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Sunday's not evil, he's just misunderstood.

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Oatmeal and Raisins

like martin!! : D

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Name: Rong Zhu Meng.

Age: 19.

Gender: Male.

Type: Earth Angel.

Personality: Rong is a kind and caring personality, he loves the world and all in it. He is gentle and soft in all his actions, even when fighting. In the past three years he's been an Earth Angel it has taken a toll on him and he has become more quiet and sad.

Bio: Rong grew up in a Shaolin Monk Temple and underwent all the same training as they did and lived the life of a Shaolin Monk until the age of 16, when his Earth Angel powers revealed themselves he was unable to remain at the temple and left, he ended up traveling to Kildare and has spent the past three years there, continuing his mental and physical training as well as he possibly could, while learning to deal with his self induced blindness.

Parentage: Unknown.

Powers: Anything he focuses his sight on sets on fire, he is able to see in the dark.

Physical Description: Rong spends vast amounts of time training his body and so his entire body is toned muscle. He has a shaven head and pale skin, his facial features are soft and kind, he keeps himself clean shaven. His eyes are an extremely bright green and shine like a tiger's in the dark.

Clothes: Rong wears simple comfortable clothing that provides maximum flexibility. Generally he will wear garbs similar to that worn by Shaolin Monks. He also wears a cloth bandage over his eyes as a blindfold.

Other info: Rong is proficient in a variety of martial arts and weapons, his preferred weapon is a spear.

10/26/2011 #33

Name- Sean "Shaman" Jenkins

Age- 35

Gender- Male

Type- Seer (or just REALLY high)

Personality- Weird spaced out, often very random and laid back. Very rarely things he does make any sense what so ever he claims to have some kind of mystical purpose. But this is likely an effect of heavy drug use.

Bio- Formally a soldier and combat medic based out of Fort Tenochit Sean the Shaman saw heavy fighting up north. When he returned he left the army and started wandering around. He considers himself a holy man and at least claims to be a seer whether this is true or not is debatable. He has seen combat against full fledged angels and demons and claims to know some personally once again this is debatably true.

Parentage- Human Powers- Claims he can read minds

physical description- Six feet tall, brown eyes short black hair. Single scar over his right eye. Soul patch on his chin. He has a tattoo on each palm on the left is the triskelion (a death symbol) on the right is the Om symbol (peace/creation)

Clothes- Military Multi cam pants, he wears a sash around his waits with beads and charms hanging from it. He wears tan combat boots that are in bad repair and are held together with bandaging and tan duct tape. He wears shamegh around his neck and tan t-shit with an open tan work shirt over it. Several necklaces with various symbols around his neck. He also carries a backpack with full MOPP gear and a bong.

Other- Sean was attached to the 137th Hazardous Environment Battalion which specialized in Bio and Chem warfare hence the MOPP gear. Sean carries twin 1911A pistols and several scalpels.

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Shiki Mitsuhide

Name: Jake Jagielski

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Type: Earth Angel

Personality: Jake is confident and sticks to his ideals and morals, he is often the voice of reason and compassion, though he isn't a push over, when the time for talk is over he is more than ready to fight for his beliefs.

Bio: Jake is a strong and confident young man, though originally from the wealthier side of Kildare once he received his powers he began to spend his time helping a small and underfunded group whose aim was to help restore the outer districts of Kildare. However as there are many who profited from it's run down and lawless state this became and increasingly tough and dangerous job.

Parentage: Mother and Father were both Earth Angels.

Powers: Jake's power comes down to three base abilities. First is the ability to summon a pitch black Katana, the second is the ability to cause physical manifestation of peoples worst fears, the third is the ability to summon, and freely control a mystical black and purple flame. The true threat is in his ability to manipulate these powers.

Physical Description: Jake is a tall man standing at 6ft 4, while he is well built and muscular he isn't overly ripped, his hair is short and black which make his bright blue eyes stand out all the more.

Clothes: Jake normally wears a simple plain T of varying colours, and a pair of jeans.

Other info:

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Shiki Mitsuhide
Name: Saria Vi Zarathan

Age: 17. Gender: Female.

Type: Earth Angel.

Personality: Saria is a typical Earth Angle; Kind, strong and resolved are her main characteristics, though she dose have a soft spot for little kids, and the odd cute boy she never sherps from her duty.

Bio: Born into a religious house hold, Saria has always been a worshipper of God, and with two Earth Angel Parents she has grown up knowing that she would one day be given her wings so that she may fight for her lord and saviour.

Parentage: Mother and Father Earth Angels.

Powers: Mile Vincula: A small leather bound book that on the outside looks like a journal. The book holds a series of cards, by drawing a card from the book and placing it in the singular card slot on the front Saria is granted the power of that card. The stronger she became the more cards she gets and the stronger they become.

Physical Description: Saria is a girl of average height for her age, with a modest bust, she has long dark brown hair light brown eyes.


Other info: Other than her book Saria has a pair of daggers on either hip.

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Shiki Mitsuhide . 12/9/2011 . Edited 12/9/2011 #37
Oatmeal and Raisins

there are way too many blond haired blue eyed chicks. sheesh!

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Seeing as they're headed toward Tenochit

Name: Martin Salazar

Age: 62


Type: Human

Personality: Thought full, cautious, but stubborn when he needs to be.

Bio: Martin Salazar started his career as an officer in the military. He served in the 402nd Blades a specialized demon and angel hunting unit for several years. Salazar served up north and gained a reputation as a skilled and ruthless soldier despite this he always put his subordinates first his platoon took fewer casualties than any other outfit. He eventually gained the rank of colonel and was sent east, he took on many of the desert bandit tribes using the than Major Callow's recon unit to wage a bloody and relentless campaign against the raiders and bandits of the region gaining him popularity among outlying villages and the Tenochit merchants. Eventually Salazar was promoted to General and was elected chairman of the Command Staff at Fort Tenochit. Despite his success as a military leader he often struggles as a politician unable to understand the complexities of politics he often clashes with the upper class over moral issues and has made more than a handful of enemies within the city. He is old friends with Colonel Callow.


Physical Description: about six feet tall Tan skin, graying black hair, a large scar along his cheek, a few teeth missing. Large mustache, sunken droopy eyes. He always looks very tired and rundown

Clothes: Assorted military uniforms ranging from practical combat uniforms, to ceremonial dress uniforms

Other info: Is highly skilled with swords, he carries an officers saber and knows how to use it even in his advanced age he's still deadly with it.

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Shiki Mitsuhide
Happy now? No more blue eyes~~! Q~Q
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*cough* Sir, I raise an issue about your power. :P

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Name: Sophie Del

Age: 87

Gender: Female

Type: Seer

Personality: Sophie is a quiet personality and likes her solitude, but she is also valiant and will do what is right by those around her. When she makes friends she makes them for life.

Bio: Unimportant until a later date.

Parentage: Both normal Humans.

Abilities: Sophie is able to imbue mirrors with her power, linking the mirror to a person. From that day the mirror will only show that person and will be unbreakable until the day that person dies, it shatters when the link is broken. Sophie is also able to control the temperature of water.

Physical Description: Sophie's features show her age, she is wrinkled and veins show clearly against her frail paper-like skin. Her still bright, blue eyes are gentle and kind and she keeps her silver grey hair in a bun most of the time. She requires a cane to walk and takes some time to get up after sitting or laying down due to her arthritic hips.

Clothes: Sophie wears humble, comfortable dresses and homemade jumpers which she knitted herself.

Other info: Sophie owns a blunderbuss which fires sonic rounds.

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Name: Anica Moldovan

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Type: Earth Angel

Personality: Anica may seem a little hostile and imperious, but she is a kind and caring woman with a heart of gold.

Bio: Anica Moldovan is the last survivor from the Moldovan line, her family were killed by a disease that she survived due to her Earth Angel powers. Anica keeps to herself and tries to avoid any lasting time spent in the presence of humans. Her family's mansion is in a state of disrepair and she is constantly under threat from the guards and army forces at Fort Tenochit who see her as a true vampire and blame her family's death upon her.

Parentage: Both normal humans.

Powers: Anica's power can be compared to vampirism. Her four canine teeth are slightly longer than usual and extremely sharp. When she drinks fresh blood from a normal human or a seer she gets stronger and faster while it's in her system. Anica is very resistant to poison and disease and requires very little food, especially when she's recently had blood.

Physical Description: Anica's features have the air of wisdom and royalty around them which can make her appear fairly unapproachable. She is reasonably tall, 5'10" and her figure is slim and fit. She has soft grey green eyes and dyed purple hair. Her skin is very pale.

Clothes: Anica wears a range of expensive, fashionable dresses, she doesn't like to feel cramped so they are always ones that she can get movement in.

Other info: She has a fondness for flowers and a sweet tooth (ironically).

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Yeah if you didn't already notice I can't paragraph for some stupid reason. So everything has been coming out jumbled and edit doesn't work. Don't know why though.
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When FictionPress and FanFiction stuff up like that you can paragraph manually. Unfortunately I cannot give you examples because the symbols you use don't show up when you use them normally on these websites. Grr. :P

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Yeah its weird.
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(feel like I'm spamming too many characters T~T I just like making and controlling characters alright?!)

Name: Nicholo Dee

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Type: Earth Devil

Personality: Arrogant and reckless. He has a powerful personality and a constant air of confidence. He is willing to take on any challenge, especially if there is money involved. He gets attached to innocent and weak people easily, having an odd out of character habit of protecting those unable to protect themselves.

Bio: Nicholo was born Samuel Black. He lead a fairly ordinary life to begin with, he was never extremely nasty, but he disliked rules and his parents were extremely lenient on him and lax in their discipline so he got away with a lot. He enjoyed violence a bit more than could be considered healthy, regularly being suspended from the small local school because he attacked the teachers and students. When he was 14 he found Lauren on the streets, she had no memory. Young Samuel felt an instant attachment to the girl and decided he would bring her into the family. His parents had no objections and even if they did they wouldn't have objected to Samuel who had become a strong and threatening presence. When his Earth Devil powers were given to him Samuel decided this would be a new life for him, he named himself Nicholo Dee. His powers came with the unfortunate side effect that holding or touching things was dangerous, but he had Lauren to help him with that. They grew up together, helping each other. Nicholo was a powerful personality who decided at 18 to begin participating in extremely dangerous gladiatorial cage matches for money. Recently he has been looking for something more exciting and dangerous to get involved in.

Parentage: Both normal Humans.

Powers: Tremor Cestus. Nicholo wears a pair of Cestus on his hands. They look like leather wrappings, starting just below his elbow, progressing down his arm and turning into fingerless gloves. Nocholo cannot remove them. Whenever Nicholo touches something other than himself with the Cestus it creates an invisible explosion on impact. The faster he is moving the more powerful the explosion. When in combat he can blow a man's torso apart with a strong enough punch.

Physical Description: Nicholo has a long ugly scar down the side of his face. He is athletically muscled, particularly in his arms. He is relatively tall, 5'11 and tanned. His eyes are chocolate brown and his short hair is the same colour.

Clothes: Nicholo wears black combat boots, black cargo pants, a red t-shirt with a laughing skull on it, a black leather jacket and black lensed sunglasses.

Other info: He dotes upon Lauren.

12/19/2011 . Edited 12/20/2011 #47

Name: Lauren Black

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Type: Seer

Personality: Submissive and dedicated to Nicholo. She is curious and inquisitive, but does not like getting in the way of others. She does not act cruel, but she does not have a problem with cruelty or any other sinful actions.

Bio: Lauren remembers nothing from before she was found by Nicholo. She awoke in a pile of trash, confused. Nicholo found her and took her in, he was like a brother and a father to her, she never felt a real attachment to her adopted parents, possibly because Nicholo didn't feel any attachment to them. When Nicholo's powers emerged Lauren decided she would remain by his side, helping him forever. It was then that her Seer abilities also emerged. They proved to be exactly what she would have wished for. She was able to clothe Nicholo and help him with any other tasks that his powers prevented him safely doing. She has no real desires of her own other than to help Nicholo achieve his goals. And music, she loves music.

Parentage: Unknown.

Abilities: Lauren can make things insubstantial to everyone and everything, apart from herself by focusing on them. Light things in this state can be moved around by her through telekinesis, she can't move anything she couldn't with her own body strength. Then when she loses her focus or deliberately takes her focus off of the object it becomes real once again.

Physical Description: Lauren is pretty and petite. She has very little in the way of cleavage. She has pale skin, green eyes and long straight dark red hair.

Clothes: She tends to favor skirts to pants, but wears track pants when it's cold enough. She has a wide array of band themed t-shirts. She carries her iPod and expensive headphones (both gifts from Nicholo) around with her everywhere. She wears a large amount of bangles on her arms and small hoop earrings.

Other info: Hates being called Laura.

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Name: Veronica Duke Age: 16 Gender: Female Type: Seer Personality: Cutting and sarcastic, most all of the time. Parentage: Humans(?) Abilities: Healing Physical description: Blonde under cut, brown eyes, five foot four, 126 lbs, ears stretched, tongue pierced. Clothes: T-shirt and jeans, bowler hat, denim jacket. Other info: Small knife and a gun. (Okay I can't get this too space out, if a mod or something could do that, I don't know what's up with it)
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Oatmeal and Raisins
is that.....INKY!!!!!! *HUGS* tis me chii : D
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Inky I am... Inky is me. XD *hugs back*
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The grim reapers assistant
Name:Alexander Age: 20 Gender:male Type: human Personality:kind and caring though if you're against him he is ruthless Bio: TBR Physical Description: he is tall and thing, with dark brown hair and eyes to match Clothes: grey trainers, blue jeans and a white shirt Other info: he carries his wooden katana about with him
12/23/2011 #52
Name- Colonel Marcus Cassus---- Age-44----- Gender-Male---- Type-Human---- Personality- Cruel, ambitious, sadistic.---- Bio- Not that much is known about Cassus he eventually climbed the ranks of the Tenochit military. He's the current head of the Tenochit Secret Police.----- Parentage- Presumed human-------- Physical Description- 6'1 in good physical condition. Well taken care of black hair, brown eyes. Very well groomed.------- Clothes- Tenochit Secret Police uniform. Black military pants and boots, dark grey collard shirt with a black die and epaulets. Black trench coat and combination cover.----- Other info- Carries a nickel plated .45 pistol
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Name: Michael Turner

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Type: Human

Personality: Michael is determined, dedicated and driven, a perfect killer. He has no hobbies, the only thing in his life is obeying orders. Michael will go to extreme lengths to kill a Devil or Angel, doing things that most humans would consider immoral without hesitation.

Bio: Michael remembers no life but his life in the Hunter organisation. He was raised by them and he works for them. When he isn't hunting Devils or Angels he is training to kill them and studying powers. He has had very few friends in his life, but Shiki, a fellow hunter, found a soft spot in him and he always enjoyed spending time with him and even went on a couple of hunts with the much younger hunter. He is one of the most accomplished hunters currently alive and still operating.

Parentage: Humans.

Physical Description: Michael has a very grizzly, wild appearance to him. He has pock marks and scars all over his body from battles and a burn on his leg that hasn't gone away for twenty years. He has tough, suntanned skin, blue eyes and his dark brown hair is cut short.

Clothes: Michael's outfit varies dramatically, however he prefers dull colours; greys, browns and olives.

Other info: Michael's array of weaponry and equipment would have stunned even a pre-apocalypse collector.

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Shiki Mitsuhide
Very nice. Means I should probably get some more hunters going.
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Name: Alexander Watson

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Type: Seer

Personality: Alexander has a carefree, typical surfer dude personality. He doesn't show any respect for the law or for most authority figures.

Bio: Alexander Watson has been 32 for over a hundred years. The only reason he isn't younger is it took him so long to find someone who could get him the proper connections to Satan. He sold his soul to Satan, a rare privilege gained through his rare abilities, and now works for him in exchange for immortality and riches. He lives in California, living up the life with a select few others who have made the same deal as himself, as well as a few humans who are there as either slaves or entertainment. He has strong connections within the organization.

Parentage: Humans.

Abilities: Alexander has the ability to place restrictions on the powers of Earth Angels, Earth Devils, Angels and Devils by absorbing part of their power. The power remains within him, but he cannot use it and it has no effect on him, although some powers cause him strife for the first few weeks after he absorbed them, particularly time powers. He doesn't control what restrictions are placed, it varies between powers. He can also overload people's powers to knock them out for a short time by touching them.

Physical Description: Alexander has a very rugged, laid back look to him. He's always got a five o'clock shadow or worse and his dark brown hair is a tangled mess. He has blue-green eyes and very tanned skin.

Clothes: Alexander prefers to wear nothing, but when the occasion calls for clothes he wears baggy shorts, thongs and a Hawaiian shirt. He never wears underwear.

Other info: Prefers to be called Alex or Al.

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Shiki Mitsuhide
Name:Name Unknown,

Alisis: Hex Age: 26

Gender: Male Type: Earth Devil.

Personality: Not an overly sadistic person Hex isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Bio: Hex lived a rather normal life as a child, went to school whenever it was on, worked with his father and helped his mother out around the house. When his powers awakened he decided to take to a life of Bounty Hunting, seeing it as the more honourable way of being a gun for hire, if there were such a thing. Hex's skills grew as he took on new jobs and now almost 10 years later he is an accomplished Bounty Hunter and has earned himself a name in the Centre de Ville de la Mort.

Parentage: Unknown to him.

Powers: Odin's Spear: Hex summons large lance, that can drill through most metals and stones, and can also fire a laser pinpointed energy beam able to melt things it hits.

Physical Description: (His weapon is also in the picture.)

Clothes: ^^^^

Other info: Hex holds no love for either god or the devil.

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Oatmeal and Raisins

Name: Seraphia and Slythfern (ahh I miss these two! : D)

Age: 18, but Seraphia's so short she gets mistaken for being as young as 16 while Slythfern is tall and mature looking for his age, making him look two years older. So Seraphia looks anywhere between 16-18 years old and Slythfern looks like a 20 year old.

Gender: one female one male

Type: Both Seers

Personality: Seraphia is quite air headed and forgetful and will often walk into thigns without paying attention. She also has a hard time remembering names or even correctly pronouncing them at times. She has a childish personality to match her looks. Surprisingly, her favorite food is not sweets, but sour fruits and bitter vegitables. She would rather trap someone in her ability and walk away than fight and will cry at violence. Slythfern is a lot different form his twin sister. He has a pretty cold air about him and a harsh view of reality and instead of hiding behind fantasies he chooses to expose the truth's of harsh realities. He's quite mature and can write and read. He also doesn't mind violence and isn't above killing someone else to stay alive. Strangely enough, even with a lack of social skills he has a strange way with romance.

Bio: Seraphia and Slythfern were born from human parents tha split up not long after. Seraphia lived with her father and a female devil that killed her father at the age of three and then traded her away into an occult. Her power was used by the leader to not only get more followers, but also convince people that he was a god by making his words "reality". This eventually led to the mass murder-suicide of the entire occult group including the leader; the events that she bor whitness to caused her to destroy her own eyes in an act of fear and hysteria. She's been wandering aimlessly in the West Jungles ever since. Slythfern was taken by his mother. At first, she tried her very best to live a happy comfortable life with her child in a safe and happy place that seemed great, but it got caught in the center of a battle between Earth Angels and Earth Devils. The village was destroyed when Slythfern was still an innocent kid of 10. He was the sole survivor of that incident, being thrust into harsh reality and embracing it. He lived as a prisoner of war until he was about 12 when he escaped and at age 16 joined the slaver trade, assisting in luring and seducing young girls and occasionally boys into slavery in towns. He was quickly promoted to breaking slaves though quit and left the slave trade business for reasons unknown. During that same year of age 17, Slythfern began taking on jobs requiring him to gather reliable information. He became someone people sought when they wanted to know anything. He likes to travel back and forth from the East Deserts to the North Mountains, and he accepts any form of payment as long as it isn't cheap.

Parentage: human x human

Abilities: Seraphia has a very unique ability of being able to manipulate reality baisedon her words. So if she told someone (or if someone using her said within her hearing range) that there was a unicorn standing in front of them, the person being spoken to would see the unicorn, feel the unicorn, believe the unicorn was real. But this is all just an illusion. Her ability is an indistinquishable illusion. She can also manipulate a person's mind to create false memories. Slythfern's ability can be considered as a polar opposite of his twin sister's. Where she builds lies, he reveals truths. He can ask a person any question and they then become forced to answer that question, unable to lie, unable to avoid. As the answer comes from their mouth, a fragment of their soul also leaks out and is consumed by Slythfern. If he consumes the piece of soul, then the person becomes immune to his ability. However if he chooses to not eat it, then it returns to its owner, allowing him to ask another question whenever. Having a fragment of their soul taken has no known effect on the victim other than making them temporarily mentally vulnerable.

Physical Description: They're both albino. Seraphia is short with pale skin and dull, red eyes and an innocent air about her. Her hair is pretty long and a cross between wavy and curly. Her bust is pretty average in size. She sunburns pretty easily and uses the plants in the west to keep from having problems. She has a very soft and timid voice which further makes people mistake her for being younger than her actual age. Slythfern is tall with piercing, cold, scarlet colored eyes and a quiet demeaner. He's not overly muscular, and despite being human is surprisingly strong and agile. He bears a few scars on his backside, and isn't as pale as his sister because of his time in the East.

Clothes: Seraphia wears the middle one. Slythfern wears the pants and shoes of this with this

Other info: Twins separated at birth and grown in two completely different invironments. They're fraternal twins.

1/6/2012 #58
Shiki Mitsuhide

Name: Dawn Friy

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Type: Earth Devil.

Personality: Dawn is a very timid and easily spooked kind of girl who is quite unsure of herself and often fears reprisal from others.

Bio: Dawn lived an innocent, happy and simple life with her father for many years, her mother dying during labour. Loved by her God Worshipping father she was a very sheltered girl, believing good things come to those who do the right thing and that the world was a happy place. However her world was drastically changed the day she turned 15 and through a very public and terrifying event she had gained her Earth Devil cape, her father seeing this cast her out, calling her a whore, spawn of the devil and a sinful slut. Shocked by not only her new found heritage but her Fathers sudden betrayal all she could do was sit helplessly as he handed her over to the slaver, it was there that she first learnt what pain truly was. Dawn's sheltered life made her slavers job all that much easier and it long till she became an obedient slave girl, happily serving as long as it avoided the pain of disobedience.

Parentage: Farther Human, Mother Earth Devil.

Powers: Coffin of Alistair: Summoning a coffin from the earth beneath her she is able to bring back to life Alistair, her undead familiar. Alistair is a young man looking to be about 19 years of age, he has short blond hair and wears that outfit. Alistair posses speed and strength of that on par and slightly above that of Earth Angels and Devils, he is also uneffected by the powers and abilities of others.

Physical Description: Dawn is of average height for a girl of her age and has long flowing brown hair with light blue eyes. Dawn's bust of average size combined with her slim and curvy body has made her quite beauty even though she is still only mid way through her development.


Other info: Has been trained to use throwing stars as in the event she was to be used as entertainment.

1/8/2012 #59
Shiki Mitsuhide

Name: Davis Bridges

Age: Anywhere from 25- ?

Gender: Male

Type: Angel.

Personality: Though kind, he is often seen as clumsy and distracted, with a hint of confusion and sense of being lost.

Bio: Davis was a child solider from the deep south, he spent much of his childhood fighting in some of the most brutal conditions imaginable against Earth Angel's and Devils, as well as Angels and Devils. Davis had no desire to be as those fought though he knew it would be a massive advantage to be able to do some of the things he had seen his enemies do. On his 16 birthday his questions were answered as his wings sprouted and he learn he had the ability to trace the plane of time it self. One day he was testing the limits of his powers when he threw himself into post apocalyptic era where he was caught within a war of that period and following a great flash of light was killed instantly. Awakening as a full fledged Angel he had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing the aftermath of the great light, however his sadness was met with despair as he tried to remember the time and place from whence he had come from and discovered he could not. After many months of trying what felt like familiar places he eventually began to realize that he could not remember anything of his own time. Now he travels across the plane of time hoping to find someone who can remember him and show him the way home.

Parentage: Unknown.

Powers: Flow Walk. Davis can freely walk across the plane of time emerging at any point and place in the universe. A side effect of his power is that he is complete unstuck in time and unaffected by it's flow as others are, he no longer needs to eat, sleep, breath, defecate or rest, unless he so desires.

Physical Description: Standing at 6 4 he is a man of average build, with black hair, the length of which is constantly changing pending on his time.

Clothes: (Minus the lightsaber : P)

Other info: Uses a huge Shrunken which grows from the size of a small pendent, which is how he normally keeps it on his neck.

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