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The Midnight Moon

Tell me...

Why do you think Gods so wild?

What has God done in your life to make him awesome?

If you were going to meet God face to face what would you tell him or ask him?

What is going on in your life that needs a little extra prayer?

Anything else you want to say?

7/29/2010 #1
A Fire Rose

This is a good idea, and I'm amazed no one has replied. God is wild because He is vast and endless. We put him in a predictable little box with a bow on top when he is not that way.

2/21/2011 #2

God's WILD? Well...maybe He is XD Maybe it's because we can't just really understand what He is. Or, how He thinks. So, of course, He's always wild in our eyes.

What has He done to me? Well, He was just being God. That's what He did to be awesome :D

If I were to face him? Does he even have a face? But, those facts aside, I would ask, "Why is it that I can't understand you?"

Hmm...isn't that a little to private? XD I need to pray for my mother...and me...and my father. My father has a mistress. That's it.

Oh? Maybe say that I enjoyed answering those questions :) it's like a test! XD

3/27/2011 #3
A Fire Rose

I'd say He's wild because He's infinite. He can't fit into the little box we put Him in our minds.

10/15/2011 #4

Wow, God being wild?? I have never thought about that! XD

Ha, ha, wow! I never thought of God of wild, I have anyways thought of him as a kind and genuine spirit actually.

If I were to meet God face to face, I would say how I am grateful that I survived during all this hocus-pocus in my life and that I am glad to have a such a wonderful family who cares and nourish me back to health when I am down; my siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and parents.

Huh, I never thought of it yet but I may need a little help on trying to forget some bits of my past that I may had hanged onto for the past seven or six years, it was very traumatizing for a girl my age.

Well, the last words I want to say about Him is that, I never lost faith in God, I still love Him, even though I never went to church, I still love Him because of the way He made me and that I survived all of these difficult and different obstacles that life had put me through as a child yet I am glad I survived all of it.

7/31/2012 #5

Hehe, I love this. God's love for us sinners, even if we don't love him as much back, is incredibly wild and unbelievable. I love him because he first loved me, goes the verse. His love gives me hope and gets me out of bed every morning!

He has done a very wild thing in my life also. Ever since I was very young I had been bothered and possessed by demons, and four years ago when sabe came a Christian, Jesus came and saved me from the evil spirits that bothered me all my life. It was an exorcism with only me and Him. It was scary and very awesome, how indescribably frightened the demons were of Jesus, so much so I wanted to make fun of them. What Jesus did, how strong and holy, and loving and caring he is, is a VERY WILD thing.

Lol, I love this wild thing. You made my day! :)

2/27/2013 #6

I probably would not be able to speak and stand if got was face to face with God. I'll say in child like joy...I love you. Also please pray from me as I go through spiritual battles, my own weaknesses, etc.

2/27/2013 #7
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