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The Sin of Being

talk about random stuff. Hurray!

8/2/2010 #1

Hi, I'm interested in joining into this... Can someone give a quick update on everything that's going on so I don't have to read 15 pages of stuff to catch up? I've read the first page, but can't really pick up on the last page. Thanks for the help!

6/1/2011 #2

I've flipped through some of this. Basically you enter your character to match with the previous person's setting. I guess you really just kinda go from there. I'm thinking of starting this too, I've already entered a character. Truthfully though, I think we're on our own for a while. the last reply to this RPG is in August of 2010. Maybe if you and I somehow start it up again, the story will kick off. Just a thought, and let me know if I've helped you.

6/1/2011 #3
She Who Shines

This forum is reeeeeeeeeeally dead, heheh ^^; We can't revive it, but we can start anew! I left a detailed post explaining the setting in the 'characters' section; you can check it out there. I'll make us a new thread to start the game, 'kay? Thank you so much for getting me back into this forum! I've missed it :)

6/1/2011 #4

I'd love to start this over again. This seemed the most interesting of the ones I looked over, and I didn't even notice the dates until after I posted! Thanks for the offer to revive it, and maybe a new strand would be good.

I really look forward to getting this going! I'm off to post on The Elementals...

6/2/2011 #5

One quick question about powers (since I don't want to clog up the Characters thread with unnecessary chat), which category do you think Nikki falls into? Should I alter her powers so she fits more closely into a specific power group? I'd be willing to go with Earth (which allows for the invisibility), but she also seems to have some of the elements of a Spirit Elemental... What do you think She Who Shines? I'd really like her to have the super senses... But does that go with any elemental power?

6/2/2011 #6
She Who Shines

I think Nikki sounds like a Channeler. If she can sense other Elementals, and has vaguely telepathic powers, and is generally more in-tune with the universe, I'd definitely buy that. I doubt a Channeler could technically be invisible, but they could probably prod others' minds to completely ignore them. Nikki could be Earth, if you wanted, since Earth Elementals are more aware of the earth around them, but sensing others isn't quite the same thing. In general, I think Earth Elementals are more enclosed, private people who have trouble interacting with others (though not always).

6/2/2011 #7

OK, I'll probably go with Channeler then. It seems to fit, and she can still be invisible by making others think she is. It fits, so I'll go with that. And it adds some interesting aspects to explore for later on. Thanks!

6/2/2011 #8
She Who Shines

Hi! Would any of you be willing to RP a wind elemental called Wendy? She's determined, perky, and witty, and used to train on Elemental Isle, but never finished for reasons you can make up. Now she's working for the Evil Channeler. I already have too many characters :B

6/2/2011 . Edited 6/2/2011 #9

I might try, but this is my first time RPing, and I don't know if I can handle one character at this stage in time... Especially a bad guy. I'm more good guy type, but hey, branching out is good for you, they say... Who's the they, anyway?

6/2/2011 #10

I'm happy to try and rp an evil character if nobody else wants to. :)

6/2/2011 #11
She Who Shines

Oh, that'd be wonderful! Thanks, both of you :)

On another note, you're all more than welcome to make up new characters. We can talk about them here and figure out how to weave them into the plot. I'm really excited about all this :B

6/2/2011 . Edited 6/2/2011 #12

OK, I talked myself into it, and Wendy is born and introduced into the story. But I need ideas for what to do with her!

6/2/2011 #13

Well, we don't have any water characters yet...perhaps we could weave an older elemental into the plot, one who already knows Forte? *cough...love interest, perhaps...cough*

6/2/2011 #14
She Who Shines

Heheheh, sounds great to me! Shall she be on the Isle, an antihero on the opposite side, or at his work place? The Building, as they call it?

6/2/2011 #15
She Who Shines

Again, I adore Wendy's profile. Her BLUE HAIR ROCKS. And I like how she ran away-- y'know, she probably flew away XD I'll see if I can get her boss online.

6/2/2011 #16

I'd guess The Building, and then she could move on to the Isle if it fits the plot. :) That work for you?

6/2/2011 #17
She Who Shines

Just fine ;) Go for it!! :D

6/2/2011 #18
She Who Shines

Hey, Nikou, how do you pronounce your pen name? Ni-coo?

6/2/2011 #19

Nee Coe (long o sound, as in cope). It's my Chinese name (I'm not Chinese, but I have a Chinese name... ;)

6/2/2011 #20
She Who Shines

It's a lovely name for certain. Nikou, I just looked at your profile-- you're a vegan? Me too!

6/2/2011 #21

Hey guys, I was kind of wondering what time zones you guys are in, and what approximate times you are on usually. I'm not in the states, and I've noticed that the forum here is in Pacific Standard Time. If it is 2pm forum time, it is 6am for me. How about you guys? And what times are you on? If we all know when the others are on, we can kind of coordinate. I can be on almost any time, particularly between 3-8am forum time, and 11am-2pm forum time. Any time is good, and I also get on periodically throughout my day. But the very beginning of my day, and the last few hours are when I can really get on. Thanks all!

6/4/2011 #22

I'm on GMT time - and half term.

From tomorow I'm not, I can probably get on from...9am-11am forum time, then some more afterwards. Then I'll have sporadic posts throughot the day (boarding school is a curse!).

Tonight though, I'll be on until midnight as I have been this past few days. Although I'm not entirely sure of fictionpress works at school so I'll do my best, but if I don't post for 3 weeks you know why. Just put me on autopilot, or if I have to I can PM one of you on fanfiction as to basic points I'd like to emphasise. Hope it doesn't come to that though. :(

6/4/2011 #23
She Who Shines

I start checking here around 9AM forum time, but 11AM until 2PM is usually perfect for me when it comes to RPing. I also check sporadically throughout the day.

6/4/2011 #24
She Who Shines

So what do you guys think of the EC's profile? I named him Cyrus Ulysses.

6/4/2011 #25

Awesome. Perfect. I couldn't have come up with anything better myself. (He actually fits what I figured he would be like... Except the name, my husband's boss's name is Cyrus.)

6/4/2011 #26
She Who Shines

I'm so glad :3 He'll be a ball, I'm sure. (Really?! That is... oddly alarming. Cyrus sure is a col name, though.))

6/4/2011 #27
She Who Shines

Nikou!! Poor Angel is cut out of FP.com because of the access where she lives provides. Do you have an account on FF.net? Maybe we could shift the forum over to their so she can post more easily.

6/5/2011 #28

Off to set up an account...

6/5/2011 #29
She Who Shines

Awesome, thank you. It takes two or three days for the account to start working, though.

6/5/2011 #30
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