be really loud. Since most citizens wont have cars they travel by foot, they fly, or they tame an animal.
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