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Oatmeal and Raisins

Please claim your character, or at least let me know wether or not you are still interested in being a part of this RP still.

If your character is inactive without a prior warning form you for at least one week then it will be moved here.

7/24/2010 . Edited 10/11/2011 #1

Name: Masaru Ken-Ken

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Type: Angel

Personality: Cowardly, Thoughtful, Inquisitive

Bio: When he became an angel he expected to be able to fear nothing and took on the name Masaru due to being unable to remember his original name from when he died. However, the universe had other plans for him he retained a great deal of cowardice from his past life, despite becoming extremely intelligent and kind. After all what is an angel's purpose other than that and what was one such as himself supposed to do after death? He decided he would spend a lot of free time pursuing Earth books out of the great deal of boredom he suffered from. From his life in the past he remembers getting run over by a bullet train and bleeding to death before his parents could get him medical help. In fact it might not have been worth it at all due to the speed the train was going before the collision.

Parentage: Kiyoko Ken-Ken, Daisuke Ken-Ken

Abilities: N/A

Powers: Deciphering Languages, Flight, and Creating Mirages

Description: He is short, has spiky black hair, has gold eyes, and two brown feathery wings on his back. He wears a white shirt with a yellow smily face and has a brown studded cross shaped belt. Like this: X held together by a silver clasp. This belt covers some of his shirt and the top part of his dark blue jeans. He also wears a nice pair of black sneakers with silver etchings in them.

Other Information: Probably one of the weakest angels in terms of battle. He makes up for this with illusions. Therefore, you will not see him throwing many punches. He does not own a house or anything of much value except for the clothes on his body.

(I hope this is all right. I am not of Eastern descent, but I hope that this is okay for me to be playing as a person like this.)

7/31/2010 . Edited 7/31/2010 #2

Name: Mortho Somnium

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Type: Earth Devil

Personality: Loyal to a fault, is quite carefree and would rather spend a day doing nothing instead of actually working, while he is mostly calm if provoked he can turn cold and violent.

Parentage: Both parents were human

Powers: Strength, Control over fire

Description: Black hair, Dark brown eyes, is 5'10", hair reaches past his shoulders and held back in a ponytail with bangs framing his face, has an average body build with a light brown skin tone, wears a simple black shirt with a design of red devil wings on his back, black jeans and black sneakers.

8/9/2010 #3

thank ya! So I just jump in right?

8/9/2010 #4

Name: Viscus Cruorem

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Type: Seer

Personality: Shy of everyone and avoids all contact but helps when needed. Hates his abilities.

Parentage: Both human parents. Mother disappeared.

Ability: Morph flesh into many weapons. Ability requires flesh and blood to work and to keep him alive.

Description: Left eye is normal and blue. Other eye is morphable but normally a light violet. Dirty blond hair. Average male height with pants and long sleeve cloths no matter how hot it is.

Other: Is the angel fighter and hates it.

(just to make it easier to read...I put in the spaces..)

8/18/2010 . Edited by Oatmeal and Raisins, 8/19/2010 #5

Name- Avery Lewis

Age- 36

Gender- male

type- seer

personality- smooth, laid back, very relaxed and self confident.

Parentage- unknown

Ability- hypnotism

Description- Tall black, he wears a dark three piece suit with a red button down shirt and matching tie. He also wears a fedora with a black fedora with a red band around it.

Other- Is a Robert Johnson fan, he plays the blues. He has a weakness for gambling. Carries a 357 magnum.

9/7/2010 . Edited 9/7/2010 #6

No problem, alright cool.

9/8/2010 #7

Name- Frank Willard

Age- 35

Gender- Male

Type- Human

Personality- Frank suffers from heavy psychological damage but despite this he is good hearted individual.

Bio- A former soldier Frank saw heavy action all over the world in the years after armageddon. He rarely talks about his military service but from what he has told people he's seen the worst of the worst going up against the armies of hell or sometimes even heaven. After returning to find his home town destroyed Frank wandered around until finally settling down as a part time bartender. He maintains contact with a shrink about his wartime trauma.

Parentage- Both human

Description- 6'4 very muscular reddish brown hair cut in a crew cut. He has thick stubble around his chin and mouth area he also has a massive cut from just below his eye to his jaw line. He wears jeans, black combat boots, a white t-shirt green military field jacket.

Other info- Is friends with Lewis. He owns a multitude of weapons. He is still technically a soldier though he is on extended leave.

9/8/2010 . Edited 9/9/2010 #8
Oatmeal and Raisins

yeah. sorry for being gone for so long, a lot of stuff's happened.

10/11/2011 #9
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