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Admins Pls Delete Me

Why are you bored? What do you do if you're bored? I'm at a lost for boredom ideas. What did you do to try to not be bored but ended up being even more bored? Are you so bored you actually understood that last sentence? And if you're wondering: Yes, I am bored! Jabber about boredom people!!!!!

11/8/2010 #1
Alice Rocker

Go sit in the boredom corner.

Scarlet: Yup.

Terry: Watch Glee.

That's your answer to everything.

Terry: Yeah, well...


Terry: *hi fives me*

Todd: Help me.

Jabber jabber and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazz! All. That. Jazz. CHA! *spastic jazz hands*

Everyone: O.o *takes a step back*

2/13/2011 #2
Admins Pls Delete Me

Lol, that was very funny! Let's see what I can conjure (don't you just love that word? CONJURE) up........

Announcer: Innnnnnn this corner we haaaaaave BOREDOM! *gestures to right corner*

Crowd: BOOOOOOOO *throws notepads, pens, laptops, ipods, and even boardgames, yes boardgames, at Boredom*

Princess Peach: SOMEBOY save me *faints dramatically*

Announcer: And innnnnn this corner we haaaaaaave MARIO! *gestures to left corner*

Mario: *rushes to Princess Peach and kneels by her* Princess Peach?! Are you alright?!

Princess Peach wakes up.

Princess Peach: I am now *batts her eyelashes*

Boredom: NOOOOOOOOOO *melts into a puke green goo and falls through the cracks*

The roof gets torn off and there is a menacing ROOOOOOOOOOAR!

Crowd: *gasps*

Jabberwocky flies in and lands in front of Mario and Princess Peach.

Announcer: ANNNNNND HERE WE HAVE......THE JABBERWOCKY!!!!! Prepare to-

Jabberwocky eats Announcer.

Princess Peach: MARRRRRRRRIOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Spiderman drops in holding the Vorpal Sword.

Spiderman: Stand back!

Spiderman slays Jabberwocky.

Jabberwocky lands on Princess Peach.

Princess Peach (right before Jabberwocky lands on her): MARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Peach dies.

Mario stands up and looks at Spiderman.

Spiderman: *tosses sword behind him* who wants T.G.I. Friday's?

Mario: *shrugs* ok

Crowd: *breaks into song* We wish you a merry Christmas! We wish you a merry Christmas! We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy Easter Egg!

Lights go out.

Director yells: CUT!


2/13/2011 #3
Alice Rocker


Why is it that you're the only one around anymore?

Terry: I'm here too.

Yeah, well, you're ALWAYS here, so I've stopped asking about where you are.

Terry: Sorry. *shrugs*


Louis: I sure am. She's screamy.

Lewis: Is screamy a word?

Louis: If not, she's yelly.

...*slaps forehead* Okay, well, we thought we were AAAAAAAALL alone, so anyways, come on people be somewhat human beings/nonhuman beings and say hello.

Scarlet: Sup.

Scarlett: Hello!!!

Louis: Hello.

Lewis: *nods*

Todd: Do I have to?

Yes, Todd, you have to.

Todd: Fine. Hi.

Terry: Bonjourno!

Sam: Hey.

I thought I told you to go away!

Sam: You did and-

Everyone else: You hit him on the head with a broom, multiple times, I might add.

Have we had this conversation before?

Sam: Yes.

....I'm so bored.

Todd: Than go DO something for once in your life!

You're one to talk. At least I'm not single.

Todd: Yes you are.

Oh...yeah...well, you're older than me!

Todd: What does that have to do with anything!

Sam: It doesn't.

Shut up Sam, I didn't ask for your opinion.

Sam: You never do.


Sam: Ergh.

Terry: *turns the camera (again, WHAT CAMERA???)* Well, this could go on....hmmm....can I go to Friday's too?

Everyone: YEAH! WE WANNA GO!

You may not go to Friday's.

Everyone: *looks at each other* *runs me over getting out the door*


... back by 7!

Scarlet: No promises!


2/14/2011 #4
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